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Which of the following parts of the sunlight makes the solar cooker hot? (A) Ultra violet (C) Infra red (B) Red light (D) Cosmic rays Ans. (C) 2. If the velocity time graph of a particle is represented by y = m t + c, then the particle is moving with— (A) Constant speed (B) Constant velocity (C) Constant acceleration (D) Varying acceleration Ans. (B) 3. The most suitable vessel for storing concentrated Sulphuric acid is— (A) Copper vessel (B) Aluminum vessel (C) Glass vessel (D) Earthen vessel Ans. (C) 4. Carbohydrate is stored in the body as— (A) Glucose (B) Starch (C) Glycogen (D) Sucrose Ans. (C) 5. The most important Sufi shrine in India is (A) Pandua (B) Bidar (C) Ajmer (D) Shahjahanabad Ans. (C) 6. The ‘Ajivikas’ were a— (A) Sect contemporary to the Buddha (B) Breakaway branch of the Buddhists (C) Sect founded by Charvaka (D) Sect founded by Shankaracharya Ans. (A)

One of the following was not involved in the Chittagong Armoury Raid. (D) 9. The Indian Universities were first founded in the time of— (A) Macaulay (B) Warren Hastings (C) Lord Canning (D) Lord William Bentick Ans. Which unit of Valuation is known as ‘Paper Gold’? (A) Eurodollar (B) Petrodollar (C) SDR (D) GDR Ans. (B) 10. 1934. what is the percentage of India’s population to the world population? (A) 8 (B) 16 (C) 26 (D) 28 Ans. Who was he? (A) Kalpana Dutt (B) Surya Sen (C) Pritilata Woddedar (D) Dinesh Gupta Ans. (C) 12.com 07. (C) 8.Test brought by www. Which of the following events made the English East India Company the legitimate masters of the Bengal Subah? (A) Battle of Buxar.qoney. 1717 (D) Ibrahim Khan’s Farman.exams. 1757 (C) Farrukh Siyar’s Farman. What is known as the open market operation of the RBI? (A) Buying and selling of stocks (B) Auctioning of foreign exchange (C) Trading in securities (D) Transactions in gold . As per 2001 census. 1764 (B) Battle of Plassey. 1690 Ans. (B) 11.

Which was the first talkie feature film of India? (A) Raja Hans Chandra (B) Alam Ara (C) Duniya na Mane . ‘NABARD’ is associated with the development of— (A) Agricultural sector and rural areas (B) Heavy industries (C) Banking sector (D) Real estates Ans. Apart from the Quit India Movement which started on 9th August 1942.exams. (D) 15.qoney.. (B) 17. (C) 13. (A) 14. (D) 16. Which is the latest satellite of India placed in the geosynchronous orbit? (A) INSAT-2D (B) INSAT-3A (C) INSAT.com Ans. Which of the following occurred first? (A) Albert Einstein propounded the General theory of Relativity (B) Max Planck unveiled the Quantum Theory (C) Guglielmo Marconi sent out the first wireless signals (D) Wright brothers successfully flew an aircraft Ans. what other sensational activity of the freedom fighters was done on 9th August? (A) Salt Satyagraha (B) Boycott of Simon Commission (C) Champaran Satyagraha (D) Kakori mail train ‘Robbery’ Ans.Test brought by www. Which amidst the following is not a credit rating agency? (A) CRISIL (B) CARE (C) ICRA (D) IFCI Ans. (B) 18.4A (D) Kalpana Ans.

com (D) Aadmi Ans. What is the playing time of the full version of the Indian National Anthem? (A) 47 Seconds (B) 50 Seconds . (A) 21. (B) 22.exams. What is the element that is in the highest percentage in the composition of the earth? (A) Silicon (B) Oxygen (C) Magnesium (D) Iron Ans. fat and various catabolic wastes? (A) Kidney (B) Skin (C) Spleen (D) Salivary glands Ans. (B) 24.Test brought by www. Process of digestion is helped by— (A) Enzyme (B) Hormone (C) Mineral (D) Vitamin Ans. (D) 23. Which country is the world’s largest archipelago? (A) Philippines (B) Indonesia (C) Sweden (D) Greenland Ans. (A) 20. Which is the organ that excretes water. (B) 19.qoney. Which was the first enzyme isolated in pure crystalline form? (A) Amylase (B) Catalase (C) Lipase (D) Clrease Ans.

