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Published by: Robin Cesc on Jul 21, 2011
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Joomla has two main user interfaces: front-end and Administrator. On other CMS systems, multiple levels
of user interface complexity may be created that are customized to user, role, or group privileges. That
means that different WYSIWYG editors, forms editors, and general interface attributes are presented,
depending on the user who is logged in to the system. The small changes to menu systems based on the
user’s group are not comparable to user-interface levels.


Chapter 15: What Joomla! Can’t Do

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Additionally, many CMS systems let the user customize the user interface experience with a selection
among multiple skins. Joomla presents the same template to all users. Some personalization (particularly
relating to a user profile) is offered through the Community Builder extension. However, this extension
requires substantial customization to allow for the type of individual page personalization offered out of
the box by other systems.

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