Automatic Receipts [Release 12] A Complete Guide for Oracle Receivables Users

An Oracle White paper October 2008


O verview of Auto matic Receipts :...........................................................3 A uto matic Receipts and Re mit tance Process ...............................................4 Sett ing Up Auto matic Receipts..............................................................6 Step 1: Define Receipt Class .............................................................7 Step 2: Define Receipt M ethod ...........................................................9 Enabling Auto matic Funds Transfer Error Corrections ............................. 10 Step 3: Assigning Re mit ance Banks ................................................... 12 t Step 4: Set ing Up Docum ent Sequences............................................... 14 t Enable Sequential Nu mber ing Profi Option ....................................... 14 le Step 5: Define Print programs for your Auto matic Receipts ........................... 15 Step 6 Oracle Pay ments Setup For Funds Capture Processing ........................ 16 Sett ing Up Funds Capture by Oracle Pay ments ..................................... 16 Si mulat ion of Auto matic Receipts Feature:............................................... 17 Step 1 Assign defaul pay ment detai a the custom er account or s te level.......... 17 t ls t i Step 2 Flagging Transactions for Auto matic Receipts ................................. 19 Step 3 Create Auto matic Receipts Batch ............................................... 20 Sub mit ing the Auto matic receipt creat t ion process.................................. 20 Step 4 Approving Auto m at Receipts ................................................. 23 ic Step 5 For matt ing Autom atic Receipts (Optional)..................................... 24 Step 6 Confirming Autom atic Receipts ................................................ 25 Accounting for Auto matic Receipts....................................................... 27 Important Reports.......................................................................... 28 A uto matic Receipts and Re mit tances Execut ion report................................ 28 Transact ions A wait ing Consol idat ion .................................................. 28 A uto matic Receipts A wai ing Confirmation Report................................... 28 t Receipts A wait ing Re mittance Report ................................................. 28 A uto matic Receipt Batch Manage ment Report ........................................ 29 So me Facts and Quest ions:................................................................ 30


Overview of Automatic Receipts:
Orac Rece le ivables a lows you to create Automat Rece l ic ipts a long with Manual enter ly ing rece , and Rece ipts ipts creat through Lockbox The Rece ed . ivables Automat rece ic ipts feature can be used to automat l generate rece ica ly ipts for custo mers wi th who m you have predef ined agreements These agreements le you col t pay ments on t . t lec ime by transferr ing funds from the customer s bank account t yours on the rece ' o ipt matur ty date You can a i . lso manage your cash f low by dec ing when, where and how much you should remit to your bank. id , For example a Mobi Service Provider Co mpany can make agreement with i s re i customers , le t ta l to a low direc ly debi funds on a predef l t t ined date every month based on the invoice amount . Auto mat rece ic ipts a so le s you manage your customer r sk and reconc le bank s tements You l t i i ta . can dec ide how you wish t process the rece o ipts f rom creat to remit ion tance and r sk e iminat . i l ion The Automat Rece ic ipts feature sa i f es the many var at t si i ions of bank remit tance process , such ing as d rec debi s i t t. Once crea , Automat rece ted ic ipts can be reappl in t same way as manual rece . ied he ipts You cannot c te c rea ross currency rece appl ca ions us ipt i t ing Automat Rece . ic ipts This whi -paper wi lta about se te l lk tup, s imulat , and other important re ion levant topics re ted to la Orac Rece le ivables s Automatic Rece ’ ipts fea ture in Orac E-Bus le iness Sui Re te lease 12 .


Automatic Receipts and Remittance Process The fo lowing graphic provides an overview of the Automat Rece l ic ipts and Re mit tance processes : 4 .

f indica that your customer has reviewed each rece and agrees thatthe pay mentinformat is te ipt ion correc . You can create ipts unapproved. 2 When you run the Auto mat Rece . i ipts opt ional sub mit the Auto mat Clear ly ic ing program to automat l c ica ly lear remit ted rece ipts and c lear or r sk e iminate fac i l tored rece ipts in Rece ivables . approved. you crea remit . ter i ion te tance batches to se t Automat rece lec ic ipts for remit tance to your bank to in t te the t i ia ransfer of funds from your customer s account to your account as ' pay ment for the t ransac i t ons that were previous c ly losed by these rece .Text Description of the Automatic Receipts Graphic This ilus ra ion provides an overview of the Automat c Rece l t t i ipts and Remit tance processes . t 4 Af conf rmat . 5 When you rece . tep i ic ipt . to . or approved and format ted remit tance batches which you then send to . ional format your Auto mat ly ic rece ipts onto paper to send to your customer for conf rmat i ion or not f ca ion before remit ing ii t t them to your bank on e ther paper or magnet c media i i . 5 . 1 F rs . ic ipts program. You can ta . and approve the rece ipts that were se ted You can also opt lec . Rece ivables crea rece tes ipts to c lose out a l l completed transac ions that meet the se t t lec ion cr ter Rece i ia. your bank. i t lag the t ransac ions that you want the Automat Rece t ic ipts process to pay by ass igning a rece ipt method with an assoc ted receip c ia t lass that has an Auto mat creat ic ion method. 3 The next s in the processinvolves conf rming your Automat rece batches i required. ivables a le you update de te lso ts . ive your bank s tement you can then reconc le your rece . le . you f .

Setting Up Automatic Receipts The fo lowing tab provides a sum mary of the s l le teps you must fo low to set up Auto mat l ic Rece ipts in your appl t ica ions : Description Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Def ine Rece ipt Class Def ine Rece ipt Method Assigning Remit tance Banks Set ing Up Docu ment Sequences t Def ine Pr programs for your Automat Rece int ic ipts Orac Pay ments Se le tup For Funds Capture Process ing 6 .

. ic Note The Rece : ipt Class wil be avai le in a l Operat l lab l ing Uni and i i not spec f c to a s ts t s ii ingle organizat . i ipt lass • Standard and Factor ing: Choose th method i you want Rece is f ivables to se t rece lec ipts ass igned to th rece is ipt c lass for remit tance regardless of the batch remit tance method. his ipt lass Choose one of the fo lowing methods l : • Standard Use the remit ance account for Automat rece : t ic ipts ass igned to a rece pt method with i th s rece c . See Creat : ing Remit tance Batches Oracle Receivables User Guide. ion Choose a Re mit tance Method. In this case you can spec fy e ther of these remit . i ipt lass • Factor : Use the fac ing toring account for Automat rece ic ipts ass igned to a rece pt method with i th s rece c . The remit tance method determines the accounts t hat Rece ivables uses for Automat rece ic iptsthat you create us the rece ing ipt method ass igned to t rece c .Step 1: Define Receipt Class Go to Rece ivables Respons bi i : i l ty ipts Rece Classes ipt Setup Rece Enter a Rece ipt Class by assign ing a unique name. The creat ion method should be Automat . i i tance methods when creat ing your remi tance batches t . ted 7 . • No Re mit tance Choose t : his method i you do not require rece f ipts ass igned to t rece c his ipt lass to be remit .

To require Automat rece pts ass ic i igned to th rece c is ipt lass to be conf rmed before they can be i remit . i ic i I you check th s box then f i . is i ic ipts using th rece c is ipt lass in the Conf rm Automat Rece pts window. then you cannot se t No Remit ic lec tance as the Re mit tance Method.Note I the creat : f ion method is Automat . th i ipt lass 8 . check the Require Confi ted rmat ion box Check th box to conf rm Automat rece . : The Create Automat Remit ic tances window does not le you create remit t tances for • unconf rmed rece i ipts that were crea ted us ing a rece ipt method wi th rece c ass th is ipt l . ivables wi l not le you create re l t fund credi card rece t ipts that were created us ing a • Rece rece ipt method wi th s rece c .

