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AP – Style Analysis; Narrative/Descriptive Writing


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1 Seminar 2 Lecture 3 Quest 4
Style analysis Bring hard Supp Rdg 1.2
“The Rattler” copy of N/D due turnitin
Review Vocab
Revision and Unit 3
Editing N/D
Essay Style Analysis
“The Rattler”
5 6 Seminar 7 Lecture 8 Quest 9 Seminar 10 Lecture 11
N/D Final Vocab Unit 3 Banned Book Complete Banned Book
Essay Due test assignment discussion p. selection sheet
turnitin 193, 198 BR and contract
Rhetoric/ Discuss “On due
Style Analysis Rhetorical Compassion”
“The Rattler” Modes and
“Homeless” p.
Example essay 193, 198 BR

12 13 No 14 Quest 15 Seminar 16 Lecture 17 Quest 18
ISE Day Review Vocab Discuss “Black Style Analysis Discuss
Units 1-3 Men and Public review “Celebrating
Spaces” p. 208 the Pity of
Esample Essay BR Vocab Test Brotherly
RD #1 due Units 1-3 Love” p. 203
turnitin BR

19 20 Seminar 21 Lecture 22 Quest 23 Seminar 24 Lecture 25
Example Essay Style Analysis Early Out Voice exercise Example Essay
RD #2 due timed writing RD #3 due
turnitin Voice exercise turnitin

Discuss “We Style Analysis
Are Free to Be timed writing
You, Me,
Stupid, and
Dead” p. 215
26 27 Quest 28 Seminar 29 Lecture 30 Quest 31 Seminar
Voice exercise Banned Book Bring hard Voice exercise Banned Book
discussion copy of assignment due
example essay

Revise and edit
esample essay

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