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April 2010 - Time Allowed 2 Hours INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES
1. This examination paper contains TWO (2) sections and comprises TWELVE (12) printed pages. . Answer questions in SECTION A on the ANSWER SHEET provided (Form BIZ1). Use PENCIL only. Answer questions in SECTION B on the lines provided in this booklet. Total score for this examination is 100 MARKS. University approved calculators are allowed. Please REMEMBER to write your matriculation number on this cover. . This is an open book examination. Students are allowed to bring any textbooks and any notes into the examination hall. At the end of the examination, please follow the instructions given by the invigilator.

2. 3. 4.



DO NOT punch holes on the answer sheet. MATRICULATION NUMBER: FOR EXAMINERS' USE ONLY:
Marks Section B -- Ql -- Q2 -- Q3 -- Q4


Total for Section B


trade negotiators advocate free trade. China restricts tobacco imports. These include the right (1) to safety. Peer pressure E. thus allowing U. You will be awarded one mark for each correct answer. Organizational structures C. 5. This figure is expected to rise to more than 2 million by 2025. Unethically and illegally D. China is the world's largest tobacco-producing country and has 300 million smokers. Use PENCIL only. Laws of society that define a person's beliefs and behaviors D. Legislation B. Unethically but legally E. Religious tenets of the country or ethnic region you live in B. If your matriculation number starts with the letter U or the letters NT . Social norms of a nation. Do not simply draw a line. Ethically and legally C.40 % Instructions: Please use the answer sheet (Form BIZ-I) that is provided to answer all the questions in this section. For example. Guidelines on how to act rightly and justly when faced with moral dilemmas E. trade negotiators are acting A. Ethics serve as A. 4. Corpus deIecti The Consumer Bill of Rights codifies the ethics of exchange between buyers and sellers. Modus operandi B.S. Yet. Not enough information to determine Which of the following is considered to be a factor that influences ethical behavior? A. . Privacy B. in the end. Approximately 700. (2) to . if your matriculation number is UOOl234X or NTOOI234X.S. Be treated courteously D. (3) to choose and (4) to be heard. Corporate culture and expectations D. Be left alone when shopping E. tobacco companies to market their products in China. No mark is deducted for wrong or no answer.000 Chinese die annually from smoking-related illnesses./3 3.S. . it is up to the investor to research the company in which they want to invest because is the norm in the stock market. De facto marketing D. Caveat emptor C. Full disclosure of liability . please shade the entire circle. Ethically but illegally B.. 1. U.Matric No. Be informed C.: ----------------------- 2 MKTI003 Section A . The U. Universal laws of man that go beyond individual beliefs of nations or religions 2.shade only the 6 numbers that appear after it/them. community or family C. E pluribus unum E. None of the above The Taiwan Financial Supervisory Commission works hard to facilitate healthy investment environment and increase market confidence by preventing unscrupulous companies from changing their books to give a better financial picture. A. shade as 001234X. A.

The Malaysian Red Cross created a series of advertisements encouraging viewers to donate blood. Amanda returned home feeling satisfied that she had performed a good deed. Consumers should have access to public-policy makers regarding new product ideas Making counterfeit copies of Gucci purses. Consumers should have access to public-policy makers regarding complaints about products and services D. Act ethically and responsibly E. Afterwards. Consumers have an obligation to in the exchange process and m the use and disposition of products. Moreover. Companies should have access to public-policy makers regarding complaints about consumers E. of course). Enhancing corporate sales and profits C.. Copying a masterpiece was historically considered an art form in its own right and Chinese students have been taught for centuries to copy their teachers as accurately as possible before attempting to create.or herself E. The National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) has the right to hear both retailer and customer complaints C. . Business culture in which a person finds him. typically consisting of confiscation. The Department of Commerce has the right to hear consumer complaints B. sanctions are minimal. Societal culture and norms B. The right to be heard means that A. Get everything they can for their money B. Fulfilling company objectives E. Opinion leaders C. a public apology and perhaps a fine (negotiated. Legislation Moral philosophy is learned and influenced through A Socialization with friends and family B. Do unto retailers as retailers would do unto them C. Even when they are applied. 10. Reveal any and all pertinent personal information D. A business introducing a product into China needs to mow that may lead to trademark infringements. A.Matrie No. Antecedent states D. satisfying customer needs and A. Laws protecting intellectual property are unclear and sporadically enforced. Organizational culture and expectations E. Amanda went to the local Red Cross office and donated a pint of blood. A. After viewing the advertisement. Following the guidelines of industry-specific codes of ethics D. a warning.: _ 3 MKTI003 6. All of the above Cause marketing programs incorporate all three concepts of social responsibility by addressing public concerns. Not get upset if they feel they have not been provided good service due to factors beyond the marketer's control such as resignation of service staff 11. Was this a marketing exchange? . Societal culture in which a person finds him. 8.14 . copying enjoys a long tradition in China and does not carry a stigma. 9. Protecting the environment B. Formal education C. Demonstrating ethical behavior 7.or herself D. Hilfiger sportswear and other international brands is pervasive in China because it is so easy to get away with it.