1 Navigate to the Rece Classes window. you can th ic ion choose f rom the fo lowing N u m ber of Receipts Rules l : One per Customer One per Customer Due Date Create one pay ment for each cus tomer .check the Debi Me mo Inher t Rece l t i ipt Nu mbers box Do not check th box i you . ic int ransmiss ions us ing th rece is ipt method.Step 2: Define Receipt Method Rece ivables uses rece ipt methods to account for your r ipt entr and appl ca i . check the Rece s Inher t Transac ion Num bers box This opt ied ipt i t . tance bank branch account ass igned to a rece ipt method. 2 Enter a unique Na me for your rece . i lways the same as the t ransact ion nu m ber to which i i t s appl . Do not check th box i you want Rece ic ipts is f ivables to genera docu ment te nu mbers for Automat Rece ic ipts ass igned to th s rece c i ipt lass and rece ipt method.f 9 . fec i is ipt method. ipt Matur ty Date Rule Rece i . Create one pay ment for each cus tomer s te and due date i . ivables uses th rule to pay invoices that have is di ferent due dates wi a s le rece us f th ing ipt ing th receip method. and then enter how you want th rece is ipt method to be pr inted on your s tements in the Pr ed Na me f ld The defaul Pr ta int ie . 8 Enter the Automat Pr Program for t . Create one pay ment for each s te i . ion he lps you track Auto mat Rece . is f want Rece ivables to generate unique debi me mo nu m bers automat l . Create one pay ment for each cus tomer and due date This . ign the same transact ion nu mber to the debi me mo generated when you create a debi t t me mo reversa . 4 To ass . but only one bank account can t be the pr imary account for each currency For each remit . ece ies i t ons Rece ipt methods a so determine a cus l tomer s remit ' tance bank informat . ipt Setup Rece ipts Rece Classes ipt Query or enter the rece c ass to ass to th s rece ipt l ign i ipt method. 6 When def ing rece . t ica ly 5 To ensure that the rece pt nu mber is a . is t Choose f rom one of the Rules : Earl t i you want the rece ies : f ipt matur ty date to be the ear ies due date of a l o the invoices that i l t l f your rece covers ipt . ion 3 Enter the range of Ef t ve Dates for th rece . t inted Na me is the rece ipt method name. opt ion creates severa payments for a cus l tomer i a cus f tomer s ' invoices have severa due dates l . Rece ivables provides one standard rece ipt pr program to format the output of your pay ment int se t lec ion and creat ion programs when you phys l create the rece docu ment I you need a ica ly ipt . One per Invoice One per S te i One per S te Due Date i 7 Enter a Rece . ipt method. Note The Rece : ipt Method wil be avai le in a l Opera ing Uni and i i not spec f cto a s l lab l t ts ts ii ingle organizat . you must def a l o your rece accounts ine l f ipt . Note: You def You can ass ign mul ip remit t le tance banks to each receip method. Create one pay ment for each invoice . ion ine rece ipt methods in the Rece ipt Classes window as ment ioned in s above tep . Lates : i you want the matur ty date to be the la t f i test due date of a l of the invoices that your l rece covers ipt . in ipt methods for a rece c ipt lass wi an Automat creat method. .

such as invoi .crea a new rece t t t te ipt method or use an ex t rece is ing ipt method. 9 Spec fy a nu mber of Lead Days Lead days indica the nu mber of days before the invoice due .di ferent rece f ipt pr program format you must copy th s int . For each rece ipt method ass igned to an Automat rece c ic ipt lass. ivables can automat l correc errors encountered ica ly t dur ing the c redi card author t t iza ion or payment capture s tage or dur . Credit Me mo . lec ing to enable t Automat correc ion of funds t he ic t ransfer errors . fer For t ransac ions to be paid by direc debi . Reverse Receipt Reverses the rece . ion removes the error code f rom the t ransac ion which makes the transact t . i ii 11 Se t Funds Transfer Error Handl . Se t Credi Card for t lec t ransact ions to be pa by credi card id t . t ion and ra ses a bus i iness event . f he t 's rece ipt method has a bank account t ransfer pay ment method. i . t ipt and re ted t la ransact on. rece . ing a bank account t ransfer . lec mediu m by which your cus tomer chooses to remit pay ment to you. Se t Bank Account Transfer for t lec ransac ions to be paid by AC H (Automated Clear t ing House) t rans . Retr ion y Change Ins rument Retry Reverse Rece t . and ra i ises a bus iness event . and i m odify i accordingly t . is tandard rece ipt pr nt program. Di ferent ac ions are ava lab for each category. ion e ig le for inc ion in the next Automat Rece l ib lus ic ipts or Re mit tances batch . 10 Se t a funds capture pay ment method. te date that an invoice can be se ted for appl t lec ica ion by the Automat Rece ic ipts program using this rece ipt method. Enabling Automatic Funds Transfer Error Corrections W hen def ined correc ly Automat rece t . Clear Pay ment Information Re moves pay ment informat from the t ion ransac ion Also enters a defaul note on the transact t . ic ipt methods can also enable the automat c correc ion of i t funds t ransfer errors This means that Rece . ipt 10 . M ap each error code to a corresponding act ion for each category. as ilus ra in th tab f t i le l t ted is le: Category Invoice Debi Me mo. t Rece ipt Refund Avai lable Act ions Change Ins rument C t . lear Pay ment Informat . map the error codes (obta ined from your th rd par credi card processor or f i ty t inanc l ins i t ia t tu ion) to potent l ia correc ive ac ions in Rece t t ivables : Change Inst rument Enables the se t lec ion of a new pay ment ins rument and expira ion date I t transac ion t t . Retry Transac ions wi funds t ansfer errors are not inc t th r luded in Automat Rece ic ipts or Remit tances batches This opt . and ass ign or def ne a new EFT-spec f c payment method. then the expirat ion date is not avai le for update lab . . A funds capture pay ment method is a pay ment . ine your own. or ce ipt re fund. Enable th fea is ture by navigat to the Funds Transfer Error Handl ing ing window from the Receipt Classes window. ion from the t ransac ion Also enters a defaul note on the rece t . ipt Retry Reverse Rece . reopens the or ina t ipt ig l ransac ion and removes pay ment informat t . Orac Payments predef le ines funds capture payment methods but you can def .

Optional enter a subsequent ac ion and indica e how many days should pass before ly t . Note Transac ions that s ilfa lthe automat funds transfer correc ion process are displayed on : t tl i ic t the Correc Funds Transfer Errors page Navigate to t page to manual correc funds t t . t ' act ion such as Retry I credi card author t la fa l and the credi card processor returns . I no subsequent ac ion is spec f . 11 . . his ly t ransfer errors Opt .For example for the Invoice category map a credi card processor s error code of G W-0062 to an . f t iza ion ter i s t the error code of G W-0062 for mul ip t t le ransac ions t t . makes a lfa l t l i ed ransac ions e ig le for inc ion in the next Automat Rece t l ib lus ic ipts batch . ional enter notes for automat inc ion on the t ly ic lus ransac ion that recorded the funds t t rans e ror fer r . then the nu mber of days indicates how many days should f t i ied pass before fa led t i ransac ions appear on the Correct Funds Transfer Errors page for manual t correc ion t . hen Rece ivables wi l de te the error on al l le l fa l t i ed ransac ions in the I t nvoice category that have th error code This error code removal is . t ion af a tempt ter t ing reauthor ion for two days izat . t at tempt ing the next ac ion For example you might want to remove the credi card informat t . .