Kathakali (c) Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair 3. 14 (B) Art. (C) 25. (A) 27. What Constitutional provision enables the Central Government to provide reservations in jobs and educational institutions for the weaker sections of the society? (A) Art. (B) 26.Test brought by www. Swaminathan Pillai 2. 16 (C) Art. Which amidst the following is not a specialized agency of the UN? (A) International Maritime Organization (B) World Intellectual Property Organization (C) International Telecommunication (D) FAO Ans. Which region of the Americas has the highest concentration of World Heritage Sites on the list of the UNESCO? (A) USA and Canada (B) Brazil and Argentina (C) Chile (D) Central Americas (Between the tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn) Ans. Painting (d) Padmasubramaniam 4.qoney. 19 Ans. 46 (D) Art.com (C) 52 Seconds (D) 60 Seconds Ans. Flute (b) T. (A) 28. (B) .exams. Match the Artistes and their Art form— (Artiste) (Art form) (a) Amrita Shergill 1. Bharatanatyam Codes: (a) (b) (c) (d) (A) 3 1 2 4 (B) 2 3 1 4 (C) 4 2 3 1 (D) 1 4 2 3 Ans.

Schedule VII (C) Residuary Powers under Art. (C) 32. what is the period for which the EC can disqualify him to be member or from continuing to be a member of the elected office from the date of the order? (A) 2 Years (B) 3 Years (C) 4 Years (D) 5 Years Ans. The first Shore-based. In our Constitution. (C) 31. (D) 30. Schedule VII (B) List III. (C) 33. modern. If the Election Commission is satisfied that a candidate has failed to lodge an account of election expenses. for no good reason or justification. Economic Planning is included in— (A) Union list (B) State list (C) Concurrent list (D) Not any specified list Ans.com 29. within the prescribed time and in the manner. What provision in the Constitution enabled the Central Government to impose the service tax and to expand its span? (A) List I. Which of the following is associated with Sufi Saints? (A) Tripitaka (B) Dakhma (C) Khanqah (D) Synagogue Ans.qoney. integrated steel plant in India is in— .exams. (B) 34.Test brought by www. The crops grown after the summer monsoon are called— (A) Kharif (B) Rabi (C) Annual (D) Seasonal Ans. 248 (D) Emergency Powers Ans.

(C) 40.Test brought by www. (A) 39. The part of Equatorial region which has well developed rubber plantations is? (A) Amazon Basin (B) Indonesia (C) Malaysia (D) Zaire Basin Ans.com (A) Salem (B) Haldia (C) Mangalore (D) Vishakhapatnam Ans. (D) 37. (B) Its angular speed is equal to that of earth about its own axis (C) It is fixed in space (D) It revolves from West to East over the equator Ans. (D) 35. (C) 38.qoney. Which of the following is not true for Geostationary satellite? (A) Its time period is 24 hrs.exams. For the cultivation of Tobacco the soil should be rich in— (A) Calcareous matter (B) Nitrogen (C) Organic content (D) Potash Ans. A passenger standing in a outward when the bus takes This happens due to— (A) Outward pull on him (B) Inertia of motion (C) Change in momentum (D) Change in acceleration Ans. The deepest ocean of the world is— (A) Atlantic Ocean (B) Arctic Ocean (C) Indian Ocean (D) Pacific Ocean Ans. When pressure is increased the melting point of ice— . (D) 36.