D. Strategic E. E. Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) is a Singaporean company that provides leading-edge technological solutions to the Singapore Army. he was able to have the book for his first marketing class. When the product represents a small share of the buyer's total costs D. Han Tong could not buy his principles of marketing text this semester by the first day of class if the bookstore did not accept credit cards. A. Apex-Pal International Limited operates at the _________ level of his organization. because the Red Cross did not provide Amanda with a product 12./5 . People with the desire and with the ability to buy a specific product 13. Competency 16. 'When the product is critical to the buyer E. C. Competitive advantage C. Apex-Pal International Limited is a Singapore-based food and beverage company that has developed a portfolio of 11 brands. Living standards Social class Values Dialect Culture 17. This ability to attract new talents to its workforce is an example of a(n): A. With his credit card. including Sakae Sushi. Form B. focusing on offering healthy and quality Japanese cuisine at affordable prices. A. Time C. Functional C. Back office 15. A particular line of products or specific line of merchandise for sale D.MatricNo. Possession E. E. because the donated blood was exchanged for a feeling of satisfaction No. B. Business unit B. Place 14. because no money was exchanged No.: ----------------------- 4 MKTl003 A. When buyer's switching costs are low C. Corporate D. Due to the resources it makes available to its engineers and researchers. There are many buyers B. social forces of the environment include the demographic characteristics of the population its . No. A group of companies that have goods for sale E. The and A. Synergistic strategy B. C. because the Red Cross is non-profit organization Yes. D. A store that sells groceries B. Capacity management strategy E. because the Red Cross ran an advertisement Yes. Functional strategy D. Changes in these forces can have a dramatic impact on marketing strategy. Any place consumers can buy things C. B. In marketing. Price D. When sellers can forward integrate . the most common meaning of market is: A. Powerful buyers exist in an industry when: A.. the company has some of the finest minds in the country in its workforce. . The credit card created utility for Han Tong.

: _ 5 MKTI003 18. Which of the following is NOT a criterion used for selecting a market segment? A. Competitive position D.. You have just purchased a Sony MP3 player. Mr. Corporate return on investment B. Extended problem solving 20. External secondary data E. This service provides A. Possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line 24. Internal secondary data D. Commercialization D. Which of the following pieces of information is used in the implementation phase of the strategic marketing process? A. Which of the following is a reason A. Business analysis C. Taxes have increased C. Post-purchase stress D. you debate in your mind about whether your choice of the Sony was right or whether you should have chosen the Samsung. The marketplace has become more efficient why disposable income has increased? 19. Langley hires a housecleaning service to clean his apartment D. Size of the market B. Consumers are spending more B. Screening and evaluation E. The Philippines National Statistics Office provides remittances to family planning. Revenues associated with each point of market share D. As you head home from the store. The local baker buys sugar to make cookies with his children at home B.16 . A. it is a part of the _____ stage of the new-product process. A physician takes her sick child to the doctor 21. Cost of reaching the segment E. A dentist buys a new VCR for her den C. Memos assigning responsibilities for actions and deadlines C. Nonprobability sampling tools C. The owner of a fried chicken restaurant hires a snow removal service to keep the parking lot clear E. Rent has gone up D.Matric No. Internal primary data B. Oil is more expensive E. Trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors in total and by segment E. Market anxiety E. When audiences are allowed to preview actual movies such as Pretty Woman and National Treasure: Book of Secrets before they are released to the general public. This is most likely an example of A. Which of the following statements represents an organizational buying decision? A. . Cognitive dissonance C. External primary data information on topics from inflation to 22. Compatibility with the organization'S objectives and resources 23. Similarities of needs of potential buyers C. Indecisiveness B. Market testing B. Concept testing .

