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Child Within Power Pendant

Child Within Power Pendant

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Published by Antonio Ari Israel

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Published by: Antonio Ari Israel on Jul 21, 2011
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CHILD WITHIN Power Pendant

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Assists Healing of Childhood Traumas Assists Healing of Parkinson's Disease Mental, Physical and Emotional Healing Prevents Heart Attacks Initiates Self Love

The benefits of going back in the past to see where we have derived our attitudes and beliefs about life and where healing needs to be done are essential. It empowers us with reassurance that we can nourish ourselves when other people couldn't or wouldn't. This is the foundation for forgiveness and provides the opportunity to accept full responsibility for ourselves instead of blaming life, people, or God for our pain. When the child-self within is healed and integrated with the conscious adult-self, emotional and mental patterns can change from what had evolved out of our ‘often forgotten’ troubled past. It is then possible to come to terms with life, claim our power, and move our attention into what we choose our lives to be, instead of being subconsciously manipulated by our own hurt child. Price: Php 1,995.00.
FREE shipping via: LBC, JRS, or DHL (Philippines only). For cash transfer payments: Western Union or LBC. Credit card and e-payments: paypal.com/payoneer.com (Acct: tonyisrael@gmail.com) Dimensions: 1.7" roundness Weight: 2 oz. X .50" thickness.

The child within us is that little girl or boy that might have felt unloved, uncared for, or misunderstood at some point in life. It is also the innocence, the trust, and the belief in the magic of life. The child is sensitive and excited with each moment, exuding enthusiasm and joy that only unconditioned minds contain. It is a part of us that needs to be acknowledged and often times healed. It is worth going back. The CHILD WITHIN Power Pendant contains the following crystals and gemstones: Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine: are two of the best stones to use at the heart center when taking care of the child. Rose Quartz has the power to draw the energy of the heart inward, to heal the self, to change the self image through initiating self love. Rose Quartz will relay that, forgiveness is the only way to gain inner peace as it teaches the importance of true caring. Rose Quartz understands, as no other stone can, that compassion can fill the gaps which external influences never could. With the wisdom of the heart activated through the use of the stone, it is possible to find within the self the true source of love and build a personal foundation of security that nothing can shake. Rose Quartz is the main heart center stone and is usually used in every crystal healing. Depending upon the person and the circumstances being worked with, Rose Quartz can safely be used in quantity. Green Aventurine is also quartz and is one of the most efficient healers around, lending its pure green ray into mental, emotional and physical realms. Used at the heart center, it will trigger the healing of the emotional body as well as any correlated physical disease. Green Aventurine is like a good doctor that inspires you to get well, no matter what the problem is. Used in conjunction with Rose Quartz, a dynamic duo is formed that will focus on loving and healing the depths of the heart. Quartz Crystal Points: a power stone that harmonizes and balances. It enhances energy and thoughts, and purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical. It is also a powerfully protective stone. Clear quartz is associated with the crown chakra, but also works well on all chakras. It amplifies the healing vibrations of all the other stones.

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