BUDGET – OUTTURN POSITION FOR 2010-11 OVERVIEW AND SCRUTINY COMMITTEE – 28 JULY 2011 The following issues have been raised by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in relation to the revenue budget outturn for 2010-11 and a response will be provided for the meeting :1. Application of savings realisation policy (copy attached as Appendix 1) and in particular in relation to para 15 headed process statements :(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) How many savings are shown on the savings opportunity register (sub para a) How many savings have then been transferred onto the savings register (sub para b) Pool cars – have the savings actually offset the initial capital costs, covered the maintenance with a balance being used for savings; Mobile Phone contract – is the new contract on course to achieve the £100,000 savings anticipated over the 3 year period; Star chamber saving – how many staff posts or other savings were achieved as the direct result of the star chamber process.


What was the level of intended savings and what was actually achieved out of these, the reasons for non achievement and whether these can still be made. (a) Specific savings proposed and made on transformation and procurement.


Charging policy and income strategy – to discuss how these are being applied and the lesson learnt from 2010/11. What was anticipated and what was achieved. Areas of overspend, reasons for these and what actions being taken to mitigate any repeat for 2011/12. Budget 2011/12 early indications on progress with savings and expenditure. What was the figure for controllable expenditure in 2010/11 and 2011/12 Staff numbers – 2010/11 and 2011/12 – number of posts deleted, number of voluntary redundancies and number of compulsory redundancies. What discussions are being held with other authorities about joint working arrangements. Initial views on changes to collection of business rates.


5. 6. 7.



Appendix 1


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