1st ENDORSEMENT June 01, 2011 Respectfully transmitted to the Legal Affairs Office the attached Motion filed by The

Heirs of Ikang Paus in the case entitled ³Republic of the Philippines, represented by Dr. Davino P. Catbagan, et al., versus Heirs of Ikang Paus, et al., docketed as CA-G.R. NO. 116926 pending before the Court of Appeals. ATTY. JEANETTE A. FLORITA Chief ± Clerk of the Commission

Barrios. the attached letter of Crispin A. 2011 Respectfully endorsed to Legal Affairs Office. Agusan del Sur ± rights holder of the ancestral domain therein under CADT 136. JEANETTE A. the Manobo Indigenous Cultural Communities of Bunawan. Jr. Municipal Tribal Chieftain of BUNAWAN MANOBO ANCESTRAL DOMAIN MANAGEMENT COUNCIL. FLORITA Chief Clerk of the Commission . INC.1st ENDORSEMENT June 01. ATTY. (BMADMCI) regarding problems faced by the community.

15 33.187.15 3.920.00 1.00 2.00 2.578.15 GRAND TOTAL: 48.992.578.000.00 2.15 O O O O 29.00 1.15 414.EXPENSES FROM JANUARY TO MAY 2011 January Newspaper Cellcard Telephone Bill Travelling Expenses Total: 378.00 2.578.578.000.161.15 3.00 1.956.00 1.000.00 2.15 3.15 May 396.15 April 342.938.000.578.00 3.967.75 .00 1.000.15 February March 360.

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