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BITSians in Academics & Research Institutes

BITSians in Academics & Research Institutes

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Published by: Saurabh Dwivedi on Jul 20, 2011
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  • 10. Bryn Mawr College
  • 11. Carnegie Mellon University
  • 12. Carnegie Mellon University
  • 14. Case Western Reserve University
  • 15. Case Western Reserve University
  • 16. The Catholic University Of America
  • 17. City University of New York
  • 19. Cleveland State University
  • 20. College of William & Mary
  • 21. Colorado State University
  • 22. Colorado State University
  • 23. Colorado State University
  • 29. East Carolina University
  • 30. East Carolina University
  • 33. George Mason University
  • 34. George Washington University
  • 37. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 38. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 39. Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 40. Georgia State University
  • 41. Georgia State University
  • 42. Georgia State University
  • 43. Golden Gate University
  • 44. Idaho State University
  • 45. Iowa State University
  • 46. Iowa State University
  • 47. Iowa State University
  • 48. Iowa State University
  • 49. Indiana University (Bloomington)
  • 50. Indiana University (Bloomington)
  • 52. Johns Hopkins University
  • 53. Johns Hopkins University (Also Resources for the Future)
  • 54. Kansas State University
  • 55. Kansas State University
  • 56. Kennesaw State University
  • 58. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 59. Michigan State University
  • 60. National Science Foundation
  • 61. North Carolina State University
  • 63. Northern Kentucky University
  • 65. Ohio State University
  • 66. Oregon State University
  • 67. Penn State University
  • 75. Sinclair Community College
  • 76. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
  • 77. Southern Methodist University
  • 78. State University of New York at Buffalo
  • 79. State University of New York at Buffalo
  • 81. Tarrant County College
  • 82. Texas A&M University
  • 83. Texas A&M University
  • 84. Texas A&M University
  • 85. Texas Tech University
  • 86. Texas Tech University
  • 88. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences
  • 92. University of Arkansas
  • 93. University of California at Irvine
  • 94. University of California at Irvine
  • 95. University of California at Riverside
  • 96. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • 97. University of California at San Diego
  • 98. University of California at Santa Barbara
  • 99. University of California at Santa Barbara
  • 100. University of Central Florida
  • 101. University of Chicago
  • 102. University of Chicago
  • 103. University of Chicago
  • 104. University of Colorado at Boulder
  • 105. University of Connecticut
  • 106. University of Detroit Mercy
  • 107. University of Georgia
  • 108. University of Georgia
  • 109. University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • 110. University of Houston
  • 111. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • 112. University of Illinois at Chicago
  • 113. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 114. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • 115. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
  • 116. University of Iowa
  • 117. University of Iowa
  • 118. University of Kansas
  • 119. University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  • 120. University of Maryland
  • 122. University of Massachussetts at Amherst
  • 123. University of Massachussetts at Amherst
  • 125. University of Minnesota
  • 126. University of Minnesota
  • 127. University of Miami & Carnegie Mellon GSIA (Visiting)
  • 128. University of Nebraska
  • 129. University of New Haven
  • 130. University of Notre Dame
  • 131. University of Oregon
  • 132. University of Pennsylvania
  • 133. University of Pennsylvania
  • 134. University of Pittsburgh
  • 135. University of San Diego
  • 136. University of Southern California
  • 137. University of Southern Florida
  • 138. University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • 139. University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • 140. University of Texas at Austin
  • 141. University of Texas at Austin
  • 142. University of Texas at Austin
  • 143. University of Texas at Brownsville
  • 144. University of Texas at Dallas
  • 145. University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 146. University of Virginia
  • 147. University of Washington
  • 148. University of Washington
  • 149. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 150. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 151. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • 153. Vanderbilt University
  • 154. Villanova University
  • 155. Washington State University
  • 156. Washington State University
  • 157. Washington State University
  • 158. Washington University
  • 159. Western Illinois University
  • 160. Western Michigan University
  • 161. Wichita State University
  • 162. Wichita State University
  • 13. University of Western Ontario
  • 20. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
  • 21. Infinity Business School
  • 23. Jaypee Institute of Information Technology


IN USA (162), INDIA (29), CANADA (13), UK (4) & AUSTRALIA (3) and ASIA (2)*
*Excludes BITSIANS teaching at BITS and current MS/Doctoral Students. Selected postdocs included

Version last updated: December 13, 2004

Created by Anupendra N. Sharma BITSAA International Inc. MSc (Hons) Economics & BE (Hons) Instrumentation BITS (1987-92) In case of any changes, additions or suggestions, please email anupendra@bitsaa.org To download latest version http://www.bitsaa.org/databases/BitsiansInAcademics.pdf

BITSIANS AT US UNIVERSITIES 1. American University Kogod School of Business Manoj Hastak, Associate Professor, Chair of the Marketing Department PhD, Pennsylvania State University; MBA, IIM Ahmedabad; BE (Hons) BITS Pilani Address: T: (202) 885-1973 F: mhastak@american.edu http://www.kogod.american.edu/ViewItems/ViewFaculty.cfm?facultyID=86 Bio: Professor Hastak’s teaching interests include the principles of marketing, and consumer behavior and database marketing. His research focuses on the implications of consumer information processing theory and methodology for better understanding of public policy issues and problems — particularly in the areas of health/nutrition claims and environmental claims in advertising and product labeling. Hastak has published articles in leading marketing and advertising journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Affairs and Psychology & Marketing. Professor Hastak has served as a consultant on deceptive advertising and labeling issues to a number of federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. He was acting as Co-chair of the 1999 Annual Conference of the Society for Consumer Psychology. Alongwith his co-author, he was awarded the 2003 Thomas C. Kinnear/Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Award for his article, “The Role of Consumer Surveys in Public Policy Decision Making,”, the prestigious award for the outstanding Journal of Public Policy & Marketing article is presented annually honoring an article that makes the most significant contribution to the understanding of marketing and public policy issues. 2. Arizona State University Department of Biology Sudhir Kumar, Assistant Professor of Biology, Laboratory of Evolutionary Functional Genomics PhD, Pennsylvania State University (1996); BE and MS, BITS Address: T: (480) 727-6949 F: (480) 965-2519 s.kumar@asu.edu http://lsweb.la.asu.edu/skumar/ 3. Arkansas State University

In case of changes, call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org


College of Business Gauri Shankar Guha, Assistant Professor Of Economics, Department of Economics & Decision Sciences PhD Environmental Economics, Pennsylvania State University, (2002), MBA International Trade, IIFT (1982), MA (Hons) Economics, BITS Pilani (1980) Address: BU 332A, Business Building, 103 Cooley Drive, State University, Arkansas 72467 Tel: (870) 972-3416, Ext. 163 Fax: (870) 910-8187 gguha@astate.edu http://www.clt.astate.edu/gguha/ Bio: Research Interests: Economic and environmental assessments of biotechnology, natural hazards, climate change impacts on natural resources, and carbon sequestration by forests. Awards: Distinguished Research Award from Allied Academies of Business in Las Vegas (2003), Teaching Excellence Award for 2002 – 2003, from the College of Business (2003), Norman & Ardeth Frisbey International Student Award (2001) and the W. La Marr Kopp International Achievement Award (2000) for international excellence. Graduate Student Service Award, given each year to the student who has best combined academic excellence with leadership at Penn State (200). MEMS Student Paper Prize in Ottawa, Canada (1999). Fellowship from the United Nations Development Program for Overseas Marketing Research (1999) 4. Arizona State University (also University of California at Davis and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory) Department of Applied Science Krishnan Balasubramanian, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry PhD and MA, Johns Hopkins University (1980); MSc (Hons), BITS (1977) Address: Department of Applied Science, College of Engineering, Hertz Hall, L-794, Livermore CA 94550 T: (925)422-4984 F: (925)422-6810 KBala@ucdavis.edu http://www.public.asu.edu/~baluk/ Bio: Awards: The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award 1985 - 1990; Alfred P. Sloan Fellow 1984 - 1988; Award for Distinction in Graduate Teaching 1991; Citation from Institute of Scientific Information for one of the most cited 1986 papers; Joint Prize of Minister of Education, Poland 1998; Top 0.1% of most cited Chemists worldwide 1986-1997; Phi Kappa Phi & Alpha Chi Sigma; One thousand great Americans; 450 Journal publications, 2 books. Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science, California State University, Hayward, CA. Additional Appointments University of California Davis, Dept of Applied Sci. & Lawrence Livermore National Lab and Glenn T.Seaborg Center, LBL, UC Berkeley, Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing (CIPIC), UC Davis 5. Auburn University Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering

In case of changes, call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org


Hari Narayanan, Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD, Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University (1992); MS, Computer Science, University of Rochester, Rochester (1986); ME, Automation, IISc Bangalore (1984), BE (Hons) EEE, BITS (1982) Address: 107 Dunstan Hall, Auburn, AL 36849-5347 T: (334) 844-6312 F: (334) 844-6329 narayan@eng.auburn.edu http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~narayan/ Bio: His research interests span Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Learning Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. He has published two books and authored over fifty refereed research articles: book chapters, journal papers, and papers for conferences, symposia and workshops. He has also been a Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-PI of several research grants from the Office of Naval Research, National Science Foundation, and Auburn University. His research was recognized by an Auburn University Engineering Research Excellence Award in 2001. During 1992-96 he was a Visiting Research Scientist at the Advanced Research Laboratory of Hitachi Ltd. near Tokyo, Visiting Scholar at the Knowledge Systems Laboratory at Stanford University, and Postdoctoral Fellow and later Research Scientist at the EduTech Institute, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology. He joined the Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering at Auburn in Fall 1996. 6. Bemidji State University Department of Business Administration Sanjeev Phukan, Professor of Business Administration [Degrees to come] Address: Decker Hall 24, 1500 Birchmont Dr. NE, Bemidji, MN 56601-2907 T: (218) 755-2907 F: (218) 755-4100 sphukan@bemidjistate.edu www.bemidjistate.edu/sphukan/ 7. Bentley College Department of Marketing Joby John, Professor and Chair of Marketing PhD, Oklahoma State University; MBA, University of Madras; BE, BITS Address: 212 Morison Hall, Bentley College, 175 Forest St., Waltham MA 02452-4705 T: (781) 891-2043 F: (781) 891-3410 jjohn@bentley.edu http://ecampus.bentley.edu/dept/mk/Pages/JJohn.htm
In case of changes, call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org


technology management. Has conducted executive management workshops on topics including service quality. Waltham MA 02452-4705 T: (781) 891-3184 F: (781) 891-3410 rsisodia@bentley. and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. marketing productivity and the impact of information technology on marketing strategy.. Journal of Business Research. Computer Science (1993) and MS. Rajendra S. 8. Journal of Business Strategy. In case of changes. Bentley College Department of Marketing Sisodia. Marketing Management. the telecommunications and information industries. Bentley College. Published in Harvard Business Review. customer equity and brand loyalty. Bryn Mawr College Department of Mathematics & Computer Science DEEPAK KUMAR. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. 9.edu/dept/mk/Pages/RSisodia. Computer Science (1988). SUNY Buffalo. Also published in Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.) Instrumentation. technology as a change agent. Formerly taught at George Mason University.Phil (1986) Columbia University. among others. customer service.Bio: Primary teaching.. Trustee Professor of Marketing and Director. BE BITS (1979) Address: 212 Morison Hall. and as president of the Boston chapter of the association. MA 02454 T: (781) 736-3146 F: sraghava@brandeis. Psychological Reports. Postdoctoral Fellow Address: 415 South St.edu 10. 175 Forest St. Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD. research and consulting interests are in the areas of services marketing and cross-cultural issues.bentley. Published in European Journal of Marketing. Masters of Management Studies.htm Bio: Teaching interests focus on digital commerce. Center for Marketing Technology PhD (1988) and M. MSc (Tech. Recently co-hosted a monthly talk show on business and management issues on National Public Radio. BITS (1983). Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (1981). Brandeis University The Sloan-Schwartz Center for Theoretical Neurobiology Sridhar Raghavachari. services.edu http://ecampus. Serves on the editorial review board of International Journal of Service Industries Management. Former marketing officer at Pfizer (India). Served as chair of the services marketing special interest group of the American Marketing Association. Waltham. Journal of Health Care Marketing. as well as several other journals. International Marketing Review.org 4 .

GSIA. BITS (1980) Address: Graduate School of Industrial Administration. 5000 Forbes Avenue. Awards: Finalist.brynmawr. Pittsburgh. Duke University. IIFT. salesforce compensation. IIM (1986). Associate Professor of Marketing PhD.Address: T: (610) 526-7485 F: (610) 526-5086 dkumar@blackcat.html Bio: Teaching and research interests: Quality assessment. 1998. Pittsburgh. 12. 5000 Forbes Avenue.edu/~dkumar/ 11. 2002. Management Science and Marketing Science. New Delhi (1997). John D. 2001present. Marketing Letters.edu http://www. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.edu http://www. Assistant Professor PhD (Information Systems). PA 15213 T: F: kalra@andrew.cmu. William F. BE EEE BITS Pilani (1993) Address: Graduate School of Industrial Administration. 2002-present.cmu.cmu.heinz. Little Award. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management Rahul Telang. Journal of Marketing Research. Carnegie Mellon University H.org 5 . Carnegie Mellon University Graduate School of Industrial Administration Ajay Kalra. 1994. C. (1992).gsia.edu http://mainline.edu/afs/andrew/gsia/workproc/roster/full-time/kalra. PA 15213 T: (412) 268-1155 F: rtelang@andrew. MA. George Leland Bach Teaching Award.cmu.edu/researchers/faculty/rtelang. 1999.brynmawr. promotional strategy. Fellow.html In case of changes. Editorial Boards: Journal of Marketing. O'Dell Award. Carnegie Mellon University. MBA.

Senior Lecturer. role of patching in software quality and optimal time to disclose vulnerabilities. California State University. software quality and security and peer to peer networks.edu http://business.html 14. University of Pennsylvania (1992). BITS Address: T: (831) 582-4186 F: Babita_Gupta@csumb. competition and impact of used good markets retailers and suppliers. He is also studying the issues related to user participation in P2P networks. Industrial Engineering.cwru.edu/wsom/profiles/thomass. Monterey Bay Babita Gupta. Department of Banking and Finance PhD.edu/faculty/gupta. (1984). 13. free riding and pricing model for emails. 2002.html Bio: Primary Area of Interest: Investments. Teaching Excellence Award. 1997. Cleveland. His current work explores issues of market mechanism for software vulnerabilities.Winner of the 2002 William W Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award. BITS (1981) Address: Department of Finance. Nominated for ICIS 2000 Doctoral Consortium. BITS (1995) In case of changes. Repeatedly cited by Business Week's Guide to the Best Business Schools as "Outstanding Faculty" of the Weatherhead School of Management. EEE. MIS. 1999. CWRU: 1994. Associate Professor. Institute for Management and International Entrepreneurship PhD.cwru.Economics of Information systems and economic models of user choices for technologies. Weatherhead School of Management. His current work on e-business examine loyalty on the Internet. He has been involved in empirical as well as analytical studies of competition and market structures of informations goods. 1996. Management Science and Information Technology. Carnegie Mellon University. SUNY Binghamton (1997).org 6 . Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Kasturi P Rangan. Interested in investment management and stock splits. MS. CWRU 15. MS. MA. BE (Hons).Bio: Research .csumb. University of Pennsylvania (1990). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. MA. BE (Hons).edu http://weatherhead. MBA.Thomas@weatherhead. Assistant Professor. University of Iowa. William Larimer Mellon Fellowship. Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Sam Thomas. Awards . OH 44106 T: (216) 368-4792 F: (216) 368-4776 Sam. University of Florida (2001). University of Georgia. Weatherhead School of Management. College of William and Mary. Banking and Finance PhD.

Grinter Fellowship. SV Regional College of Engineering & Technology. Globe Trade 17. BE (Hons) BITS (1974) Address: Department of Finance. Lecturer PhD. Cleveland. T (lab): (212) 650-8561 Lab F: venky@scisun. Surat (1988).edu 18. OH 44106 T: (216) 368-3688 F: (216) 368-4776 Kasturi.Address: Department of Finance. The University of Adelaide (1982). In case of changes.edu/wsom/profiles/rangan. 1997.edu http://weatherhead. BITS. The Catholic University Of America Columbus School of Law Ashim Roy. NY 10031 T: (212) 650-8846 .org 7 . New York. Room J526. India. Venkatesh.Rangan@weatherhead. India.ccny. Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. BS. BE (Hons) Electronics Engineering. 2002. IIT (1976). 138th Street & Convent Avenue. Watson School of Engineering. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1997) and ME. 1989-95 and Recognition Medal. Cleveland. Electronics & Control Engineering (1993). NCERT.html Bio: Interested in Financial intermediation and Corporate finance. Clarkson University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Sunil Kumar. Assistant Professor PhD. University of Florida. Awards include: Outstanding Paper Award in Financial Institutions and Markets. City College of New York.sci.cwru. MTech. Weatherhead School of Management. University of Mysore Address: Department of Biology. National Talent Search Scholarship. City University of New York Department of Biology Tadmiri R.cuny. OH 44106 T: F: Bio: Chief Operating Officer. Associate Professor (Neuroscience PhD program) PhD and MS. 1997-2001. BITS. SUNY Binghamton. 1990 16. Weatherhead School of Management. Eastern Finance Association. National Science Foundation.cwru.

Williamsburg.edu http://www.csuohio. Research: My research interests lie in the areas of component-based softwa re engineering and distributed systems. College of William and Mary. College of William and Mary. College of William & Mary School of Business Ram Ganeshan. Cleveland State University Fenn College of Engineering Sridhar Nigamanth. From July 2000 to July 2002. MS. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Penn State's Smeal College of Business. His research interests include QoS support for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless Cellular and Adhoc Networks.edu/sridhar_n/ Bio.). Operations and Logistics Management. School of Business. Williamsburg.wm. Integrated Media Systems Center and Electrical Engineering-Systems Department at University of Southern California.264 and JPEG2000 Image/Video Compression Standards. I am also interested in embedded systems.edu http://business.Ganeshan@business. and design patterns.Ganeshan/ In case of changes. H. 19. MSc(Tech.wm. Address: PO 8795. VA 23187-8795 T: (775) 221-4000 F: sridhar1@csuohio. Department Of Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD (2004) and MS (2000). he was also an Expert Consultant in industry on JPEG2000 and MPEG4-based projects and participated in JPEG2000 standardization activities. The Ohio State University. MMS. and Biomedical Image Processing. object-oriented systems. NY 13699 T: (315) 268 6602 F: (315) 265 0367 skumar@clarkson. VA 23187-8795 T: (775) 221-4000 F: Ram. Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Technology PhD. Operations Research & Management.org 8 . BITS. programming languages. video. he was a Postdoctoral Researcher and Adjunct Faculty in Signal and Image Processing Institute. he has been with Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Clarkson University.Address: Potsdam. and 3D graphics) Compression Techniques. 20. MPEG-4. Los Angeles. Potsdam.edu/Ram. Error Resilient Multimedia (image. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.edu/~skumar/ Bio: From August 1997 to August 2002. School of Business. BITS (1997) Address: PO 8795. Since August 2002.clarkson. Assistant Professor.edu http://academic. NY.

Research Associate Address: NESB. logistics and inventory strategy. A215. MSc (Tech). primarily in the chemical. Fort Collins.edu/people/jratnam. Colorado 80523-1499. 21. Electrical Engineering. and retail industries. Colorado 80523-1499. A215. University of Saugor. researches. BITS. He is a frequent contributor to academic and industry journals and is the co-editor of two books: Quantitative Models for Supply Chain Management and New Directions in Supply Chain Management. Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Jayashree Ratnam.colostate. Fort Collins. In 2001. Colorado State University.edu http://www.colostate. Damoh Address: Computer Science Dept. Utah State University (1978). Business-to-Business (B2B) Commerce. Colorado State University Department of Computer Science Yashwant K. he was awarded the Wickham Skinner award for Early Career Accomplishments by the Production & Operations Management Society.colostate.. Howes St. MS Zoology & Wildlife Biology. 601 S.edu/people/mahesh.edu http://www. MSc (Tech) Computer Science. BITS 1988 Address: NESB.org 9 . call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.. CO 80523-1873 T: (970) 491-7031 F: (970) 491-2466 In case of changes. BSc. 238 University Services. Research Associate PhD Biology– Syracuse University (2001).nrel.ecosystem function relationships 22. Auburn University. Colorado State University Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory Mahesh Sankaran.nrel. MSc. Govt Degree College. and consults in the areas of supply chain management. Colorado State University. Fort Collins.html Bio: Grazer-plant-soil interactions and Biodiversity . (1993). Professor of Computer Science PhD. Malaiya. T: (970) 491-2104 F : (970) 491-1965 jratnam@nrel.html Bio: Biodiversity in African Savannahs 23.Bio: He teaches. hi-tech. T: (970) 491-1964 F : (970) 491-1965 mahesh@nrel.colostate.

Columbia University HS Division. BE (Hons). MBA.org 10 .cfm?KEY=Koh_Ra&LASTNAME=Kohli Bio: Professor Kohli focuses on the use of information technology for marketing and manufacturing and on the use of technology for new product design. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. He is an active consultant and presenter to companies on business issues relating to the Internet.edu/whoswho/ww_Detail. He teaches Information Technology and Product Management to MBA students and Mathematical Models of Marketing to PhD candidates. NY. Symp. Kohli serves as an associate editor for Management Science and as a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Interactive Marketing. He is the chair of software test subcommittee of TTTC and a vice-chair of the TCSE subcommittee on software reliability engineering. NY 10032 T: (212) 305-7035 F: (212) 305-3302 sengupt@nyp.cs. He has co-edited the IEEECS Tech. BITS (1980) Address: Dept of Bio-Medical Informatics. Northern Illinois University (1980). Conf. Columbia University Fu School of Engineering & Applied Science In case of changes. Symp. He was the general chair of the 24th IEEE Int. 25. Medical Informatics & Information Security Officer.edu http://www.edu http://www3. He has also been a consultant to industry.gsb. Wharton. BS. PhD & MS. Theoretical Developments. and a vice-chair of the IEEE CS Awards Committee. Professor of Marketing PhD. Evaluation and Applications'' and ``Bridging Faults and IDDQ Testing''.edu/~malaiya/ Bio: He has published widely in the areas of fault modeling. the 4th IEEE Int.columbia. He was a guest editor of special issues of IEEE Software and IEEE Design & Test. Computer Science. on Microarchitecture and 6th Int. EEE. He is a member of the IEEECS TAB Executive Committee.colostate. 10027 T: (212) 854-4361 F: (212) 854-7647 rk35@columbia. VC-5. Series books ``Software Reliability Models. and IEEE Eighth Asian Test Symposium.edu 26. Columbia University Columbia Medical School Soumitra Sengupta. University at Stony Brook. on VLSI Design. Columbia University Columbia Business School Rajeev Kohli. New York. 24. (1985).org or sen@columbia. testing and testable design. New York. (1987). BITS (1977) Address: Graduate School of Business. Assistant Professor. 3022 Broadway .506 Uris Hall. on Software reliability Enginering and International Workshop on IDDQ Testing (IDDQ '95 and '99). 622 West 168 St.malaiya@cs.colostate. software and hardware reliability. He has been the chair of TC on Microprogramming and Microarchitecture.

