Questionnaire On The study of Investors performance in derivative market in Indore

1. Are you living in Indore? A. yes B. No

2. Are you an investor? A. yes B. No

3. Do you trade in derivative? A. yes B. No 4. Reason for not trading in derivative market? A. Lack of awareness B. high risk C .huge investment D. other

5. For how long are you trading in derivative? A. 0 to 1 year C. 3 to 5 year B. 1 to 3 year D. more than 5 year

6. What % of your income you invest in the market [any]? A. 0 to 15 % C. 30 to 50 % B. 15 to 30 % D. 50 to 100%

7. What % of your total investment use to invest in derivative market? A. Less than 25% C. 50 % to 75% B. 25 % to 50% D. 75% to 100%

8. What is the objective of your investment?

A. High returns C. stock market B. Forex market D. What would you give grade to the derivative market in terms of performance? A. How much risk is associated with the derivative market? A. Liquidity 10. all of the above . margin required B. A+ B. low return B. What is the rate of return expected by you from derivative market? A. moderate return D. Neutral B. not at all 15. moderate preferred D. B+ D . not at all 12.yes B. moderate risk D. return D. low risk C. A C. Give your preferences of trading in derivative market? A. Scope of the derivative market? A. high risk B. not at all preferred C. no 14. Most preferred 11. risk C. commodity market C. low return C. What criteria do you take in the consideration while investing? A. moderate return D.B 16. high returns B. What % of return you got in your previous derivative trading? A 13. Are you satisfied with the current performance of derivative? A . other 9.

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