. Inventory costs D. Prospecting . Encyclopedia Britannica pays to have a business reply card bound into magazines adjacent to its advertisement.. Sales follow-up D. Inseparability E. By seeing the pictures of what is available at the spa. has an unintentional meaning B.500 in rent each month.600. Maintain existing distributors and actively seek out new Ones E. Order taking C.00 C. Actively search out new first time users B.50. $29. The ad asks people to return the card for more information on how its encyclopedias can help children do better in school. $14. Shift to a skimming price strategy 26. The trade journals in which it wants to run its ads do not accept ads from foreign companies D. when translated into Greek. A full-service car wash is priced at $10. $750 interest on his loan. Gold-mining E.: ----------------------- 6 MKT1003 25. Incongruity B. an insurance premium of $200 and advertising on local bus of $250 a month. 17 . Cold-canvassing B.700. A Greek bureaucrat who is responsible for determining that the Cardiac Science products meet national standards has taken a personal dislike to her E. The marketing objective of a firm whose product is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle is to: A. The brochure for Spa Sydell has photographs of people enjoying the various spa amenities. Unit variable costs for the carwash are $7. Inconsistency C. Which of the following is the best example of a communications problem that might arise because her field of experience is different from that of her audience? A. Actively reinforce competitors' marketing efforts D.00 B.00 E. At what level of revenue will the carwash break-even? A. A.00 D. The ads are in trade journals that Greek hospital administrators don't read 29. Her target audience is strongly ethnocentric C. The company's marketing manager is responsible for the promotional campaign in Greece and she wants to avoid any problems that might arise because her field of experience does not coincide with that of her Greek target audience.00 28. $500 in utilities. $39.925.900. Intangibility 27. $4. $12. The name of the product.200. Encyclopedia Britannica is engaging in A. A Japanese company producing massage chairs is preparing to market its products in Greece.Matric No. Spa Sydell uses a brochure to help customers deal with the that is associated with all services. a customer has a better idea of what she is buying.50. The owner of a carwash pays $2. Hold market share c.

He had been selling medical supplies for some time and found that he understood how customers bought medical supplies. Hunter-gatherers will not wait longer than eight seconds for a response in a chat room D. The service provider should concentrate on the problem recognition process in marketing health care . You are doing an environmental scan to help create a five-year marketing plan for the hospital. If sales are shown as decreasing on your marketing dashboard.18 . A.. Using a more convoluted store layout C. The community has seen a rise in dual-income couples who bring with them larger disposable incomes D. How does each member of the group perceive our firm. our products and services and our salespeople? E. Customers will abandon a website if it does not download within eight seconds 31. How long the production line is running 32. What selection process was used to confirm membership in the buying center? 35. The number of people in your geographic area who are 60 years or older will increase by 23 percent during the next five years B. Which of the following environmental trends should you consider to be the most important? A. You are the director of marketing for ElderlyCare Hospital in an Asian country. E. Marketers need to understand the buying centers with which they deal. A consumer may not have the ability to judge the quality of medical care service even after the service has been provided E. Hiring well-known celebrities to sponsor their products B. Providing brochures for consumers to take home D. . Whether consumer tastes have changed D. Any online purchase should take no more than eight seconds to complete C. what should you investigate with market research? A. A series of questions can be used to facilitate this process. The accounting records to be sure they are accurate B. Adopting advertising campaigns that use bright colors and/or snappy background music E. By the year 2020. baby boomers will control more than 50 percent of all consumer expenditures C. By the year 2015. The buyer does not participate in producing the service D.: ---------------------- 7 MKTI003 30.Matric No. Chinese is the majority race in Singapore 33. Which of the following questions would be the LEAST useful when trying to understand the operations of a buying center? A. The financial statements C. healthcare robots will playa major role in medical industry. The number of support personnel you have at the plant E. It only takes eight seconds for someone to learn how to navigate the Internet B. What are the buying criteria of each member? D. Which of the following is likely to be a characteristic of the health care service purchase? A Customers are engaged in a low involvement purchase process B. What is the relative influence of each member of the group? C. Offering extended service warranties by 34. According to the eight-second rule. Retailers can reduce problems associated with selective retention A. a major provider of health care services. Fred has just accepted a sales position with the ABC Health Maintenance Organization. More than 50 percent of online consumers will spend less than eight seconds at a portal E. Which individuals are in the buying center for the product or service? B. The quality of services can be predetermined in a similar manner to tangible products C.

