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Light Design by Anil Valia

Light Design by Anil Valia

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Published by: Mili Jain on Jul 21, 2011
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Designer’s Perspective – Lighting for Malls & Hotels

Green Lighting 2005 28th & 29th April 2005 CII – Godrej GBC, Hyderabad

– Lighting Designer & Educator
BE Elect (Hons.), Chartered Engineer, MIE (INDIA), FISLE, MIES (USA), FILE (U.K.) MIES ANZ (Australia), Educator - IALD (USA); CIE. EDU Ex-Vice President ISLE Founder Member CEEAMA

Lighting Systems Consultant
Shop No.9, Omex Apt, 64, Sahar Road, Koldongri, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400069, India Tel.: 91-22-26838413 Fax: 91-22- 56922443 Email: atvalia@vsnl.com



Lighting -- Is it an Art or Science? Lighting Is it an Art or Science?
Lighting Design Engineer - More Light And Less Use Of Electrical Energy….. Energy… Architect & Interior Designer Providing Aesthetically Appealing Luminaires…….. Luminaires……..

Lighting -- Is it an Art or Science? Lighting Is it an Art or Science?
- Left Side Of The Brain Is Responsible For Analytical Or Logical Analysis (Engineer) - Right Hand Side Of The Brain Is For Creative Design (Architect & Interior Designer) Both Speaks Different Language Of Light

Questions by Architects, Interior Questions by Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants, Clients Designers, Consultants, Clients

Lighting Designer’s Perspective - for Projects

• Why - lighting designer? • Can’t I do it myself? Can’ • Can’t I get free advice from lighting Can’ company • Can’t I get done through Electrical or Can’ Services Consultant • How do I find the right lighting designer for my particular project?

Market Practice Lighting Design. • The Lighting Sales Consultant • The Lighting Specifier – Architect. Interior designer & Electrical Consultants • The Lighting Designer Lighting Designer Lighting Designer • Enhances Built Environment • Integrates Light & Space • Combines Creativity with Technical Skill • Helps In Making Right Budget ILA ILA R-Mall Globus ENHANCES BUILT ENVIRONMENT ILA INTEGRATES LIGHT & SPACE ILA COMBINES CREATIVITY WITH TECHNICAL SKILL ILA BUDGETING FOR LIGHTING ILA .Lighting Design.Market Practice Design• Free lighting scheme by manufacturers – a sales aid.

Pune ILA ILA Lighting Design Tools Lighting Design Tools Designer’s Perspective Lighting for Malls Computer Graphics With True Photometry ILA ILA Change in Marketing Style Change in Marketing Style • Brands are promoted & Buyers are brand conscious • New keywords . excitement and fascination. interior. landscaping. exterior elevations. signage ILA ILA . décor. merchandising. Jamnagar Lakme Beauty Saloon. • • • • Competition & Creativity Competition & Creativity presentation.entertainment.Architecturally Designed Luminaires RPL. atrium.

technically advanced control systems – fluorescent lamps in light array. energy savings.less important • Immaterial factors like lighting attention will be focused Dynamic or Active lighting Dynamic or Active lighting concepts concepts • Allows to change the atmosphere of a space – Any time of the day / night – Varying the mood – Effective Active Reactive ILA ILA Dynamic or Active lighting Dynamic or Active lighting concepts concepts • User friendly. – RGB LEDs. capital cost – Guidance on where to & why spend more on lighting • annual cost – Key for survival ILA ILA New Dimensions of Shopping New Dimensions of Shopping Mall and Possibilities Mall and Possibilities • Material elements in the space . LEDs. children’ food courts • • • • • • • Shopping Mall Lighting Shopping Mall Lighting Add On to enhance interiors & exteriors creating ambience attract more people Help them in shopping through their eyes Help shoppers to sell well.Shopping Malls Areas Shopping Malls Areas • • • • entertainment areas. Dynamic or Active lighting Dynamic or Active lighting concepts concepts • Screens and Projectors in architecture – Convey information – Present images – Create special effects ILA ILA . children’s play area. multiplex. – spotlights with colour filters – optical fibre systems.

eyes… ILA ILA R-Mall. eyes… ILA People principally buy with their eyes…. Mulund ILA ..Facility Manager • Time based control & maintenance • Monitoring & remote maintenance • Security and operations ILA Quality Standards for Lighting Quality Standards for Lighting Solutions in Shopping Mall Solutions in Shopping Mall • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Attraction .New dimensions of Shopping New dimensions of Shopping Mall Requirements Mall Requirements Excitement and Change – Shop keeper Events and Flexibility – Centre Manager Attraction & Interaction – visitor Analysis & Accounting – Facility Manager Orientation and Emergency Lighting .Excellent Contrast Rendition A suitable Lighting Level Balance Distribution of Brightness Avoiding Glare Light direction and creating shadows Pleasant Light Colours Correct Colour rendition Making optimum use of Energy Preventing reflections Protection from UV radiation Avoiding heat generation Colour change possibilities Control System Emotional impact of lighting • • • • • ILA People principally buy with their eyes…..

R-Mall. suppliers and contractors ILA ILA Designer’s Perspective Lighting for Hotels . consultants. Mulund ILA ILA ILA ILA Conclusion Conclusion • People buy through their eyes & Right Light can fulfill that need • Involve Lighting Designer right from blue print stage • Key to success of Lighting Projects – Early & Timely interaction between the architects. Lighting Designer.

Staircases Lobby & Public Areas Lobby & Public Areas • Architecturally lighted & Inviting • Taste. Bar & Party • Lighting Flexibility is the key word • Lighting level for activity • Multiple lighting elements and systems • Dimming facilities & Scene creation ILA ILA Lighting of Pubs and Clubs Lighting of Pubs and Clubs • Enable people to see – perception & not recognition • Brightly lit bar counter & tables • Sparkle effect . Conference.Meeting.Messages from the eyes Illumination of faces and eyes Candle-effect for intimacy CandleSubdividing the space Changing the scene ILA ILA .Hotel Lighting design key issues Hotel Lighting design key issues • Important Institution . Blend of functional & decorative Lighting. Feeling of being well looked after.glitter of glasses • • • • • Lighting Of Restaurants Lighting Of Restaurants Key .lighting flexibility ILA ILA Guest Room Lighting Guest Room Lighting • • • • Visual Comfort. • Entrance – warm & receptive • Reception Desk. Creating mood & atmosphere. Banquette Room Lighting Banquette Room Lighting • Multifunctional .easily noticed Desk• Safety In Passages Lifts. Theme or customs of the country • same space to cater to different functions . Dinning. Exhibition. Dancing.people on Holiday & on Business • Hotel is a home away home.

Fibre Optics Lighting Systems RGB Lighting Systems ILA ILA ILA ILA ILA ILA ILA .

Lighting Designer. suppliers and contractors Thank You Presented by Anil Valia Created by Dolly Valia 28/04/2005 ILA ILA .ILA ILA ILA ILA ILA ILA Summary Summary • Hotel Lighting is a Complex Subject • Involve Lighting Designer right from blue print stage • Key to success of Lighting Projects – Early & Timely interaction between the architects. consultants.

64.com ILA .:91-22-26838413. Koldongri. Sahar Road. India Tel. Omex Apartment. Mumbai-400069. Andheri (East). Telefax:91-22-56922443 email: atvalia@vsnl.International Lighting Academy 9.

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