Penn State (2001).edu/faculty/grantcn/GRANT.columbia.faculty_detail/facultyid/97/ Bio: Previously Assistant Professor of Marketing. W.Dynamic optimization problems.konthandaraman@drexel. Business Administration.edu/admin/index. MA. S. Washington State University. Discrete optimization and Applied probability. Division Street.drexel. Philadelphia. TAMU. Bhubaneswar (1993).dom.edu/~js1353/ Bio: Research Interests .lebow. LeBow College of Business Prabakar Kothandaraman. Texas A&M University (2001). IL 60305 T: (708) 524-6759 F: (708) 524-5990 grantcn@dom. IISc Bangalore. April 1998. Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research PhD (Operations Research). Xavier Institute of Management. Winner. BITS Address: 7900 W.HTM 28. New York. 1991 Address: Graduate 330.edu http://www. Haring Symposium Fellow. NY 10027 T: (212) 854-4931 F: (212) 854-8103 jay@ieor. MS. Drexel University Bennett S. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. MIT. BE (Hons) EEE. Bloomington (1998). Dominican University School of Business Cyrus Grant. Combinatorics. PA 19104 T: (215) 895-1033 F: prabakar. University of Western Ontario (2000). BITS (1986) Address: 503K Matheson Hall. Pennsylvania State University's Institute for the Study of Business Markets Doctoral Support Award Competition (1999). Indiana University. Professor of Computer Science & Management Information Systems MBA.Jay Sethuraman. 500 West 120th Street.columbia. 1999. In case of changes. Dominican University. River Forest. MSc Computer Science and Automation. International Research Travel Assistance Grant.edu www. AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow. 3141 Chestnut Street. Awards – IBM Cooperative Fellowship 1997 27.edu http://domin. Assistant Professor of Marketing PhD. Mudd Building. MBA. BE (Hons) Chemical Engineering. BITS.cfm/fuseaction/lebow_admin.org 11 ..

1990 IBM Supercomputing Competition First Prize. GA 30307 T: (404)727-5926 F: vss@mathcs. Groups.emory. Greenville NC 27858-4353 T: (252) 328-4104 F: abdulalis@mail. S. 1992 IEEE Computer Society Gordon Bell Prize. Associate Professor of Mathematics PhD. BITS Address: East Carolina University.mathcs. University of Kent (UK) (1986). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. BITS (1978) Address: 1760 Dyson Drive. Austin 325 C. University of Rochester. 1983-1986. BITS Address: East Carolina University.emory.edu http://personal. Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Computer Science PhD.edu http://www. BS Engineering. Associate Professor in Mathematics PhD and MA. East Carolina University Department Of Mathematics M.org 12 . Honors and Awards include 1998 CSREA Distributed Computing Research Award. 1994 Emory Williams Teaching Award. United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholar.edu/~vss/ Bio: Research Interests: Concurrent and Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Systems.ecu.29. East Carolina University Department Of Mathematics Salman Abdulali. Ravi. one book. In case of changes. Emory University Department Of Mathematics & Computer Science Vaidy Sunderam. IIT Bombay (1980). Greenville.edu/abdulalis/ Bio: Research interests: algebraic geometry and related number theory 31. Publications include 39 papers in refereed journals. Atlanta. BE. and Security in Wireless Networks. 1994 R & D 100 Research Innovation Award. North Carolina 27858 T: (252) 328-1907 F: (252) 328-6414 ravim@mail. Collaborative Computing Methodologies and Tools.edu 30. MSc.ecu. SUNY. 67 papers in refereed conferences.ecu. book chapters. Computer Science. Robustness. MS Computer Science. Stony Brook. 30 other articles.

BE. University of Maine (1991).edu Bio: His primary research interest is in the field of development. Worcester (1997-2002) and also with the Medical engineering division of Siemens Ltd. Current studies include cancer genomics. Pilani (1992) Address: 1364 Clifton Road NE. Dr. Department of Computer Science PhD (1987) and MSE (1984). Dr. Associate Dean of Research for the College of Arts and Sciences. Director of the Center for Biomedical Genomics & Informatics. Address: George Mason University.gmu. Department of Molecular and Microbial Biology PhD. 10900 University Blvd. 33.edu/centers/biodefense/faculty_chandhoke. and mammography. BE EEE. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2002). in 1991. India (1992-1994). University of Pennsylvania.edu http://www. BITS. BITS. Atlanta. University of Akron (1997). Having received his Ph. genomics of liver diseases. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Director Shared Research Instrumentation Facility and Interim Chair. MS 4D7. Prior to his current position. His research interests are functional genomics and the neurochemistry of stress and aging. Assistant Professor of Radiology PhD Biomedical Engineering. Manassas. BITS (1982) In case of changes. Professor of Engineering and Applied Science. Chandhoke has published more than 25 articles. MS Biomedical Engineering. he worked as a Research Engineer with the Radiologic Physics Research group at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. MSc (1986) and BS (1984).32.. and biology of ultrastructures. bioinstrumentation. George Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Sciences Bhagirath Narahari. cartilage studies. George Mason University Department of Molecular and Microbial Biology Vikas Chandhoke. 34.html Bio: He leads the development of medical and scientific research programs with molecular bioscience and informatics scientists who exploit synergistic junctures of cutting-edge applied research. and optimization of digital imaging techniques and X-ray detectors for radiography. Emory University School of Medicine Srinivasan Vedantham. Director of Administration. GA 30322 T: (404) 712-2410 F: (404) 712 5813 svedant@emory. VA 20110 T: (703) 993-2685 F: (703) 993-8714 vchandho@gmu.D. fluoroscopy. characterization. and development of large scale relational database integrating clinical and gene expression data.org 13 . Chandhoke's teaching experience is in biochemistry.

Interim Dean of the School of Business and Ann and Thomas Stallkamp Faculty Fellow and Professor of Finance Ph. BITS (1979) Address: 3520 Prospect Street. IDB.Address: Department of Computer Science.S. (funded by NSA) in embedded systems and optimizing compilers (NSA). pervasive computing (funded by AOL). Washington. Brazil.edu http://msb. and U. DC 20007 T: (202) 687-3784 F: aggarwal@georgetown. Most of these projects have included both fundamental research and software deliverables including an open source research compiler infrastructure for the Intel Itanium processor (http://hydrogen. His research interests are in the areas of Computer Architecture. His recent research activities have included power-aware computing (funded by NASA and IAI). Aggarwal has authored numerous articles on initial public offerings in the U. Agency for International Development among other organizations.S.gwu. Georgetown University Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business Reena Aggarwal. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. Since fall 1999. Room 720F Phillips Hall. She served as a Visiting Scholar at the International Monetary Fund in 2004.seas. IFC.georgetown. Pervasive computing. A distinguished scholar. NSA and America Online. Networks. George Washington University. Suite 215. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1997 to 1999 and she conducted research in Brazil and Chile examining stock markets and privatization programs as a Fulbright Scholar. Washington. NW. emerging markets of Asia and Latin America. From 1999 – 2002 he was the founding Chair of the Department of Computer Science. Narahari's research has been funded by the National Science Foundation.gwu. She teaches courses in corporate finance and investment banking. and the functioning of stock exchanges. software systems and specification (Rome Labs). U. he has served on several national committees.cs.edu http://www. networks.. Journal of Banking and Finance.S. She was an Academic Fellow at the U. University of Maryland. Journal of Applied Corporate Finance and Journal of Portfolio Management. Narahari has published over 75 journals and refereed conference articles in various areas of architecture.edu/~narahari/ Bio: He joined The George Washington University in 1987. Aggarwal has been a member of the faculty of the McDonough School of Business since 1986. Financial Management. Finance. Mexico and Chile. She has served as a consultant on major projects sponsored by the World Bank. Rome Air Force Labs. In case of changes. 801 22nd St. She is also a Faculty Associate of the Capital Markets Research Center and the Center for Business and Public Policy. NW. he has collaboratively formed and led the GWU research group in embedded systems and compilers.. Prof. MMS. United Nations. parallel processing and computer systems. NASA. Prof.S.edu/tritanium. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.gwu. Embedded Systems. Journal of Financial Economics. Her papers have been published in the Journal of Finance. and Parallel Computing. Small Business Administration. The Nasdaq Stock Market. 35.D.edu/faculty/aggarwal/ Bio: Dr. DC 20052 T: (202) 994-7181 F: (202) 994-0227 narahari@seas. Recently. Switzerland. security in embedded systems (funded by NSF).org 14 .

edu http://www. He has also taught at ITESM. University of Florida (1984). CPA. State of Florida (1983). China.edu http://msb. He is currently writing a book to develop a better understanding of Warren Buffett's value and growth investment philosophies. His work has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Economics. 38. Georgia Institute of Technology DuPree College of Management In case of changes. Barron's. etc. He has also spent a summer each as a visiting scholar at INSEAD. McDonough Professor of Accounting and Finance PhD.edu/faculty/pcj3/ Bio: Research Interests: Revolves around financial accounting and the stock market. Washington. computer security. BE (Hons) EEE. Professor. Georgia 30332-0280 T: (404) 894-2593 F: mustaq@cc. His research.georgetown. SUNY. BITS (1981) Address: College of Computing. macroeconomic announcements. 801 Atlantic Drive. Journal of Accounting and Economics. Business Administration. Atlanta.org 15 .edu/fac/Mustaque.gatech. Journal of Financial Economics.cc. France and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Accounting Review. Review of Financial Studies. LaValle Research Award. Professor Jain has previously been on the faculty of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Freeman School of Tulane University. 37. He has analyzed stock returns in various settings including corporate mergers. and fault-tolerant systems.Ahamad/ Bio: Research interests are in distributed operating systems. Elsa C. D. MS. teaching and pastime revolve around the stock market through its linkages to earnings and financial reporting. Computing PhD and MS. Journal of Accounting Research. BE (Hons) Engineering.C. Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing Mustaque Ahamad. divestitures.gatech. Newsweek and several other newspapers. He has published numerous articles in the Journal of Finance. University of Rochester (1980). Stony Brook. Journal of Business and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. Awards: Teacher honor roll six years in a row. BITS (1971) Address: T: (202) 687-2260 F: pjain@msb. Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Prem C Jain. spin-offs. stock splits. Mexico and CEIBS. MBA. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. IIM Calcutta (1975). Received Erich Sternberg Award and Irving H. Computer Science.36.

programming.cc.edu/directory/singhal. National Merit Scholarship.edu/fac/Kishore. MBA.edu/~mktrrl/ In case of changes. U Rochester. Global Logistics. the Georgia Tech Doctoral Thesis Advisor award in 1993.edu www. 40. Faculty outside the Classroom Award.gatech. 1998. IIM Ahmedabad (1981). Center for Paper Business & Industry Studies PhD (1988) and MS (1984) Operations Management. in Business Administration. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Awards: Professor of the Year 1996-97.Ramachandran/ Bio: Research interests: Architectural design. BITS Address: 755 Ferst Drive.edu www. Room 443.dupree. Associate Professor of Marketing Ph. and analysis of parallel and distributed systems.html Bio: Area(s) of Expertise: Global Logistics. Atlanta. Atlanta. Mechanical Engineering (1979). Project Management. Professor of Operations Management.edu http://www. BE (Hons). Georgia 30332-0280 T: (404) 894-5136 F: rama@cc. Ministry of Education 1974-79 39.gsu. College of Business Administration.gatech.D. BE. Awards: Presidential Young Investigator (PYI) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 1990. BITS (1986) Address: Georgia State University. Georgia 30332-0520 T: (404) 894 4908 F: (404) 894 6030 vinod.org 16 .gatech. Georgia State University J Mack Robinson College of Business Ritu Lohtia. Singhal. Atlanta.singhal@mgt. Cited as one of the most popular professors at Dupree by Businessweek. GA 30303 T: (404) 651-4178 F: (404) 651-4198 rlohtia@gsu.Vinod R.gatech. Professor and Chair. 801 Atlantic Drive. 1996-97. Associate Director. University of Maryland (1991). MMS. Business. Core Computing Division PhD (1986) University of Wisconsin-Madison. and the College of Computing Outstanding Senior Research Faculty award in 1996. Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing Umakishore Ramachandran. BITS Address: College of Computing. Operations Management.

and middle management located both in the United States and Europe. operations management. GA 30303 T: (404) 651-4011 F: (404) 463-9292 arunrai@gsu. including an IBM Faculty award. Computer Science. 42. IIT Delhi (1982). Comdisco.Bio: Highly Commended Winner. In 2001. Atlanta. Second Runner-Up for the Best Article published in the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (1994). Iowa State University (1988). on the editorial boards of several journals. James A Harkins III Professor of Electronic Commerce. University of Maryland Marketing Department Representative for the AMA Doctoral Consortium (1989) 41.edu/~raj/ In case of changes. UPS. Arun's research has been sponsored by several corporations and agencies.gsu.cs. Scientific Atlanta.org 17 . he developed and delivered an extremely successful customized Global Supply Chain Solutions executive education program for United Parcel Service's senior. He has received several awards for research and teaching contributions. or has served. He approaches e-business innovation problems by investigating the complementarities between information systems. and strategy.edu http://tinman. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Global eManagement (GEM) and EMBA. Arun has chaired or co-chaired 14 doctoral dissertations and several masters thesis. Georgia Research Alliance. SAP. He serves. MBA.eci. He has published extensively in leading academic and practitioner journals. DaimlerChrysler. Kent State University. Rajshekhar Sunderraman.edu http://rai.gsu. IBM. Atlanta. College of Business Administration.edu OR rsunderraman@cs.gsu. BE (Hons) Electronics Engineering. Associate rofessor PhD. Georgia State University Department of Computer Science Dr. Bozell Worldwide. MTech Computer Technology. E-Commerce Institute PhD.T.gsu. Clarion University of Pennsylvania. He teaches in both degree-granting executive programs. BITS (1980) Address: 758 College of Education (COE) Building. including A. article in Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing (1997). that are offered by GSU.edu Bio: His research focuses on digitally induced enterprise and supply chain innovation. and is a frequently invited speaker at national and international meetings for both academic and practitioner audiences. Georgia State University J Mack Robinson College of Business Arun Rai. GA 30303 T: (404) 651-0672 F: (404) 651-2246 raj@cs. Kearney. MS. BITS Address: Georgia State University. and Advanced Practices Council for the Society of Information Management.

Illinois (1978). BITS Address: Golden Gate University.org 18 . BITS Address: Department of Computer Science. Campus Box 8020. Board Member: San Francisco Chapter of the American Marketing Association (SFAMA). Sales Management. Professional Experience: Award Winning Case Written: Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. in relational. BITS (1994) Address: B433. Department of Marketing PhD. India 44. Member: Institute for Operations Research & Management Science (INFORMS). Direct Marketing. Idaho State University College of Business Mukunthan Santhanakrishnan. 226 Atanasoff Hall. implementation. University of Pennsylvania. San Francisco. ID 83209 T: (208)282-5747 F: (208)282-4367 santmuku@isu. Pocatello . query languages. Chatterjee. index structures. Ltd.edu/Faculty/FacultyProfiles/MukuSanthanaKrishn.iastate.htm Bio: Research Interests: Models. M Sc (Hons) Mathematics (1970) and BS (Hons) Mathematics (1969). object-oriented. Assistant Professor. 45. Alpha Toyo Put. incomplete information. Golden Gate University Edward S Ageno School of Business Sharmila C. IA 50011-1040 T: (515) 294-2253 F: (515) 294-0258 gadia@cs.43. Wharton School of Business.edu In case of changes. genetic. Gadia.edu http://www. Iowa State University Department of Computer Science Shashi K. Finance Executive. Associate Professor. Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD. Iowa State University. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Arizona State University.isu. and semistructured (XML) database paradigms. 536 Mission Street. and belief). Ames. spatial. Master of Management Sciences (MMS).edu http://cob.ggu. and other forms of data. and query optimization for dimensional (temporal.edu/school_of_business/faculty/faculty_a_g Bio: Area of Specialization: Business-to-Business Marketing. CA 94105 T: (415) 442 6519 F: (415)-442-6579 schatterjee@ggu. Chair. MBA Cleveland State University. MMS. Finance Department PhD.

he worked as Scientific Officer for Govt.edu http://www. genetic. McGill University. Optical networking.edu/srirams/ Bio: Trying to build a research program which will focus on several issues related to MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) and nanodevices. Iowa State University. Computer architecture and Parallel computer systems.iastate.iastate. M. BITS (1973) Address: 3108 Coover Hall . Iowa State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Arun Somani. He has served on several program committees of various conferences in his research areas was the General Chair of IEEE Fault Tolerant Computing Symposium . He has taught courses in the areas of research interest and published more than 200 technical papers and has graduated more than 100 MS and PhD students.cs. Ames. index structures. object-oriented.http://www. (1985). IA 50011 T: (515) 294-0442 F: (515) 294-8432 arun@iastate. in relational. 46. IA 50011 T: (515) 294-1050 F: (515) 294srirams@iastate. implementation. ECpE Department Chair and Jerry R.iastate. incomplete information. BITS (1995) Address: 3036 Black Engineering Bldg. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. and belief). and OPTICOMM 2003. Junkins Endowed Chair Professor PhD. spatial. Ames.ee. Iowa State University. 1999.1997 and Technical Program Committee Chair of International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks. Computer interconnection networks. of India.me. BE. IIT Delhi (1979). WA from 1985 to 1997. Ohio State University BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. MS in EE. Other interests include In case of changes.edu/~gadia Bio: Research Interests: Models. and query optimization for dimensional (temporal. Mechanical Engineering.edu http://www. McGill University (1983). Iowa State University Department of Mechanical Engineering Sriram Sundararajan. query languages. primarily mechanical behavior of materials on the nanoscale and nanofabrication techniques involving scanning probe microscopy. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering PhD (2001) and MS (1997). Seattle. Prior to going to McGill.edu/~arun/ Bio: Research Interests: Fault tolerant computing. He has been elected a Fellow of IEEE for his contributions to theory and applications of computer networks. Electrical and Computer Engineering. 47.Tech. and other forms of data. Most of the work will be experimental and will eventually be complemented with modeling. New Delhi from 1974 to 1982 and as a faculty member of Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. and semistructured (XML) database paradigms.org 19 .

cfm?faculty_id=spjain Bio: Among his research interests are biased information processing. Iowa State University Department of Computer Science Akhilesh Tyagi. BITS (1982) Address: Business 426C. Marketing. Computer Architecture: Branch-decoupled architectures and instruction-level parallelism. was listed as one of the outstanding teachers at Simon. spent some time at Vanderbilt University in the graduate program in Material Science and Engineering. work was in micro/nanoscale tribology (friction.iu.VLSI: Algorithms.mechanical engineering/material science issues in biological systems. BE (Hons) Chemical. CAD Tools. IUB. Electrical and Computer Engineering. Jain was at Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University prior to this. Indiana University (Bloomington) Kelley School of Business Shailendra P. comparative advertising. wear and lubrication) of thin films and devices for MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) applications. M. Iowa State University. Energy complexity. NYU (1995). PhD. IIM Ahmedabad (1984).edu http://kelley. 49. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. humor.html Bio: Major Interests . IA 50011 T: (515)294-4396 F: (515)294-8432 tyagi@cs. BE (Hons) Electrical Engg. He has received a number of awards including Superior Teaching Award. (1998. Assistant Professor of Marketing PhD & MPhil. BITS (1981) Address: 3107 Coover Hall.iastate. University of Rochester.cs.iastate.edu/mba/academics/displayfacprofile. Indiana 47405 T: (812) 855-8100 F: spjain@indiana. University of Rochester. Automatic generation of VLSI modules and systems for low power/energy. MBA. William E. economics of information. Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. VLSI architectures. 1999 and 2002) and in the 1998 Business Week B-Schools Rankings and Profiles. Before joining Prof. Stern School of Business. Bloomington. Complexity Theory: VLSI complexity Theory. 1309 East Tenth Street. and also taught at the Simon School.edu/~tyagi/tyagi. M Tech IIT Delhi (1983). and Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD. Jain. Computer Science. Phil. In case of changes.org 20 . 48. electoral campaigning. University of Washington (1988). Bhushan's group in January 1996. The work was primarily experimental and involved utilizing scanning probe microscopy (SPM)-based techniques. and stereotyping. Ames. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration. Studied under Prof Bharat Bhushan (BITS Pilani). 1992.edu http://www.

SUNY Buffalo.icsi. Bloomington. Dr. he was on the faculty of the Department of Computer and Information Science. International Computer Science Institute (Research Institute) Lokendra Shastri Address: 1947 Center St. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. He is on the advisory board of “Neural Computing Surveys'' and the editorial board of “Connection Science''. role of temporal synchrony in neural information processing. Before moving to ICSI.50. 52. University of California.. and he has served on numerous program committees and review panels.html Bio: Since 1993.edu/~shastri/shortcv. episodic memory formation in the hippocampal system. spatio-temporal neural networks for speech and handwriting recognition. Artificial Intelligence.berkeley. Berkeley. His Research interests include Cognitive Science. Baltimore.berkeley. Shastri has authored one book and over fifty refereed publications in the areas of connectionist models of knowledge representation and reasoning.kelley. Suite E-6011. Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Sudha Sivaram. Associate Professor of Finance PhD. inference.edu/kamma/ Bio: Awards: Teaching Excellence Recognition Award. University of Pennsylvania. CA 94704 T: (510)-666-2910 F: shastri@icsi. Berkeley.edu http://www. Los Angeles. Indiana 47405 T: F: kamma@indiana. Berkeley. BE (XXXX). 1999-2000 51. knowledge representation. BITS Address: 1309 East Tenth Street. and language understanding. He has consulted for the Policy Research and Analysis Division of the National Science Foundation and for the United Nations Development Program. Suite 600. and Computational Neuroscience: neurally motivated computational models of learning.org 21 . BITS Address: Room 6136. Indiana University (Bloomington) Kelley School of Business Sreenivas Kamma. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. CA. and episodic memory formation. Dr..edu http://www. MD 21205 In case of changes. 615 North Wolfe Street. Department of Epidemiology PhD (1999) and MPH.iu. Research Associate. spatio-temporal pattern recognition. Shastri has been a Member of the AI Group at the International Computer Science Institute.