He should open up branch offices around the country to provide the exposure he needs D. Increasing fixed cost E. To them. Duracell has lost its market share lead to Eveready and the "Energizer Bunny". Trice Jewelers is a high-end independent jeweler located in Jakarta. Magazines targeted toward wealthy residents of Jakarta C. she agreed to one presentation of a new marketing and advertising program developed by Duracell to "make mincemeat out of that rabbit!" Based on the relationship developed thus far. Suggestive selling B. known as "Battery Bob" is the sales manager for Duracell batteries. . Matrix organization E. He should establish a corporate vertical marketing system to control the distribution system that will be established C. To them it sells motherboards.: _ 8 MKTI003 36. It specializes in custom jewelry and has been in business for decades. Battery Bob has "knocked on the door" for three years trying to get a meeting with the Wal-Mart buyer for consumer electronics products. Local radio stations D. Doing all of the above 37. At present. Other things equal. has limited operating capital and yet. Formula selling D. You are president of a manufacturer of small electronic appliances.Matric Ne. still wants a wide distribution of his new product. Increasing the quantity sold. while keeping price unchanged B. Prime time national television B. Which of the following sales presentations would have the greatest likelihood of converting Wal-Mart into a customer? A. Market-based grouping . Jacob. Bob Doe. Functional grouping D. In this example Ingram Micro would use which type of organizational structure for marketing? A. It has two divisions. but that Duracell has the marketing savvy and creativity to surpass Eveready and resume its position as the market leader. He should establish a contractual vertical marketing system (franchise) 38. monitors. Wal-Mart only carries Eveready batteries. Reducing unit variable cost D. Which of the following options would be the best choice for Jacob? A. such as IBM and Microsoft. however. Collaborative selling C. Geographical grouping C. Jakarta newspapers 39. He should establish a wholesaler-sponsored vertical marketing system to obtain greater economies of scale E. Battery Bob believes WalMart requires a unique presentation to convince it that Duracell markets not only a better battery. He should develop an administered vertical marketing system in order to achieve distribution B. You want to reduce your break-even quantity. Which medium would be the best for Trice to use to reach its loyal customers and remind them that Trice is the source for all their gift-giving needs? A./9 . Adaptive selling 40. The other has been developed to serve the needs of the resellers and retailers who sell computers to businesses and individual customers. Constructive selling E. Reducing marginal revenue C. you can do this by A. Product line grouping B. it sells user-ready computers. Jacob has developed a lawn care service that will revolutionize the lawn care industry. Flyers E. One provides supplies for companies that manufacture computer products. etc.. Ingram Micro is the biggest computer wholesaler in the world. Last week.

60 % Instructions: provided. an equivalent quantity of blood products is worth US$67. diagnostics and therapies. How can leading firms in the industry practice social responsibility in such a context? (7 marks) . According to the book.000". They are marketed to museums and personal collectors. 110 . Do not write beyond the space 1.Matric No. Write your answers on the lines provided. Taking the position as a senior executive in the medical and pharmaceutical industry: a.: _ 9 MKTI003 Section B . Body Bazaar: The Market for Human Tissue in the Biotechnology Age is a book by Lori Andrews and Dorothy Nelkin. Blood has become one of the most valuable commodities on Earth.. (8 marks) b. Discuss whether it is ethical to buy and sell body parts and blood using concepts in personal moral philosophies.. "Body parts are bought and sold for medical research. While petroleum sells for US$100 a barrel. And pieces of people are increasingly being used as raw materials for products-from placenta-enriched shampoos to experimental DNA-run computers.

What are the key elements and features of a marketing dashboard? (5 marks) 2b.Matric No. (10 marks) . Design a marketing dashboard for your marketing operation by identifying the indicators you will include.. You are the marketing director of a company selling ten brands of snack food through four types of distribution channels in twenty countries in three regions. data collection methods you will use and actions you will take given various results you may get from your dashboard.: _ 10 MKTl003 2a. ./11 .

Matric No... What is your lifestyle profile under the VALS classification? Describe fully your characteristics and behavior based on your profile in this framework or system. 112 .: _ 11 MKTI003 3a. (8 marks) 3b. How should marketers engage you and get positive responses from you in their marketing efforts based on your lifestyle profile? (7 marks) .

END OF PAPER- .: _ 12 MKT1003 4a. Which function. Describe the key functions of the distribution channels. What kind of distribution channel design will you adopt when speed of market penetration for a mass market low price product is the most critical factor? Why? (5 marks) 4c. do you think. is the most important? Why? (5 marks) 4b. which of these two types of retailers would you work with to sell your product to end-users? Why? (5 marks) .Matric No. What contrasting strategies are used by independent retailers compared to those used by corporate chain retailers? Why? As a fairly small manufacturer of specialty skin care product.

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