com (A) Increases (B) Does not Change (C) Decreases (D) Depends on the impurities in the ice Ans.Test brought by www. Electrostatic precipitator is used to control the pollution of— (A) Air (B) Water (C) Noise (D) Thermal Ans. (C) 45. Longitudinal waves cannot travel through— (A) Vacuum (B) Solid (C) Liquid (D) Gas Ans. Jahangir Khan is famous in which sport? (A) Boxing (B) Squash (C) Hockey (D) Cricket Ans.exams. Formation of Ozone hole is maximum over— (A) Africa (B) India (C) Antarctica (D) Europe Ans. (B) 46.qoney. (C) 41. ‘World Development Report’. in the publication of— (A) International Monetary Fund (B) World Bank . The presence of Ozone in the stratosphere is responsible for— (A) Increasing the average global temperature in recent years (B) Higher rate of photosynthesis (C) Checking the penetration of Ultra-violet rays to the Earth (D) Supplying Oxygen for people travelling in jets Ans. (A) 42. (C) 44. (A) 43.

as per the 2001 census. (B) 47. The ratio of a Bank’s cash holding to its total deposit liabilities is called the— (A) Variable Reserve Ratio (B) Cash Reserve Ratio (C) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (D) Minimum Reserve Ratio Ans. (B) 50. the female literacy rate is— (A) 3929 (B) 537 (C) 2197 (D) 2976 Ans. Which of the following treaties brought an end to the independent existence of Peshwa Baji Rao II? (A) The Treaty of Purandhar (B) Convention of Wadgaon (C) Treaty of Bassein (D) Treaty of Salbai Ans. (D) 48.Test brought by www. In India. In India.qoney. (C) . according to the 2001 census. functions as a controller of credit in India? (A) The Central Government (B) The Reserve Bank of India (C) The State Bank of India (D) The Planning Commission Ans.com (C) World Trade Organization (D) Unctad Ans. the sex-ratio (females per 1000 males) is— (A) 930 (B) 934 (C) 927 (D) 933 Ans. Which of the following. (B) 49. (B) 51.exams.

com 52. Electron . Neutron (C) Neutron. The organic relationship between the ancient culture of the Indus Valley and Hinduism of today is proved by the worship of— (A) Pushupati. The advantage of detergents over soaps is— (A) Detergents are soluble in water (B) Detergents could not give much lather (C) Detergents give lather even with hard water (D) Soaps give lather with only soft water Ans.Test brought by www. (D) 54. (D) 55. (C) 53. (C) 57. When two ice cubes are pressed over each other they unite to form one cube.”? (A) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (B) Sardar Vallabhai Patel (C) Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose (D) Jawaharlal Nehru Ans. “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny. Which of the following powers did not fight for the Tungabhadra Doab? (A) Pallavas and Chalukyas (B) Cholas and later Chalukyas of Kalyana (C) Golconda and Ahmadnagar Sultanates (D) Vijaynagar and Bahmani kingdoms Ans..qoney.exams. (C) 56. Which Indian statesman used these magic words. and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge. Proton (B) Proton. Indra and the Mother Goddess (B) Stones. trees and animals (C) Vishnu and Lakshmi (D) Shiva and Shakti Ans. The fundamental particles present in the nucleus of an atom are— (A) Electron.. because of— (A) Vander Waal’s forces (B) Dipole moment (C) Hydrogen bond formation (D) Covalent attraction Ans.