Suite E-6011. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies Ramanan Laxminarayan. Kansas State University Physics Department Sanjay N Rebello.edu http://faculty. Other research deals with bio-economic modeling.jhsph. 615 North Wolfe Street.org 22 . He has worked with the World Health Organization on evaluating malaria treatment policy in Africa. Johns Hopkins University (Also Resources for the Future) The Paul H. His research on "resistance economics" is focused on improving the analytical framework to study problems such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics.cfm Bio: His research deals with the integration of epidemiological models of infectious disease transmission and acquisition of bacterial and parasite resistance into the economic analysis of public health problems. Resources for the Future PhD Economics and Masters in Publich Health. University of Washington. Baltimore.ksu. Manhattan. role of income generation activities on HIV/reproductive health program impact 53. Battling resistance to antibiotics and pesticides: an economic approach. Brown University. BITS.ksu. Adjunct Professor of International Relations and Fellow. BE (Hons) EEE (1989). BITS Address: Room 6136.phys. KS 66506 T: (785) 532-1539 F: srebello@phys. MD 21205 Tel: (443) 287 3836 Fax: (410) 955-1836 ssivaram@jhsph. and pest resistance to genetically modified crops.edu http://faculty. Assistant Professor of Physics PhD (1995) and MSc (1992).org/rff/Laxminarayan.jhsph. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.Tel: (443) 287 3836 Fax: (410) 955-1836 ssivaram@jhsph. sustainability of community-based reporductive health interventions. Address: Cardwell Hall. 54. Seattle.edu http://www.rff.edu/~srebello/ In case of changes.edu/?F=Sudha&L=Sivaram http://www. has organized two conferences on the Economics of Resistance.edu/?F=Sudha&L=Sivaram Bio: Research in HIV/AIDS prevention programs. and tobacco control policy in developing countries. and is editor of a forthcoming book.


Kansas State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Bala Natarajan, Assistant Professor PhD, Colorado State University (2002), BE (Hons) EEE BITS (1997) Address: 261 Rathbone Hall, Manhattan, Kansas 66506-5204 T: (785) 532-4597 F: (785) 532-1188 bala@ksu.edu http://www.eece.ksu.edu/~bala/ Bio: Research interests include Communication Systems, CDMA and Spread Spectrum, Multi-carrier modulation, Diversity Strategies, Multi-user Detection, Wireless Channel Modeling and Space Time Coding


Kennesaw State University Michael J. Coles College of Business Satya Chakravorty, Caraustar Professor of Operations Management PhD, University of Georgia; MS and BS, BITS Address: Michael J. Coles College of Business, 1000 Chastain Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144-5591 T: (770) 423-6582 F: (770) 423-6606 satya_chakravorty@coles2.kennesaw.edu Bio: He primarily teaches Managing the Value Chain (Operations Management)¸ World Class Manufacturing¸ and Supply Chain Management courses at the BBA¸ traditional MBA¸ and Executive MBA levels. Dr. Chakravorty research interests include focusing process improvement efforts in manufacturing and service operations using constraint management and lean manufacturing concepts. He has many publications in highly recognized journals such as the Production and Operations Management¸ Decision Sciences Journal for Innovative Education¸ International Journal of Production Research¸ Omega: International Journal of Management Science¸ European Journal of Operational Management¸ International Journal Production Economics¸ Quality Management Journal¸ International Journal of Operations and Production Management¸ Production and Inventory Management Journal¸ Industrial Management¸ International Journal of Technology¸ and Simulation and Gaming. Dr. Chakravorty is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI)¸ Production and Operations Management Society (POMS)¸ American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS)¸ and National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM). He has presented and been a key speaker at the international/national conferences of DSI¸ POMS¸ APICS¸ and NAPM.

In case of changes, call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org



Kettering University Department of Mechanical Engineering Rupak Banerjee, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering PhD, Drexel University (1992), MS Indian Institute of Technology (1987), BE (Hons) & ME (Hons) (1984) BITS Address: 1700 West Third Avenue, Flint, MI 48504 T: (810) 762-9915 (Direct) F: (810) 762-7860 rbanerje@kettering.edu http://www.gmi.edu/acad/biomed/Banerjee.htm Bio: Analytical and Numerical Modeling of Biological Systems: Expertise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technique to solve for transient or steady state physiologic flow, mass, heat transfer problems coupled with pharmacokinetics. Link computational flow analysis with actual patient diagnosis and device performance to predict and treat defects and diseases.


Massachusetts Institute of Technol ogy Sloan School of Management S P Kothari, Gordon Y Billard Professor of Accounting and Head of the Accounting Group PhD Accounting, University of Iowa (1986); MBA Accounting and Finance, IIM Ahmedabad (1982); BE (Hons) Chemical Engg, BITS (1979) Address: Sloan School of Management, E52-325, 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142 T: (617) 253-0994 F: (617) 253-0603 kothari@mit.edu http://web.mit.edu/kothari/www Bio: Wrote books - Financial Statement Analysis, Edited by Ray Ball and S.P. Kothari, McGraw-Hill, 1994; Anomalies and Efficient Portfolio Formation and Contemporary Accounting Research


Michigan State University College of Education Punyashloke Mishra (’84), Assistant Professor , Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education and Research Associate, Media Interface and Network Design Lab, Department of Telecommunications PhD, Educational Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1998), MA Mass Communications, Miami University, (1992), MDes Visual Communications, IIT Mumbai (1990), BE (Hons) EEE, BITS (1988) Address: 509 A Erickson Hall, College of Education, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan 48824 T: (517) 353-7211 F: (517) 353-6393

In case of changes, call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org


punya@msu.edu http://punya.educ.msu.edu/ Bio: He conducts research and development work around educational technology. The research is funded by over $4 million in grants from national and international agencies. In terms of news, He recently received two grants. One from the US Dept of Education (called the Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology grant) for 1.5 million dollars (for three years). The other is a grant through US-AID (half a million) for Reaching & Educating At-risk Children (REACH) in India. Research has focused on the cognitive, aesthetic, and social aspects related to the design and use of computer based learning environments. Other interests include online learning, cognitive psychology of science, visual literacy, and creativity. My work can be seen as falling into three broadly overlapping categories: Psychological Responses to media [New: AAAI symposium on Etiquette] Design & teaching with technology. He also creates a form of visual wordplay called ambigrams (which you can find on his website). 60. National Science Foundation College of Engineering Kishen Baheti, Program Director, Division of Electrical and Communications Systems PhD, Electrical Engineering, Oregon State University; MS, Information & Computer Science, University of Oklahoma; ME, Electrical Engineering, VRCE Nagpur; BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering, BITS Address: Suite 675, 4201 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22230 T: (703) 292-8339 F: (703) 292-9147 rbaheti@nsf.gov http://www.eng.nsf.gov/staff/rbaheti.htm Bio: In 1976, Dr. Baheti joined the Control Engineering Laboratory of GE Corporate Research and Development Center in Schenectady, NY. His work focused on advanced multivariable control for jet engines, , computer- aided control system design, vision based robots for precision welding, model-based fault identification and parallel implementation of Kalman filters. Dr. Baheti and his colleagues received IR-100 award for robotic welding vision system. In 1989, Dr. Baheti joined NSF as a Program Director in the Division of Electrical and Communications Systems. He has been instrumental in the development of NSF initiatives on "Combined Research and Curriculum Development", "Semiconductor Manufacturing", and NSF/EPRI Initiative on "Intelligent Control". His contributions include the development of NSF Initiative on "Learning and Intelligent Systems" to help harness information technologies and enable active partnerships between several disciplines such as engineering, neuroscience, control theory, cognitive science, computer science and education. He has served as associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, member of the Control Systems Board of Governors, and chair for Public Information Committee. In 1994, he received "Distinguished Member Award" from the IEEE Control Systems Society and in 1997, he was elected a Fellow of IEEE. 61. North Carolina State University Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Rajeev Ramanath, Research Associate PhD (2003) & MS (2000) Electrical Engineering, NC State University (2003), BE (Hons) EEE, BITS (1998)

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Address: 429 EGRC, Box 7911, NC State University Raleigh, NC 27695-7911 T: 919-513-2008 rajeev.ramanath@ieee.org http://www4.ncsu.edu/~rramana Bio: His Masters thesis at BITS was titled "Interpolation Methods for Bayer Color Arrays." His Ph.D. dissertation at NC State University was titled, "A Framework for Object-characterization and Matching in Multi--and Hyperspectral Imaging Systems." He is currently doing post doctoral research with the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at North Carolina State University. His research interests include computer vision, image and signal processing, demosaicking in digital color cameras, color science and automatic target recognition. He has taught classes in Statistical Pattern Recognition and Linear Systems. 62. Northeastern University College of Engineering Surendra M. Gupta, Professor of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and Director of the Laboratory for Responsible Manufacturing BE(Hons.), Electronics Engineering, BITS, , 1970; MSI.E., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1972; MBA(Hons.), Management, Bryant College, 1977; PhD, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1977. Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering , 334 Snell Engineering Center, Northeastern University, Address: 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115 U.S.A. T: (617) 373-4846 F: (617) 373-2921 gupta@neu.edu http://www.coe.neu.edu/~smgupta/ Bio: Dr. Gupta's research interests are in the areas of Production/ Manufacturing Systems and Operations Research. He is mostly interested in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, MRP, JIT, and Queueing Theory. He has authored and co-authored over 200 technical papers published in prestigious journals, books and international conference proceedings. He has traveled widely and presented his work at international conferences on six continents. Dr. Gupta is the editor for the special issues of Journal of Electronics Manufacturing on "Environmental, Recycling and End of Life Issues in the Electronics Industry" and "Production, Planning and Scheduling in Electronics Manufacturing", senior editor of the Industrial Engineering Applications and Practice: Users' Encyclopedia , co-editor for the special issue of Computers and Industrial Engineering on "Operational Issues in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing" and serves on a number of editorial boards of IEEE journals. He has been involved as the Chairman of the International Conferences on Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing I (Nov. 2000) and II (Oct. 2001), track chair of Management Science and Operations Research for the NEDSI'2001, NEDSI'2002 and NEDSI'2003 Conferences, and the member of the Technical Committees of International Conferences of IEEE on ISEE'98, ISEE'99, ISEE'2000, ISEE'2001 and ISEE'2002; DYCONS99; GT/CM'2000; RETBE'2000; ICMFMDI'2000; ISLCE'2001; and ICRM'2002. He has been elected to the memberships of several honor societies and is listed
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Customer Behavior: Consumer Behavior and Beyond. BE. Customer Value and Business Strategy. Urbana-Champaign (1989). KY 41099 T: (859) 572-5163 F: (859) 572-5150 mittal@nku. His main research interests are in high-performance computing and communication In case of changes. UK. BITS (1982) Address: Tech. published in the Journal of Services Marketing. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Massachusetts and a member of ASEE. Services marketing. an IBM Faculty Development award and an Intel Research Council award. 64.in various Who's Who publications. Entrepreneurship. Models of Innovation in Organizations. Northern Kentucky University. E-Commerce. Awards: Dean’s Citation Award for Research. INFORMS and POMS.edu/~choudhar/ Bio: Alok Choudhary received the prestigious Presidential Young Investigator Award in 1993. Northwestern University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Kellogg Graduate School of Management Marketing Department Alok N. College and Department Committees as well as an elected member of the Faculty Senate representing the College of Engineering. Sheth.nwu. Northern Kentucky University College of Business Banwari Mittal. Role of technology in services. Associate Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering and Department of Marketing (Kellogg) PhD. IIM Ahmedabad. IIE. Brand-and ad-attitude relationship. Attitude Models. Department of Management and Marketing. Recent and Developing Research Interests. and Bruce I.edu http://www. Computer Engg. He has also received an IEEE Engineering Foundation award. Evanston. MCB Press. Highland Heights. 1999 Award for Excellence. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.org 27 . University of Illinois. Amherst (1986) and BE (Hons) EEE. Banwari Mittal & Jagdish Sheth. Department of Management and Marketing PhD (Marketing). given to 30-35 young faculty in the USA by the National Science Foundation each year. IL 60208 T: (847) 467 4129 F: (847) 467 4144 choudhar@ece. 2001. MBA. M.nku. He has more than 25 years of teaching experience and has been elected to memberships and chairmanships of dozens of University.doc Bio: Research History. University of Pittsburgh. Relationship marketing. Computer Engg. Jagdish N.ece. L359. University of Massachusetts. Business-to-Business Marketing. Lessons From The World's Most Admired Companies.edu/~mittal/Ban%20Mittal%20Bio%20OneDocuRev.edu http://www. Banwari Mittal. Choudhary. Consumer Involvement and Decision-Making. Business-Strategy.S.nwu. Books: VALUESPACE: Winning the Battle for Market Leadership. 1998 Best Article in Advertising Award by The AMA Advertising Special Interest Group. 63. DSI. BITS Pilani Address: College of Business. for Outstanding Paper. Measurement of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Newman.

University of Trondheim. 0171(office) F: (614) 292-0325 (fax) bhushan. Norway (1990). Department of ECE Ph. He has spent time visiting various industries including IBM and Intel. MBA.edu/~karti/ Bio: Awards: National Science Foundation CAREER Award. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (1980). Corvallis. BITS (1981) Address: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Farchild Semiconductor International.oregonstate. Lucent Bell Labs. University of Colorado. Oregon State University. Nanotribology Laboratory for Information Storage and MEMS/NEMS (NLIM) Doctor Honouris Causa. has written a book and several book chapters on the above topics. University of California.edu http://rclsgi.edu/nlim/Bhushan. Professor & Head of the Department. MS (1971) MIT. 1991. 1997. Mentor Graphics Corporation.systems and their applications. Berkeley.eng.ohio-state. BE (Hons) EEE BITS. Consulting Positions. Address: 352 Leonhard Building. 67. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award. Doctor Technicae. He has published more than 120 papers in various journals and conferences. Columbus. Ohio Eminent Scholar Chair and The Howard D. UC Berkeley (1988). Industrial Engineering.org 28 .orst. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Conf. 1987. OR 97331-3211 Tel: (541) 737-2972 Fax: (541) 737-1300 tcad@ece. BE (Hons) EEE. Int. Warsaw University of Technology (1996).D. UC Berkeley. EECS Department. MS Electrical Engineering. Ohio 43210-1107 USA T: (614) 292-0651.engr. 220 Owen Hall. Winbigler Professor Director. Ohio State University Department of Mechanical Engineering Bharat Bhushan. 206 W. Penn State University College of Engineering Ravi Ravindran. SUNY Stony Brook (1982). Design and Manufacturing. Computer-Aided Design. Mixed Technology Associates. Boulder. 65.edu http://web.2@osu. Metal-Polymer Research Institute of National Academy of Science Belarus (2000). Oregon State University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Kartikeya Mayaram. Professor. PA 16802 T: (814) 865-7840 In case of changes. University Park. He is a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the Association of Computing Machinery. Distinguished Paper Mention. Harold & Inge Marcus Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering PhD and MS. Associate Professor. BE (1970) BITS Address: The Ohio State University.htm 66. Electrical Engineering. 18th Avenue. MS (1973) and PhD (1976).

Associate Dean and Professor of Computer Sciences (1987). The award recognizes outstanding educators who have contributed significantly to the industrial engineering profession through teaching. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. MSc (Hons) Economics & BE (Hons) EEE BITS (1992) Address: 343 Wallace Hall. He has worked at Northern Illinois University. BITS (1982) Address: LC 116.F: (814) 863-4745 aravi@psu. and/or administration in an academic environment. Computer Science. 1997. (with D.poly. PhD. Princeton. BITS Address: 1398 Computer Science Building. University of Nebraska. teaching/learning innovation. Mathur. Indiana.cfm?FacID=21 Bio: Ravi Ravindran received the Institute of Industrial Engineering's prestigious Albert Holzman Distinguished Educator Award.psu.edu/people/IEFaculty/facultypage. NJ 08544-1021 T: (609) 258-4000 F: (609) 258-6419 smita@princeton.edu/memon Bio: Awards: NSF Career Award. Polytechnic University Department of Computer & Information Science Nasir Memon. Lecturer of Economics and Public and International Affairs PhD. Solberg) 68. Arkansas State University. Metrotech Center. 47907-1398 In case of changes. BE (Hons) Chemical Engg & MSc (Hons) Mathematics. extension. He also received the IEE Book of the Year Award in 1977 for Operations Research: Principles and Practice. Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs Smita Bhatnagar Brunnermeir.edu http://vip. 69.org 29 . Research Interests: Data Compression and Multimedia Security. Purdue University Department of Computer Sciences Aditya P. Six.edu http://www. West Lafayette. Computer Science (1977) and BE (Hons) EEE (1970).ie. Brooklyn NY 11201 T: (718) 260-3970 F: (718) 260-3609 memon@poly. US News recognizes Penn State’s Industrial Engineering department as one of the top 5 in the country. and University of Nebraska prior to moving to Polytechnic University. research and publication. 3 US patents. Vanderbilt University (1998). Phillips and J.edu 70. Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD (1992) and MS (1989).T.

She received the Fulbright Fellow in Georgia Institute of Technology in 1985 and the All India Mathematics Summer School for Meritorious Graduate Students in 1972. 1985-1987. He has proposed the "Saturation Effect" as a motivating device for the use of a sequence of testing techniques. BITS (1979) Address: Purdue University. West Lafayette. MS.T: (765) 494-7823 F: apm@cs.edu http://www. Coordinator of Computational Science and Engineering (CS&E) Program PhD. Michigan State. Postdoctoral Fellow.html Bio: Aditya Mathur conducts research in the areas of software testing. Purdue University School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Vernon J.purdue.purdue. In collaboration with Raymond DeCarlo. West Lafayette. Computer Science (1976). MSc (Hons) Mathematics. 47907-1398 T: (765) 496-2491 F: jmathur@cs. Fall 1999-present.purdue. Mathur's recent work deals with test and management of Internet services.cs. (1985) & MS (1982) Computer Science.cs.org 30 . MS Mathematics (1973) and BS (1971). BITS Address: 1398 Computer Science Building.edu http://www. reliability. His research group has developed homeWabash. Computer Science (1984).edu/faculty/apm. Georgia Institute of Technology. Purdue University Department of Computer Sciences Jyoti Mathur.edu http://www. Department of Computer Sciences. Rego. Department of CS at Purdue University.purdue. Information and Computer Science department.edu/people/jmathur Bio: Coordinator of CS Undergraduate Research Program. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. 72. and the management of smart spaces.purdue.purdue. IN 47906 T: (765) 494-7835 F: rego@cs. Mathur is also investigating the use of feedback control theory for the control of software development processes. Indiana.edu/faculty/rego. Computer Sciences PhD. Professor. formal approaches for software process control. This device is often used by vendors to enhance marketing of their test tools.cs. a tool for the management of networked devices. Mathur has been a crusader for the use of code coverage criteria in the estimation of software reliability or as an orthogonal metric to assess confidence in the reliability estimates.html In case of changes. Wife of Aditya Mathur at Purdue. 71.

SUNY Buffalo (1995). parallel stochastic simulation. (1998). including the EcliPSe replicated simulation system (for which he was awarded an IEEE/Gordon Bell Prize). computational probability and performance.edu/~shende/ 75.Bio: Vernon Rego directs research in the Parallel Computation and Simulation Laboratory (PacsLab) in Purdue's computer sciences department. Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD (1998) and MS (1992). Third Street. VA 24153 T: (540) 375-2341 F: (540) 389-4236 shende@roanoke. Ohio 45402 T: (937) 512-2576 F: (937) 512-2337 In case of changes. MSc (Hons) BITS Address: Roanoke College.purdue.edu http://www. Virginia Department of Computer Science & Mathematics Anil M.ece. 1285 Electrical Engineering Building. Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics PhD and MS.org 31 . He is an Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Computers and an advisory board member of The DoD Advanced Distributed Simulation Research Consortium. Computer Science. Indiana 47907-1285 T: (765) 494-0592 F: (765) 494-6440 vijay@ecn. 221 College Lane. BE (Hons) EEE BITS Address: 444 W. His research interests include software systems for high-performance distributed computation. BE (Hons) EEE & MSc (Tech) Comp. the Ariadne threads system and the CLAM protocol suite. University of Wisconsin. Salem. the ParaSol process-oriented distributed simulation system. Purdue University School of Electrical & Computer Engineering T N Vijaykumar. BITS (1990) Address: School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.roanoke. Dayton. Roanoke College.edu http://cs.edu/ECE/People/Faculty/vijay 74. He has been an invited researcher at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories and an ACM National Lecturer. Professor of Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology MSEE University of Rourkee. Sci. His current projects include the ACES software architecture for multi-threaded distributed computing and parallel simulation. West Lafayette. Sinclair Community College Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering Technology Harmit Kaur. and software engineering. . network protocols. He was also awarded a German Research Council Award for Computer Networking Research. Shende. threads systems. 73.purdue.

edu In case of changes.sinclair. Amherst. IL 62026-1801 T: (618) 650-2808 F: (618) 650-3374 agodhwa@siue. University of Arkansas (1971). BITS (1963) Address: Engineering Building Room No: 2045. TX 75275 T: (214) 768-7005 F: (214) 768-4099 kumar@mail.Louis Section Education Award in 1993.cfm 76. MS EE University of Roorkee (1965). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.hkaur@sinclair. BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering.edu/academics/egr/departments/eet/fs/HarmitKaur/index.cox.cox. Finance. Assistant Professor. MMS. Edwardsville.Suite 202.buffalo. Professor and Graduate Program Director PhD. and has developed algorithms for design of controllers for Voltage Control. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Arjun Godhwani. Arizona State University (2000). Electrical Engineering. NY 14228-2583 T: (716) 645-6164 extn 101 F : (716) 645-6176 ajay@cedar. Finance. 520 Lee Entrance.edu/~agodhwa Bio: University Gold Medal for first rank in the master's program at Roorkee University. Cox School of Business Kumar Venkataraman. Project Manager & Director of Research Labs Address: CEDAR.smu. Var/PF Control. Southern Methodist University Edwin L. Dallas. Finance PhD.org 32 .ee.smu.siue. India in 1965.edu http://www. Recognized as an outstanding faculty member by the School of Engineering in 1987 and IEEE St. 77.edu http://faculty. BITS (1994) Address: Edwin L. UB Commons. He has Actively working in the area of Excitation Systems. Cox School of Business.edu http://www. Southern Methodist University. and UEL/OEL functions for excitation systems for use on Synchronous machines.edu/~kumar 78. State University of New York at Buffalo Center of Excellence for Document Analysis and Recognition (CEDAR) Ajay Shekhawat.

