Love, Honor and Obey

By Elton Camp No matter who or what words couples say It sure is the husband who is going to obey He who expected to be “man of the house” Will end up becoming a meek little mouse If she speaks, “Yes, Ma’am” is his reply Anything else he had better not even try When were dating she didn’t do that way But it soon changes after the wedding day “Hey you worm, go and scrub the floor Don’t make have to tell you anymore. And dirty dishes are waiting in the sink So you get them done as quick as a wink.” “Plenty of housework you are going to do. Because I make nearly as much pay as you. So get busy, you lazy, foolish little knave. I’m not going to be yours or anyone’s slave.” If he is wise, he will do exactly as he is told Since it is far better than listening to her scold He never expected her to have a temper so vile Now about all he can do is obey her and smile

“When you finish that, I have some more jobs for you to do.”