(A) 63.exams.com (D) Neutron. Which of the following sets of Articles deals with ‘Emergency Provisions’? (A) Articles 32 and 226 (B) Articles 350 and 351 (C) Articles 352. Satyagraha finds expression in— (A) Sudden outbursts of violence (B) Armed conflicts (C) Non-co-operation (D) Communal riots Ans. The authority to prorogue the two Houses of the Parliament rests with the— (A) President (B) Vice-President (C) Prime Minister (D) Speaker Ans.Test brought by www. Positron Ans. (D) 59. (C) 62. (C) 61. The salaries and allowances payable to the Members of the Parliament are decided by the— (A) President (B) Cabinet (C) Parliament (D) Finance Commission Ans. EEG is used to detect the functioning of— (A) Heart (B) Lung . Bleaching action of moist Sulphur di-oxide is because of its— (A) Basic property (B) Acidic property (C) Oxidizing property (D) Reducing property Ans. (C) 60. (B) 58. 336 and 337 Ans.qoney. 356 and 360 (D) Articles 335.

Which of the following aspects is not common to both Bhakti Movement and Sufi Movement? (A) Personal love for God (B) Worship of idols (C) Mysticism (D) Visit to holy shrines Ans.qoney.com (C) Kidney (D) Brain Ans. (C) 68. (D) 64. What part of the eye gets inflamed and becomes pink when dust gets into? (A) Cornea (B) Choroid (C) Conjunctiva (D) Sclerotic Ans. The Muslim League advocated a separate Muslim State— (A) At its birth in 1906 . Excretory products of mammalian Embryo are eliminated out by— (A) Placenta (B) Amniotic fluid (C) Allantois (D) Ureter Ans. (A) 65.exams. In male sharks. Locked jaw disorder is the other name of the disease— (A) Tetanus (B) Muscular disorder (C) Typhoid (D) Filariasis Ans. Claspers are found attached to (A) Anal fin (B) Pectoral fin (C) Pelvic fin (D) Ventral fin Ans.Test brought by www. (B) 69. (A) 66. (C) 67.

(A) 175. (A) 72. In a business.Test brought by www. Investment is equal to— (A) Gross total of all types of physical capital assets (B) Gross total of all capital assets minus wear and tear (C) Stock of plants. machines and equipments (D) None of the above Ans.exams.com (B) During the Khilafat Movement (C) In 1930. (D) 70. components. (C) 73.qoney. The difference between the GNP and the NNP is equal to the— . Ranthambhor was— (A) A Mughal palace (B) A Rajput fort (C) Capital of the Khaljis (D) A Buddhist pilgrimage centre Ans. in India? (A) 2000 (C) 1994 (B) 2001 (D) 1999 Ans. raw materials. work in progress and finished goods are jointly regarded as— (A) Capital stock (B) Inventory (C) Investment (D) Net worth Ans. When did the Rupee become a freely convertible currency on current account. (B) 71. The long range potential of nuclear energy in India depends on its reserves of— (A) Thorium (B) Uranium (C) Plutonium (D) Radium Ans. (C) 74. when it opposed Disobedience Movement (D) At the Lahore session of 1940 Ans.

Which of the following is a natural dye? (A) Crystal violet (B) Aniline blue (C) Alizarin (D) Phenolphthalein Ans. Ahram 1. New York (c) The Daily News 3. (C) 80. (D) 78. (D) 76. Moscow (b) Izvestia 2.qoney.exams. Cairo . (B) 77. In which of the following substances all the Civil carbon atoms are quaternary in nature? (A) Graphite (B) Diamond (C) Teflon (D) Naphthalene Ans.Test brought by www.com (A) Consumer expenditure on durable goods (B) Direct tax revenue (C) Indirect tax revenue (D) Capital depreciation Ans. Which of the following alkali metals has highest specific heat? (A) Caesium (B) Rubidium (C) Potassium (D) Lithium Ans. Beijing (d) People’s Daily 4. (B) 79. Match List—I (Newspapers) with List-II (Country) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists— List-I List-II (Newspapers) (Country) (a) Al. Which of the following gases will effuse out of football bladder most quickly? (A) He (B) H2 (C) N2 (D) O2 Ans.