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Associate Director of the NSF/SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing PhD and MS in Electrical Engineering Stanford University.3875 abani@eng. 3-D ICs with multiple layers of heterogeneous devices. (1995). He was given the Thomas D. BITS (1987) Address: 605 Furnas Hall.edu/staff/saraswat/ Bio: His group is working on a variety of problems related to new and innovative materials. Domain Decomposition and Preconditioners. 79. CA 94305 T: (650) 725-3610 F: (650) 723-4659 saraswat@cis. University of Missouri-Rolla (1990).stanford. Applications to Incompressible Flows and simulations of Biomechanical Systems and Geophysical Mass Flows 80.edu http://snf. Dept. CISX 326.buffalo. deposition and rapid thermal process technologies. State University of New York at Buffalo Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Abani Patra. the Internet and Embedded Systems. Special areas of his interest are: new device structures for scaling MOS transistors to nm range. SUNY-Buffalo. Mechanical Engineering. NY 14260 T: (716) 645-2593 x2240 F: (716) 645. BE. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Computational & Applied Mathematics. Mechanical Engineering. Parallel Iterative Solvers. Prof.edu/eng/mae/acm2e Bio : Interests Adaptive hp Finite Element Methods. Applied Computational Mathematics and MEchanics Research Group PhD. He has authored or coauthored over 370 technical papers.buffalo.1990. Stanford University Center for Integrated Systems Krishna Saraswat. Callinan Award by The Electrochemical Society in May 2000 for his contributions to the dielectric science and technology.buffalo. Saraswat is a Fellow of IEEE. BE Electronics and Telecommunications (1968) BITS Address: Stanford University. device structures.edu http://wings. In case of changes.stanford.cedar. member of The Electrochemical Society and The Materials Research Society. MS. Image Processing. and and development of tools and methodology for simulation and control of etching.org 33 . Associate Professor and Advisor. Networking (the TCP/IP kind). thin film technology for VLSI interconnections and contacts. ultrathin MOS gate dielectrics. and process technology of silicon devices and integrated circuits.edu/~ajay/ Bio : Interests include Pattern Recognition.http://www. Buffalo. UT Austin. of Mechical Engineering. Stanford. He was co-editor of the IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices during 1988 .

May 2001. Delhi University. College Station. TX 76102 T: (817) 515-3334 F: 82. 83. BITS (1987) Address: 335X Zachry Engineering Center. He teaches courses in manufacturing and production systems design and control. He directs the Advanced Virtual Manufacturing and Augmented Reality Laboratory. Address: May Owen Center. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. B. BS (Hons) Chemical Engg and MSc (Hons).tamu. BITS (1989) Address: 239A Zachry. 1500 Houston Street. 3122 TAMU.edu http://ie. Banerjee's research interests are in virtual manufacturing. Tufts University (1994). Tarrant County College Full Time Faculty Ranjana Segal. Industrial Engineering. University of Illinois at Chicago (1999). simulation.edu http://cheweb. MS Biochemical Engineering.81. BE (Hons) Computer Science. College Station. PhD. TX 77845-3122 T: (979) 845-3306 F: (979) 845-6446 arulj@tamu. Physics. Texas A&M University Department of Industrial Engineering Amarnath Banerjee. Assistant Professor.org 34 .S. image processing. and MS. Dr. Department of Chemical Engineering Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital PhD UC Irvine (1998). virtual manufacturing and simulation.tamu. TX 77843-3131 T: (979) 845-5110 F: (979) 847-9005 banerjee@tamu.htm Bio: Voted the Most Valuable Professor by the students in Industrial Engineering at Texas A&M University. augmented reality and human behavior modeling. Assistant Professor PhD. facilities planning. BITS. Fort Worth.edu/people/faculty/Banerjee/default.edu/faculty/jayaraman/ In case of changes. Texas A&M University Dwight Look College of Engineering Arul Jayaraman. SE Professor of Chemistry. 3131 TAMU. real-time video processing.

University of Maryland.Bio : Instructor in Surgery and Bioengineering. NJ during summers of 1998.Dean's Teaching Fellowship. Irvine. Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems PhD.D Applied Mathematics (1994-1998). BITS Address: 3131 TAMUS. India from 1996-1997 in the DSP Design group.tamu. BITS. MSc(Hons. WERC. TX and Warren. Tel: (979) 458-3557 T: (979) 845-5110 F: (979) 847-9005 sameer@ee. BE (Hons) EEE. TX 79409 T: (806) 742-2580 x 264 F: In case of changes. Assistant Professor Post-Doctoral Research Associate (1998-2000). Microbial Biofilms (Quorum Sensing) and Molecular Networks (Inflammation) 84.edu www. Honors & Awards . Center for Engineering in Medicine.1999 and 2000. University of California. His research interests are in the area of Data Converters and Analog and Mixed-mode IC Design for communications and sensor applications. Electrical Engineering. University of Pennsylvania. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Ms2101.tamu. Lubbock.ba. TX 77843-3131 Rm. Lubbock. Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering PhD. Texas Tech University Department of Mathematics & Statistics Padmanabhan Seshaiyer. Ph.) Mathematics (1989-1994) and BE(Hons) EEE (1989-1994) Address: Texas Tech University. 1994. Texas A&M University.ttu. and as an intern at Texas Instruments in Dallas. Address: Business Administration. 85.edu/isqs/antony 86. Harvard Medical School.antony@ttu. Texas A&M University Department of Electrical Engineering Sameer Sonkusale. TX 79409 T: (806) 742-1927 F: (806) 742-3193 solomon.org 35 . College Station. Texas Tech University. Texas Tech University College of Business Administration Solomon R Antony. Research Interests: Systems Biology (Genomics and Proteomics).edu/~sameer Bio: He worked as an IC Design Engineer at Texas Instruments. 315E. BE.edu http://ee. BioMEMS (Living Cell Arrays). Bioengineering. Florida International University (1997).

He is a 1990 recipient of a Fulbright Lecturing Award. Lawrence (1983). undergraduate and graduate students.mil http://www.edu Bio: He formerly served as Assistant Professor at Kansas Statement University Marketing Department and at Tulane University A. Originally trained in consumer behavior. Texas Tech University. A Program to improve Undergraduate and Graduate Education in the State of Texas. A Program to improve Undergraduate and Graduate Education in the United States. Texas Tech Alumni Association. College of Arts and Sciences and College of Education. Professor of Pathology Address: 4301 Jones Bridge Road.usuhs. MBA. Clinical Professor.Research: Dr. Texas Tech University. Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 2002 Nominated for Ex-Students Association New Faculty Award . Freeman School of Business. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.ttu. Texas Tech University. Thukral now researches issues in healthcare marketing and planning. 2000 Fellow of the ProjectNExT: New Experiences in Teaching. He is the principal organizer of the 2003 Redraider Minisymposium on "Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Biological Systems". Dr. Bethesda. 2003 Alumni Association New Faculty Award . 2003 Member of the Teaching Academy .edu/~padhu/ Bio: Awards: 2004 Selected to Who's Who in America. Tulane University Medical Center Vinod K Thukral. 88.padhu@math.edu http://www. 2002 Graduate Professor of the Year. BITS Address: T: (504) 588 5460 F: vthukral@tulane. Thukral is a Clinical Professor with the Health Systems Management department. Seshaiyer's research is in the broad area of computational mathematics with a focus on systematically developing and combining sophisticated numerical techniques with high performance computing and apply them to several computationally challenging problems arising in different applications. 2002 Tribute to Teachers Outstanding Teacher Award.mil/pat/fac/Maheshwari. His research is highly interdisciplinary and it fosters involvement from highschool. Texas Tech University.B.org 36 .ttu. Department of Health Systems Management PhD in Business Administration. Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Department of Pathology Radha K. University of Kansas. College of Arts and Sciences Texas Tech University 2001 Fellow of the Texas ProjectNExT : New Experiences in Teaching.math.html In case of changes. Maheshwari. University of Tulsa. 87. Dr. Maryland 20814 T: F: rmaheshwari@usuhs. He has a program to improve health systems in India.

arizona.edu http://www.sie. AZ 85721-0020 T: (520) 621-6556 or (520) 621-6551 F: sen@sie. BITS (1997) Address: Room ECE 320D. AZ 85721 T: (520) 626-8282 F: (520) 621-4246 ngupta@cs.arizona. 708. 1040 E. Iowa State University (2002).edu/people/ngupta/ 90. Univ. PhD. AZ 85721 T: (520) 621-4521 F: srini@ece.arizona. Assistant Professor PhD Computer Engineering. University of Arizona Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering Suvrajeet Sen. P.Bio: Current Research Interests include cytokines-induced Inhibition of Pathogenesis 89.. BE (Hons) EEE. BA and MS. Communication networks and protocols. Systems and Industrial Engineering. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1982). Tucson. BITS (1986) Address: Gould-Simpson Bldg. MS. Professor. Tucson. Assistant Professor PhD (1999) and MS (1991). Fault Tolerance System Modeling and Performance Analysis 92.edu http://www. Fourth St. Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering.ece. Box 210020. University of Arizona Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Srinivasan Ramasubramanian.edu/faculty/sen/ 91.cs.org 37 .arizona. Purdue University.Optical networks. of Arizona. BE (Hons) Computer Science and MSc.O. Gould University of Arizona.edu http://www. University of Louisville (1978). PO Box 210077.arizona. Rm.edu/~srini/ Bio: Research Interests . University of Arizona Department of Computer Science Neelam Gupta. Tucson..arizona. BITS Address : SIE Department. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. University of Arkansas In case of changes.

93. Prior to his academic career. BE (Hons) Civil Engg & MSc (Hons) Physics. 444 CS.uark. CA 92697-3425. Urbana-Champaign (1989). Computer Science. Irvine. USA In case of changes. Computer Vision.engr. Image and Video Databases. Visualization. Artificial Intelligence.html Bio: He came to UCR from his position of Senior Honeywell Fellow at Honeywell Inc. Business. BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering.org 38 . Robotics. Professor. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. M Engg.edu/faculty/ee/bhanu. BITS (1980) Address: Center for Embedded Computer Systems. AAAS and IAPR. MBA.ucr. He has published and presented his work on knowledge management in several practitioner and research outlets. University of California at Irvine Center for Embedded Computer Systems Nikil Dutt. 94. Professor of ICS and ECE. Walton College of Business Vikas Anand. Assistant Professor. Institute of Technology. Electrical Engineering PhD. AR 72701-1201 T: (479) 575-6232 F: vanand@walton. BITS.D.ucr. BHU Address: B232 Bourns Hall. University of Illinois.Sam M. he was a manager in two large multi-national corporations and worked extensively on marketing and strategic positions in Africa and Asia. Arizona State University. Graphics. He is the Director of the Center for Research in Intelligent Systems (CRIS) at UCR. Management PhD. He is a Fellow of IEEE. organizational memory and competition in high velocity environments. Virtual Reality and Computer Aided Design. MBA. MIT. IIFT. University of California. University of California at Irvine Department of Engineering Bir Bhanu. (1999). Riverside. MS Electrical Engineering.edu/faculty/search. Irvine.uark. CA 92521 T: (909) 787-3954 F: bhanu@shivish. Machine Learning. He has taught at both the undergraduate and MBA level and was the recipient of the College of Business Teaching Excellence Award at Arizona State University in 1998. University of California. Signal and Image Processing. BS. 1990.asp?type=profile&id=145000&group=MGMT Bio: His major areas of research include knowledge management in organizations. International Business. Fayetteville. BITS (1988) Address: 1 University of Arkansas.edu http://waltoncollege.edu http://www. University of Southern California. Center for Embedded Computer Systems (CECS) Ph.

He has been leading or been the co-principal investigator on various Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency-funded projects including ones on Next Generation Internet and Small Unit Operations. He was the Technical Co-Chair for WOSBIS-99 (Workshop on Satellite Based Information Services). broadband networks. and Technology Management PhD. University of Massachusetts at Amherst (1993). Riverside. San Diego.xml In case of changes. 95.edu/~dutt/ Bio: His current research interests include embedded systems CAD. BE (Hons) and MSc (Hons).edu/~krish/ Bio: Dr. Concordia University. in Malibu from 1998 to 2000.ucr. CA 92521 T: (909) 787-2348 F: krish@cs.ics. California 90095-1481 T: (310) 825-4154 F: kumar.cs. Department of Computer Science and Engineering. and is an Editor for ACM TODAES and IEEE TVLSI. He is a member of the IEEE Communications Society. MSc (Mathematics with Honors) (1991). He has also been on the Technical Program Committees of numerous conferences including INFOCOM 2001. Associate Professor in the Decisions. 1991.T: (949) 824-7219 F: (949) 824-7219 dutt@uci. 110 Westwood Plaza Box 951481 .5.edu http://www.edu www. Operations and Information Management (1998) and MA. He serves as ViceChair of ACM/SIGDA and IFIP WG-10. computer architecture and optimizing compilers. Assistant Professor. Department of Computer Science & Engineering Srikanth Krishnamurthy.Los Angeles. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. University of California. satellite systems and networks. HRL Laboratories.org 39 . University of California. Dr. Managerial Science & Applied Economics (1997).ucr. Operations. multimedia systems. network security and active networks. Anderson Graduate School of Management Kumar Rajaram. BITS Address: A-145. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) John E.edu http://www. Computer Science and Engineering PhD. University of California at Riverside Bourns College of Engineering. MS. Krishnamurthy was a Research Staff Member/Scientist. queuing theory and stochastic processes. Krishnamurthy’s research is in the areas of wireless systems and networks. Internet technology. Room B-410. 96. He is the Local Arrangements Chair for ACM Mobihoc 2001. Dr.anderson. BE (Electrical & Electronics Engineering with Honors). Canada. LLC. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research.uci.ucla. Bourns Hall. BITS. MSc. Riverside. algorithm design and analysis.edu/x985. Krishnamurthy was awarded the 2000 Technology Achievement Award from HRL Laboratories. lightwave networks.rajaram@anderson.ucla. BITS Address: Gold Hall. University of Pennsylvania.

and conference proceedings. Who's Who in American Education. University of California at San Diego Electrical & Computer Engineering Department Mohan M. Who's Who in the World and other similar publications. Dr. “smart” cars and rooms. Rajaram saved the company more than $11 million annually by improving its refining processes. Australia. BE (Hons) Electronics. Trivedi. France. He has established collaborative relationships with academic.org 40 . and government institutes from Japan. He is currently an associate editor for the journal Management Science. special issues. CA 92093-0407 T: (858) 822-0075 F: (858) 822-1918 trivedi@ece. Has experience responding to crisis. His work on behalf of Cerestar. He is a frequent consultant to various national and international industry and government agencies. American Men and Women of Science. Utah State University. Dr. India. Man. video presentations. He has focused on developing analytical models of complicated systems with a strong emphasis on practical implementation. Rajaram's research interests include applied optimization in the design and control of large-scale industrial processes and in retail operations management. Dr. Through use of a technique known as Robust Process Control. Image Processing and Computer Vision Committee of the IEEE Systems. interactive interfaces for human-machine systems. Currently. and Cybernetics Society. as well as robotics for explosives/bio-agent detection. He has served as the General Chair for a number of major conferences in the artificial intelligence and robotics fields. His team is engaged in a broad range of sponsored research studies in sensorbased mobile manipulators. industrial. Dr Trivedi has established the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Laboratory.edu/~trivedi/ Bio: Mohan Trivedi is professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Jacobs School and director. in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. He has published extensively and has edited over a dozen volumes including books. and in 1991. active perception and machine vision. In case of changes. he chairs the Pattern Recognition. UCSD Program in Advanced Manufacturing PhD (1979) and ME (1976). working on vision-based and augmented-reality systems that could have security iterations for airplane and building security monitoring.Bio: Dr. He served as the Chairman of the Robotics Technical Committee of the Computer Society of the IEEE (1987-1989). and New Zealand. Singapore. He has been elected to the honor societies of Phi Kappa Phi. He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Machine Vision and Applications. 9500 Gilman Dr. He is listed in the Who's Who in the Frontiers of Science and Technology. He is a Fellow of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). the official journal of the International Association of Pattern Recognition. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. and Sigma Xi. and remote sensing. BITS (1974) Address: Science and Engineering Research Facility (SERF). Denmark. He serves or has served as an associate editor of a number of journals. Computer Vision and Robotics Research laboratory. Rajaram's other honors include the George Robbins Award and the Citibank Teaching Award from The Anderson School faculty. Electrical & Computer Engineering and Director. when he responded to request from DOE for research on robotics for nuclear plant safety.. won the prestigious Franz Edelman Finalist Award for Achievement in Operations Research and Management. to help in mine detection efforts in the Gulf War. Room 103. Rajaram has developed a new control paradigm to increase the productivity of large-scale industrial processes. Expert on robotics. Mailcode #0407 La Jolla. Professor. He is a recipient of the Pioneer Award (Technical Activities) and the Meritorious Service Award of the IEEE Computer Society and the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Utah State University. Tau Beta Pi. Europe's leading manufacturer of starch-based products. 97.edu http://swiftlet.ucsd.ucsd.

the development of highly accurate and efficient algorithms for the numerical solution of differential and integral equations. Efficient Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia Data. Department of Computer Science. University of California at Santa Barbara Computer Science Department Divyakant Agrawal. Merit Scholarship from 1983 to 1987 and was nominated for the Yale Prize Teaching Fellowship in 1992.edu http://www. and the development of new accurate and efficient algorithms for inverse scattering and computer vision problems. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications on the topics related to Transaction Processing.cs. Fault-tolerant Systems and Replicated Databases. Professor and Chair.edu/~agrawal/ Bio: He is on the faculty of the Department of Computer Science at the University of California at Santa Barbara since 1987. Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering PhD.98. He received the BITS. Agrawal's research interests are in the areas of distributed systems and databases. BE (Hons) EEE.edu http://www.ucsb. for the paper "Exploring Spatial Datasets with Histograms". Dr. Distributed Algorithms and Asynchronous Systems. Engineering I. Digital Libraries. Agrawal has served in various capacities on the Program Committees of numerous conferences. His current research activities are focused in the areas of hardware acceleration of spatial operations. Agrawal also holds Visiting Senior Research Scientist position at NEC Computing and Communication Research Laboratories. Scalable I/O Techniques for Multimedia Data. Department of Computer Science PhD (1987) and MS. In case of changes. Dr. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. etc. He and his co-authors received the bestpaper award in ICDE 2002. He is also currently serving as the Chair of the Computer Science Department at UCSB. Santa Barbara. and workshops. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Computer Science. SUNY Stony Brook. University of California at Santa Barbara Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Shiv Chandrasekaran. BITS (1987) Address: Room 3109. bioinformatics. (1984). query processing over data-streams. peer-to-peer data sharing architectures. and data mining and online analytical processing.html Bio: After completing his PhD at Yale University. BE (Hons) EEE. CA 93106-5110 T: (805) 893-4385 F: (805) 893-8553 agrawal@cs. Yale University (19XX). symposia. CA 93106-9560 T: (805) 893-7542 F: (805) 893-3262 shiv@ece.edu/Faculty/Chandrasekaran/default. Shiv worked for a year as a Visiting Instructor at the Mathematics Department of North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He currently serves as an Associate Editor of an international journal on Distributed and Parallel Databases (Kluwer). Workflow Management Systems.ucsb. Dr. Engineering I.ucsb. His current research interests include the development of new stable algorithms for the fast updating and downdating of structured systems of linear equations.org 41 . 99.ece. Santa Barbara. BITS (1980) Address: Room 3117.ucsb.

University of Central Florida. Currently. His research interests include building models to solve marketing problems in various domains such as retailing. Orlando. including ACMSIGGRAPH articles. Bhabha Atomic Research Center. product bundles. Department of Computer Science PhD. umbrella brands and experiential products. His current research is along two streams. Dr. India and scientific officer. University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Puneet Manchanda.shtml Bio: Prior to joining the University of Chicago. Pattanaik. He has also taught at Columbia University and University of Bombay. senior staff scientist at the Department of Computer Graphics at the National Center for Software Technology in Bombay. Bombay. Florida 32816-2450 T: (407) 823-2638 F: sumant@cs.org 42 . direct marketing and Internet marketing. Computer Science. The second stream of research involves building response models to various marketing stimuli such as advertising (in consumer packaged goods and in digital environments).edu/~sumant/ Bio: Dr. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. India. IIM (1990). he held marketing and managerial positions at Unilever and ORG Systems (a Unisys coventure). In the first stream.ucf.100. post-doctoral researcher at Rennes. Assistant Professor of Marketing PhD.ucf." 101.uchicago.manchanda@gsb. His interests are in econometric modeling with special focus on Bayesian methodology. BE (Hons). Associate Professor.uchicago. Pattanaik has had a variety of professional experience including the positions of research associate in the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University.edu http://gsbwww.edu/kilts/fellows/manchanda.cs. PGDBM. In case of changes. he is teaching Computer Graphics Systems I and his research interests are in the areas of realistic image synthesis and display and visualization. University of Central Florida School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Sumanta N. France and later at Cornell. Chicago IL 60637 T: (773) 702-5421 F: puneet. Room 250. Pattanaik has authored numerous publications. he is investigating how consumers evaluate and purchase multiple items such as grocery shopping baskets. Columbia University (1998). journal articles. He teaches Marketing Management and Marketing Strategy at the University of Chicago. conference tutorials and has edited a recent book entitled "Proceedings of IFIP-ICCG93. India. conference and workshop articles. BITS (1987) Address: 1101 East 58th Street. BITS (1993) Address: Computer Science Building. pharmaceuticals.edu http://www.

