B.E (Mechanical Engineering)

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Curriculum Vitae
To serve an esteemed organization which can provide me the opportunity to contribute and utilize my skills and abilities that offers professional growth while being innovative and flexible.

Educational credentials:
a) S.S.L.C & P.U.C Course S.S.L.C P.U.C b) B.E Course B.E Mechanical Engineering College The National Institute of Engineering, Mysore Board Autonomous Under VTU Semester 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th SGPA 7.33 8.20 7.96 7.00 7.57 7.57 8.08 8.68 Class First FCD FCD First First First FCD FCD School / College JSS High School, Mysore Sarada Vilas pu college, Mysore Board K.S.E.E.B K.P.U.B Year of Passing 2005 2007 Marks Obtained (%) 79.20 67.16 Class / Grade First Class First Class

CGPA (1-8) : 7.77 CGPA Equivalent Marks (%) : 70.2 % Year of Completion : 2011

 Basics : M.S Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint. typing, computer hardware

 Operating system : WINDOWS XP, WINDOWS 7, LINUX  Softwares : CNC(training), Solid Edge, Solid Works, ANSYS,
B-CAT (automobile familiarisation)

Hardworking. typing.570014 : : Mob.N : Ningaraju : Pushpa : Male : Single : 08/02/1990 : kannada : kannada. 4. No: +91. Playing Cricket.N S/O Ningaraju #2376/2. always ready to go that extra mile to reach the zenith.English and Hindi GURURAJU. wrestling. able to work in group. 1st cross. Always Strive for Excellence while completing a Task. Place: Mysore (GURURAJU.7411955808 E-mail: gurugowda36@gmail. positive attitude. leadership skills. Sociable and can easily adjust to any sort of environment. 4.N) . 5th Main road. Ready to face challenges and accept defeat in a sportive way and look to win. Mysore.browsing :  Contact Details  Hobbies Strengths: 1.Personal details:  Name  Father Name  Mother Name  Sex  Marital status  Date of Birth  Mother Tongue  Languages Known Permanent Address : Gururaju. jayanagar. I declare that the information given above is true to the best of my knowledge. Willingness to learn. deliver work under pressure. 2.