(C) 84. (B) 82. Ryder Cup is related with which sports? (A) Football (B) Golf (C) Badminton (D) Cricket Ans.Test brought by www. Which is abundant in Gobar gas? (A) Carbon dioxide (B) Methane (C) Oxygen (D) Hydrogen Ans. (C) . Global warming is mainly due to accumulation of— (A) Oxides of Nitrogen (B) Oxides of Sulphur (C) Carbon dioxide (D) Carbon Monoxide Ans. Which one of the following currencies has the highest value in terms of rupee? (A) Pound (B) Dollar (C) Euro (D) Saudi Rial Ans.com Code: abcd (A) 2 1 3 4 (B) 4 1 2 3 (C) 3 2 1 4 (D) 4 1 3 2 Ans.exams. (A) 83. (B) 81. Which metal was first used by the Vedic people? (A) Silver (C) Iron (B) Gold (D) Copper Ans. (B) 85.qoney.

(A) 91. (A) 90. Ravi (c) Them 3.Test brought by www. Mahanadi (b) Rana Pratap Sagar 2. Basaltic lava is found in the— (A) Deccan Trap (B) Himalayas (C) Indo-Gangetic Plain (D) North-Eastern Hills Ans. Who amidst the following eminent Indian journalists was conferred the Magsaysay Award? (A) Frank Moraes (C) Arun Shourie (B) Khushwant Singh (D) Girilal Jam Ans. The soil conservation method in which mountain slopes is cut into step is? (A) Contour ploughing (B) Cover planting (C) Strip cropping (D) Terracing Ans. (C) 87.qoney.I (Dams) List-II (River) (a) Ukai 1. Tropical grassland of Brazil is called— (A) Campos (B) Pampas (C) Prairies (D) Savannah Ans. Mediterranean type of climate is characterized by— (A) Dry summer and wet winter (B) Wet summer and dry winter (C) Dry summer and dry winter (D) Wet summer and wet winter Ans. Chambal . (A) 89.exams.com 86. (A) 88. Match the dams and the rivers across which those have been constructed— List.

List III in Schedule VII— Prevention of cruelty to Animals . Tapti 92.Test brought by www. (D) 94. (C) 93.qoney. (A) 4.com (d) Hirakud Code: abcd (A) 4 3 2 1 (B) 1 2 4 3 (C) 2 1 3 4 (D) 3 4 1 2 Ans. What is the age upto which children are prohibited from employment in any factory / Mine / hazardous work? (A) 10 Years (B) 12 Years (C) 14 Years (D) 16 Years Ans. During emergency imposed under Art. which of the following Constitutional provisions stands suspended? (A) Directive principles of state policy (B) Amendment procedures (C) Fundamental Rights (D) Judicial Review Ans. Where is the Constitutional power located enabling the Central Government to legislate on cow slaughter? (A) Entry 17. Which of the following Indian States first adopted the 3-tier Panchayati Raj system? (A) Bihar (B) Uttar Pradesh (C) Rajasthan (D) Madhya Pradesh Ans. (C) 95. Which of the following days is celebrated as national energy conservation day? (A) 5 June (B) 15 September (C) 4 November (D) 14 December Ans. 352.exams. (C) 96.

qoney. What is the number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell? (A) 43 (B) 44 (C) 45 (D) 46 Ans.com (B) Residuary powers under Art.exams. What is an antibiotic? (A) A chemical compound produced by a living organism that inhibits the growth of other organisms (B) A compound synthesized by a living organism that inhibits the growth of microbes (C) A synthetic compound inhibiting the growth of other organisms (D) A synthetic compound inhibiting the growth of bacteria Ans. (D) 97. (A) 99.Test brought by www. 48 in the Directive Principles Ans. (C) 100. (D) 98. Out of the following glands which is referred to as the master gland? (A) Thyroid (B) Adrenal gland (C) Pituitary (D) Pancreas Ans. 248 (C) Emergency Powers (D) Art. (B) . Xerophthalmia is a deficiency disease caused by lack of— (A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin B (C) Vitamin C (D) Vitamin D Ans.

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