Stiglitz. Sah has researched fertility and mortality changes in less developed countries in an attempt to understand long-term demographic transitions. IIM Ahmedabad. 102. BITS Pilani (1991). In addition. Assistant Professor of Accounting DBA (Accounting). and serves as its Principal Investment Advisor and an Advisor to MyRichUncle.html Bio: Sah joined the University of Chicago in 1991. IIM Calcutta.harrisschool. He was the True North Communications Junior Scholar at the University of Chicago in 1999-200 and was recently named a Marketing Science Institute Junior Scholar. financial institutions.edu/faculty/sah. BE. Chicago IL 60637 T: Phone: (773) 834-1720 F: ssriniva@gsb. Professor PhD.edu In case of changes. He has presented his research at many universities in the United States and abroad and his papers have appeared in Marketing Science and Marketing Letters. MBA. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. MSc (Hons) Physics and BE (Hons) EEE. Sah. In the area of public finance.com 103. and he has been a visiting faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania and at Princeton University. Sah taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Yale University. Previously. and governments. University of Chicago Irving B. he has written on the limitations on the extent to which incomes can be redistributed through conventional taxes and subsidies. co-authored with Joseph E.edu www. He is also a Partner at Lumin Asset Management. In this vein is his study. 1992). He is currently on editorial board of the Review of Marketing Science. He has studied the effects and designs of various public finance policies in less developed countries. PGDBM. Awards: Three teaching awards including Professor of the Year at U Chicago. a global hedge fund with US$50 Mln in assets. 60th Street. He has also been invited as a speaker to various industry research conferences.uchicago. published in the Journal of Political Economy (December 1991). University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Suraj Srinivasan. Harvard Business School (2004). Sah's research spans several areas. BITS Address: 1155 E. international organizations. Another part of Sah's research has attempted to explain important social patterns. Suite 141 T: (773) 702 0085 F: r-sah@uchicago. University of Pennsylvania. the subject of his Book: Peasants versus City-Dwellers: Taxation and the Burden of Economic Development (Oxford University Press. after having visited the University's Department of Economics during the 1989-1990 academic year. Social Osmosis and Patterns of Crime. Sah has served as an advisor to several corporations.sales force effort (in the pharmaceutical industry) and product introductions (in consumer packaged goods). Harris School of Public Policy Studies Raaj K. (1993) Address: 1101 East 58th Street.uchicago.org 43 . such as crime in the United States and the persistence and pervasiveness of corruption in many countries.

Gupta has been at the University of Colorado since 1983. Boulder.colorado. and a Member of the Electromagnetics Academy (MIT. Who's Who in the World. Punjab University Address: Office Engineering Center ECEE 197A. and on the Technical Program Committees for MTT-S International Symposia. BTS Pilani (1994) Address: Office Engineering Center ECEE 197A.org 44 .K. USA).104. he is also the Associate Director for the NSF I/UCR Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Packaging of Microwave. a member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Microwave Field Theory (MTT-15).uconn. University of Connecticut Department of Computer Science & Engineering Swapna Gokhale. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. published by John Wiley since 1991. a co-chair of the IEEE MTT-S Technical Committee on CAD (MTT-1). International Journal of Numerical Modeling (John Wiley. and Digital Electronics (CAMPmode) at the University of Colorado. USA).duke. he had a long stay (since 1969) at IIT Kanpur. a Fellow of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (India).ee. BSc. Presently. USA).shtml Bio: Prof. He is a member of the ADCOM for the MTT Society of IEEE.inf.edu/c1. Optical. Professor. Who's Who in Engineering. CO 80309-0425 T: (303) 492-7498 F: gupta@colorado. Earlier. Duke University. PhD (1998) and MS (1996). Electrical and Computer Engineering. where he was a Professor in Electrical Engineering until 1975.edu/~ssg/ In case of changes.persnnl/faculty/gupta_kc. Campus Box 425. Gupta. PhD. Gupta is a Fellow of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Campus Box 425.) and three journals of IETE (India). BE (Hons) EEE & BE (Hons) Computer Science. initially as a Visiting Professor and later as a Professor. 105.edu http://www. On sabbatical from the University of Colorado in 1993-94. Microwave and Optical Technology Letters (John Wiley). He is listed in Who's Who in America.edu http://mems. Prof. ME and BE IISc Bangalore. CO 80309-0425 T: (860) 486-2772 F: (860) 486-4817 ssg@engr. Gupta was a Visiting Professor at the IISc Bangalore and a Consultant at the Indian Telephone Industries. Boulder. U. BITS. University of Colorado at Boulder Electrical and Computer Engineering Kuldip C. Assistant Professor. Prof. and Who's Who in American Education. He is on the editorial boards of IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques. He is the founding editor of the International Journal of Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Computer-Aided Engineering. a Member of URSI (Commission D.

000 research grant for developing biomaterials and microenvironments to aid in the production of endothelial cells from embryonic stem cells. Bangalore.uga. MI 48219 T: (313) 993-3379 F: 313-993-1187 venugoep@udmercy. MS Physics. MS. (1991) 108. (1995) Jawaharlal Nehru Summer Fellowship for conducting research at the Indian Institute of Sciences. Detroit. Physics. Rhodes ADS Center.Bio: Research Interests: My current research interests lie in the following areas: Security and quality issues in converged IP/PSTN networks. University of Georgia (2001).. Program comprehension and understanding and Performance and dependability evaluation of computer systems and networks 106. life science and architecture students.. Associate Professor of Physics PhD. Chemical Engineering and MSc (Hons) Biological Sciences. Nominated for "Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" at the University of Texas. He joined the University in 1998. University of Georgia In case of changes. BITS Address: 4001 W. University of Detroit Mercy Department of Physics Eswara Prasad Venugopal. Software architecture. BITS (1993). Biological Engineering. reliability and performance. Amherst. India.arches. 107. Rao.edu Bio: Assistant Professor of Physics. Address: 454. (1996). QoS issues in wireless and wireline networks. He recently received a $100. he is associated in a collaborative project with the Tissue Engineering group at Georgia Tech (GTEC) with a focus on developing cell sourcing technology for eventual applications in cardiovascular disease treatments. Utah State University. Research Scientist. PO Box 19900. MSc (Tech) Computer Science. University of Texas at San Antonio (1996).org 45 .edu/~rajrao Bio: His current projects involve identification of appropriate growth and differentiation conditions for embryonic stem cells. University of Georgia College of Agricultural & Environmental Science Raj R. Prasad teaches general physics courses and laboratories for engineering. Edgar L. Awards: Engineering Graduate Research Enhancement Award (for outstanding graduate students) (1998). His recent research deals with chiral anomalies in photon-hadron interactions. McNichols Rd.edu http://www. GA 30602 T: (706)542-4941 F: (706)542-7925 rajrao@uga. He has published papers in theoretical atomic and particle physics. Biotechnology. University of Massachusetts. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Rhodes Center for Animal and Dairy Science PhD. Biological & Agricultural Engineering Departmental Scholarship. Software testing. San Antonio. Specifically. BE. Athens.

Inc. Malhotra is the co-editor of two books. He managed Taalee as its CEO until June 2001 when it was acquired by Voquette.cs.edu/~amit Bio: Prof. consortia and funding agencies.hawaii. Colorado State University. tutorials and professional courses. Holmes 442. and some of the most cited papers in federated databases.edu http://lsdis. Inc PhD (1985) and MS (1983). Dr.. He has also founded another high-tech company—Infocosm. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. as well as two patents. Subsequently he has been the CTO for Voquette. including two outstanding conference papers. He is a member of the American Vacuum Society (AVS). He has over 150 publications. Semagix. and a patent to his credit. In August 1999. ARDC and industry. He is also a recipient of the Regents Medal for Excellence in Teaching.uga. has served on over 75 program and organization committees. HI 96822 T: (808) 956-7609 F: (808) 956-3427 vinod@spectra. He is on the editorial board of six journals.Department of Computer Science Amit P Sheth. Unisys. Inc).edu http://www-ee. Director. BITS (1983) Address: 2540 Dole Street. Inc.uga. 1991 (highest honor in teaching at the University of Hawaii). Electrical Engineering. 109. BE (Hons) EEE. Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab. BE EEE.eng. and semantic interoperability. Sheth enjoys mixing activities that span from conceptual research to entrepreneurship. and Honeywell. Sheth founded Taalee. Dr.. Professor. He also has three invited papers.eng. Co-founder/CTO. BITS (1981) Address: Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab. workflow management. Inc. he served in R&D groups at Bellcore (now Telcordia Technologies). USA T: (706) 542-2310 F: (706) 542-4771 amit@cs. co-author of a book-chapter and over twenty journal publications. over 125 invited talks. Ohio State University. Associate Professor.html Bio: Dr.hawaii. His research has led research of over $10 million in large and small companies and at UGA. Department of Electrical Engineering PhD (1987) and MS (1983).edu/EEPage/Faculty/Bios/vinod. Computer Sc. and has been on advisory boards and panels of several intertantional project. Honolulu. Athens GA 30602-7404. He has served as a symposium chairman and technical session chairman for State-of-the-art Program On Compound Semiconductor symposia of ECS. a venture capital funded enterprise software and Semantic Web technology startup based on the research at the LSDIS lab.org 46 . Inc. has led seven international conferences and workshops as a General/Program (co-)chair. NRL. funded by NIST. and Eta Kappa Nu. has been on company and consortia boards. 415 GSRC. NSF. Sheth joined the UGA and started the LSDIS lab in 1994. From 1985 to 1994. and resulting in three commercial products and several deployed applications. Electrochemical Society (ECS). (now Semagix. In case of changes.a best poster award. University of Hawaii at Manoa Department of Electrical Engineering Vinod Malhotra. Sheth has given twelve keynote talks at international conferences and meetings.

1992–1994 111.edu/cba/cba-depts/ids/facultyprofiles/ranga.edu/cive/faculty/chellam/ Bio: Awards include National Science Foundation CAREER award. IIM Ahmedabad (1998). MSc (Hons) Chemistry and BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. 601 South Morgan Street. Larson Aquatic Research Scholarship for PhD study. He held research positions at National University of Singapore during 1997-98.edu http://www. where he participated in many research projects in collaboration with the industry.His current research interest includes wet and dry processes for passivation of GaAs and InP surfaces and surface-sensitive devices. N107 Engineering Building 1.uic.org 47 . Ranganathan was an Assistant Professor of MIS at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.htm Bio: Prior to joining UIC. Ranga worked as a management consultant at Exeter Group. In case of changes.egr. MSM photodetectors and VCSELs. Ranga has also consulted for several private and public sector organizations. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Rice University. Rice University. University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Information and Decision Sciences Ranganathan Chandrasekaran. Chicago. University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering Shankar Chellam. MC 294. Environmental Science & Engineering. Assistant Professor. MSc BITS Address: University of Illinois at Chicago.uh. Earlier. Rice University. fabrication and characterization of refractory metal silicides. apart from working as a programmer in a software firm. Texas 77204-4003 T: (713) 743-4265 F: (713) 743-4260 chellam@uh. Environmental Engineering PhD (1995) and MS (1991). Boston (1998-99) where he was engaged in technical and BPR-related projects. 1992–1993. 2402 University Hall. such as HBTs.edu http://www. 1994 – 1995. and Eleanor and Mills Bennett Fellowship. Assistant Professor PhD. His previous work includes novel optical sensors. 110. Houston. He is also developing novel low-damage 'soft' plasma processes for SiNx deposition using electron cyclotron resonance plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition technique. and fundamentals of memory switching in silicon thin films for fuseprogrammable memories. American Chemical Society and American Water Works Association. Doctoral fellowship. BITS (1986) Address: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. IL 60607-7124 T: (312) 996-2676 F: ranga@uic.

IL . Sriraj completed his PhD work at IIT in fall 1999. His doctoral dissertation on strategic IT decisions won the best doctoral dissertation award at the International Conference on Information Systems. and Bio-MEMS Numerical Methods (meshless. M. 112. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 2002. He has over ten publications in various conference proceedings.edu/aluru/www/ Bio: Awards include National Science Foundation CAREER Award.60607 T: (312) 413 7568 F: (312) 413 0006 sriraj@uic. His paper won the SIM International paper contest in 2001. (1991). Department of Computer Science. boundary-element. He has worked on research projects ranging from traffic flow simulation. some of which have been prize winning. 405 N. 113. IS strategy. CMES Distinguished Young Author Award. Narayan R Aluru.edu https://netfiles. MC-251. invited columnist to some practitioner IT magazines.uiuc. Peoria. 2002. Stanford University. Illinois Institute of Technology. Urbana. land-use modeling and pedestrian analysis of corridors in downtown Chicago. and Business Process Reengineering. BITS (1989) Address: 3265 Beckman Institute.. 2001. University of Illinois at Chicago. MSc (Hons) Physics &.Ranga's current research interests include E-commerce. 1999. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. (1995). Suite 340. He is also a regular. and a $25. In case of changes. Chicago.edu Bio: Sriraj joined UTC in March as a Research Assistant Professor. Xerox Award. From October 1998 to July 1999 he served as a technical consultant at IIT designing and implementing a demand responsive vanpool program for the patients of the Illinois Eye Institute in Chicago. finite-element. BE (Hons). Civil Engineering. NCSA Faculty Fellow.000 research grant in 1996. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Research Assistant Professor MS. 1998.org 48 . 1999. Research includes Computational Analysis and Design of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS). He has authored five case studies on different IT issues.S. Assistant Professor. University of Illinois at Chicago Urban Transport Center P S Sriraj. His dissertation proposal won the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Award. General Engineering Department and Beckman Institute PhD. Willett Faculty Scholar. IL 61801 T: (217) 333-1180 F: (217) 244-4333 aluru@uiuc. S. Mathews Avenue. fast algorithms) and Parallel Computing Computational Bionanotechnology Computational and Design Aspects of Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS). microfluidics. 412. He has three journal publications and eight that are forthcoming or under review at leading MIS journals. BE (Hons) Civil Engineering BITS Address: Urban Transportation Center(MC357). He stood first in his Masters program at BITS.

and Journal of Information Science and Technology. 1983). Inc. He helped initiate an automation effort at Corning. UGC Fellowship (192-74). University of Illinois. Awards: 1999 Emanuel R.edu/faculty/faculty. IISc. and parallel algorithms. Founding University Scholar Award (1985). He has served as reviewer for over 60 professional journals.uiuc. and Coordinated Science Laboratory PhD. and collaboration among Illinois Department of Agriculture. He has been a chair/committee member/keynote speaker for 35 national and international conferences. 405 N. He has received or applied for 7 patents. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Nitin H. Graphics. and as guest coeditor of Artificial Intelligence Journal's 1995 special issue on vision. He has published about 20 book chapters. New Delhi. BITS(1972) Address: Beckman Institute. he has been with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. students. Honeywell and Advanced Technology. He has codeveloped and taught 2 new interdisciplinary courses.asp?n-ahuja Bio: From 1974 to 1975. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. University of Maryland (1979). Vaidya. Bangalore(1974).uiuc. ME.org 49 . University of Illinois dairy. His research is on integrated use of multiple visual sources of scene information for image sensing. and for the development of a radar system. 1992) and Face Detection and Hand Gesture Recognition for Vision-Based Human Computer Interaction (Kluwer. 1996). e has coedited the book Advances in Image Understanding (IEEE Press. Mathews Avenue. Served on the editorial boards of the journals IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Government of India.D. Honorable mention for the 1999 University of Illinois Award for Guiding Undergraduate Research. commercial and government organizations.114. The results of his research have been used in industrial systems at General Electric. Piore award of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. sensors. Books: Co-author Pattern Models (Wiley. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. and the use of information technology in societal development. and Image Processing. Westinghouse. and their applications. 1998 Technology Achievement Award of the International Society for Optical Engineering. Urbana. Computer Vision.S. established 2 new laboratories and taught a number of engineering courses. and a dairy plant. students and 30 M. Journal of Pattern Analysis and Applications. Since 1979. Computer Science. In case of changes. 2001). Associate (1998-99) and Beckman Associate (1990-91) in the University of Illinois Center for Advanced Study.edu http://www. Int. Illinois 61801 T: (217) 333-1837 F: (217) 244-8371 ahuja@vision. robotics. He has graduated 23 Ph.. Inc. analysis and synthesis. NSF/White House's founding Presidential Young Investigator Award (1984). 70 journal papers and 200 conference papers. image processing. Associate Professor. He has developed and taught 4 new courses. 115. Lockheed.ai. Department of Computer Science. Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology. Beckman Institute. He was selected as President of India's (Eagle) Scout (1966). and President of India's Merit Award (1966). Donald Biggar Willet Professor of Engineering. he was with the Department of Electronics. Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision. He has supervised 45 undergraduate research projects. magazines and conferences.ece. His research interests are broadly in computer vision. Narendra Ahuja. BE (Hons) EEE. Motion and Structure from Image Sequences (Springer-Verlag. Electrical Communication Engineering. image synthesis.. National Scholarship (1967-72). He has consulted with about 15 national and international.

edu http://www.uiowa. MS (1991). University of Kansas Department of Mechanical Engineering Karan S. University of Iowa Henry B. University of Iowa Department of Computer Science Sriram V. University of Iowa.biz.crhc.BE (1986). University of Wisconsin (1970). 1308 West Main Street. Pemmaraju. Associate Professor.cs. Iowa City. MSc (Hons) BITS (1978) Address: 3067 Main Library. IA 52240-1419 T: (319) 353-2956 F: (319) 335-3624 sriram@cs. Mechanical Engineering (math minor).uiuc. IA 52242-1000 T: (319) 335-5708 F: padmini-srinivasan@uiowa. Associate Professor PhD (1992) & MS (1989). PhD (1993). Deanne E. BE. ME (1988).uiowa. Areas of Interest: fault-tolerant computing. MC-228. The University of Iowa. Mechanical Engineering. Surana.uiuc. IISc Bangalore. distributed systems. and applied coding theory Address: 458 Coordinated Science Laboratory. Ackers Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering PhD (1970) and MS (1966). University of Massachusetts. Iowa City. IL 61801 T: (217) 265-5414 F: (217) 244-5685 nhv@crhc. Graph Algorithms and Distributed Computing 118.uiowa.edu http://www. BITS.edu nhv@uiuc.edu http://www.edu/mansci/faculty/psriniva. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Virginia Polytechnic. Library and Information Science and Management Sciences PhD Syracuse 1985. Urbana. BITS (1987) Address: 101 G McLean Hall. MSc (Tech) Computer Science. Tippie College of Business Padmini Srinivasan.edu/~sriram/ Bio: Research interests in Discrete Mathematics.org 50 . mobile computing.edu/~nhv/ 116. BITS (1965) In case of changes.html 117. Department of Computer Science.

cs. Indian Institute of Science (1994). Baltimore. Syracuse University. MD 21250 T: Tel: +1-410-455-3298 F: Fax: +1-410-455-1066 In case of changes. Case Western Reserve University (1990).cacs. Department of Computer Science PhD (1989) and MS (1987).edu and VS@CS.V. Courant Institute. #2 Rex Street. 1000 Hilltop Circle. University of Maryland. BITS (1982) Address: Center for Advanced Computer Studies. Lawrence. College Park. Suite 435. NYU.edu/~arun 120. Assistant Professor PhD. Lafayette. BITS (1985) Address: Inst for Computer Studies.edu/users/vs/ Bio: Recipient of NSF Faculty Early Career Development Awards and Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (formerly Presidential Young Investigator Awards) 121.umd.UMD. 3733 A. Baltimore County Department of Mathematics & Statistics Madhu Nayakkankuppam. MSc. Computer Science and Professor of Institute for Advanced Computer Studies. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Associate Professor of Computer Science PhD.edu http://www.louisiana. Professor.Address: Mechanical Engineering Dept. (2000). 3008 Learned Hall. University of Maryland Department of Computer Mathematical & Physical Sciences Venkatramana Subrahmanian.org 51 . University of Maryland. MD 20742-3255 T: (301) 405-2711 F: vs@umd. Kansas 66045-2234 T: (785) 864-2988 F: (785) 864-5254 surana@ku. BE (Hons) BITS (1992) Address: Department of Mathematics & Statistics Office: MP 427.edu/me/fac_sura.engr.htm 119. MSc (Tech) Computer Science. University of Louisiana at Lafayette The Center for Advanced Computer Studies Arun Lakhotia.edu www. WILLIAMS BUILDING. MS.EDU http://www. LA 70504 T: (337) 482-6766 (Office) F: (337) 482-5791 (Fax) arun@louisiana.ku. University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

MSc (Hons) Mathematics & BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering (1984). Nayakkankuppam has published in journals including Mathematical Programming. MA 01003-4940 T: (413) 545-5682 F: shrmn@som. University of North Carolina. Modern languages and Linguistics. Amherst. University of Massachussetts at Amherst Eugene M Isenberg School of Management Anurag Sharma. non-smooth optimization.org 52 . especially linear and nonlinear semi-definite programming. Senior Postdoctoral Researcher. cognition.html In case of changes. MBA.edu http://www.som.edu/~madhu/ Bio: Madhu Nayakkankuppam was a postdoctoral fellow at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences before coming to UMBC. Address: T: (413) 545-1596 or (413) 545-3143 (Lab) F: (413) 545-1249 vijay@cs. Chapel Hill. Computer Science. Address: Isenberg School of Management. 123. convex analysis.edu Bio: Senior Postdoctoral Researcher working in the Adaptive NetWorks Laboratory and the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics. B. University of Virginia.umass. 1989. University of Massachussetts at Amherst Department of Computer Science Vijaykumar Gullapalli. and applications of connectionist learning techniques to problems in control. Research interests include learning in natural and artificial systems. Optimization Methods and Software and Pattern Recognition.umass.edu http://www.. Current work involves mathematical analysis of the convergence properties of learning algorithms and the application of learning algorithms to problems in robot control under uncertainty and noise. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Computer Science (1992) and MS. This semester he is teaching calculus and analytical geometry and Introduction to Linear Algebra. University of Massachusetts. and pattern recognition.umbc.edu/som/academic/dept/management/faculty/sharma. University of Massachusetts.umass. BITS. algorithms for learning and adaptation in connectionist systems.math.S. large-scale applications and computational issues including numerical linear algebra and parallel computing. interior-point algorithms. Room 328. Assistant Professor PhD in Strategic Management.umbc.Laboratory for Advanced System Software PhD. Amherst. His research interests include optimization. 122.madhu@math.

edu http://www-mount. Chopra. University of Minnesota. Graduate School of Industrial Administration. Recipient of 1996 Operations Research Meritorious Service Award. Ann Arbor. Distinguished Lecturer. Prentice Hall. Supply Contracts and Inventory Management. Kluwer Academic Publishers 1998. University of Michigan. 701 Tappan Avenue. University of Minnesota Institute of Technology Ramesh Harjani. Managing Business Process Flows. Ann Arbor Michigan Business School Ravi Anupindi.edu/faculty/detail. (A text for MBA Operations Core class). BE (Hons) EEE. S. Wrote book. M. MN 55455 T: (612) 625-4032 F: harjani@ece. Just-in-Time Systems and OperationsManufacturing Interfaces.. Boston University (1997).umn. Information Systems. University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management Mani Subramani. Information & Decision Sciences DBA. SRC Copper Design Challenge. MI 48109-1234 T: (734)615-8621 F: (734)936-0279 anupindi@umich. First Prize. BE. S.asp?id=000596740 Bio: Assistant Professor of Marketing at Kellogg from 1993-00 and Associate Professor of Operations Management at Stern from 200002. Inc. IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.umn. Assistant Professor. Information Systems. Management of Manufacturing and Automation.itdean. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. BITS (1982) Address: University of Michigan Business School. Department of Biomedical Engineering PhD Carnegie Mellon University. Zemel. 2001-02. Research: Supply Chain Management.124. IIM Bangalore (1983).jsp?facultyID=125 Bio: First Prize. Jan van Mieghem. BITS (1982) Address: Department of Electrical & Computer Eng.E.edu/%7Eharjani/ http://www2. Michael R.edu http://www. 2000. D3217. Minneapolis. and E. Anupidhi. 2003. National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award in 1991. ME Automation. Department of Electrical Engineering and Graduate Faculty. 1999.. PGDM.ee. Carnegie Mellon University. IISc Bangalore (1984). BITS (1981) In case of changes.umn. Deshmukh. Tech Electrical Engineering. Associate Professor. He is a co-author of the book. 125. BE(Hons) EEE.bus. Best Paper Awards at the 1987 IEEE/ACM Design Automation Conference and GOMAC 98. (1989). SRC/IBM SiGe Design Challenge. R.edu/Academics/Departments/Sms/Sms/FacultyBio.org 53 . and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow & Associate Professor of Operations and Management Science PhD (1993) and MS (1989). Design of Modulators for Oversampled Converters. IIT Delhi (1984).umich. 200 Union Street S. 126.

