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CCC newsletter-Winter 2010

CCC newsletter-Winter 2010

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Published by: Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco on Jul 21, 2011
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Chinese Culture Center Newsletter
The Center for the Advancement of Chinese and Chinese American Art and Culture

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by Kan K wok Fan"

Opening Reception featuring the Master, Kan Kwok Fan
Date: Saturday, February 6 Time: 2:00 pm Location: Chinese Culture Center Gallery 750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 All CCC Members and Guests are welcome! Take Guzheng CiS"$) Classes atCCC! Have you ever wanted to play a traditional Chinese instrument? CCC is currently offering Guzheng (Chinese table harp) classes for beginners! The instructor is David Wong. He has studied guzheng and guqin under masters in the U.S. and China. He is a leading member of the S.P. Guzheng Music Society. Tuition for Winter, Spring and Fall 2010 Quarters (10 weeks) Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm CCC members: $400/person Non-members: $450/person Call to Register: (415) 986-1822, x23

Crouching tiger, Kan Kwok Fan



by Kan K wok Fan


By: Terese Tse Bartholomew ~f£#rHJ (Curator Emeritus, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco) Fate decreed that Kan Kwok Fan would become Chao Shao-an' s student. When Kan was in China, he found a torn calendar in Zhongshan with a landscape painting of maple leaves signed "Shao-an." Kan Kwok Fan had never heard of this artist; he did not know his surname or even whether he was still alive. All he knew was that he liked this style of painting and he wanted to study it. Kan Kwok Fan moved to Hong Kong in 1968. One day when he was talking with a friend, the name Chao Shao-an came into the conversation. Kan Kwok

Fan became very excited, and was delighted to learn that the artist who painted the calendar was indeed alive and teaching in Hong Kong. Kan became Professor Chao Shao-an' s pupil and studied with him for over twenty years. Professor Chao Shao-an was the master of the Lingnan School of painting. His style is clearly expressed in Kan Kwok-fan's paintings: in his birds and insects, his colorful palette, and his use of the shanmabi, a brush with strong bristles that gives his grasses and leaves the typical feibai or "flying white" appearance.
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Executive Director's Message Welcome New Board Members CCC's 2010 Spring Festival! A Look at our Events & Activities Chinese Translation Harmony & Bliss '09 Photo Album Works by Kan Kwok Fan (contd.) Roots Updates & Donor List Donor List (contd.)

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"Master Works by Kan Kwok Fan" is on view January

30, 2010 - March 28,

2010. Exhibit is free 19 the public. Schools groups are welcome to request a curated group tour by calling (415) 986-1822, ext. 24. Our Gallery is open Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm and Sundays, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm.

The CCF Welcomes Four New Board Members!
CCF held its annual membership meeting on December 12, 2010 and among the slate of candidates that were elected to the Board of Directors, four are new to the CCF family. They bring a wealth of experience and wisdom and we're very happy to have them. OUf,Board now totals 20 members. Sherman Tang: "Currently, 1 am the Chapter President of OCA - San Francisco Bay . .I have been involved with Chinese Community Family Associations for twenty years including Chinese Hospital, Chinese Cemetery, and the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. 1 joined the Board of the Chinese Culture Foundation in hopes of helping young people understand the beauty of Chinese culture as well as defining, exploring and discovering the contemporary Chinese American culture in America." Norman Vee: "I've spent most of my adult life serving the community that 1 grew up in, Chinatown. 1 worked from directly serving youth at the Chinatown YWCA to eventually having the opportunity to head Wu Yee Children's Services. In between these experiences, I taught for the San Francisco public schools, including Spring VaIley Elementary and adult education at City College, Chinatown campus. Presently, 1 am serving on the San Francisco Board t.. Education to help improve publicceducation or ev.ery student. Serving on the Chinese Culture Foundation will provide an opportunity for me to continue serving the community." Maggie Mui: "1 am Senior Vice President and San Francisco Market Regional President of Wells Fargo. 1 am responsible for 20 Wells Fargo stores located in the San Francisco Financial District and surrounding neighborhoods. Prior to my current role, I was the Director of Specialized Solutions, leading small business, consumer credit, investments. acquisition, and retention initiatives for the S.F. Bay Area region. I serve on the Board of Directors at S.F. General Hospital Foundation, Self-Help for the Elderly and the Asian Business League of San Francisco. Through the Chinese Culture Foundation, I hope to continue my active dedication towards serving the community." Darin Ow-Wing: "I am currently the Executive Director of Community Educational Services. In the past, 1 served as Chairperson of the Mayor's Youth Employment & Education Program. I also co-created the Chinatown Beacon Center, the Galilee Health Academy, and the Galileo College & Career Resource Center. During the past few years, I have served on many committees involving after-school programs. I enjoy astronomy, gardening, and helping my kids keep their rabbits happy."

