Smith 1 Jennifer Smith Professor North English 112-SB10 20 July 2011 Dear Barbara, This class is the

second English class in my summer course load. I just finished ENG 111, and now I’m attempting to dive head-first into this class. I have quite a bit of experience with writing in English classes. All through high school, I took honors English classes, and then in my senior year, I took AP English Language and Composition. That class taught me more about myself than it did about English. That’s why I have such a passion for writing. It is a wonderful way to express so many things. As far as my life is concerned, I’ve spent most of it in many different places. My dad is a pastor, and so my family has been a part of many different communities. From birth to age seven, I lived in Millville, New Jersey. I spent the next five years in upstate New York in a little Podunk town called Morley (human population: 300 cow population: 1000). When most people hear “upstate” they think Syracuse, but if you were to look at a map, that’s about halfway up the state. When people try to find where I lived, I tell them to find Canada, and then go about a half

and teach it as a college class. much like writing. however. the study of The Beatles. I plan to encourage kids of all ages to get involved in music because it is such a wonderful expression of feelings.Smith 2 centimeter south. One of the more interesting aspects of my musical life is that I absolutely adore The Beatles. and that is where I’ve been ever since. If I could. Until that becomes an option. Music has been an integral part of my life since I was 4. Jennifer Smith . my family moved to Huber Heights. I have more Beatles memorabilia than most people who grew up with them. I decided to make it my major. get a degree in Beatlology. Because of my passion for music. I am now in my second year at Sinclair and I will be finishing my Vocal Music Education degree this spring. I will settle for being an avid fan. That’s where I lived. I would study them more intensely. Sincerely. I was always a part of the church choir. On my twelfth birthday. and I have played many instruments through both private lessons and band in school.

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