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Woes of Learning English

In the kindy English was so easy, Learning A for apple, B for baby, C for car, D for daddy. Repeat and repeat all these. Matching words and pictures. English was no big battle. But what happens when we climb the ladder? From Year One to Year Six. We get into fix. Articles sounded easy to tackle. One teacher says Remember to use an With words beginning with a, e, i, o, u. Or is it a, e, i, o and u. Therefore we say an umbrella but we cannot say an university. Oh! Its so confusing. But worse is to come. If the past tense of ring is rang, sing is sang, Why isnt the past tense of bring-brang. Or that of think-thank. If the past tense of take is took, Why then the past tense of bake not book, Or wake not wook???

And lets look at pronunciation. If we read c u t as cut Why is p u t put and not putt?? Sea and see Our and hour Sun and son Hair and hare They sound the same But do not mean the same. How we are going to remember, Which is which? Oh!! We give up. We give up. There is much more to keep in mind. The plural of leaf is leaves But when you read, he leaves for school early We have to think twice Which leaves are we thinking of? And that leaves us with more woes of learning English. Dont you agree?