Executive Director's Message to the CCC Family
Happy New Year! 2010 marks the 45th anniversary of Chinese Culture Foundation of San Francisco's formation. For over four decades, the CCF has enjoyed tremendous success, through the tireless and selfless efforts and contributions of our founders, wonderful partners, board members and generous supporters in pioneering the introduction of Chinese culture Mabel Teng receives a Certificate of Honor from to the American public. Today, Supervisor David Chiu at Harmony & Bliss 2009. we have become a destination where people come to share our heritage, explore a vibrant Chinese American culture and celebrate artistic excellence. February 4th marks the first day of Spring (iLl'f) in the Lunar Calendar and on Feb. 14, we officially welcome the Year of the Tiger, which is said to be full of challenges and unpredictability. We will rise up to the challenges and celebrate our achievements. In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, the CCF will celebrate 45 years of service to the community by recommitting to our core mission of preserving and promoting.ChineseAmerican .culture and heritage. Weare pre'p'ared to make greater contributions through bold new initiatives to engage the community and the general public in our programs. The planning of San Francisco Chinatown's first Music Fe ti al is already underway. Renowned jazz piani t1compo er Jon Jang and his band are confmned along with master tromboni t and producer Wayne Wallace. The Mu ic Festival will u her in CCC' Artist-inRe idence program in the Fall. Tbi year's vi ual programs will feature master works by the famous Chinese painter of the Lingnan style - Mr. Kan Kwok Fan, creative paintings by contemporary artist - Ms. Stella Zhang and an exhibition of Emblems of Ethereal Grace Adornments designed by Ms. Pat Tseng. I would also like to invite you to experience our Chinatown Heritage Walking Tour and participate in our heritage programs. Weare planning a wide range of activities this year that include: book reading, tea tasting, concerts, dance, happy hours, book fairs as well as educational events. Our In Search of Roots program is turning 20 years old and we are in the process of selecting our 2010 Roots interns to visit their ancestral hometown villages this summer along with our 2009 interns. I invite you to come and join us at these exciting events and wish everyone a roaringly successful year. Thank you, Mabel S. Teng

We Invite You to Celebrate the Year of the Tiger at CCC's Spring Festival: February 27 - 28!
By: Ruth Young Chinese New Year is almost here. To celebrate the New Year of the Tiger, join us during the weekend of February 27-28, 2010 from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm. We will be having our annual Chinese Spring Festival. There will be 2 days of fun activities including: Chinese music and dance, amazing acrobats, Tai Chi, and other exciting cultural performances. There will also be interesting booths, fortune telling, and lantern riddle games with prizes for everyone to win. Our Spring Festival is the largest indoor celebration in San Francisco and it will be held on the 3rd Floor of the Chinese Culture Center. We hope to see you there! Bring your friends and family. Admission is free.

This is the 2010 Year of the Tiger Stamp unveiled by USPS at CCC this January.

Recent Events and Activities at the CCC!

Author Harrison Lim (3rd from left) presents his new book, "A Thousand Years of Women's Tears" on December 19, 2009. His book examines the heartbreak that Chinese women throughout history experience in relationships. It successfully sold numerous copies at the Center. Jon Jang, a celebrated mUSICIan, performs his music inspired by Chinese traditions at Harmony & Bliss 2009.

Tea Master Jensi Wu and other Tea Masters from the North American Asian Art & Culture Association bring the art of tea to CCc. People tasted Bao-Chung and Da-Hung-Paw tea and watched how tea is served in Chinese culture.

