RECORDING REQUESTED BY: (Buyer) WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: ┌ (Buyer) c/o (Buyer Address) Non-domestic └


Use the above mailing location EXACTLY AS SHOWN

This is an amendment to Deed of Trust # ________________ In the nature of 5 USC 552a, Data Integrity Board Hearing

NOTICE is hereby given to the following parties: (This notice should go to all parties, past and present) TRUSTEE: (Trustee on Deed of Trust # ________, and BENEFICIARY: (Beneficiary on Deed of Trust # __________, and LENDER: (Lender on Deed of Trust # ___________, of the Fraud of Deed of Trust Number ___________________ . Therefore, by order of (Trustor), Trustor and Settlor of Deed of Trust Number ________, the above referenced Parties are hereby released without consideration for the fraud. NEW PARTIES TO TRUST Named as new parties to Deed of Trust Number _________, are as follows: TRUSTEE: (Public Defender), c/o (Public Defender Address), non-domestic BENEFICIARY: (Beneficiary) c/o (Beneficiary Address), non-domestic LENDER: (Property Owner 1),(Property Owner 2) c/o (Property Owner Address), non-domestic (New Lender is the person or the persons who signed the note for the mortgage) TERMINATION OF TRUST INDENTURES

before me personally appeared (Trustor). correct. and complete. or proven to me by proper identification. and who upon oath executed the within and forgoing APPOINTMENT OF SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE / NOTICE OF CORRECTION. Compensation to Trustee will be by mutual agreement of (Trustor) and/or his appointed agent.All previous terms set forth on Deed of Trust Number ___________. to be the person described herein. NEW INDENTURE Duty of new Trustee is to faithfully follow instructions of (Trustor). known to me. the truth. ______________________________ (Trustor) JURAT STATE OF UTAH ) )ss COUNTY OF UTAH ) ___________ Date On this _____ day of __________. and nothing but the truth. and not misleading. (Trustor). and (Trustee) as occasion may merit. and do know the contents to be true. the whole truth. CERTIFICATION I. and acknowledged that he executed the same. do say that I have read the above APPOINTMENT OF SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE / NOTICE OF CORRECTION. under full liability. are hereby revoked as fraud. 2009. ______________________________ Notary Signature Notary Seal .