11 Open the Format ing Programs tabbed reg . such as Bank. ear ipts created with th rece is ipt c lass (opt ional . 10 . ion To run a pr ing program when you format remit int tance batches for rece ipts remit ted to you using th rece is ipt method. ipt A mount This i the minim u m a mount in th currency that must be . enter a Remit tance Pr program. I us f ing Orac Trade M anagement then in the Cla le .Step 3: Assigning Remittance Banks Assign remit tance banks to your rece ipt methods to fac l ta data entry and speci the General i i te fy Ledger accounts that Rece vables wi l use when you enter or apply rece . When you fac your remit int tor tances Rece . l tance Bank informat . imary check box You can only ass : ign one pr imary remit tance account per currency to your rece ipt method. 5 Enter a Minimu m Rece . ) W hen you fac rece . then en format ing program i . ing spec fy the nu mber of Risk El i iminat ion Days for rece s created with th rece c ipt is ipt lass (opt ional . Rece ivables ensures that a l t one r t eas emit tance account per currency i pr s imary . ipts 6 I the remit . t Once you choose an Operating uni . 2 Cl ck Bank Accounts . In the Unearned Discounts and Earned Discounts f lds se t an unearned discount ac iv ty type ie . When you fac int tor your remit tances . Note You can a so def a min : l ine imu m rece amount at the cus ipt tomer prof l l i e evel . enter GL Accountin In ion format ion for th remi t is t ance bank . Rece ivables uses the larger of the two minimu m rece ipt amounts when creat ing Auto mat ic rece . and range ion . t 4 Enter genera Remit . f tance method for th rece c is ipt lass i ei s ther Factor ing or Standard and Factor . i . 8 To be ab to overr th s bank dur . le ide i ing the remit tance process check the Overr de Bank box .the Rece t ipt Method wi l be avai le for Transac ions created l lab t under that Operat ing Uni .Rece tor ipts ivables crea a shor te debt to account for your r sk in case of tes t rm i customer defaul . ipts are c leared im mediate on the remit ance date ly t . . To run a fac ing pr tor int program when you format your batches of remit ted rece ipts for th is rece ipt method. To ass ign a remit tance bank to a rece ipt method: 1 Navigate to the Rece Classes window. ) ter i ty . ing 12 . 7 Enter the nu mber of Cl ing Days for rece . i .the debti c ipts s leared y days af each rece ' matur ty date where y i the nu mber of r ter ipt s i . s isk e iminat l ion days that you enter here . the GL Accounts tabbed reg . lec ing Uni. lear Re mit ted rece ipts are c leared x days af the r maturi date where x is the num ber of c ing days that you enter here Factored rece . of Ef t fec ive Dates You can only se t ac ive banks and bank branches . t ion ter t nformat . Rece ivables not f es your pr ii int program so that i funct t ions accordingly You can use this . Branch Account Name. i l ipts You can ass ign mult le bank accounts to a rece ip ipt method. lec t i and an earned d iscount ac i ty type f t vi rom the l s s o va i t f lues . im Invest ions f ld. ipt Setup Rece ipts Rece Classes ipt Query the rece c ipt lass or r ipt method to which you want to ass th remit ance bank ece ign is t . 3 Se t your Operat . but you can only have one pr imary account for each currency def ined for that rece ipt method. 9 Pr . s is spec f i ied when you create Auto mat rece ic ipts wi th s rece th i ipt method. enter a Factor ing Pr program. se t a c im igat ie lec la inves igat t ion ac iv ty type t i . program to create and send remit tance advice to customers to who m you ass ign th rece is ipt method. When you run the Automat Clear ng program to c t ic i lear or r sk e iminate these i l rece . lec t . ivables not f es your fac ing pr program so thati behaves accordingly You cannot enter a factor ii tor int t .

t ransmiss ion program for th s rece i ipt method i your bank branch account s fac ing creat f ' tor ion mediu m is magnet c medium. i 13 .

for example i you want to use sequent l nu mber i lue . Consequent . t l ' ' 14 .This wi l be auto-created by system when you create Rece l ipt M ethod. The cursor wi l skip the Docu ment Nu mber f ld when you ion l ie enter t ransac ions I you se th prof l opt t . l th s va . Important The Rece : ivables Automat Rece ic ipts feature uses docu ment sequences when creat ing rece .f ia ing for Automat rece . you cannot use the Auto mat lue ic Rece ipts fea ture . The tab name i A R_C AS H_RECEIPTS_ALL and Appl t le s ica ion =Rece ivables ii Ass i) igning a Docu ment Sequence – You need to ass ign Sequence to a Category for a given Ledger and Method NULL or Automat . f t is ie ion to t his va . i ion Val prof l opt id i e ion va lues are : • Not Used You can a lways enter a t ransact . To view the current se t l t ing of th is opt . Use t f is s t . However you wi l be warned. This va ion f ts or t lue requires t hat you enter a docu ment nu mber when ente ing t r ransac ions t . Refer to Docu ment Sequences chapter in the Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide i ion on us ing and def ing docu ment sequences and an in Configuration for more deta led informat explanat ion of the fea ture . This can be se a the s te and/or appl t ion t t i ica ion leve .Step 4: Setting Up Document Sequences Rece ivables automat l c tes ca ica ly rea tegor for each rece ies ipt method that you have de ined f . • Par ia ly Used t l You can enter a t ransac ion even i no sequence ex t for i .i you are us ipts ly f ing th fea is ture you must se th s prof l opt to e ther t i i e ion i 'Par ia ly Used or'Always Used. but for ic ipts nothing e se l . • Always Used You cannot enter a t ransact i no sequence exis f i . Broadly the s teps would be: i Def ing a Docu ment Sequence – Create a new Sequence wi Appl t ‘Rece vables ) in th ica ion i ’ i) Def ing Docu ment Categor i in ies . is ia ing prof le i opt . ic Enable Sequential Numbering Profile Option To implement docu ment sequences you must f r t enable the Sequent l Num ber . navigate to the Personal Prof l Values window and query the 'Sequent l Nu mber ' ion ie ia ing prof le opt .

I you create a custom rece program. l owing types of rece and remit ipt tance programs: Print Created Receipts A program you use to c te a batch o Automat rece s : rea f ic ipt . Transmit Created Receipts: A program you use to format the output of Automati rece c ipts that you have created on to a magnet c medium. You can use the same name even i the f program type i d f s i ferent . you should s tandard program and modi i . To def ine an Automatic receipt or remit tance program: 1 Navigate Se . You spec fy whether each program is used for t creat .1 How To Generate Remittance Format Report In Release 12 fer l 15 . as you want Rece . This i the name that your System s Ad minis ra used to reg s the program.I you create a custom rece program. The defaul Automat Rece t ic ipt pr int program is ca le Pr l d int Created Rece ipts ( RX APFRC. t tance program by the short name when you def ine your programs for pr ing and t int ransmit ing your rece t ipts and remit tances . i Print Bank Re mit tance A program you use to pr a batch of your remit : int tances . descr ive name for your rece t ipt ipt programs and the program na me that you or Rece vables def i ines in Orac Appl t le ica ion Objec t Library You choose a receip or remit . in . pr ing or t i he ion int . Transmit Bank Re mit tance A program you use to format the output of bank remit : tance batches that you have crea ted on to a magnet medium. 4 Enter the Regis . ic Print Transact : A program you use to pr b l s rece ion int i l ivable t ransac ions t . is ic ipt t ance program. tup Rece ipts Format Programs 2 Enter the Na me for th Auto mat rece or remi t . 3 Enter the Type of program you are def ing Receivables recognizes the fo l . Tip: S ince you can use both a format rece ipts and a t ransmit rece ipts program with a s ingle rece format you should g ipt . ive both the same na me. the na me of t tor i ter f ipt your pay ment program cannot exceed e ight charac . ters Also re to Meta ink Note 550146.Step 5: Define Print programs for your Automatic Receipts. tered Name of th rece is ipt program. ransmiss ion of Auto mat rece ic ipts or remit tances and provide a shor . ivables provides rece ipt programs that you can use to create and format rece ipt and remit tance docu ments I you need a di ferent Automat rece .rdf A ) and i loca in the $AR_TOP/reports d rec s ted i tory . your pay ment program fy t f ipt cannot exceed e ight charac ers t . Use the Format Programs window to def ine addi iona rece or remit t l ipt tance programs that you use to create rece ipt documents such as checks or you can def ine as many rece ipt programs. f f ic ipt program.