1992. University of Nebraska-Lincoln.edu http://www. Minneapolis. Address: Marketing. CBA 318.umn. Ave S. Associate Professor of Marketing Ph. Box 880492. MS. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. BE (Hons) BITS (1980). (1991) and MS (1988).Address: 3-358 Carlson School of Management. University of Miami & Carnegie Mellon GSIA (Visiting) School of Business Administration Anuj Mehrotra.edu/~anuj/ Bio: Research and teaching interests include Management science modeling and methods.unl. University of Nebraska College of Business Administration Ravipreet S Sohi.miami.O. In case of changes. Department of Management Science PhD. NSF Grant for research on Electronic Commerce and Inter-organizational Relationships. Lincoln. NC.org 54 . MMS. FL 33124-8237 T: (305) 284-1973 F: (305)-284-2321 anuj@miami. Charlotte. resource sharing and synergy within sales forces. Operations Research. Associate Professor. logistics. distribution.cba. Coral Gables.edu http://ids. Teaching Interests: Channels of Distribution. NE 68588-0492 T: (402) 472-3374 F: (402) 472-9777 rsohi1@unl. Madison. University of Bombay (1982).edu/people/profile.asp?ID=1052 Bio: Research Interests: In the areas of competitive marketing strategies.bus. BITS (1986) Address: Nieuwland 417K Jenkins Building. 128. Sales Management. MN 55455 T: (612) 624-3522 F: msubramani@csom. December 2000.csom. P. BS.edu or subra010@umn. School of Business Administration. Georgia Institute of Technology.D. Operations Research. and in sales management and channels issues in general. Marketing Management. and telecommunications.umn. Mechanical Engineering. 1998 127.edu/Faculty/Mani/Homepage/ Bio: Best Paper Award at the 20th Annual International Conference on Information Systems. University Of Minnesota. and Marketing Strategy/Policy. University of Wisconsin. Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (1988). optimization techniques for large scale applications in scheduling.edu http://www.

Garg’s current research interests include experimental investigation of giant resonances. His work was awarded (with K Sivakumar) a research grant by the Institute of Study for Business Markets (ISBM) of the Penn State University. India. University of Notre Dame. Singapore. Innovation and Knowledge Management.edu/faculty/roy/ Bio: Prior to UNH Dr Roy was a Visiting Lecturer of Marketing at Texas Christian University and at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. WA 98195-6500 T: (203) 932-7370 F: sroy@newhaven. Prof. Professor of Experimental Nuclear Physics PhD (1978) and MA (1975). University of New Haven School of Business Subroto Roy. Dr Roy’s research interests include Business-to. SUNY Stony Brook.E. University of Notre Dame Department of Physics Umesh Garg. BITS Pilani (19XX) Address: Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. University of Western Sydney (2002). Australia. Southcorp Holdings and Email Meters and also for a Nine-member syndicate of organizational members of the Singapore Retailers Association.edu http://www. Amsterdam.nd. Sydney and University of Western Sydney. Bombay. University of Oregon In case of changes.edu http://www. MSc (1974) and BSc (1972). 1959 N. Dr Roy has over 10 refereed conference papers including several at the American Marketing Association Educators Conferences. Texas A&M University.129. and a visiting scientist at Bhabha Atomic Research Center. Seattle. IN 46556 T: (219) 631-7352 F: garg@nd. He has also taught Marketing at the University of Technology. Assistant Professor of Marketing PhD. Garg is a guest scientist at the Argonne National Laboratory. Information Technology adoption in B2B and B2C areas. IRMA. He worked as manager for 12 years mostly as Head of Marketing and Sales for the Indian Joint Venture of the Swedish packaging giant Tetra Pak and National Dairy Development Board of India.business marketing.newhaven. University of Washington. BITS Address: Nieuwland Science Hall 211. Dr Roy’s academic work has been published in Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship and is under review at several leading journals. Dr Roy has also consulted with major Australian Corporations such as Arnott’s Biscuits.org 55 .edu/Faculty/garg. He has been a visiting professor at the Vrije Universiteit. Pacific St. MBA. and at the Cyclotron Institute.html Bio: Prof.physics. MSc (Hons) Chemistry. 131. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. precise measurements of lifetimes of nuclear levels. 130. and studies of nuclei at very high angular momenta. Anand.Dr Roy will be a co-Guest Editor of a Special Issue of the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing to be published in 2003. Notre Dame.

Mechanical Engineering (1988). MS and BE (1999) BITS Address: Operations & Information Management Department.html Bio : Research Areas: Content delivery. software agent design. Consortium on Technology. Philadelphia. Policy and Management.lcb. The Ohio State University.org 56 . MMS (1983) and BE (Hons).upenn. 2002. PA 19104-6340 T: (215) 898 5872 F: (215) 898 3664 http://www.edu/~kunniyur/ Bio : Research: Design and performance analysis of communication networks. OR 97403-1208T: 541-346-5137 F: nmurthy@lcbmail.edu/faculty/hosanagar. 500 Jon M. Topology control in sensor networks. Carnegie Mellon University (2003). ECN Marking and AQM Schemes. Philadelphia. University of Pennsylvania Department Electrical and Systems Engineering Srisankar Kunniyur. MS. BITS Pilani PhD (2001) and MS Electrical and Computer Engineering (1998) University of Illinois.html?id=826&format=full 132. 133.upenn. eBRC (e-Business Research Center) In case of changes.uoregon. Eugene. pricing. University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School Kartik Hosanagar. Huntsman Hall.edu/faculty/profile.wharton. Room 203 Moore Building.upenn. The Wharton School. QoS provisioning and congestion-control in heterogeneous networks. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Awards: Best Paper Award.edu http://www.edu http://www. Issues in the Internet such as pricing and fairness.seas. Assistant Professor of Operations Management PhD (1997) and MA (1994) Business Administration (Operations Management). University of Pennsylvania. Assistant Professor and Multimedia and Networking Laboratory BE (Hons) EEE. Netherlands. Assistant Professor of Operations and Information Management PhD (2003) and MPhil (2002). Mechanical Engineering (1982). BITS Address: 1208 University of Oregon. telecommunications and software industries. web caching. Urbana-Champaign Address: Electrical and Systems Engineering. PA 19104 T: (215) 898-9241 F: (215)-573-2068 kunniyur@seas. Gilbert Hall. 200 South 33rd Street.uoregon. Scheduling and power control in wireless and ad-hoc networks.Lundquist College of Business Nagesh Murthy.

San Diego. Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania State University. 1999-2001. University of Southern California Department of Computer Science Milind Tambe. Clarkson University. Henry Salvatori Computer Center 232. University of Pittsburgh Joseph M.T. His primary teaching interests are in Corporate Finance and Investments in both the graduate and undergraduate programs. His international experience includes teaching in Canada.pitt. 1999. Deshpande. National Talent Search (NTS) scholarship. BE (Hons) Chemical BITS Address: 339A Mervis Hall. MSc BITS. Berkeley.htm 135. Carnegie Mellon University. 5998 Alcalá Park. 1994 134. Doctoral Fellowship. CA 92110. School of Business Administration. Department of Computer Science and Project Leader.html Bio: Prior to joining USD in 1988 he taught at Concordia University (Montreal) and at Clarkson. B Eng. Information Sciences Institute PhD. T: 619-260-4863 F: deshpand@acusd.edu/fac_pages/thirumalai. India and Jamaica. India. PA 15260 T: (412) 648. MBA. BITS Address: University of San Diego. Los Angeles.edu/faculty/deshpande_shreesh. Thirumalai. CA 90089-0781 T: (213) 740-6447 In case of changes. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Katz Graduate School of Business Rambhadran S. 136. Finance. He was voted "Professor of the Year 2000".org 57 . Offered the Castanga fellowship. "Professor of the Year 1999" and "Professor who taught you the most 1998" by the graduating business students.katz.I. Pilani.sandiego. He also was a co-recipient of a competitive research grant from SSHRC Canada. School of Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University (1991). (1986) Address: University of Southern California. Shreesh has published in the areas of corporate finance.S.edu http://www. Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance PhD and MB. B. derivatives and international finance. University fellowship. Associate Professor.2392 F: rthirumalai@katz. University of South Carolina – Columbia. 2002. Shreesh is on the Board of Directors of the Financial Executives Institute (San Diego) and is the faculty advisor for the "Friday Speaker Series" sponsored by the GBSA. MS in Statistics.pitt.Doctoral Award. University of California. University of San Diego School of Business Administration Shreesh D. Indiana University – Bloomington.edu http://business. Associate Professor of Finance PhD.

in the simulation league and meritorious service award. American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE).edu http://www. Third place prize. Nominated by students and given to about six faculty members in the university. ASME Curriculum Innovation Award. 2004.isi. BE (Hons) Mech. Given to an outstanding Mechanics Educator in the nation with less than five years of educational experience. Elasticity. research and service. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Given to engineering educators in the nation to recognize teaching.html http://teamcore. 2004. Given to about 8% of the faculty in FL public universities who are outstanding in undergraduate teaching. USF. 1999. held in conjunction with IJCAI'99.eng. Thermal Stresses. 1990. Teaching Incentive Program Award. University of Southern Florida Department of Mechanical Engineering Autar Kishen Kaw. International foundation for multi-agent systems (IFMAS) and a Past Trustee of the RoboCup foundation. Mechanical Engineering. 1997. Fracture. Clemson University. Outstanding Contributions in Research Award. 2002. 1989/90. Mechanics of Composite Materials. ASME Florida West Coast Section. FL 33620 T: (813) 974-5626 F: (813) 974-3539 kaw@eng.F: (213) 740-7285 tambe@usc. 1995. RoboFesta'2001 International Robotic Games Festival. 4202 East Fowler Avenue. RoboCup'97 International Robotic Soccer Competitions. Tampa. University Wide Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award. 1996. for our agent teams for RoboCup Rescue. He has won a number of awards including the RoboCup awards Scientific Challenge Award. BITS (1981) Address: ENC 2215. held in conjunction with IJCAI'97. ENB118. 1996. Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award. USC Information Sciences Institute for outstanding contributions to the success of ISI's robots in International Competitions. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Given to about 1-2% of faculty who are outstanding teachers in the university. Southeast Section of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE). State University System of Florida.usf. Given to an outstanding teacher in the college. RoboCup'2001 International Robotic Soccer and Rescue competition and symposium. Outstanding New Mechanics Educators Award. USF. Professor of Mechanical Engineering PhD (1987) and MS (1984).usf. Teetor Educational Award. Given to one professor in each State by Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching.edu/teamcore/tambe/personal. Journal of Autonomous agents and Multi-agent Systems (JAAMAS) and IEEE Intelligent Systems. Given once a year to an outstanding teacher in the university. He also sits on the editorial boards of Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR). Faculty Honor Guard. Given based on selecting the best technical paper submitted by Colleges of Engineering in the Southeast USA.edu/~kaw Bio: Awards: Florida Professor of the Year. 1991.org 58 . USF. Engineer of the Year. Research: Engineering Education Research. Archie Higdon Distinguished Mechanics Educator Award. College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award. 137. 2003. Ralph R.usc. for our agent teams for RoboCup Rescue. 1990. 1992. 1994.edu http://www. USF. Silver medal. Graphical User Interfaces In case of changes. Third place prize. for outstanding research at a RoboCup competition. Given for outstanding contributions and professional services to engineering.edu/tambe/ Bio: He is on the Board of directors. RoboCup'99 International Robotic Soccer competitions.

He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Resonant column and torsional shear testing of clays. University of Tennessee at Knoxville Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Dayakar Penumadu. Associate Professor PhD. BS (Hons) Civil Engineering.edu www. and developed several software instructional programs for courses such as Mechanics of Composites and Numerical Methods. MS. Development of Educational Software. He was a Maintenance Engineer (1982) for Ford-Escorts Tractors. Research and Development Laboratories. (1994). Air Force Office of Scientific Research.edu/civil/people/penumadu. and a Summer Faculty Fellow (1992) and Visiting Scientist (1991) at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. 138. He was also a consultant with Tata Consulting Engineers from 1986-1987. India. TN 37996-2010 T: (865) 974-2355 F: (865) 974-2669 dpenumad@utk. Research interests include multi-axial stress-strain-time behavior of colloidal clays and the relationship with their microfabric. C alibration chamber testing and pressuremeter. Computer Science. High strain rate behavior.htm Bio: Dr. he was a faculty member at Clarkson University for 8 years. Florida Department of Transportation. Georgia Institute of Technology. and Software Interfaces for Engineering Models. Prior to his current position. Visual Basic. Tampa in 1987. University of Tennessee. Particles size and shape analysis of cohesion-less materials using Digital Image Analysis and Laser Light Scattering techniques. His research interests include Mechanics of Composite Materials. Other: He joined the faculty of University of South Florida. 139. Geotechnical Engineering. Characterization of microfabric using digital information analysis of scanning electron micrographs. and using mercury intrusion porosimetry. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. and Montgomery Tank Lines. Knoxville. Modeling hydraulic conductivity of clay from micro-structural characterization. BITS Address: 109B Perkins Hall. His research has been funded by National Science Foundation. Artificial neural network applications to geo and advanced materials modeling. Geo-mechanics and its applications to Lost Foam Casting (LFC) process. TN 37996-3450 T: (865) 974-5067 In case of changes.for Engineering Problems. He has written more than 50 technical papers.utk. American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) and the American Academy of Mechanics (AAM).engr. Web Based Course Development. Knoxville. Lime stabilization of clays. Developing virtual laboratories (Geo-Sim) for geotechnical testing systems. Penumadu has been a faculty member in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (UTK) since Fall 2001. Bridge Assemblies. 203 Claxton Complex. University of Tennessee at Knoxville Department of Computer Science Siddharthan Ramachandramurthi PhD. BITS (1988) Address: Department of Computer Science. and BS (Hons) Civil Engineering.org 59 . University of Kentucky & Purdue University. a text book on mechanics of composite materials. Fracture. Geotechnical Engineering. Wright Patterson Air Force Base. MSc (Tech) Computer Science.

Adjunct Assistant Professor PhD. 7700 West Parmer Lane. Austin.utexas. from 1977 to 1986. New York University (2000). Worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Kentucky. Assistant Professor of Marketing PhD. Lexington from 1991-1992 Worked as a lecturer at the University of Missouri. working as a Senior Engineer . Electronics Engineering (1977) & BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering. ME. 3925 West Braker Lane. BS and ME. MBA. 1991. Austin.department of Birla Institute of Technology and Science.edu/~lotario/modgroup/satapathy. Mandhana. Texas 78759-5316 T: (512) 232-4455 F: sikhanda@mail. University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Om P.1999.com Bio: Since 1999 to present.html 142.utk. University of Texas at Austin. TX 78729 T: (512) 996-6063 F: (512) 996-7434 Om. University of Texas at Austin Institute for Advanced Technology Sikhanda Satapathy.utk.edu www. Research Associate BITS. IIM Calcutta (1992). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. PhD from University of Texas at Austin Address: Institute for Advanced Technology. University of Texas at Austin McCombs Graduate School of Business Rajagopal Raghunathan. Pilani (India).F: (865) 974-4404 siddhart@cs. Austin. Worked as an Advisory Engineer at IBM-Austin from 1993 .Research.edu http://www. 141. Missouri (Columbia). at the design center of MOTOROLA-Austin.utexas. Motorola Somerset Design Center.cs. BITS University Address: Electrical & Computer Engr.Mandhana@motorola. Master of Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia.edu/~siddhart/ 140. Columbia from 1986 . Suite 400. Senior Engineer – Research. University of Texas.me.com and om120@hotmail. TX 78712 Permanent work address: Om P Mandhana. BITS (1989) In case of changes. (1975).1991 Worked as a lecturer in the EEE . Campus Mail Code: C0803.org 60 .

asp?addTarget=91893 Bio: Research in Consumer Behavior. TX 78520 T: (956) 544-8992 F: gbanerjee@utb. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. 1997.Address: T: (512) 471-2987 F: raj.Integer Programming: theory and applications (particularly in Operations Management).edu http://www. Texas 75083-0688. Instructor.edu 144. Address: 6900 N. Carnegie Mellon University. BITS. Loop 1604 West — San Antonio. Mail Station JO4. University of Texas at San Antonio College of Business Alokparna (Sonia) Basu Monga. Department of Marketing Phd Marketing.edu/dept/marketing/directory/faculty/profiles/index-vita. University of Texas at Dallas School of Management Milind Dawande.utdallas. Combinatorial Optimization.utexas. Bachelor of Pharmacy. MSc (Tech) Computer Science.edu http://www. Lancaster University. 145. Address: Box 830688. TX 78249-0631 T: (210) 458-6333 F: (210) 458-6335 In case of changes. 1991.org 61 . Algorithms. T: (972) 883-2793 F: (972) 883-2089 milind@utdallas.mccombs. Richardson.raghunathan@bus. Business Administration Address: South Hall 279. University of Texas at Brownsville School of Business Guarango Banerjee. MBA. 80 Fort Brown.edu/~milind Bio: Research Interests . Decision Theory 143. UK. BITS. Associate Professor PhD.utexas. Brownsville. Assistant Professor. University of Minnesota.

.edu http://www. He also serves as Research Director for The Batten Institute and Editor of the Journal of Business Venturing. Box 6550. MBA.E. Before joining the Darden faculty in 1998.washington. P.edu http://www. University of Virginia. The Batten Institute PhD. (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine PhD. MA BITS Address: Room 288. as well as several small firms.darden. Samuel L. Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. and management of extraordinary growth. (1992).orthop.edu http://faculty. 146. the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. (1996). As a corporate planning executive in a major Indian firm. University of Washington. University of Minnesota. MS. He has worked with Albany International. new technology adoption.E. new venture creation. Research Assistant Professor. Venkataraman teaches strategy and entrepreneurship courses in Darden’s MBA and Executive Education programs. University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration S Venkataraman. VA 22906-6500 T: (804) 924-6892 F: VenkatS@virginia. and Intel. he was part of a founding team that created and developed a highly successful new business venture. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Pacific St.edu/abmonga/ Bio: Her research interests are in the fields of cross-cultural differences in branding.utsa. 147. IIM Calcutta. Clemson University. WA 98195-6500 T: (206) 341-5606 F: sundars@u. Chubb. Seattle.business.edu/faculty/venkat. Citicorp. He earned the Outstanding Faculty Award at Darden in 2000.org 62 . Bioengineering. consumer-brand relationships and co-branding strategies.O. Charlottesville. BITS Pilani (1989) Address: Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine.abmonga@utsa. and the University of Minnesota. B.htm Bio: S. University of Washington University of Washington Medical Center Sundar Srinivasan.washington. Engineering Mechanics. Slover Research Professor of Business Administration and Research Director. 1959 N. Venkat has published widely in leading journals on topics including entrepreneurship. Clemson University.edu/faculty/Srinivasan In case of changes. Venkat taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. and is on the advisory boards of several start-ups.

University of Washington UW Business School Madhu T. primary interest lies in understanding key factors that influence capability development. 975 University Ave. Virginia Commonwealth University. Madison. Journal of Business Venturing.bus.Bio: Post Doc:Bone Tissue and Cell Mechanics.edu http://infosys. innovation and performance of entrepreneurial firms. and entrepreneurship activities at Wisconsin.htm Bio : Research: Entrepreneurship/strategy area. his research has focused on patenting. School of Business.badm. MMS and MSc (Hons) Chemistry. More recently. Management. M Sc (Hons) Biology and MMS. Industrial and Corporate Change. WA 98195-3200 T: 206-543-4435 F: 206-543-3968 madhurao@u. Gerry has been actively involved in entrepreneurial pursuits of his own and is currently on the management team of a genomics start-up in Madison. WI 53706 T: (608) 265-3544 F: (608) 263-4392 ggeorge@bus.wisc. University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business Gerry George. Information Systems and International Business. University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Economics Ananth Seshadri. Memberships:American Society for Bone and Mineral Research and American Society of Biomechanics 148. University of Rochester. Seattle.org 63 . 150. Assistant professor of Management and HR and Director of Applied Ventures at Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship PhD. Rao.edu/bs/faculty/faculty_detail. Lecturer of Information Systems.asp?ID=206 149. Room 5252 Grainger Hall. and Research Policy among others. OH. BITS In case of changes.edu http://instruction. 250 Mackenzie Hall. BITS Address: UW Business School. BITS (1994) Address: Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.edu/ggeorge/research_description. licensing. international entrepreneurship. innovation and entrepreneurship.wisc. Cincinnati. Assistant Professor PhD Economics. MMS. University of Cincinnati. ME Systems & Information. Indiana University. Academy of Management Review. Box 353200. university science and technology transfer. He has been recognized with awards for excellence in teaching and research. Publications: Published in the Academy of Management Journal. Management Science Department. He also serves on the advisory boards of new ventures. 1999.washington.washington. Research examines patterns in the development of organizational capabilities. Management Science Department PhD.

