Integration Management

1. Develop Project Charter

2. Develop Project Management Plan

3. Direct and Manage Project Execution

Perform Integrated Change Control 6.4. Monitor and Control Project Work 5. Close Project OR Phase .

Create WBS . Collect Requirements 2.Scope Management 1.Define Scope 3.

Define Activities . Control Scope Time Management 1.4. Verify Scope 5.

Estimates Activity Resources 4. Estimates Activity Durations .2. Sequence Activities 3.

Control Schedule Cost Management 1.5. Estimate Costs . Develop Schedule 6.

2. Control Costs Risk Management 1. Determine Budget 3. Plan Risk Management .

2. Identify Risks 3.Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis . Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 4.

5. Monitor and Control Risks Quality Management 1. Plan Quality . Plan Risk Responses 6.

Perform Quality Assurance 3.2. Perform Quality Control Procurement Management 1. PlanProcurements .

Close Procurements .Administer Procurements 4. Conduct Procurements 3.2.

Distribute Information .Communications Management 1.Plan Communications 3.Identify Stakeholders 2.

Develop Human Resource Plan 2. Report Performance Human resource Management 1.4. Acquire Project Team . Manage Stakeholder Expectation 5.

3. Develop Project Team 4. Manage Project Team .

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