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NOTE 9972024846

Sub:- Data rates for cutting of trees along the corridor of 400kV line between Nandikur and Shantigrama.

The work of construction of 400kV line is in fast progress. The work of erection of towers has been taken up in several stretches and stringing of conductor is to be commenced. In order to take up stringing work, it is necessary to clear trees coming in the corridor for a width of 46mtr along the line. In the non-forest area number of trees of various girths belonging to the land owners along the corridor is to be cut and disposed. In this regard detailed survey has been conducted and tree numbering has been made along the corridor of the said line. Estimates were prepared for the above work in 9 forest ranges based on the rates of PWD SR for the year 2010-11. Also, action was taken to invite tender for the above work. In response to the tender notification, 2 to 3 agencies, had participated in the tender of all the 9 (Nine) ranges and the rates quoted by them were very much on higher side compared to the estimate rates. Negotiations were also made with the agencies for reduction of rates. However the agencies have offered a marginal rebate in the rate stating that the estimated rates based on PWD SR are not workable compare to the actual market rates and the volume of work involved. However the tenders received were rejected. Based on the discussion had with the management of KPTCL, it is proposed to get this work executed through the T.K agency, as the work is a part of the total project and a pre requisite for stringing work. The tree cutting work has not been contemplated in the main estimate prepared for the project and this work has to be executed as an extra work based on mutually agreed rates. In this connection instructions were given to prepare the data rates for the work of felling of trees. Considering actual quantum of labour involved and based on trial work carried out data rates have been prepared as per the standard practice of rate analysis being followed in KPWD. Based on these data rates estimates have been prepared for all the 9 ranges.

Chief Engineer (Electy) Transmission Zone, KPTCL: Hassan