GURU PRASAD GOPAVARAPU pullalacheruvu, 9440607262 (M) Career Objective:

prakasam(dist), Andhrapradesh..

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute as a Professional, and thereby acquire competent Skills. Educational Qualifications: Examination Discipline/ Board/ (year School/college Specialization University appeared Computer Prakasam B.TECH JNTU-KKD Science Engineering (2011) University Engineering college Intermediate (2007) S. S. C (2005) Technical Skills:
Languages : C, C++, Java, HTML.


63.00% 87.40% 89.16%

Science + Math’s Stream S.S.C

Srichaitanya junior college Ravindra High school

Intermediate SSC

Database : Oracle. Technologies known : Operating System, Data structures, UNIX, Database Management System Academic Projects Project1: Web Image Gallery Generator Language of Implementation: Front end: Java. Back end: Oracle . Operating System: Windows2000 and above. DESCRIPTION: It was a project in which we had developed a user friendly interface which was connected to stable database. We can see the images like picasa. Project2: Notes Launcher. Language of Implementation: Back end: ORACLE

Was an organizer of ‘Iskra’ a technical event in our college. For that we have to configure our mail to Notes Launcher software.Front end: JAVA DESCRIPTION: Lotus Notes is a mail-client . It is pertained to single desktop only. 2 2 Was always among the top five students during my schooling and stood 2nd in the SSC. We can access our mail anyware in the world in offline also. We can Access mails in offline also by using this software. Activities and Achievements 2 2 Stood Ist in chess competition organized by “Ravindhra High School”. the entire environment is carried in portable device like USB driver. Positions of Responsibility 1. which can be developed by IBM. . My project is to avoid this disadvantage and to provide portability for the lotus notes .

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