With th integrat . le ivables integrates with Orac Pay ments the Orac Appl ions le . . which your cus s tomers use to remit pay ments . 4 Se up credi card brands. ine Automat rece ic ipt methods and ass . ine . ing Note The pay ment deta l you enter a the customer account or s te leve defaul to that : is t i l t customer s t ' ransact ions You can a so overwri pay ment deta l a the t . i capture process Orac Rece .Step 6 Oracle Payments Setup For Funds Capture Processing Funds capture re fers to t automated funds capture process that enables the re r he t ieval of customer pay ments ( rece pts through e t i ) lec ronic pay ment methods To accompl sh this funds . l ing ivables t ransac ions that have Automatic rece t ipt methods . te t l tup s teps in Orac Pay ments le : 1 Def funds capture payment methods Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. see Funds Capture Flow Overview. 3 Se up f r t par payees Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. The f r t par payee i the company who i deploying Orac Appl t is ty s s le ica ions . ipt l l : Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. pay ment . t is ty . .Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. l s teps See Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. : In addi ion be sure to comple these addi iona funds capture se t . Orac Pay ments captures f le unds for these types o Rece f ivables t ransac ions t : • Bank account t ransfers • Credi card t t ransac ions t • Bi l rece ls ivable remit tances For a descr ion of the overa l Pay ments process f ow. Oracle Payments Implementation Guide. Customers S tandard Pay ment Deta l Team is W hen you enter pay ment deta l . Setting Up Funds Capture by Oracle Payments To enable the proper process ing of e t lec ronic pay ments complete the genera Pay ments setup . 2 Ass . . The pay ment method i the payment medium. l te is t ransac ion l l t eve . tomer pay ment informat that you create ion i ac l s s tua ly tored in Pay ments for use dur ing funds capture process . Please re fer to fo lowing Meta ink Art c l l i les for co mplete se tup s teps (p lease review the appropr te ar i le based on your funds capture pay m ent method) ia tc : Note 553614. . 2 Def funds capture process prof l . le icat pay ment engine .1 Oracle Payments Setup For Funds Capture Processing 16 . . Payments provides a centra repos tory for your customers pay ment is ion l i ' in format ion and uses that in format ion when interact ing direc ly wi th rd par pay ment t th i ty sys tems and f inanc lins i ut ia t t ions Pay ments handles al funds capture process for Rece . ine i es The funds capture process prof le inc i lude process ing r ules for funds capture . t t Enable the credi card brands that the deploying company. you create pay ment ins ruments (credi cards and customer is t t bank accounts for a customer account or s te This cus ) i . You must a so complete these se l tup s teps in Orac Rece le ivables : 1 Def . ign defaul payment deta l a the cus t is t tomer account or s te l l i eve . or i s organizat t t ions accept for . ign a funds capture pay ment method.1 Funds Capture Payments Setup For Credit Card Processing Note 471418.

Simulation of Automatic Receipts Feature: Creat ing Automat rece ic ipts involves three major s teps: • Create Se t the invoices to inc : lec lude in your Automat c rece . ipts t you have se ted hat lec . i ipts • Approve Update de te and approve the rece : . ly Here we are assu ming that you have def ined remit tance bank accounts in e ther the currency of i the t ransac ion or wi the M ult le Currenc t th ip ies Al lowed check box se ted lec . The S te l l wi lt i eve l ake precedence . • Format Format your Auto mat rece : ic ipts onto paper to send to your customer f conf rmat or i ion or not f ca ion before remit ing them to your bank on ei ii t t ther paper or magnet media This s is ic . Please refer: Bank Account Model Overview. tep opt ional as i depends upon the type o Automat rece you create . Step 1 Assign default payment details at the customer account or site level Navigat : Customers Customers Payment Deta l tab ion is Rece ipt Methods You can a tach Rece t ipt Methods a Customer and Custo mer S te l l t i eve . You can per form these s teps a the same t t ime or separate . le . t f ic ipt . l 17 . You can ass ign mult le rece ip ipt methods to a customer account as long as the s t and end dates tar of the methods do not over ap. Oracle Cash Management User Guide.

The pr imary bank account for a par i lar currency is used as the defaul account when you use t cu t Auto mat rece . Pay ment Inst ruments This customer pay ment inf ormat that you create is actua ly s ion l tored in Orac Pay ments for use le dur ing funds capture process . f the date ranges over . ivables a lows mult le customer bank accounts in di ferent currenc and le s you ass l ip f ies t ign bank accounts to cus tomer addresses . lap 18 . t ransac ion or rece l vel t ipt e .During transact ion entry Orac Rece . However you can overr the rece t . a long with the payment method and pay ment ins rument a the t t . By defaul when you creat Transac ions the rece method at t e t . le ivables uses the pr imary rece ipt method that you def ined for your customer accounts as the defaul . You can a l ted lways overr th s Rece ide i ipt Method. ide ipt method. non-pr mary accounts in the same currency even i t le i . You can def ic ipts ine mul ip . ing • Credi Cards t • Bank Account Transfer : Assign bank accounts to customer accounts to a low funds to be automat l t l ica ly ransferred from these accounts to your remit tance bank accounts when us ing Automat rece pts Rece ic i . ipt tached at Customer leve (s l tep1) wil be defaul .

Note The l s o va : i t f lues d plays only rece is ipt methods ass igned to the paying cus o mer t . To f lag manual entered t ansac ions to be pa by Automat Rece ly r t id ic ipt Navigate to the Transact ions window. Receipt Method of type A uto matic is def ined. 19 . In the Paying Customer region enter the Na me or Num ber and the Locat . so this Transact ion is f lagged To f imported transac i lag t ons to be paid by Automat c Rece . ion Enter a rece ipt method with an assoc ted rece c ia ipt lass that has an Automat crea ion method. You need to use ‘Se t ica ly t lec Ins tument to choose ins rument nu mber ’ t . ic t or se t f lec rom the l s o va ues it f l .Step 2 Flagging Transactions for Automatic Receipts Flag the t ransact ions you want to be picked up by the Automat rece creat ic ipt ion program. . The se ted rece lec ipt method automat l defaul s the pay ment method. Transac ions Transac ions t t Enter or query the t ransac i t on. . enter paying customer informat t ipt ion and spec fy a rece i ipt method wi an Automat Creat th ic ion Method. To f at lag ransac ion for Automatic rece . ensure that each transact i ipt ion to import has pay ment deta l def is ined and is ass igned to a rece ipt method with an assoc ted ia rece c ipt lass that has an Automat Creat ic ion Method.

