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GP Essay Qns that apply the FUNCTIONS / AIMS / PURPOSE of the TOPIC

Q) There is little to learn from the past. Discuss

Not entirely true because, even in a rapidlychanging world, THERE IS STILL A PURPOSE in learning about the past.

Q) Music is merely for entertainment. Do you agree?

Not true, because music HAS OTHER FUNCTIONS too.

Q) Do public libraries still have a place in today's society?

Yes, because public libraries STILL HAVE SOME FUNCTIONS that cannot be entirely replaced yet.

Q) The word 'failure' should never be used in education. Do you agree ? (A-Lvl)
While it can be demoralising and harmful in many ways, the word 'failure' HAS IT'S PURPOSE in very specific situations in education.

Q) A leader should look beyond his borders. How far you agree with this statement ? (A-Lvl)
A leader's OBJECTIVES are to maintain security and progress in his country. If ACHIEVING THESE AIMS require him to look beyond his borders, then he should do so. Otherwise, he should be wary of interfering in the affairs of other countries because this may compromise his own country's national interests.

Other Past A-Level Qns that consider functions (I)

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Is there a case for keeping animals in zoos ? Can the media be relied upon to tell the truth ? Discuss the importance of religion in society today. Conformity should be the main aim of all schools. How far is this true ?


Other Past A-Level Qns that consider functions (II)

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Money is the root of all evil. Do you agree ? Should all forms of gambling be abolished ? Can telling lies ever be justified ? Discuss the arguments for and against the control of population