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Hi, We are very pleased to have you join the Elite Running audit engagement for the year

ended 31 December 20010. I am your field senior. You will need the AS/2 file for Elite Running and other supporting files to prepare for the audit. They are here ready to download. The AS/2 file includes the following documents; please look at these prior to the commencement of fieldwork so that you are prepared: 1213 Engagement Team Discussion on Fraud and Error 1410 Understand the Entitys Business 1420 Elite Organizational Charts 1810 Audit Planning Memorandumyou may not understand this planning document fully, but there is a lot of useful information included in it about Elite and you can ask me for additional guidance during the engagement briefing meeting. 3311 (G) Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors held in July 2008. 3311 (L) Minutes of the meeting of Board of Directors held in December 2008.

To assist you with your review of these documents, please read the following Job Aid documents provided in the attached zip file called Performance Support:

A-JobAid_What is Fraud? B-JobAid_Starting on an Engagement

If there are any terms you do not understand, refer to the Glossary in the Deloitte Audit Approach Manual. You should also look at the Elite company website - it will give you a bit more info about Elite. Also attached is an agenda, highlighting the topics we will discuss during Elites engagement briefing meeting, being held on the first day of fieldwork. Please be prepared to discuss your understanding of Elite and questions you have about Elite on the first day of fieldwork. Thanks and Regards,

Elite Running Field Senior