t s . l th fu ture account ing per . ts ) 5 I the Rece . ) 8 Choose Create ( fer to s . ipt Navigat ion Rece ipts Batches 2 Choose a Batch Type of Auto mat . ic 3 Enter the Currency for th batch I you enter a fore . currency due dates and range of customer names The create Automat rece . Rece ivables requires that each transact ion se ted for pay ment has the Rece pt Method you lec i spec fy here i . W hen you use the l s of values to se t a Rece it lec ipt Method. ipt Class and Rece ipt Method for th s batch or se t f i . enter the GL Date for th batch The defaul GL datei the batch date The GL date must fa l wi in an open or is . enter the tape or f . 4 Enter the Batch date (defaul i the current date . i ld loppy disk on to which you are going to create your batch o Automat rece f ic ipts (opt ional . Rece ivables l t you se tact es lec ive Rece ipt Classes wi a Creat th ion Method of Automatic . ivables uses the nu mber of Lead Days that you enter for your rece ipt method to determine when an invoice i e ig le for the creat s l ib ion of Automat rece . in format ion for th batch is . ic ipts program picks up al complete t l ransac i t ons that meet th cr ter a and creates rece is i i ipts to c lose out these t ransac ions t . A batch of Automat c rece ipt i ipts can only have one rece ipt method. Submitting the Automatic receipt creation process 1 Navigate to the Rece Batches window. ivables compares the invoice due date and l ead days wi the batch date th . . In addi ion to the cr te ia you spec fy Rece t i r i . . is .Step 3 Create Automatic Receipts Batch Se t invoices to inc lec lude in your Automat rece ic ipt batch by enter ing a rece pt c i lass with an Auto mat creat ic ion method and spec fy i ing other se t cr ter such as Transact lec ion i ia ions nu mbers . re creenshot be low) 20 . . W hen you enter se t i ion lec ion cr ter for th batch in s i ia is tep 9 (be low) . 7 In the Media Reference f e . iod 6 Enter a Rece . lec rom the l s of va it lues . thus one lead days value Rece . f ign currency enter exchange rate . ivables checks the customer s prof l to determine ' ie w hether a t ransac ion should be inc t luded in an Auto mat c rece ba . The l ic ipts ead days is the nu mber of days before the invoice due date that t invoice can be se ted for Auto mat his lec ic rece . . i ipt tch Rece ivables checks the cust mer s prof l to determine w hetheri should inc o ' ie t lude i nvoices that are in dispute Rece . Rece ivables displays t Rece he ipt Class to which each Rece ipt Method is ass igned and indicat whether rece es ipts us this Rece ing ipt Class require conf rmat .f ipt Class you entered does not require conf rmat i ion as a separate s tep.

Note Enter a range of credi card nu mbers in the Bank Accounts to create Automatic Rece : t ipts for t ransac ions marked for pay ment by credi card t t . i ld lank i you do not want to l t your query f imi .9 Enter se t . . ic ipts for those t ransac ions Leave a f e b t . 21 . lec ion cr ter to create Automat Rece pts for spec f c t i ia ic i i i ransac ions or customers t (opt ional . ion and Docu ment Nu mbers Customer Na mes or Customer Nu mbers to create Automat Rece . r ransac ion Due Dates Transact t . For example ente the low and high values of the t ) .

t ional ) Creat ion wi l Lock the Transact l ions which are f . Star ted Approval . ic ipt tep Auto matic Receipt Batch Sta tuses Auto mat Rece ic ipts Batches have a s tus that indica ta tes whether they are complete. lagged. Approval and Format ing (opt ion . Approval Co mpleted . Approval wi l crea Automat Receipts l te ic and Format ing wi l pr t Rece t l int he iptsinto prescr ibed format Al these 3 s .10 Choose OK. Format Co mpleted . Star ted Format and . you might be t tor able to c te format and approve Automat rece batches in one s . ion Creat ion Co mpleted . ly 22 . l teps can be performed in a s ingle shot or can be done separate . ivables generates a Batch Na me by us ing the next nu mber af the value in ter the Las Nu mber f e o the rece source 'AUT O M A TIC RECEIPTS. The process can be d ided in 3 par as iv to ts Creat . . rea . Val s tuses are id ta : Star ted Creat . t i ld f ipt ' Depending upon the funct on secur ty opt i i ions se up by your sys t tem ad minis ra . Rece .

th i tch i 5 You cannot add new t . ipt ion as necessary You can only update the GL date ofth batch i .I no GL date is i ipts f displayed for th batch the rece is . Rece ivables a lso creates the Automat Rece ic ipt and Re mit tances Execut ion report This report .Step 4 Approving Automatic Receipts Approve a batch of Automat c rece i ipts to ver fy that only the rece i ipts you want wil be inc l luded in the batch You can update your Automat rece batch before you approve i as long as there . ic i rmat ion c lose the invoices they are paying . ic ipt t are no concurrent processes for creat ing or approving this batch that are e t i her running or pending You can update the bank na me. . choose Mainta . he i ipt Rece ivables uses the Rece pt Matur ty Date Rule on the rece i i ipt method. ipt Navigat ion Rece ipts Batches 2 Query the batch o Automatic rece . ipts wi in th s ba are not conf rmed. i Customer One per Customer and Due Date One per I . Rece ivables uses var ious cri e ia to determine how to create the approved rece . The Nu mber tr ipts of Rece ipts Rule on the rece ipt method assoc ted wit the Automat rece bat determines ia h ic ipt ch the nu mber of rece iptsto create f rom the t ransac ions conta t ined in the batch Opt ons are One per . . Opt ions are to use the ear ies or the la t due date o a lthe t l t tes f l ransac ions whi wi l be appl . s . lso update exchange ra in te format ion and exc lude t ransac ions f t rom the batch by dese t them. approving th batch of Automat rece is ic ipts and ass gns a Process Sta i tus of St ted Approval ar . is f the batch s tus is Co mpleted Creat ta ion and you are creat ing Conf rmed rece . your remit ic ipts tance bank uses the matur ty date that i you spec fy to determine when to t i ransfer the funds forth rece f is ipt rom your customer s bank to ' one of your remit tance bank accounts To determine t matur ty date on the approved rece . go to s . 4 Update rece batch informat . . f ipts to approve . To approve Automatic receipts : 1 Navigate to the Rece Batches window. te Due Date . W hen you remit a batch of Automat rece . lude a t ransac ion from this batch by t dese t i. l s s the nu mber and amount o Automat rece it f ic ipts approved in th s ba . Upon ic ipt ion approval Automat Rece pts that do not require confi . . f lec t ransac ions wi in the batch. t ta us ion Co mpleted or S ted Approval tar . lec ing t 6 Update t . i tch 23 . lec . 7 Choose Approve Receivables displays the Request ID of your concurrent request for . and t . ransac ions to th batch but i you want to dese t or update t is . .f tep 7 . ransac ions wi l t l be avai le for se t the next t lab lec ion ime you sub mit the Auto mat rece creat program. you can only se t a new customer bank or bank account for a t lec ransact in your batch that you ion have ass igned to e ther th customer or the pr i is imary customers of th customer In addi ion th is . is bank must have a bank account which i in the same currency as your batch . 3 Se t the batch I you are ready to approve the batch. t th in I the batch s tus i Creat f ta s ion Co mpleted you can exc . Account Nu mber . t . Rece ipts that require conf r i mation c lose invoices when they are conf rmed. i . i Rece ivables le s you update t t ransact ions wi in a batch before you approve the batch Ho wever th . to the r ipt t . ransac ion information as necessary For example Paying Customer bank Na me. . . To approve a batch i s s t must be Creat . Once dese ted these t lec ing lec . nvoice One per S te and One per Si and . bank branch and customer bank account assoc ted . . ia with each of the t ransac ions in your batch You can a t . ch l ied ece .