Beautiful Chinese traditional music being played by students can be heard and enjoyed at CCC's guzheng classes taught by David Wong.


Chinese Translation

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2010~lJj 30 - 201O~3Jj 28 B

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2010~2Jj 27 - 28 B


8"J~~~__l~:!!~ *~iffi¥-¥: .;i!, ~ tM-m, £.*~~8"J-f*1ff Ei@, J! £ ili1-~r.:j-I ¥ ~~. 1:.L 8''1 m: ~ ~ ~~~~m ~1t;lJL 1ii!¥]lm 7t 1:If'. if: BflJ1j£ m. ;I,*~ ~ 7t 1:, 1j£wmiiJW~w, 1§.m+ it, f~ ;L,'ft W, ib ]y,' *j( f3E ~r, £Ltg A §J:to , ~~frf~, tg f± ~ ~ JIjt ~ $ ~_b~fJi 7t 1:tlH1& $~, ~£~_X~Iill{mA5zo;lt., 1! ~~Ji8"Jp~mo


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lit{jz~I:.t5 T Fi1j ~$7t1:it!H til 7](:to {t,~ iW 1'F8"J ~M ~, ;It $ 11= r:plf-®£~~~fi11=, ~~ill If fIB tg T lit'lj( Ji I: fR IG' "EJ 1f}] 8"J WT 1'Fo {m8"J1'F~mWT~K, 17T:ff t~-;-Y1±/F~ ~ tfa,~ 8"J ia~ ~~1!~o

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Sherman Tang:





Norman Vee:

.. fx;1j£/J\1£W~W


!¥]I~-K:A, mAz1Jtill-J[3&jJJJ0 :tE2010~m~*~zJ~, fi~ iJJ r.:1=1 ¥ X 1-t1=1=1 $ ili "Jf JjjfF- fli/ff!! ;L,' ~ li/fIlJll' ~~1:~2010~1}=j 30 B ~~, 3}j28 B ~~~, ~jt~~{§~ Jljgffrif:, TJ} ~jH~ r:p;L,'ti~{$ #JE X 1-t8"J$ 71U~ { ~~1~


IE r.:p 8"J ~ I::tO 1JjilJ~:r~ , ;L,' ~:r~ § 4ij:1m~tI1j1j£:FJ[~iiJ¥A1j, $~ §
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J1/fg~j::9:TW~ Wr, illlf $tt &' ijf 5t.5t.limUJ}"-p ;L,'8''1 ~. A lI:t5'r, fJUi ~ 1f*j~fi ~ 111 * ~ 8''1 -0 J'L* ;j'3L~~#JE,1'1tE~ w:§ IJ\ *:to If~ LL, * r.:p ~ ~:5J'-5t § -ru-, ~X; t 1tJ: tg fi ~ LL, 1f j[ $Wrs~ *j

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Chinese Translation PX; ~,


*,~ ~

=Jt-Jt~tt" Wt~ "1i!rj}]ill£ ~~ ffi~'~ 8"J ~ ff9T~ ~ 8"J~W: ~ Maggie Mui: "ft:;\lk'i'~mN1j-r%J*&~U f¥ff B~&~ ~€:I, A~ 8"J ~ fr, *J {E~*~ JJO- *YU:ff ~~¥A:&~ fD ~ ~ LIJrtd~J tfu~ ~ f~ *~

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Wf~5t~f~~tltlfr =JtJtfL~~ tIL fJG H "w t~" % 11*J [J,= fr,~ * + fifJ~Jf~mj}]~~tltlf7t~:&~ ALaura Lad(±3&:IWt





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-=JJ-=+-t; B ~ -=JJ-=+J\B

",TL;::~ lx~,

,1'1)<"~r:t, /,T::7f'EE


.Effilr:;:rr.]J113=¥';:~ Sn~~

ft1f:~1J~~~LIJ*~iirm~ ~1rii$~, ~~LIJ~AElgj]~W 211+lim*~M~ ili[~CP.xit~~ ~, ft;ffi-~~gli.;fjfj~!ljJJj~ffrr. ~