Selected Papers" published by ACM. 1180 Observatory Drive. MIPS. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Wisconsin 53705-2397 USA T: (608) 262-6196 F: (608) 262-2033 aseshadr@ssc.wisc. MA.edu/cde/faculty/seshadri.cs. Sohi. Silicon Graphics. 4001 University of Wisconsin-Parkside. Madison. 900 Wood Road. and Sun Microsystems. Professor PhD. They include four winners of NSF NYI/CAREER awards and a winner of a Sloan Research Fellowship. Wisconsin 53705-2397 USA T: (608) 262-6196 F: (608) 262-2033 sohi@cs.wisc.wisc. Over the years he has discussed his research with architects and given talks in design groups at most of the leading microprocessor manufacturers. Sohi has graduated 12 PhD students.wisc. He has co-authored several papers and patents that have influenced both researchers and commercial microprocessors. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.edu http://www.htm 151.Address: 7428 Social Science. He received the 1999 ACM SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes award "for seminal contributions in the areas of high issue rate processors and instruction level parallelism". BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. Hewlett-Packard.edu/~sohi/ Bio: Sohi's research has been in the design of high-performance computer systems. Pennsylvania.ssc. IBM. WI 53141-2000 T: (262) 595-2413 F: rajan@uwp. Madison. HaL. Michigan. Purdue. 152.org 64 . BITS Address: MOLN 0347. University of Illinois (1985). many of whom currently hold academic positions at leading research universities (Illinois. At the University of Wisconsin he was selected as a Vilas Associate in 1997 and won the WARF Kellett Mid-Career Faculty Researcher award in 2000. Maryland. University Of Wisconsin. Sohi has interacted heavily with industry. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Intel. Professor of Business PhD. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Motorola. BITS Address: 7428 Social Science. Kenosha.edu In case of changes. Parkside Department of Business Roby Rajan. and Toronto). Electrical and Computer Engineering.edu http://www. He edited "25 Years of the International Symposium on Computer Architecture . and recently co-edited (with Mark Hill and Norm Jouppi) "Readings in Computer Architecture" published by Morgan Kaufmann Publishers. Economics. including Digital Equipment. 1180 Observatory Drive. University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering Gurinder S.

800 Lancaster Avenue. TN 37235 T: (615)322-2836 F: (615)322-4936. Professional Activities: Roby Rajan has published in a wide variety of journals including Operations Research. PO Box 642816. Washington State University Institute for Shock Physics Yogendra M. Vanderbilt University Department of Chemistry Prasad L. Math. University of Pennsylvania (1992). Rethinking Marxism.villanova. The supply chains of companies are increasingly global in character. He teaches courses in Operations Management and Statistics. Assistant Professor of Computing Sciences PhD. Physics. PA 19085 T: 610-519-5843 F: vijay.Bio: Roby Rajan's broad area of interest is globalization. Washington State University (1972). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Villanova University. Programming Languages and Compilation Techniques 155. Nashville. BSc Chemistry. Professor of Chemistry PhD. 161 Mendel Science Center. Formal Methods and Specification/Verification. IIT Madras (1976). Empirical Economics. Physics. Andhra University (1970).edu 154.csc. Gupta. Professor of Physics and Director. Polavarapu. and this has given rise to many new problems that are inter-disciplinary in nature. The International Economic Review.edu http://www. 153. Computer and Information Science. Pullman. and Emergences. He is a regular participant in national and international conferences dealing with inter-disciplinary aspects of globalization.Polavarapu@vanderbilt. Petri Nets. WA 99164 T: 509-335-7217 In case of changes. MSc BITS (1972). ME Automation.org 65 . MSc (Hons) Physics (1968) and BS. Alternatives. BITS (1982) Address: MSC 165-B. The Cato Journal. Villanova. Villanova University Department of Computing Sciences Vijay Gehlot. Institute for Shock Physics PhD.gehlot@villanova. Rajan's interest spans the economic as well as the cultural and political aspects of global supply chains.edu/~gehlot/ Bio: Research Interests: Systems Modeling and Analysis. IISc Bangalore (1994). BE (Hons) EEE.L. and Chemistry (1966) BITS Address: Institute for Shock Physics. 343-1234 Prasad. Address: 7332 Stevenson Center. Physics & Mathematics.

edu/directory/profile. After two years of postdoctoral work at Washington State University and Brown University. Spokane Street. Dr.wsu. Carbondale.shock. Honors and recognition include: Fellow. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. and nonlinear wave propagation studies. BITS (1986) Address: Elec/Mech 102.edu/~mani/ In case of changes. Washington State University School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Venkatasubramanian Mani.cbe. PO Box 644750. Southern Illinois University.html Bio: Dr. Gupta has been actively engaged in studies of condensed matter response to shock wave and high pressure compression since 1970 with a particular emphasis on examination and understanding of microscopic processes.wsu. MMS. 1995. Dr. Louis. 2001 156. Pullman.F: (509) 335-6115 ymgupta@wsu. Gupta spent nearly seven years at SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute). Executive Stock Option Re-pricing and Earnings Management 157. Chairman. Arizona State University (2004). American Physical Society/Northwest Section. BITS (1994) Address: Todd 483. Washington University in St.edu http://www. where he was actively involved in conducting and guiding research related to the dynamic response of materials.cfm?emp=kalpathy_swaminathan Bio: Expert in Executive compensation and Corporate finance. 1999. Finance. WA 99164-4750 T: (509) 335-0118 swamik@wsu. 1994. Washington State University.wsu.edu www. Insurance & Real Estate PhD.org 66 . President's Faculty Excellence Award for Research and Creativity.edu/bio-ymg. Systems Science and Mathematics. 1998-99 and American Physical Society Shock Compression Science Award. American Physical Society. BE (Hons) EEE. chemical reactions in condensed energetic materials. Gupta's research activities have emphasized experimental and theoretical studies in the field of shock wave and pressure research related to the following phenomena: structural changes in crystalline solids. 1991.wsu. Development of novel experimental approaches to permit real-time examination of mechanisms at various length scales (atomic to continuum) is an important element of his work. Chairman. Research: Interests are Executive Stock Options. Associate Professor. Pullman. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD (1992) & MS (1989). Washington State University College of Business & Economics Swaminathan Kalpathy. inelastic deformation of a wide variety of materials. American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter. Washington 99164-2752 T: (509) 335-6452 F: (509) 335-3818 mani@eecs.edu http://www. Finance. Assistant Professor. MBA.eecs. Department of Finance. He joined Washington State University in 1981 as a faculty member in the Department of Physics.

edu http://www. He joined Western Michigan University CS faculty in 1989 and served as the Chair of the CS Department at Western Michigan from 1998 to In case of changes. One Brookings Drive.wustl. BITS (1976) Address: T: (309) 298-1536 F: T-Kaul@wiu.edu http://www. 1981-1986 and Member.wmich.edu/gupta Bio: He teaches.gupta@wmich. MS. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Western Illinois University Undergraduate Faculty Tej K. Professor and Chair . stability and control and Voltage stability analysis of the large power system Honors include NSF Young Investigator Award. Saint Louis. Professor of Systems Science & Mathematics and Director. Western Michigan University Department of Computer Science Ajay Gupta. Washington University Bijoy Kumar Ghosh. Engineering. Power system dynamics. MI 49008-5371 T: (269) 387 5645 F: ajay.wustl. Kaul.Bio: Research areas include Differential-algebraic equations. Computer Science. Professor of Computer Science PhD (1989) and MS (1986). BE (EEE).html 159. Washington University.org 67 . University of Cincinnati (1984). BITS (1977) Address: Campus Box 1040.edu/~ghosh/vita. Sigma Xi 158.cs. National Merit Scholarship. Purdue University.cbcis. BITS (1982) Address: 1903 West Michigan Avenue. Nonliner dynamics. MO 63130-4899 T: (314)935 6039 F: (314)935 5818(lab) ghosh@netra. Mathematics & Statistics. 1994-1999. mobile computing and high performance computing. India. researches and consults in the areas of wireless networking. B. Electrical Engineering. Kalamazoo.edu 160.Information Management and Decision Sciences PhD. MTech. IIT Kanpur (1979). Harvard University (1983). Center for BioCybernetics and Intelligent Systems PhD. Tech in Electrical Engineering.

Since 1994 he has also been involved in the organization of the International Conference on High Performance Computing held annually in India.org 68 .edu http://www.wichita. MSc (Tech). BE (Hons) Electronics Engineering. Wichita State University Department of Computer Science Prakash Ramanan. Kansas 67260-0083 T: (316) 978-3920 F: (316) 978-3984 ramanan@cs.edu/~ramanan/ramanan. Department of Computer Science. Wichita.cs.cs.edu/~bagai/ 162. Computer Science.twsu. Department of Computer Science PhD. 161. Associate Professor PhD. University of Illinois (1984). Wichita State University Department of Computer Science Rajiv Bagai. University of Victoria (1986). Department of Computer Science. BITS (1980) Address: 252 Jabara Hall. MS.html In case of changes.bagai@wichita. Kansas 67260-0083 T: (316) 978-3923 F: (316) 978-3984 rajiv.2002. Wichita. Associate Professor and Chairman.edu http://www. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.twsu. BITS (1983) Address: 252 Jabara Hall. He is a member of IEEE and ACM. University of Victoria (1990).

Areas of teaching and research expertise: Consumer Behaviour. MEng. ON L2S 3A1 Canada T: (905) 688-5550 x 3997 F: sputrevu@spartan. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Ontario.brocku. McGill University. BITS Address: 1125 Colonel By Drive. Assistant Professor PhD. He obtained a Masters degree in Management from BITS. Bangalore University (RVCE).K1S 5B6 T: (613) 520-5651 F: (613) 520-5708 achar@doe.org 69 . USA.ac. Canada. Canada . Carleton University Eric Sprott School of Business Vijay Jog. Buffalo.carle ton. Advertising/IMC. He has over twelve years of university teaching experience and has taught at universities in Australia. Ottawa.doe. His research and teaching expertise are in the areas of Consumer Behaviour. India and a PhD in Marketing from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Microelectronics Engineering. Carleton University. Professor of Finance Phd.CA http://www. Advertising and Marketing. Carleton University (1998). Brock University Sanjay Putrevu. Ottawa. Associate Professor of Marketing PhD SUNY. MBA. BITS-(1992).ca/faculty/putrevu/ Bio: Sanjay Putrevu is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Brock University. His research has been published in several refereed international journals and conferences. Bangalore Address: Department of Electronics.BITSIANS AT CANADIAN UNIVERSITIES 1. France and USA. Carleton University Department of Electronics Ram Achar. B. Ontario. MEng. Catharines. and Retailing. BE Chemical Engineering. He has been honoured with a teaching excellence award as well as several research awards and grants. Canada K1S 5B6 In case of changes. 2.bus.E.BrockU.ca http://web. St.carleton.ca/~achar/ 3. (Electronics Engineering) (1990). MMS BITS Address: 500 Glenridge Avenue.

ca/faculty_and_research/vjog. Dr. Mumbai. Jog is a Professor of Finance at Carleton University. Saarbrucken.concordia. 1125 Colonel By Drive. Ontario. Ottawa. Quebec. analysis and implementation of sequential and parallel algorithms for problems arising in computational geometry and graph algorithms.concordia. Germany. Carleton University School of Computer Science Anil Maheshwari. He's received numerous awards for his research and publications.cs. including the prestigious national "Leaders in Management Education" award in year 2000. H3G 1M8 Canada T: (514) 848-3029 F : (514) 848-2830 lata@cs. and has over one hundred articles. Canada K1S 5B6 T: (613) 520-4333 F: (613) 520-4334 anil@scs. Algorithms for routing on distributed networks and Parallel algorithms and computation In case of changes.D. and books to his credit. Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director [Degree information not available] Address: 1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd.org 70 . 2377 F: (613) 520-4427 vijay_jog@carleton. and organizational performance improvement. Also interested in Game Theory and Discrete Mathematics 5. and regulatory bodies around the world. Ottawa.ca http://sprott. West. and a leading authority in corporate valuation. Ph. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.ca/~lata/ Bio: Research interests in Mobile computing.ca/~maheshwa/ Bio: Design.T: (613) 520-2600 (ext.html Bio: Founder and President of Corporate Renaissance Group. Montreal. Jog has been published extensively in national and international journals. shareholder value creation. Jog consults to public and private sector organizations. monographs. WDM networks. MSc (Hons) & BE (Hons). Assistant Professor of Computer Science Postdoctoral fellow.carleton. Carleton University.ca http://www. Canada. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.carleton.carleton. 4.scs. Max-Planck Institute fur Informatik.ca http://www. stock exchanges. BITS Address: School of Computer Science. Concordia University Department of Computer Science Lata Narayanan. Dr. Dr. activity-based costing and management.

call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.htm 7. Canada T: (902) 420-5792 F: yp. Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director at the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory DSc. Alberta.org 71 .ca http://www. BITS. M Eng in Environmental Engineering.engr. Mary’s University Department of Math & Computing Science Yash Pal Singh.usask.ucalgary. Faculty of Engineering. (1998). University of Saskatchewan College of Engineering Madan M.W.ca www. NS B3H 3C3. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science PhD. St. BITS (1961) Address: 33 19. Awards: A Fellow of the IEEE. BITS (1972) Address: Room D202B.ca/research/mech/gupta. 2500 University Drive N. Professor Gupta has been awarded the Kaufmann Gold Medal for his research in the field of fuzzy logic. Calgary.ca/~ench403/Akm. Halifax. Also.smu. Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) (1975). PhD. Ontario M5S 2S2.ench. University of Calgary (Canada) (1980). University of Warwick. Toronto.ca/faculty/singh/ypsingh.html 8. IFSA and the SPIE. MCNALLY NORTH 103. 923 Robie Street.usask. Chemical Engineering.ca http://cs. Gupta. University of Saskatchewan. MSc (Rajasthan) Address: Saint Mary's University.6.html Bio: The University of Saskatchewan awarded him the degree of Doctor of Science for his research work in the fields of fuzzy logic and neural networks. Russell Street.singh@stmarys. UK (1967). Canada T: (306) 966-5451 F: (306) 966-5427 guptam@sask. he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Automation Congress for his In case of changes. University of Calgary Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering A K Mehrotra. ME (Hons) (1962) and BE (Hons). Professor PhD. BE (Hons) Chemical Engineering. Canada T2N 1N4 T: (403) 220-7406 F: (403) 284-4852 / 282-3945 mehrotra@ucalgary.

9. His focus on research spans the areas of synthetic medicinal chemistry. (1994) Address University of Victoria. computational chemistry/computer modeling and enzyme activity evaluations.ca/~pkotra (home) http://www. Faculty of Forestry. University of Georgia.html http://www. as well as the Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society (Alpha Kappa Chapter). Victoria. neuro-control.ca/~mdit Bio: Dr Kotra has received the Rx&D HRF/CIHR Research Career Award (2001-2006). University of Victoria Department of Computer Science Venkatesh Srinivasan.utoronto. University of Toronto Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Molecular Design and Information Technology Center (MDIT) Lakshmi Prem Kotra.kotra@utoronto.work in the field of neural networks. 1978 Address: 33 Willcocks Street. neuro-vision. GA. Assistant Professor PhD.kant@utoronto. PGDM. Canada T: (416) 978-6196 F: p. The University of Georgia (1997).chem.org 72 . Toronto. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Ontario. Canada M5S 3B3 T: (416) 978-6196 F: shashi. He has filed for and received a number of patents. Athens. In case of changes.ca/people/academic/kotral. University of Toronto. The University of Georgia. Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (2000). MSc (Hons) Mathematics and BE (Hons) Computer Science.forestry. University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry Shashi Kant PhD & MA Economics. Gupta has authored/coauthored/edited 23 books and over 500 research papers in the fields of intelligent systems. 11. BITS. Toronto. University of Toronto. and fuzzy-neural systems.ca http://www. Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Department of Chemistry PhD (Medicinal Chemistry). BE Electronics. BITS (1992) Address: 33 19. B Pharm (Honors). and an Honorary Award for the research work on “Azide-reduction pathway for 6-AAP” during the Graduate Research Day at the College of Pharmacy.ca/ac_staff/current/kant.utoronto.htm 10. Dr.phm.ca http://www. All India Management Association. Russell Street. 1996. Ontario M5S 2S2. BC.utoronto.phm. Assistant Professor.utoronto. PO Box 3055. STN CSC. School of Technology and Computer Science. Canada V8W 3P6.

ivey. Marketing. BITS Address: 2N72 T: (519) 850-2556 ssridharan@ivey. Microwave/Millimeter Wave Planar Circuits and Optical And Em Imaging 13. http://www. Canada N2L 3G1 T: (519) 888-4567. India.ca 12. Optical Communication Sub-Systems.ca/faculty/Srinivas_Sridharan.T: (250) 721 6022 F: (250) 721 7292 venkat@cs. Marketing Management PhD. Ontario.ca Bio: Research interests include Active/Passive Guided Wave Optics. Manitoba University. MSc (Hons) Physics & BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering.uvic.org 73 . Professor. He has also participated in custom executive education programs on marketing management for IBM Corporation. In case of changes. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. 4016 F : (519) 746-3077 s. and Principles of Marketing while at Indiana University. Indiana University. Assistant Professor.htm Bio: Professor Sridharan's work experience includes sales and marketing and the development of OEM customer relationships for the Electronic Weighing business unit of Philips Electronics.uvic. Chair of the Software Engineering Board and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.uwo. He has served as a consultant to Eli Lilly & Company on projects such as analysis of the impact of direct-to-consumer promotional measures for a leading osteoporosis drug. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD & MSc.uwo. Waterloo.uwaterloo. ex.cs. University of Western Ontario Richard Ivey School of Business Srinivas Sridharan.chaudhuri@coulomb. MTech (IIT/Delhi) and BE (Hons) BITS Address: 200 University Avenue West. He has taught courses in Marketing Research.ca/~venkat/ University of Waterloo Department of Software Engineering S K Chaudhari.ca http://www. Database Marketing.

and made research visits to Imperial College of Science and Technology.org 74 . Salt Lake City. His recent work has been in the areas of cost sharing in public good problems and network formation.Sc.uk/~udr/ Bio: He had been on the faculty of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.(Hons) from BITS. BITS (1979) Address: School of Computer Science. 3. 2. Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour PhD.bham. USA. UK T: +44 (0)20 7262 5050 F: +44 (0)20 7724 7875 nanand@london. Reddy.BITSIANS AT UK UNIVERSITIES 1.co.ac. Address: T: +44 1206 87 2754 F: smutus@essex. The University of Birmingham. BE (Hons) BITS Address: Regent´s Park. Vanderbilt University. United Kingdom T: +44 121 414 4773 F: +44 121 414 4281 U.uk Bio: Suresh Mutuswami joined the Department in 2000 after being a Postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at CORE. Universite Catholique du Louvain. University of Birmingham School of Computer Science Uday S. London NW1 4SA. PGDM (Hons). logic programming and object-oriented programming. MSc(HONS) Physics. Birmingham B15 2TT.cs. His main research interests are in mechanism design and coalition formation. His research interests include the semantics of programming languages.Reddy@cs. He has published recently in the Journal of Economic Theory.ac. University of London London Business School Anand Narasimhan. University of Utah. XLRI (Jamshedpur). He has received M. Belgium.uk http://www. University of Essex S Mutuswami. University of Glasgow and the Queen Mary and Westfield College.bham. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. functional programming. Pilani and PhD from University of Utah. formal methods.edu In case of changes. Professor of Programming Languages PhD.

London NW1 4SA. University of London London Business School Madan Pillutla.london.edu http://www.http://www. PGDM (Hons). Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior PhD.edu/faculty_research/Faculty/faculty. XLRI (Jamshedpur).org 75 . University of British Columbia.london.html In case of changes. BE (Hons) BITS Address: Regent´s Park. UK T: +44 (0)20 7262 5050 F: +44 (0)20 7724 7875 mpillutla@london. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.edu/faculty_research/Faculty/faculty.html 4.

Among his many publications include two very significant papers in the Proceedings of the IEEE. BITS In case of changes. Computer Science. Professor Sharma has been responsible for managing a School of over 50 PhD level researchers. University of New South Wales School of Electrical Engineering Lal C.adfa. Senior Lecturer PhD & M Tech. BITS (1975) Address: University College. SEI. Associate Professor M. 2.ee. IISc (1977). BITS (1985) Address: Australian Defence Force Academy.au/School/personnel/Godara.au Bio: As Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the UNSW. University of New South Wales School of Computer Science & Engineering Arun Sharma.au www. BE. more than 40 administrative and technical staff. He founded the Australian Capital Territory Section of the IEEE in 1988 and was its founding Chairman for three years. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Canberra ACT 2600. Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering Certified Personal Software Process Instructor. and with an annual operating budget of more than $13 million.edu. Carnegie Mellon University (1997). University of Tasmania Department of Computer Science (Hobart) Vishv Mohan Malhotra. BE (Hons). He edited a handbook of antennas for wireless communications published by CRC press in 2001. His research interests include adaptive antenna array processing and their applications. Yale University and Syracuse University. 3.Hed. Godara. University of New South Wales (1984). Canberra ACT 2600. PhD. M Tech. He was an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing and a member of IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Technical Committee. Australian Defense Force Academy. He was awarded the University College Teaching Excellence Award in 1998 and IEEE Third Millennium Medal in 1999 for services to the IEEE.edu. SUNY Buffalo (1990). UNSW (2000).BITSIANS AT AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES 1. IIT Kanpur.unsw. PhD.org 76 . Australia T: +61 2 6268 8209 F: +61 2 6268 8443 godara@adfa.edu.htm Bio: Professor Godara held visiting appointments at Stanford University. Australia T: +61 2 9385 5518 F: +61 2 9385 4071 arun@cse. MSc Tech Computer Science. He was the Chairman of the IEEE Australia Council during 1995 and 1996.

Malhotra@utas.au http://www.Address: T: +61 3 6226 2944 F: Vishv. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.edu.au/HANDBOOKS/ARCHIVE/UTASHBKS96/STAFF/STAFFS/S&TXG.admin.utas.org 77 .edu.html#MalhotraVM In case of changes.

