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DSM AP Team Leadership

DSM AP Team Leadership

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Published by Dr John Kenworthy
Case Study of our GAINMORE Golf leadership workshop for DSM
Case Study of our GAINMORE Golf leadership workshop for DSM

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Published by: Dr John Kenworthy on Jul 21, 2011
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Case study

DSM NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS (DNP) is the world’s leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and other fine chemicals to the feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. It is a pioneer in the discovery of new products, formulations and applications for all industry segments. The Asia Pacific team had recently been taken over by DSM which exhibited and promoted different values and culture to the previous organisation. As a consequence, team members were having issues assimilating their role in the new organisation due to insufficient clarity of goals and vision for the team, leading to concerns with trust in each other and senior management. The Challenge CELSIM was asked to design and deliver a team leadership workshop to develop strong crossregional and cross-functional relationships that were supportive, congruent and culturally fluent to provide a foundation for growth and continuous improvement within the successful DNP Asia Pacific (DNPAP) regional team for Animal Nutrition and Health. Using our GAINMORE™ Development Needs Diagnosis Framework, three key issues facing the regional team were identified: 1. Team Vision: identify and clearly articulate the regional team’s vision aligned to the organisational goals, create platform for ongoing discussion and continuous refinement. 2. Personal and Career Development: establish an equitable, actionable and culturally fluent review process aligned to the organisation’s new sales performance system. 3. Develop Trust: establish an open communications platform that engenders trust in each other and senior management and support the vision of the team and the organisation. The Solution In partnership with Dr. Karim Kumarly, Vice President Asia Pacific, we designed a 1 ½ day modular Team Leadership workshop – combining GAPPS self assessment, coaching, and a golf business simulation – to address the team and leadership challenges of DNPAP. These included:    A series of powerful activities to identify SMART goals using the SWING process to ensure team agreement and motivation towards achieving the goals. A golf simulation decision game over 9 decision points (holes) to encourage knowledge sharing, team problem solving, and provide a compelling motivation to share. Drawing together the learning and experiences, creating a plan of action for transfer to the workplace that continues to enhance personal and team development.

The Results The Team Leadership workshop provided a non-threatening platform and an engaging environment that encouraged the development of self-awareness and the affects of behaviour, aided alignment, sharing and open dialogue to rebuild trust and support the team vision within the successful regional DNPAP team. Dr. Karim Kumarly (Vice President Asia Pacific) summed up his satisfaction with our team leadership workshop, “The team absolutely loved it – a great „teambuilding and learning about each other‟ experience. The workshop helped us visualise our direction and gave us all a new perspective to meet some challenging goals. It was excellent, unique and enjoyable.”

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