Et'~ 129]fX ¥~ T iT f¥, ~ ~ 1mfP~ M i' ~¥fr~~-[P]f$f¥o " Wt~ "~ ~ fr, *J ~ iJ( QJF~~m 8<] wJHLlJ , itl1 ~ JIt )!~, ~ ~ f)( ~, ~Itt" w 1~ "PX; A ~ f¥ C iHtt - + ~ [J,.L Et'~ A ~ ~) 8"J ~ fr~*J PX; ~ ~QJr:p~A[lio




~t1J8*~llift§NMT §~ft 2010 if-2 H 27 -28 B !f..L+~(11 )~~ _¥T'f-l2](4)~~, *Wft1r5~ff!7L~JTB"J JJEifi§::;\lkft{F5~~B"J~t1J~ff!7L, i§:mJ(#~l§l§FOOB"J$mJJ ' ~J3CP~ l%~fD~~ , .AB"J~fX ' :;tfj , t)]St;!t1-1ft% A~.B"JB"JX it*~
0 0 0


"ElM, ft:;\lkw±~ ~1H~~l¥J¥A1j--=t ff 1£~~ fR tffi1f:rtJ IHh¥01l[ F.l 4gt*ffi~1f~t IUB"J-=tm ftm~mA1iJ~~tg:cp 1iJofljme~m~ tff, J-)_]St1tJOfljme~ ~fG]St~*ji1JjCPI~\B"J~~EU91A ft~~~4CP , ft1Wij&lJ£1J~1H~~ ]St~*1~15mJJB"J~~~ ft-glJ(J(x


"W1~ "mj}]8"J~~





~ , ~~

, TIfz.ilj]ftB"J1P<-T1r5~1m
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1F5B"J~Tr%J~ -

-=~-~~"**1l"mlbim* -=+.MJ~
~ ~ ~ ~D,

fr" ~*J~~~~JJn=Jt-~~ --tJj T W:tE$i :m.~8"J [p]~i'£ ~mj}]o 1mfr~~=JtJtfL/=Jt~ ~8"J~ ~ fP5*JQJF~~1fLr *~¥I m 1ffi_ Jf- JJ!R 8"J #1~o* I~H~~ JiIf 1-~ x ~ C05t618-906) EP-f, ~~m*~J58"J 11*ffJI£Jlj@_~#1~O~~, ;fj£¥I 1ffi~'~1fEtlj T m *Jfu~, :tE*I! #l~¥~JlBPo5K!l!AEP-f:J't,ij C05t9601279) *I!#l~ 8"J D _3Z_ 7J\.1fXilj A T *IT - ftJ1J+I:Li!1~, $7J\.~m* A ~J5 Aff ~~~m:tEm. -':Li!1 8"J ~
0 0

m#~l§l§FOOB"J.1lz '.$, fD~@ A iffi OJ t)JI 1%~ bb B"J ~~ l§ ~ 3Qf ~ JtX n1r5B"J~t1J:;\lkif~LlJm:*B"J1l[ P'J~ff!7L$mJJ,#~1J~CP.x itCP 1~\3;fJ ~1jn1r5ffl~~¥U1fJ\1r5! 1ffff~B"J ~J3bZfD*A ~flAf~
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~&IMHJJ$:~_\~J'~ T = +~ gHj£~ fLfL ~~[J,*, "ww" mj}]B*~1%WJ ~Ef~8"J¥~~~w~:tE1"~$i* ~'1~~1j T 1mfPH§_7t; ~&~m~8"JH ~ 1£ "wt~" 8"J~l!f r:p, ~ ~ fP~ ~ ~Ij T ~ ~ r:p¥ ~ 5t ~O}I:_ 1~3;0 , ~ ~o*jdt'~~§Hj~JJotJi\W, illtt¥~