MS. Mathematics. He has been Training & Teaching since last 9 years first as Deputy Director. 771717. Assistant Professor Co-ordinator. Management Development institute (MDI). He is also a regular training faculty with Hero group. he has worked for organisations like VOLTAS. SHALIMAR PAINTS and SAHARA INDIA in the areas of Marketing & Sales. EPIP. All India Management Association (AIMA). India Tel: +91-141-771716. M. and now as Principal Trainer in ARM-TREE. GKW Group. Phase IV. Professor in Information Technology MBA Marketing. (Software Technology Park). BITS. Delhi Business School (DBS) and YMCA. EICHER. Beant College of Engineering and Technology. Has been Consultant to FIAT Group in 1997-98 in their Training Company . BITS Address: SP-6.ISVOR-FIAT and was responsible for all Commercial Training in India as Facilitator and Training Faculty. Gorakhpur University Birla Institute of Management Technology SP Chaturvedi. British Council. (Electronics). call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. from IIT Bombay MSc Multiprocessing Systems. MSc. Tech. Rajasthan University. Sitapura. Head of the Department 2. Pilani. 770718 Fax: +91-141-770719 4. MS. CIStems Institute of Information Technology Ajay Thapar MPhil. Pilani Bio: He worked as an Engineer Officer in the Electronics Cadre of Indian Air Force in the ranks Group Captain. Prof. A Mechanical Engineer and Masters in Management Studies (with distinction) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS). Programme Director for PIAGGIO training programmes.302 022. Corporate Strategy. Gurdaspur SK Gupta. New Projects and General Management for a period of around 14 years. Jaipur . BITS. Currently. JK Group. BITS Bio: Area of Specialisation is Marketing . Brindavan Bottlers & others. M Sc.org 78 . BITS. Gauhati University Department of MBA Munindra Kakati. In case of changes. SIEL. 5. Software Systems.BITSIANS AT INDIAN UNIVERSITIES & RESEARCH INSTITUTES 1. IGNOU. 3. BE. Delhi School of Business Department of Marketing Ashok Kapoor BE Mechanical Engineering & MMS. Madras University in Defence Studies. Kapoor is a visiting faculty at some of the best business schools in India such as International Management Institute (IMI).

Ahmedabad 380 015. Played a role of a chief architect in designing and implementing large campus wide Intranet having more than 1000 nodes and based on Gigabit Ethernet and fibre optics technologies for IIM Ahmedabad with 2 MBPS leased line Internet connectivity and 64 KBPS backup 7. Management of Computerized Technology. Was a visiting professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Delaware. Design of Organization wide Computing Environment. IT Entrepreneurship and Mentoring. his research papers have appeared in Human Systems Management. FICWA Indian Institute of Management. Professor & Chairperson. Address: Vastrapur. Finance India. and Mass Customization. Network Management. International Journal of Development Banking. Specialization in: Computer Networks. BITS Address: Department of MBA. IEEE. Computers and Information Systems Group PhD Computer Science.ernet. 6. India T:+91-361-570263 F:+91 361-570133 munink@yahoo. (1980). Vikalpa. and Technology Investigation/Comparison and Selection Studies. ICFAI Business School (IBS). Kanpur. Gauhati University. Guwahati-781014. India T: 079-630 7241 F: 079-630 6896 http://www. Engineering Costs and Production Economics. Published in Indian and international academic journals. private and public sector organizations. and professional bodies like CSI. In case of changes.iimahd.PhD. Executed several consulting projects for national and international. Presented papers at several national and international conferences. Chennai P Narayanan MMS. BITS. from 1987 to 1989.com Bio: His current research interests include Financial Engineering. Has been key note speaker on several occasions.org 79 . Productivity.pdf Bio: Professor at IIM A since 1980. corporate houses. PC Technology. Has been invited several times to design and conduct workshop and seminars at several reputed institutions. USA. Has been instrumental in setting up "Center for Entrepreneurship in IT" at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) and provided the necessary endowment for the same in his individual capacity. He has consulted over 10 National and International Organizations and conducted large number of programs for senior managers of top public sector undertakings.in/~jajoo/bhj. ME Electronics (1973) and BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering. (1971). Design/ Selection/ Management of IT infrastructure and E-commerce. IIT. Has delivered several seminars and popular public lectures on a set of wide range of topics including Internet/Intranet. International Journal of Production Economics. Managing IT Infrastructure. Gauhati University. Multimedia technology. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. MMS. Ahmedabad BH Jajoo. and 8M. End User Computing. Internet and E-commerce.

He has visited and delivered several invited talks. BE (Hons) EE. ME. Indian Institute of Science. Prof. Energy Conservation (loss minimization and voltage control). 8. He was NSF Fellow at Purdue University in 1992. Operations Research. BITS.iisc. His research interests are in the areas of Optimization and Logic.ernet. Honorary Professor. Institute of Advanced Studies. He has In case of changes. His recent book. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1982). He has been visiting professor at UPenn and Purdue University. Indian Institute of Technology.connectivity through VSAT. He is recipient of the first ever Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation. Los Angeles. BITS T: +91 11 2651067 dkothari@ces. He has guided 16 Ph. Optimization Methods for Logical Inference with John N. Design and Implementation of Computer Networks. Provided extensive consulting services on IT strategy. Bangalore 560012 T: +91 80 3092 648 / 3092368 F: +91 80 3600683/3600085 chandru@csa.ernet.in Bio: His activities include Optimal Hydro-thermal Scheduling. Professor of Computer Science & Management Studies. He is also an honorary professor of the National Institute of Advanced Studies and the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research in India.S. He has invented the Simputer and is the founder and CE0 of Strand Genomics.in/~chandru Bio: Vijay Chandru is a professor at the Indian Institute of Science where he holds joint appointments as professor of Computer Science & Automation and Management Studies. Unit Commitment. Melbourne. and Power Quality and Energy Systems Planning and Modelling. 1975 Address: 224 CSA Building. Hooker of Carnegie Mellon University. Indian Institute of Science. the highest honor in innovation and technology given by the Government of India. Technology Comparison and Evaluation/Selection of IT infrastructure to many corporate and government organizations. Geometry. He is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences. BE (Hons) Electrical Engineering. keynote addresses at both national and international conferences on Electric Energy Systems. Systems Science. He was visiting professor at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Maintenance Scheduling. M.iitd.iisc. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa.D. describes an interface between his interests in integer programming techniques and automated theorem proving. Honorary Professor. Delhi Center for Energy Studies DP Kothari.org 80 . University of California.in http://csa. D. Bangalore Department of Computer Science and Automation & Department of Management Studies Vijay Chandru. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Ph. Kothari has also authored 12 books in Power Systems. Professor PhD. He is also the Founder & CEO of Picopeta 9. Power Systems.Graphics. scholars and has contributed extensively in these areas as evidenced by the 335 research papers published by him in various national and international journals.ernet. Australia in 1982 and 1989. 1977.

Kanungo is the coordinator of the Baan Unit of Excellence in Enterprise Applications and the Acer Competency Laboratory. Bajaj is a dedicated researcher par excellence and a devoted teacher in the area of polymers and fibres. UK on deputation for 6 months in 1979 under IIT-UK collaborative programme on "Fibre reinforced Composites". degree (1988) in Management Information Systems from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Nominated by INSA as a National representative 1989 to 1993. 11. Certificate of merit for outstanding research by Director. Financial Control Technologies. software process improvement. namely (i) Industrial applications of Textiles (ii) Protective clothing published by Textile Institute. degree (1993) in Information and Decision Systems from The George Washington University. Intelligent Control.U.Gopal. the M. and implementing resource-challenged information systems.S. the first of its kind in the country for developing high strength and modulus acrylic precursors. IL and the Ph. Material Research Society of India (MRSI) Medal for her research contributions in materials in 1995. As the Principal Investigator of this DST & ARDB funded project. Pilani. Prof.D. MSc. Indian Institute of Technology.D. Delhi Kanungo Shivraj. Robust Control. IIT. The most notable contribution of Prof.received several best paper awards and gold medals for his work. Textile Technology Department. Manchester. BITS Bio. In case of changes.in Bio: Computer Controller. Indian Institute of Technology. Awards: Gold medals from BITS. Associate Professor PhD.iitd. students and has 130 research papers to her credit. Bajaj and her research team relates to the indigenous Development of acrylic precursor fibres for the production of carbon fibres for structural engineering applications. Professor Kanungo holds an integrated bachelor's and master's degree (1986) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science.ernet. Delhi Pushpa Bajaj.Sc. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Indian Institute of Technology. Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering Ph. She has guided more than 20 Ph.org 81 . Dr. Nominated as a "National Lecturer" by the University Grants Commission.D.in Bio: Shivraj Kanungo's interests lie in the areas of evaluating and benchmarking information systems effectiveness. Delhi Department of Electrical Engineering M. She was the Head. Rajasthan University. She has been to UMIST. She is a co-author of two monographs.ac. George Washington University kanungo@dms. Deparment of Textiles MSc. He has been Principal (1997-98). 12.iitd. 10. IITD in 1994. UGC for the academic year 1983-1984. BITS T: 91 11 2651067 mgopal@ee. she has done pioneering work. New Delhi between 1982 to 1985. Nagpur. Robotics and Automation. Washington DC. Pilani and Rajasthan University for standing first in order of merit in M. Visvesvaryaya Regional Engineering College.K.

in http://www. M.in. Powai.mba.ernet. Technology Management.iitd.Plan) IIT Madras (1986). Project Management. Professor Ph. Indian Institute of Technology. he is involved in teaching and research in the areas of digital systems design. India T:+91 22 576-7432 lsg@iitm. Indian Institute of Technology. IIT Bombay. 2686 8765. BITS (1977) Address: Room No.ernet.iitm. EE.13.htm 15.pl?name=lsg_hum&offext=8435 Bio: Research interests include Technology Forecasting . Germany. He has supervised two Ph. Electrical Engineering Department. Materials Management. Germany and University of Dortmund.ac.:A202. Delhi .org 82 . Presently he is the Philips Chair Professor at IIT Delhi and head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. 2658 1264 mbala@cse. Applied Systems Analysis. Indian Institute of Technology. http://www. Edu.in http://www. IIT Bombay. BITS Pilani (1981) Address: Room No. students and published nearly 40 conference and journal papers. BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering. India T:+91 22 576-7432 vrm@iitm. Philips Chair Professor & Head of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering PhD.in/~mbala/ Bio: He worked as a Scientist in CARE.iitd.Tec (Maintenance Management).ac. USA. Mumbai-400076.in/cgi-bin/infofaculty. India Tel: +91 11 2659 1291. Madras Muraleedharan V R PhD Economics (1988) and MA (Hons) Economics. University of Syracuse. he has held visiting positions in University of Guelph.in/hssweb/people/muraleedharan. BITS Pilani (1977) Address: Indian Institute of Technology. Data Analysis for Management and Maintenance Management In case of changes. IIT Madras ( 1979).ac. IIT Delhi from 1977 to 1985 where he was involved in designing and implementing real-time DSP systems. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Multicriteria Decisions. Delhi Department of Computer Science & Engineering M.D (Forecasting. Electrical Engineering Department. electronic design automation and computer architecture. 2659 6019. New Delhi 110 016. Hauz Khas.Balakrishnan. 14. 2685 7649 Fax: +91 11 2658 1060. Canada.cse. System Dyanamics.ac. For the last 15 years.iitm.D. System Engineering. IIT Delhi (1985) and BE (Hons) EEE. Madras Department of Humanities Ganesh LS. Further.:A202. Mumbai-400076. University of Kiel. Powai. Courses include .

ac.in Indian Institute of Technology. Product & Brand Management.org 83 . Indian Institute of Technology. Solar Energy 18. BITS dprao@iitk. Kanpur Department of Chemical Engineering D P Rao PhD. Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management Development Programme (MDP) Coordinator PhD. He has been consultant to several Indian and Multi National Corporations.htm Bio: Interests in Relationship Marketing (CRM). MSc Tech.ac. Indian Institute of Technology. Associate Professor PhD (1994) and MS (1990). Gaur has been the Area coordinator of Marketing at S.P. BITS Pilani ssg@som.ac. Selling Skills. Thermodynamics. Godrej & Boyce Mfg. research and training besides teaching on various aspects of Marketing and Strategy. Kharagpur Department of Electrical Engineering A K Sinha BSc (Engg).Co. Kharagpur Department of Computer Science & Engineering R Badrinath.PhD(BITS Pilani): Power Systems. His areas of interest include Relationship Marketing (CRM).iitkgp. aksinha@ee. RFCL. workshops and Journals.ernet. Jain Institute of Management and Research. Some of the companies where he has been a consultant are Ranbaxy Laboratories Limted. Event Marketing. Marketing Audit. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Product and Brand Management. Mumbai Shailesh J Mehta School of Management Sanjay Singh Gaur. Marketing Strategy and Development of Marketing Attitude and Orientation. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. He has recently published a book "Event Marketing and Management". and contributes regularly to international and national conferences. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of Relationship Marketing (CRM). Dhanbad and Birla Institute of Technology & Science. He has supervised more than 20 dissertations at Post Graduate level and is guiding Doctoral research in Marketing Area. Marketing Strategy.iitb. In case of changes.16. Selling Skills. MTech . Indian Institute of Technology.in Bio: Research and teaching interests in Heat & Mass Transfer. Neural Networks. His experience in Academia spans over Nine years and includes consulting. Pilani. BITS Pilani 19.iitb. Geologistics India Ltd.Ltd. Control Systems. 17.in http://www. Dr.in/~som/faculty/ssg. Mumbai and has also been the Core Marketing Faculty at Indian School of Mines. He has conducted several Management Development Programmes and trained managers from many leading companies in India.

org/adbi/Faculty/pur. New Delhi .ernet. Software engineering.D. Bombay) Address: Pune University Campus. His teaching interests in IT area are MIS.in http://www.Tech. (1972. Bhubaneswar. Institute of Engineers India Bio: He has over 16 years of experience as Manager (Systems) with the Industrial Development Corporation of Orissa. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Pilani). MS Software Systems. 1989.org 84 . Pune 411 007 T: 91-020-5694030 (O) F: 91-020-5691111 purohit@cdac. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Center for Development of Advanced Computing Sharad Purohit. Advertising & Communications Management and Director . Associate Professor M.Amity Centre for CRM Ph.php?empcode=aVmWY Bio: His research interests include simulation studies and development work in internet. BITS Pilani.110001 22. Data communication and Networks. IIT. DBMS. Jaypee Institute of Information Technology Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Sanjay Goel. Xavier Institute of Management. Institute of Rural Management. M. interconnection networks and clustered computing systems. Infinity Business School Mukesh Chaturvedi. BITS In case of changes. BITS.iitkgp.iitkgp. His research interests are Software Engineering process models. MMS. he worked in the Indian Railways as Signal Engineer for four years.ernet. Ph.Sc.badri@cse. 20. (1969.in/sric/showprofile..in http://www. BITS.ernet. He was a visiting faculty in Systems Area in XIM-Bhubaneswar and Regional college Of Management. Director. SOOPs. Ltd. Ganeshkhind. 23.D. Anand Harekrishna Misra PGDM Systems and Operations Management.iictindia. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing. Data Structures. IIT Delhi.) Physics. BE (Hons) EEE and MSc (Hons.Computer Technology. Prior to that. BITS Pilani. 1989 Address: 5 Sikandra Road.htm 21. Data communication and Networks. BE Electronics & Communication.

Govt. NMIMS. At DIT. BE Government Engineering College. Information Systems Management MMS. students for their final year projects.Bio: He has seventeen years of mixed experience in teaching. India Bio: joined the institution in the year 1985 after graduating from Government Engineering College. Nagpur University for four years and has been elected to the Senate. 25. he also formulated and founded another project as the Principal Investigator of “Cultural Heritage Digital Library in Hindi with special focus on Hindi speaking region”. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Nilay Yagnik. Maharashtra. he has been a faculty member in the Department of Computer Engineering at Delhi Institute of Technology (Now Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology) after spending two years at National Informatics Centre as a Programmer.Tech. He has served as Chairman.nmims. He has guided around 150 BE/MCA/M.org 85 . BITS (1983) Address: T: F: nilayy@nmims. Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology D. In 2001-2002. Raipur. B. of India. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Electrical Engineering. Raikwar. He specializes in the subject of Circuit Theory and Instrumentation Field. Assistant Professor ME. Computer Vision. Digital archives and a very popular and rich web-enabled Digital Library were created as part of this project which was finally successfully completed under his leadership to the satisfaction of UNDP in 2002. he organised an international workshop on “Computer Applications in Archaeology” at JIIT in 2002 Earlier. Board of Studies. BITS Pilani. At IGNCA. Raipur Address: Kudwa Village. seminars and workshops. Multimedia. Many multimedia CDROMs. he was also the National Project Coordinator of a UNDP funded project “Strengthening of National Facility for Interactive Multimedia Documentation of Cultural Resources” during 1999-2002 involving a UNDP funding of US $ 2. He has often been invited as a guest faculty and technical expert at various institutes. M Tech Instrumentation. Pilani and was elevated to the post of Assistant Professor in the year 1999. software development and interactive multimedia content creation. His professional interests span over Computer Graphics. Digital Image Processing. Human Computer Interaction and Education Methods. He has done his postgraduation from BITS. he was mainly involved in teaching courses in the area of Computer Graphics and Image Processing.2 Million that was started in 1994. Nagpur University in the year 2001.htm In case of changes. He has participated in and also organised several conferences. Gondia 441 614. He worked as a Project manager and consultant on the same project. Prior to joining JIIT in 2002. 24. He has been successful as an academician in the University Circle. This project attracted a funding of Rs. Computer & cognition. At IGNCA.edu/nilay.edu http://www. he was working as Director (Multimedia) at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. 79 lakh from Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. At JIIT. During 1995-99.

He has several publications to his credit at the National and International level. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. BE BITS grk@tifr. Pune. National Defence Academy. IIFT. Lt. BE (Hons) EEE Gold Medallist in International Trade from IIFT. Presently. Executive Training and Senior Level Placement. Office of Scientific Advisor. MSc Physics. National Physical Laboratory. Dehradun and Institute of Armament Technology (IAT). Involved in Marketing Consultancy. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research G. Kurukshetra. 27.in In case of changes. 2003. Regional Engineering College. in 1994. Director in the Office of Scientific Adviser to the Chief of Naval Staff. he is working on applications of lasers and electro-optics. Andheri (West). IIT Kahpur. His areas of research include: quantum physics and laser physics. New Delhi. He is also a Corporate Trainer and has served on the Executive Boards of Information Technology and Management forums of India.Bio: NMIMS Best Faculty of the Year Award. IIT Delhi. he has taught courses in Information Technology. At NMIMS. Chief of Naval Staff JP Judeja. Director PhD. New Delhi. Defence Electronics Applications Laboratory (DEAL). and a fellow of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. Address: Munshi Nagar. He is a life member of Indian Laser Association. New Delhi. Ravindra Kumar PhD. Khadakwasla.org 86 . lIT. Pilani. 26. Learning Services and Program Management. He has worked with Companies such as Wipro Infotech and Digital Equipment in areas spanning Business Development. He has published 20 research papers in nationaVinternational journals. Professor of International Marketing International Marketing. SP Jain Institute of Management & Research Mohan Harsh. Marketing and Perspective Management. Area of Interest: International Marketing. a fellow of Optical Society of India. Delhi. Geo-Physical Services (Indicos) & Computer Software (Datamatics).in Bio: Has over 18 years experience in International Marketing of Engineering Products (Larsen & Toubro). India T: +91-022-623 0396/2401/7454 F: +91-022-623 7042 hmohan@spjimr. Mumbai . 28.ernet.400 058. He was the first to design and fabricate a high peak power-copper bromide laser. BITS (1971) Address: T: F: Bio: Before joining as It. he worked at BITS. Thereafter for 5 years was a working partner in OMNI Consultants International. Dadabhai Road.res.

in 1978 for a thesis on the British Movement poets which was later published as The Movement in 1989.org 87 . Bangalore. of fellowships he received .ernet. Massachusetts. University of Hyderabad Department of English Mohan Ramanan. intense field laser-atom/molecule interaction.D. Both books were the result.the British Council Scholarship (1982-83) at Merton College.ernet. He is interested in religious studies and in Carnatic music.in http://www. Oxford and the Fulbright award (1989-90) at Amherst College. Ramanan has been closely involved with the Indo-American Center for International Studies (formerly ASRC) and has edited several issues of IJAS (Indian Journal of American Studies). the house journal of that institution. He is the author/editor of ten books and over hundred articles which have appeared in Indian and foreign forums. As Senior Academic Fellow (1996) and Deputy Director. USA.in/sh/denglish/mgr-cv. partly. Research interests include super-intense laser solid interaction. nonlinear optics and generally interested in anything to do with lasers. Joined TIFR in 1991. 29. Senior Fellow and Deputy Director. Ramanan has also organized several seminars for the Department. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. IndoAmerican Center for International Studies PhD.uohyd. Professor and the Coordinator of the Departmental Research Scheme. BITS mgrsh@uohyd. After joining the Hyderabad University in 1979 he began researching American Poetry and he published a study of contemporary American formal verse titled Difficult Balance in 1993.htm Bio: Born in 1949. Chennai and Pilani. In case of changes. Mohan Ramanan was educated in Calcutta. He received his Ph.Bio: PhD on on phase conjugate mirrors in non-linear optics field.

Students Association. # Finalist for the Carolyn Dexter Award of the 2003 Academy of Management meeting. London Business School (1998-2002). BE (Hons) EEE and MSc (Hons) Chemistry. control and planning of Distribution system with the application of fuzzy logic. call (917) 930-1492 or email Anupendra Sharma at anupendra@bitsaa. Colorado (2002).edu Bio: Research Interests: Entrepreneurship and business strategy.edu. Singapore / Tata McGraw-Hill. He has contributed 17 research papers in international journals and 35 papers at international conferences. Bukit Beruang. Nominated for Marquis WHO'S WHO IN THE WORLD (USA) 2004 for his research contribution in the area of "Radial Distribution ". M Eng. Multi Media University Faculty of Engineering & Technology Rakesh Ranjan. Ayer Rajah Avenue. “Random Process and Queuing Theory” published by Pearson. Prentice Hall. New Delhi. His research interests are operation.BITSIANS AT ASIAN UNIVERSITIES (Outside India) 1. # B. S. Prentice Hall.vissa@insead. IIM Calcutta (1993) President. Singapore 138676 T: (65) 67995382 F: (65) 67995499 balagopal. Malaysia and "Circuits and Signals" published by Pearson. INSEAD.my http://www1. IIM Calcutta (1992) 2.ranjan@mmu. Dr. Ethiopia from 1998-2001. 75450 Melaka. Dua Memorial Prize for organizational abilities. MIT Muzaffarpur (1991) Address: Jalan Air Keroh Lama. Mala ysia. # A V Birla India Centre Dissertation Year Award (2002-2003). Singapore Balagopal Vissa. genetic algorithm and genetic programming etc. In case of changes. A V Birla India Centre Scholarship. IIM Calcutta (1993).org 88 . FET Block T: + 606-252 3397 F: + 606-231 6552 rakesh. PGDM. BIT Mesra (1993). Awards: Best Paper Award by the International Management Division for the 2002 Academy of Management meeting in Denver. 3rd Floor. Lecturer PhD. BITS (1996). Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship PhD (2003) London Business School.mmu. BE.my/~rakesh/ Bio: Taught at BITS from 1993-97 and Defense University. Rakesh has co-authored three books entitled “Signals and Systems” published by McGraw-Hill.edu. BITS Pilani Address: 1. India .

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