3 Se t the batch then choose Format Rece . There is no l t t the amount of i t t ing imi o t imes you can format a batch of Automat rece . ipt Navigat ion Rece ipts Batches 2 Query the batch you wantto format .Step 5 Formatting Automatic Receipts (Optional) Format Automat rece ic ipt batches onto paper to send to your customer for conf rmat i ion or not f ca ion before remit i them to your bank. You can review the resul s of your format ing reques in the Concurrent Requests Su m mary t t t window. To . .t ta f To format a batch of Automatic receipts : 1 Navigate to the Rece Batches window. ic ipts W hen you format a batch of Automat rece . . You can send these docu ments to your ii t t ng customers to not fy them of direc debi s you are creat . Receivables creates the Format Automat ic ipts ic Rece ipts report This repor provides deta l about t batches that have been formatted. ivables di lays the Request ID of your concurrent sp reques and ass t igns a Process S tus o S ted Format ta f tar . t is he format a batch i must have a Process S tus o Approval Co mpleted . 24 . lec . .

25 .t . which can then forward i to the customer bank. To indica that a rece requires customer conf rmat . i ing a l rece l ipts in t batch Rece he . you can query a l of the rece l ipts in an Auto mat Rece ba . amounts for your rece appl t ipt ica ions i the rece i not conf rmed. passed to your remit tance bank. . This wi l enable t l your customer to reconc le the r accounts i i . Rece i ion ivables automat l conf rms a l of the ica ly i l rece ipts wi in the batch when you approve the batch th . Rece ivables automat l appl the rece ica ly ies ipt and updates the ba lance of the t ransac ion(s) to which i i t t s appl . Once conf r f ipt s i i med.i must have a s tus o Approved. choose Apply You can update the is ic ipt . i ipt ch t ta f 3 Choose Conf rm. ipts that do not require conf rmat i ion are created as conf rmed. and then se t and conf rm only spec f c rece . tance bank overr f . I the rece c i f ipt lass ass igned to an Automat rece or Automat rece ic ipt ic ipt batch requires conf rmat i ion.Step 6 Confirming Automatic Receipts Conf rm Automat rece batches to indica that your customer has reviewed each rece and i ic ipt te ipt agrees that the pay ment informat is correc . ipt . ransac ions appl t ied to th Automat rece . you can make any necessary changes then conf rm the rece ipts . I Al ion f low Overappl t is Yes for t t ica ion his ransact type you can enter an amount that exceeds the balance ion . Once your customers approve these ted rece . ied You cannot "unconf rm" an Automat rece i ic ipt af you conf rm i . ic ipt tch lec i ii ipts 3 To update rece information se t the rece . you must conf rm the rece or batch once i has been approved. To confi Auto matic receipts individual : rm ly 1 Navigate to the Rece . i . Depending on the agreement you have with your ion t customer cer in types of Auto mat rece . Ho wever ipt lec ic ipt . . you ass gn a rece c ipt te ipt i ion i ipt lass that has the Require Conf r i mation opt ion se to Yes Rece t . . 4 To update t . and customer bank ide lag in format . After process . remit tance bank. tance batch to in t te the t i ia ransfer of funds for each rece . i iptsin your system. i After conf rming the batch you can create a remit i . luded in a subsequent Auto mat ic t ransac ions that have a remaining balance due can be inc t rece ba . ion Tip: When your customer conf rms the Automat rece . i Tip: I you are us f ing the Rece ipt Su m mary window . and customer bank informat . I you conf rm a rece in ter i t f i ipt error you need to reverse and then recreate the rece pt Once you conf rm an Automat rece . You can update exchange ra informat . ivables displ ays a message indica ing how many rece pts were success l conf r t i fu ly i med. lec ipt hen choose Open. Enter th nu mber in the Customer Reference f ld This nu mber is ipt is ie . they may provide a conf rmat i ic ipt i ion nu mber for each rece . ipt tch To confi a batch of Auto matic receipts rm : 1 Navigate to the Rece Batches window. Appl ied A mount depending on the t ransac ion type assoc ted with the t t ia ransact . i ic ipt the t ransac ions c t losed by this rece can no longer be se ted for Automat rece . ipt Navigat ion Rece ipts Batches 2 Query the batch to conf r To conf rm a rece bat . 2 Query the rece . You can update a batch of Auto mat rece ic ipts before you conf rm i . I i ipt t f the rece ipt c lass does not require conf rmat . Receipts that require conf rmat i ion automat l c ica ly lose the invoices for which they were created when you conf rm them. ta ic ipts require conf rmat i ion f rom your customer before they can be cons idered payments and remit to the bank. You can review and update i t the invoices you have se lected to apply to the rece as wel as modi the rece ipt l fy ipt matur ty date i . ipts to conf rm. ipts or Rece ipts Sum mary window.the rece te ion ipt matur ty date the remit i . i m. However you can only change the approved ion .

t 7 Choose Conf rm. br ings the ba lance due of the t ransac ion c t loser to zero . The GL date must . 6 Choose Conf rm. i i is ipt be in an open or future account ing per .due for th t is ransact . then enter the GL and Conf rmation Date for th rece . i 26 . s . 5 I you updated t . I you are rev iod f iewing a rece that you have already ipt conf rmed. Rece i ivables displays the GL date you spec f ed for the previous conf rmat ii i ion. I Natura Appl t ion f l ica ion Only i Yes you can only enter an amount that s . The defaul Conf rmat t i ion date i the current date but you can change i.f ransac ion informat t ion save your work . .

i ion ) Conf rm Automat Rece i ic ipts (For Automat rece ic ipts requir ing Conf rmat i ion) 27 .Accounting for Automatic Receipts The fo lowing table i lus ra l l t tes the account ing entr es created dur i ing the Automat rece ic ipt process : Action Create Invoices Account ing Entr ies D R Accounts Rece ivables CR Revenue D R Conf rmat i ion CR Accounts Rece ivables Account ing Entr ies won’ be t created unless you Conf rm i D R Conf rmat i ion CR Accounts Rece ivables Approve Automat Rece s ic ipt (For Automat rece ic ipts not requir ing Conf rmat . i ion ) Approve Automat Rece s ic ipt (For Automat rece ic ipts requir ing Conf rmat .

ass igned an Automat rece ic ipt method) You can a . Rece ipts that have s ted but not yet completed the creat tar . Receipts Awaiting Remittance Report Use th repor to review a l s o Automat rece is t it f ic ipts that are awai ing remit t tance to your bank. to is t Rece ivables wi l a so display t l l ransac ions that s ted but did not complet .the repor pr ic ipts t ints the nu mber of rece ipts processed and the r amounts for i each customer This repor a . ipts that have been conf rmed. is ints the nu mber and am ount of remit tances for each remit tance bank account and a sum mary by remit tance bank (by currency) a the end of the r t eport . t tar e ion approval or format ing process in th s report . tages inc lude creat . or format . ipt lass ass igned to i mus have Require t t Re mit tance se to Yes You can review al rece t . igned a b l rece il ivable rece ipt method) You can review al t . ted ivables auto mat l generates th report when you ica ly is sub mit a ba tch of Automat c rece i ipts or remi tances to be created approved. t i . l ipts waiing to be sent to your remit t tance bank or rece ipts that are in d f i ferent s tages o the remit f tance process . and the rece c i ipt lass ass igned to i must have Require Remit t tance set t Yes Before a o . . t. that have been i e. the creat . Rece . or approved for Automat rece t i ic ipt wi a rece c th ipt lass of Require Conf rmat i ion se t No. or formatted t . t . . Transactions Awaiting Consolidation Use th repor to review a l s of t is t it ransac ions (debi me mos. Typica ic ipts l except ions might be that minimu m rece ipt amounts have not been sat s i at the customer or i f ed bank leve .t i conf rmed. t lso pr ints a sum mary by currency a the end of the report t . credi me mos on-account credi s t t t . 28 . lso review transact ions that have been des ignated to be exchanged for b l s rece il ivable ( . manual rece can be inc uded in th report the rece c ipt l is . ivables does not display t ransac ions that have been conf rmed. do not i require conf rmat . approving and format ing Rece ing . invoices that have been des ) ignated for Automat rece ic ipt appl t ica ion ( . in th repor . that have been ass i e. For remit tances th report pr . ion or approval process a appear in lso th s report i . Before a rece t i ion ipt can be inc luded in th repor i m ust be format is t t ted and have been ass igned a rece ipt method with a rece ipt c lass of Require Conf rmat i ion se to Yes Rece t . l ransact ions t hat are in di ferent s f tages of the creat ion process These s . For Automat rece . or have been approved but not format i ion ted wi l not be displayed in this l report . . or that the pr mary s te has not been def l i i ined for that cus tomer and your system opt ion requires one .Important Reports Automatic Receipts and Remittances Execution report Use th report to review the nu mber and amount of Automat rece is ic ipts and remit tances you have created approved. Once a rece has been approved for remit ipt tance i wi l no longer be d layed in th s report t l isp i . . Before an Automat rece pt can be inc ic i luded in th report i must be conf rmed or created as is . Automatic Receipts Awaiting Confirmation Report Use th repor to review a l Automat rece is t l ic ipts awaiing conf rmat . Rece ivables a so pr l ints any except ions that occurred whi process le ing Automat rece .

