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Kindergarten Classroom Supply List

We have a few new and exciting things happening this year. Our class has some changes to the Olmsted Kindergarten School Supply List. Please take a look at the different items. If you have already purchased the other items, please bring those. Please choose 2 items from this list: Liquid hand soap Clorax disinfecting wipes Ziplock bags (gallon or bigger Vis--Vis markers w/zip)

1- 8-10 package of Twistable Crayons

2 - hard plastic (poly) folders

1-beach towel

1- bottle of glue *

12 - glue sticks *

1 package dry erase markers *

1- box of tissues *

24 - #2 pencils sharpened *

1- plastic supply box 5 x 8

2 -10 pk. thick Crayola bold colored markers

1 - kid scissors (Frikars)

2 - pink erasers *

1 package (@50) plastic sheet protectors *

1 3-ring binder

1- backpack NOT on wheels

tennis shoes for physical education (PE)

* Indicates a community item, please do not put childs name on it.

You are welcomed to bring all of your childs school supplies to Olmsted Open House on August 17th from 4:00 5:30. If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely, Mrs. Dahl & Mrs. Pfeiler 515-457-5827