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Published by: Robin Cesc on Jul 21, 2011
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Your project is now ready for archiving and installing on the Joomla system. Eclipse can create the
archive file for you! In the Navigator window, right-click on the com_guestbookproject, and select
the Export... option. The Export options window will be displayed, as shown in Figure6-10. Expand the
General category, select the Archive File option, and click the Next button.

The Archive file option box will display a number of different settings that can be used in creating the
archive. In the file selection box, you should see your project checked in the left pane and all of the files
selected in the right pane. Unless you want to deselect the project file for inclusion in the archive (it won’t
hurt anything if it is there), the default selections are fine.

Leave the default selections of “Save in zip format” and “Create directory structure for files.” In the “To
archive file” text box, enter or browse to a path on your local drive. Title the file com_guestbook.zip,
and click the Finish button. Eclipse will create the archive file and store it on the local drive.


Chapter 6: Advanced Extensions: Components

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Figure6-10: The Export options window provides the Archive selection to create
a ZIP archive of all the project files.

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