. tar rea ion . you wi l s t an Automat rece creat . 29 . . tem went down whi the process le was running To help you manage such batches Receivables wi l a so display Automat Receipt . t i t On occas . t i eport . approval or format ing process and i ion l tar ic ipt ion . t t wil not complete This could be for example because your sys l . t l to lfor each s tus wi in each currency and a to l o a ls tuses for each currency ta ta th ta f l ta .Automatic Receipt Batch Management Report Use th repor to review the s tus of your Autom at c Rece is t ta i ipt Batches Rece vables sor the . . l l ic Batches which have s ted the c t . approval or format ing process in th s r . i ts batches by currency and by s tus wi in each currency This repor a so provides you with a ta th . Rece ivables does not disp ay Automat Rece l ic ipt Batches that have been format ed or approved t for Automat rece ic ipt wi a rece c th ipt lass o Require Conf rmat f i ion se to No in th s repor .

This i because Receivables does not crea account tep s te ing entr ies w hen you approve rece ipts. t 30 .1 Receipt Derived? W hat i re s levance of Receipts per Co m mit and Invoices per Co m mit System Options? Invoices per Co m mit i nu mber of invoices processed by Automat Rece s ic ipt program before saving and Rece ipts per Com mit i number o rece s f ipts processed by Automat Rece program. ipts wil be created These t l . f ro lback segments l W hen GL Date i not enterable in Automatic Receipts new batch? s Rece ivables does not le you enter a GL date for a new batch i the rece t f ipt c lass requires conf rmat i ion as a separate s . Rece i ipts that wi l be fac l tored should a so have the lead days se t a high nu mber l t o as they are o ten remit l f ted ong before the r matur ty date i i .f l of the t ransac ions does not match the larger of the t t wo minimu m rece amounts no rece ipt . Ho w does Automatic Receipt Program set the Maturi Date (= Due Date) for a receipt? ty Please re to Meta ink Note 271194 How Is The DUE_DATE / Maturity_date For An Automatic fer l .Some Facts and Questions: This sec ion covers some bas deta l about us t ic is ing Auto mat Rece : ic ipts Ho w to know which Transact ions wil be picked by t Automatic Receipts batch? l he Run the Transact ions A wait ing Consol ion repor t review which invoices wil be picked up idat t o l by the Automat Rece program ic ipt W hat should be value of lead days in Receipts Class f Auto matic receipts? or Set the lead days to a high value for Automat rece s that require conf rmat ic ipt i ion. . ie t tance Creat ion batch to der ive the Auto Rece ipts Rece ipts per Co m mit nu mber You should only reduce these nu mbers i you run out of . i W hen Auto matic Receipts program won’ c t reate Receipts? Rece ivables va idates that the rece l ipt amount i more than or equal to the Minimu m Receipt s A mount that you spec f for your remit i ied tance bank and customer prof le c . the end of the log f l for your larges Automat Rece ie t ic ipt Creat ion Batch th wil g . This wi l g l ive you the addi ional t t ime required to send the rece ipts to your customer and for the customer to conf rm them. You can ass i lass ign minimu m rece amounts for your remit ipt tance bank accounts in the Rece ipt Classes windo w and for your Customers in the Customer Prof le Classes window or Customer se of pages I the tota i t . You should use num bers that arelarge enough to handle your te l rges Automat rece and remit a t ic ipt tance batches To help determine the nu mbers to use look at . but do not conf rm them. is l ive you the nu mber of rece ipts marked for th batch Ass is . ransac ions wi l appear in the Except t l ion sec ion of the Create Auto mat t ic Rece ipt Execut ion repor . ign this nu mber to Auto Rece pts Invoices per i Co m mit Look at the log fl for your larges Remit . ic ipt Setthe Rece ipts per Co m m i and Invoices per Co m mit sys t tem opt ions to a large nu mber to avoid in termedia saves in the program.

lec tu . te rom the Edi menu. te ic ipts ta e ther S ted Creat i tar ion or Crea ion Co mpleted t . To de te a batch o Automat c rece : le f i ipts 1 Navigate to the Rece Batches or the Rece Batches Sum mary window. is .Ho w Auto matic Receipts c alcula minimu m Receipt Amount? te Orac Rece le ivables does not generate Automat rece ic ipts for a currency that are less than a spec f i ied minimu m a mount You can def . then choose OK to acknowledge the message t . . You need to check the AutoRece ipts Inc lude Disputed I tems check box to inc lude debi i t tems that have been placed in dispute when you create Automat c rece i ipts for customers i the Customer . ty . we cannot c reate c ross currency rece appl cat ipt i ions us ing Automat Rece . tor . ipt format ion.n Prof le Classes window (e t i i her a Customer Account or S te Leve ) t . you can manual enter i in the Rece ic ipt ly t ipts window. t prof le opt to a va i ion lue o her than User. . When you dele a batch. ipts window (Rece ipts Rece pts i ) 2 Choose a Rece . the batch s tus must be . . Rece ivables wi lt tth rece l any other Automatic rece . . Can we create c ross currency receipt appl t ica ions usi Automatic Receipts? ng No. t 31 . ine a minimu m rece ipt amount for a rece ipt method. ipt Method ass igned to a rece c ipt lass that has a Creat ion Method of Auto mat ic and a Remit tance Method of S tandard Fac ing or S andard and Factor . t ing 3 Spec fy the rece . and at Customers in the Customer Prof l Classes window (e ther at Customer Account or S te ie i . To manual enter Automat c rece : ly i ipts 1 Navigate to the Rece . i Level . 3 Choose Dele Record f . Rece ) ivables wi l use the larger of the two minimu m rece l ipt amounts when creat ing Auto mat rece . t 4 Choose a Rece Type of S . i ipt maturi date The defaul i the r ipt depos t date but you can change i. ic ipts W hat i s s ignif icance of prof le opt i ion AR: Defaul Exchange Rate Type in Automatic Receipts? t Prof le AR: Defaul Exchange Rate Type determines the defaul exchange rate to use when i t t conver ing fore t ign currency transac ions to your func ional currency I us t t . f ing the Auto mat ic Rece ipts and Re mit tances Creat ion programs to pay fore ign currency transac ions then se this t . ts ece i . Can we enter Automatic Receipts manual ly? Yes we can I your customer remits a manual docu ment for a t . ipt tandard . i l. ipt ipt 2 Query the batch to delete To dele a batch of Automat rece .f ransac ion that was to be paid for t by Automat rece . the funds wi l be t l rans ferred f rom the customer s bank account to your bank account ' . 5 Enter rece in . When you remit the rece to l rea is ipt ike ipt ipt the bank. Can we dele a batch of Automatic Receipts? te You can dele a batch of Auto mat Rece te ic ipts only i the batch has not yet been approved and i f ts s tus is Creat ta ion Co mplet ed. a lt te l ransac ions with the batch beco me t in avai le for se t the next t lab lec ion ime you sub mit the Automat Rece c t ic ipt rea ion program. ic ipts Will Automatic Receipts s elec Transact t ions which are disputed? . 6 In the Payment Deta l region se t a pay ment ins r ment .