"Wt~" mj}]B




*Et'~Jf~~f$fli~; 1£~~8"J£ ~1i!rj}]~0~;k*JJ~i'~ Jff5Lm j}]8"J~1~£5Er =Jt--~=Jj

"'-hF+i:!R!(n; ~ 'J tts: ~


iJ;l;! J:t¥.t





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r:pJ~\¥fr1fU~ ~~~*t ~ -- JJO t;h~ AfJGfr~8"JA*ffi!o Rona Yee j§(. ~1l@;t§~~J~ §, :Jt~{i1II5~ m -Rm$ o ~£¥fr~~tfi~ ill ~ ~~8"J*~ ftr!J Rona ~-Rj]0~*~~~if rTf, )( -BJ: £* El r:p~ $i * 8"J $~ ~ ttIB:liili;fj£fL~ J#~' 1ffi Et'~ 1 tffS !x.~~ 1m Mount Holyoke ~~, EfX1~ T*±i' tiff Jt: Et'~ ±~1fL -m. @ w ~ fMr -g. T ~ ttlBtH1111*M~:&mpx;~tt~~_~j;: ~JH5t8"JJ!~o Rona ~~j§£jg ~~~, [J,¥,)jtJi\ili*A, M~¥A*± ~~&~j}o ttlBtHm_,ix1~r:pI~\~Ofi~ LLI 9=1 ~ ~ f± ~ 8<] ~ ~, :iEYfliS:J't,ij T
Yee-0 0

w~ LlI'=P¥ X 1~~



Chinese Culture Center Family
Board of Directors
Colin C. Wong, D.D.S.



Harmony & Bliss 2009: A Big Thank You!

Russell E. Leong, M.D.

Executive Vice President
Helen !:lui

Vice Presidents
Darlene Chiu Irene Yee Riley

Brian Yee

Gin Ho

Board of Directors
Kerwin Chan Y. Mei Lam Esther U Rolland C. Lowe, M.D. Jonas Miller Maggie Mui Doroteo Ng Darin Ow-Wing Sherman Tang Susan Tom Eric Tong Ronald Wu Norman Yee

Executive Director
Mabel S. Teng

Abby Chen Onilda Cheung Fengyuan Ji Catherine Le Pape RonaYee Ruth Young Yongce Zhou

Art Advisory Committee
Manni Liu, Chair Terese Tse Bartholomew Tsung Woo Han, B.F.A. Tatwina Chinn Lee Gang Situ Pat Tseng

Interns & Volunteers
Betty Chang Albert Cheng Helen Huynh Kilty Kao Frank Lee Stacey Lee Richard Leung Alan Liu Mengxuan Liu Steve Owyang John C. Wong Simone Yu

All Photos Courtesy of Frank lang

January 30, 2010 - March 28, 2010 "Works by Kan Kwok Fan" Exhibition Time/Location: Tu-Sa 10-4 PM, Su 12-4 PM/Galiery Admission: Free February 27 - 28, 2010 CCC's 2010 Chinese Spring Festival TimelLocation: 11:00 AM-4:00 PM 13rd Floor Admission: Free April 17 - July 1,2010 Spring 2010 Class Session Mandarin for Adults: LevellA 2,3; Mandarin Learn and Play for Children, BrushPainting, Calligraphy, Guzheng, Traditional ChenTaijiquan
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Works by Kan Kwok Fan
I have known Kan Kwok Fan for many years and I highly admire his paintings. He is versatile in all genres of Chinese paintings: landscape, animals, flowers and birds. He is a keen observer of nature - his winter depiction of Yosemite, with mist rising from the valley floor, is an intimate as well as beautiful portrayal of this fabulous valley. Kan Kwok Fan is a kind person and I am impressed with his gentle demeanor. This gentleness is often expressed in his paintings of birds and fowls, among many other subjects.
Trivia Answer: 743 Washington Street Building of Canton, United Commercial Bank. Currently in San Francisco, formerly Bank the branch of East West Bank.

