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The Research Paper Abstracts

Research Writing for International Graduate Students

What is the function of the abstract?
It provides the reader with a brief preview of the study based on information from the other sections of the research article.
ENGL4893 4/5/2010

Typical Elements in the Abstract

There are 5 typical elements in an
B = background information
P = principal activity or purpose
ENGL4893 4/5/2010

M = information about the methodology

R = the most important results C = a statement of conclusion

Alternative Reduced Abstract

There is an alternative abstract, which
combines some of the elements:
P + M = purpose and method of the study
R = results
ENGL4893 4/5/2010

C = conclusion (optional)

Verb Tenses in the Abstract

The tenses are related to the sections
B = background information
present tense
4/5/2010 ENGL4893

P = purpose
past tense / present perfect

M = methodology
past tense

R = results
past tense

C = conclusion
present tense / tentative verbs / modal auxiliaries




Conference Abstracts
What is the function of the conference
To sell your research to conference abstract reviewers in order to be accepted to present it at a conference
ENGL4893 4/5/2010

The Structure of a Conference Abstract

In most fields, the structure of the
conference abstract is different from that of a research article abstract They still contain the B, P, M, R, C sections though, but organized
ENGL4893 4/5/2010


The Structure of a Conference Abstract

One of the common structures contains
5 parts:
1. Outlining the research field 2. Justifying a particular piece of research 3. Introducing the paper to be presented at the conference 4. Summarizing the paper 5. Highlighting its results
ENGL4893 4/5/2010