Harris’ Kindergarten Supply List
[Please send the supplies that correspond with the FIRST letter of your child’s LAST name.]

A– F– N– T–


- C: - F: - N: - Z:

1 package of plastic spoons/forks 2 packages of large, red, disposable plates 2 packages of cheap, white, paper plates 2 packages of small, Styrofoam cups (at least 24 count),

Each child needs to send the following:

      

* 1 package of Avery brand, top loading page protectors – 50 count * Either a ½” 3 ring binder OR 3 prong folder. Please put all page protectors inside the folder before sending it to school. I will begin filling it in September with your child’s Kindergarten memories. * Towel or SMALL blanket for brain break (It will go home on Fridays to be washed. Please return it each Monday.) If you would like, you are welcome to purchase a rest mat for your child to keep at

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