Program & CCC Updates!Donor List


In Search of Roots to Celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2010
By: Steven Owyang and Albert Cheng 2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of the In Search of Roots program. Since 1991, the In Search of Roots program has reconnected hundreds of Chinese American young adults with their ancestral villages in Guangdong Province, China. In the process, the interns have grown closer to their families, learned about Chinese history and culture, and developed a fuller appreciation of their identities and the Chinese American community. 2010 will be a busy year for the program. The selection process for the 2010 interns is in progress. In the spring, the interns will participate in a series of seminars on Chinese and Chinese American history and visit the National Archives and the Angel Island Immigration Station. This July's trip to China promises to be extraordinary; the 2010 interns will be joined by the 2009 interns (whose trip was postponed due to concerns over the HIN1 flu). Roots will also make its second visit to the Chaozhoul Shantou (Teochew/Swatow) region of Guangdong Province. Additionally in the Fall, the "Roots-Plu .. group adults age 30 and above) will embark on it fir t journey. Finally, all past Roots interns will be invited to a reunion in Guangzhou in late July 2010, when they and 2009/2010

2009 Roots interns, mentors and families pose in front of Joe Shoong School in the historic town of Locke, an early Chinese settlement in the Sacramento Delta.

interns will travel to Meiling and Zhujixiang on the Guangdong/Jiangxi border. Meiling and its gate Meiguan was the passage way where a majority of Cantonese-speaking people came through from Jiangxi Province to Guangdong Province during the Tang Dynasty (CE 618-906). They settled in the town of Zhujixiang. During the Song Dynasty (CE 960-1279), Zhujixiang's population dispersed to the Pearl River Delta region, home to a majority of today's Cantonese-speaking people.

Roots alumni are busy planning a series of events to be held in the Bay Area. They include a celebration kick-off dinner this Spring, a reunion in China, a Fall picnic and a culmination festivity on February 26, 2011 to include an exhibition, presentation, and banquet. In 2009, Roots co-founder and preeminent Chinese American historian Him Mark Lai passed away. The entire Roots family will honor Him Mark and Laura Lai throughout the twentieth anniversary.

Welcome CCC's Outreach Coordinator: Rona Vee!
The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco introduces Rona Yee, who is the newest addition to our staff serving as Outreach Coordinator. Rona was born and raised just across the bridge in Oakland to immigrant parents from Guangdong, China. She is a recent graduate of Mount Holyoke, where she received a B.A. in Critical Social Thought-a major that incorporated her interests of the construction and concept of race and AsianlPacific Islander/ American history. Rona returned to the Bay in hopes of reconnecting with her home, working with and serving her community. She is excited to become a member of the CCC family and San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood.

Donor List (Contributions Received 7/19/2009 -1/12/2010)
Campaign for a New Beginning Tom Do Hing Foundation Chinatown Music Festival Bank of America Charitable Foundation Exhibitions Wells Fargo Foundation Harmony & Bliss 2009 Sally Banh Better Chinese Ltd. Andy Bryant Cathay Pacific Airways Mr. & Mrs. Les Chafen Elaine Chan Kerwin H. Chan Sherlin Chan Betty Chang Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund (through Cedric Chao - Fujioka Family Fund) Anita Chen Claudine Cheng Peter & Helen Chi Chinese Performing Arts Foundation DAE Advertising Jonathan Dearman James Dirickson Lynn Eichinger Empress of China Brian Eakle & Pope Valley Winery Sarah Etheredge Allen & Helen Fong Harry Fung Carolyn Gan Doris Grover Khiang H. Hei Dora Hsiung Helen Hui & Gordon Lew Helen Huynh Jack Sen Benevolent Association Charlene Y. Jung Kitty Kao Mr. & Mrs. Lorenz Kao James Kendrix David Kim Mark Kwan Dr. Eric & Mrs. Lenora Kwok Chunsun Lai

The Chinese Culture Foundation would like to thank our donors and corporate sponsors. Your generous contributions have funded arts and cultural enrichment ro rams for the community:... __'
Harmony & Bliss 2009
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San Francisco Foundation (Donor Advised Grant from the Rolland C. & Kathyrn L. Lowe Fund) Dr. Russell & Mrs. Sherlyn Leong THE SAN".fc..R_A•..,r..._,« .. ."._ "

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Trivia: Where was the location of the original site of the Chinese Telephone Exchange Company, which once was the only U.S. foreign language telephone exchange? (see bottom of page 6 for answer) Learn more about history and heritage by signing up for our Chinatown Heritage Walking Tour. Call (415) 986-1822, x24.

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