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Magnets and Electricity Study Guide Magnetism and Electricity Test ~ Friday, February 11th
Use your Science Notebook and I-Checks 1-4 to help you review.
Know and understand the following vocabulary: magnet force magnetism north pole south pole attract repel permanent magnet magnetic field induced magnetism temporary magnet graph prediction intersection multiple trials negative charge positive charge electron static electricity circuit electricity source components (of circuit) switch open circuit closed circuit schematic drawing circuit base Fahnstock clip motor filament conductor insulator series circuit parallel circuit electromagnet core coil electric current short circuit

Understand the following main ideas: •What magnets can do •What items are magnetic/what items are not •How do magnets repel and attract •How does a magnetic compass work •Know the types of energy (electric, heat, light, sound •How does static electricity work •How to light a bulb using only one battery and one wire •What is needed for a complete circuit (3 things-Mr. Lowe will be very distressed if you don’t know this) •Solve a problem to figure out why a circuit is not working (3 things to look for) •Be able to recognize a series and a parallel circuit •Be able to read and draw a schematic drawing of a series and parallel circuit •What happens to the bulbs when you wire them in series •What happens to the bulbs when you wire them in parallel •How does an electromagnet work •Can you turn the magnetism in an electromagnet off? •Be able to name several devices that use an electromagnet and tell how they work (example: motor, doorbell)

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