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The Abruzzo Trilogy Fontamara Bread and Wine the Seed Beneath the Snow v 1 3 by Ignazio Silone - 5 Star Book Review

The Abruzzo Trilogy Fontamara Bread and Wine the Seed Beneath the Snow v 1 3 by Ignazio Silone - 5 Star Book Review

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The Abruzzo Trilogy: Fontamara, Bread and Wine, The Seed Beneath the Snow (v.

1-3) by Ignazio Silone

Bread And Wine

The classic saga of fascist Italy, in one volume for the first time. The desolate, impoverished mountain region of the Abruzzo during Mussolinis reign provides the backdrop for the three greatest novels of Ignazio Silone, one of the centurys most important writers. Bread and Wine introduces the antifascist Pietro Spina, who pretends to be a priest but is reluctantly forced to honor the spiritual obligations of his role. The political fable Fontamara shows villagers battling landowners over water. The Seed Beneath the Snow continues Pietro Spinas story. Together, these revolutionary works create an indelible image of ordinary people struggling against overwhelming events. One of the most truly . . . significant writers of our time. - The Nation

and in which human friendship is more important than anything else. 1-3) by Ignazio Silone 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price! . Silone shows the ways in which their oppression has made many of the cafoni bitter. a former member of the Communist Party who has gone underground and. the down-trodden peasants of the area. it's all too easy to fall into using cardboard cut-out characters who hit you over the head with a message. is a decent man. Pietro Spina. this reflects Silone's own life experiences. Spina never becomes a mouthpiece for Silone's own Christian socialist beliefs--they are articulated in more subtle ways throughout the trilogy. Neither is Silone's depiction of the cafoni entirely negative though--some of them are remarkable (particularly Berardo in the first novel Fontamara) and most are too grounded to be taken in by ideological abstractions. The main character of the second two novels. but only shades of grey. but there is something captivating about the prose. Bread and Wine. As Stille explains in his introduction (the first introduction to major literary work I haven't found dull). The three novels in this collection are also deeply political--but without being didactic. for instance. which is no easy feat. I can't quite put my finger out what it is. Far from doing this. If you're trying to convey a message through fiction. Interestingly though. The Seed Beneath the Snow (v. greedy and envious. This is a political novel in which there is no black and white. This never happens in Silone's work. seeing how its authoritiarianism and dogmatism stands at odds with the ideals it proclaims--but Spina still holds onto his socialist beliefs after some fashion. 1-3) by Ignazio Silone Silone's trilogy of novels about the rural Abruzzo region of Italy under fascist rule is beautifully written (and beautifully translated by Alexander Stille--a bad translaot can ruin a great work of literature). Bread and Wine.Personal Review: The Abruzzo Trilogy: Fontamara. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: The Abruzzo Trilogy: Fontamara. would be tempted to romanticize the cafoni. has drifted away from the party. as he has had time to reflect on things. Many authors. not once. The Seed Beneath the Snow (v.

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