W hat are important sysadmin funct ions which can be used to control user behavior? .Can we schedule the Automatic Receipts program? Yes we can use Automati Rece . i ipt f t ta s Important point to reme m ber when using both AutoLockbox and Automatic Receipts I you are us f ing the Automatic rece ipts fea ture AutoLockbox ignores a l t . . ivables wi l ca la earned discounts for Automat rece l lcu te ic ipts that do not require conf rmat i you set up your pay ment terms such that the due date ofthe t i ion f ransac ion would be t 32 . rom the in t a creat ii l ion of a credi me m o to the re t fund disbursement without any . l ransact ions that are se ted for Automat rece lec ic ipt ( ransac ions ass t t igned to a rece ipt c lass wi an Automat th ic Creat ion Method) . The fo lowing funct l ions descr ibed in the tab be le low can be exc luded in the Rece pts i W orkbench .f t t minimu m spec f i ied here AutoInvoice wi l p . th i ipts s i date for the rece ipt would be predetermined between you and the customer The money would . Ho wever Rece . be automat l taken f ica ly rom the customers account on that date and genera ly not before . ii Can we reverse an Automat c receipt? i You can reverse an Automat c rece only i i s s tus i Approved. l . This i because the matur ty l . l lace on account any credi amount that i less than t s the spec f ed minimu m. ivables provides you with an automated refunds process for your Transac ions f t . l i l funds for credi me mos that t are imported agains pa i t id nvoices i the credi reques amounts are equal to or greater than the . Funct ion Na me Restr c ion(s it ) Auto mat Rece : View ic ipts View Automat rece ic ipts Auto mat Rece : Approve ic ipts Approve Automat rece ic ipts Auto mat Rece : Conf r ic ipts im Conf rm Automat rece i ic ipts Auto mat Rece : Create ic ipts Create Automat rece ic ipts Auto mat Rece : Format ic ipts Format Automat rece ic ipts Auto mat Rece : Mainta ic ipts in M ainta Automat rece in ic ipts Ho w Miscel laneous Receivables system opt ion Minim u m Refund A mount i rela to s ted Auto matic Receipts? Rece ivables sys tem opt ion Minimu m Refund A m ount f ld i used for automated rece ie s ipt handl ing only Rece . c ipts Creat ion program to schedule the Auto mat Rece ic ipts program to run a predetermined t t imes . user intervent ion required AutoInvoice wi l automat ca ly create re . Discounts and Automatic Receipts Genera ly you would not use discounts wi Automat c rece .

33 .for example you wanted a pr f . ivables wi l not crea your Automat l te ic rece .the same as the discount date For example i the pay ment schedule for your pay ment terms . .i . Re mit tance Bank Information Rece ivables wi l genera ly use the pr l l imary remit tance bank account assoc ted with the rece ia ipt method and currency of your invoice when determining the remit tance bank account for an Auto mat rece . as rece ipt methods remit ance bank accounts and customer bank accounts When you set up . You can update remit tance bank informat ion for an Automat rece i the rece ic ipt f ipt s tus is ta Conf rmed and the bank Unappl i 's ied and On Account GL accounts are the same. ine a rece ivables ac iv ty type of 'Discount' and create an t i ad tment in the Appl t ons window to ad t the balance down on the invoice Then. To modify bank in format . t charges and a lows funds t be t l o ransferred more quickly . ivables wi l use th account This le s you avoid bank l is . imary cus tomer to pay for re ted invoices la . f tem opt is set to ion No and your customer does not have a pr imary bi l t s te def l-o i ined Rece .i . t . l is ipt method i you enter an invoice for th f is customer on 01-OCT-08 . Rece ivables uses date ranges to determine which values wi l d lay in your l s of values For l isp it . . Star and End Date Ranges t M any of the components that are used in Automat rece ic ipts have s t and end date ranges such tar . The invoices associ ted with the rece ipt a ipts wi l d l isplay in the Except ions sec ion of the t Auto mat Rece Execut on repor ic ipt i t Paying Related Invoices W hen Rece ivables se ts i lec nvoices for Automat rece . f t inds that a non-pr mary account for the same currency is the i same as the customer bank account Rece . i searches for invoices on which the ic ipt t paying customer matches t customer you have specii in your se t cr ter . This le t or ine ts Rece ivables a lways take the percent d iscount you spec fy i . f ign a rece ipt method with a date range of 01-SEP-08 to 30-SEP-08 to one of your customers you wi l not be able to choose th rece . Rece ivables does not a low discounts to be ca l l lcu ated for Automat rece pts that require ic i conf rmat . Ho wever you could def i ion .i . Associa ing Bi l t l ing Si with Automatic Receipts tes The sys tem opt ion Require Bi l ling Locat ion for Rece pt determines whether Rece i ivables creates an Automat rece for a customer who has no pr ic ipt imary bi l to s te I the sys l. discount for 30 days af er the t t ransac ion date f that pay ment schedule l . query the receip in the Rece ion t ipts window. charge jus ica i jus . s ia the customer bank account ass igned to your invoice. your Rece ivables to handle Automat rece .f tem opt i se to Yes and ion s t your customer does not have a pr imary bi l to s te Rece l. f spec f that your t i ies ransact ion is due 30 days af t t ter he ransac ion date then enter a percent t . . ivables wil create your l Auto mat rece ic ipt wi thout ass igning a bi l to s te However i the sys l. Ho wever i i f ic ipt . example i you ass . the ad ted amount to the discount account def jus ined f the d or iscount rece ivables type . ra he f ed lec ion i ia ther than the customer who is b l ed for the invoice The paying customer i the customer assoc ted with il . This could be di ferent f f rom the bi l l ing customer i. you m ust be care ic ipts ful when ass igning date ranges .

you must enter a rece ipt nu mber . ine a re t la ionship between the t customers Then.I you want one customer to be able to pay for an invoice b l ed to another cust mer you must f il o . se the Rece ied is t ipt Inher t Invoice N u mber opt i ion to Yes when def ing the in rece c ipt lass for your Automatic rece . When creat ing a manual Auto mat ic rece ipt in t he Rece ipts window. ' ion N u m bering Automatic Receipts To help you track rece ipts that the Automat Rece ic ipts program creates you can ensure that the . 34 . ipt i nvoice Nu mber opt ion af t only rece fec s ipts created by the Automat Rece ic ipts program. To do th . when enter wo . the Automat Rece ic ipts program automat l generates a unique Automat rece num ber The Rece Inher tI ica ly ic ipt . ipt I the Rece f ipt Inher t Invoice Nu mber opt i ion is set to No. lto cus tomer s name and locat ' ion and the paying cus tomer s bank informat . Auto mat rece ' t ic ipt s ransact nu mber i the same as the nu mber of the t ion s ransac i to which i i t on ts appl . ing an invoice you must enter the bi l . e ther have the sys i tem opt ion Al low Pay ment of Unrela ted Invoices se to Yes or def t .

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