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Jeevan Jyotish

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Published by: M K Mishra on Jul 21, 2011
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¬+ªc (^ºizi) ¤uªií zz
¬+¤ºí ze11
Legal Advisor
Kuldip Singh Bhola
n+º ¬+ifu ¬¸¤ ¤¤i¬+i
Vol.1 Issue3, Jan1,2011
¬i¤i¤ ¬iº.+.~íriº
Vastu Tips for Commercial Places
* Building's height can be either equal from all sides,
or South-Western sides should be taller in height
as compared to East and North.
* Stair cases or lift should always be provided in
South-West part of the building
* Cycles, scooter, cars, light commercial vehicles
can be parked in Northwest side of buildings. North
East should be avoided for parking.
* Small lawns with fountains etc (without big trees)
can be developed in North East, North and East
also. Here only small plants can be grown. Big
avenue trees can be developed on South and West
* Guard Room should be placed so that approaching
persons, vehicles etc. are visible without any
obstruction. North East direction should be
avoided for a guard room or security cabin.
* Staff canteen may be placed in South East.
* Make adequate provision for sunlight and proper
cross ventilation system.
Page 3
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»¤ifu”i + ¤f¬q ’ii+¬ ¯ºi¬ni-iº÷¯ + ¬+¬iº ,ri+
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fªi¤÷í ¤i+ +i ¬-¤fri+ nr-¤ riui r( ,niri«i¤ n ^^i,
¤n+i ¤ ¬º+¤uí + ¬^n ¤º ¤-¤+ ¤”i v+ nir u+ ni¤i nni
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º¤uí ,+ ¤i¤ ++i¬i (¬qif·u+ +¤ ¬ ¬ia¤iº) +i ¤¤+
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¤¤+ +ru r, ,·rí +i +rí÷+rí ¤º rif+”ai ¤¤+ ·ií +ri
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v+ ¬·¤ nu ¬ ¤¤+i n rif+”ai ++i¬ n ¬·n n+ ¤in
·¤f+ +i ¬^ ¤i”i ri+ +i f¤¤iº f+¤i ¬iui r, rif+”ai ++i¬
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¤i¤ ¤f¬u +i¤ ÷
¤¤+ n ¤i¤ +i¤ +º+ ¬¤ªii ¤f¬u ni+ ¬iu r, ,¬n
¤f+iºi f¤’ii +í ¤i¬i, ,ri+ v+¬ +º+i, ’i¤ +i ¬f·un ¬++iº,
¤iº +í uu ÷in+i, ¤iº¤i, «+¤i+i ’i·i +rí ni+i ¬iui r,
»¤ifu”i ’ii+¬ + ¬+¬iº ,+ ++i¬ ¬n¤ n ,+n ¬ +i, ·ií
+i¤ +º+ ¤º, ¤+ +i¤ +i ¤i¤ «iº ¤irºi+i ¤÷ ¬+ui r(
ziªi ¤¬ +.1.....
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¬i¤ ¬¤+í ¤·¤ ºif’i + ¬+¬iº ¤¤ºi+ ¬i¤ ¬iº ·¤¤
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ni^ +in ¤º n^ ºru r( ¤f¤ a ’i”i «¤ ui ºi^ «íniºí ¬iº
n^÷ + +iººi ¬in¤+í n ¤‘fq +rí ri ¤iuí r( ¬»uí +ni,
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e ’i”i «¤ ui f¤+ºiu ri+ +ni+ +í f¤·ui n^í ºruí r(
¬if’i+ +¤ ¬ ri+ ni·i ·ií riui ºrui r ¤º·u ªi¤ ·ií «fr¬i«
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r¬i( ,¬n ¬ 1 ¤ici¤i ui 1z ¬i¤i( 1z n z
+i ·ii^ f¤¤i ui ’i”i s ¬i¤i( ºi¬·¤ +niº +i
,¬ ¬in ¬in¤+í ¬fri+ ¬iº ªi¤ +n ºr^i(
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Page 2
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n÷+ + f¤¤ir n ¬+i¤z¤+ ¬÷¤+ ¬i+ ¬ ¤fµª+ ri ¬i¤i
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+i+ºí + fnn+ ¤º, +i+ºí +í uº¤+í n º+i¤c ri+ ¤º,
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z. ¬i+f+n+ ¬n+¤i +i n·¬
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