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DepED MEMORANDUM No. 25 4c ' s. 2007

JUN 28 2007

THRUSTS ANDACTIVITIESOF THE YOUTHFOR ENVIRONMENT IN SCHOOLS ORGANIZATION (YES-O) To: Regional Directors Schools Division/ City Superintendents Heads, Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

1. In view of the increasing global concerns for environmental action against threats to mother earth and the consequent need to consolidate all efforts in safeguarding, protecting, and conserving the environment, and pursuant to DepED Order No. 72, s. 2003 on the Establishment of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O), the Department of Education (DepED), in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR),is announcing the Thrusts and Activities of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O). 2. Towards this end, the following shall be the thrusts and focus of all elementary and secondary schools every School Year as their active environmental contribution to their respective community: a. b. Organize the YES-O pursuant to DepED Order No. 72, s. 2003; Implement, through the YES-O, major environmental activities which should include tree planting and growing; waste management, segregation, recycling and entrepreneurship; and clean-up drives within and outside school premises; Establish a school-based award system for students' exemplary environmental actions and participate in awards that may be formulated in the division, regional and national levels for outstanding YES-Os; Conduct environmental forums; Participate in the annual Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp as a way to report, update and monitor YES-O implemen tation; Establish linkages with the field offices of the DENR and other government and non-government organizations; and, Submit reports on significant environmental accomplishments and actions to the Division Office thru the Science Su pervisor / Coordinator.


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3. Specifically, the following shall form part of the regular undertaking of the YES-O on its own or in partnership with concerned government and nongovernment organizations: a. Tree Planting and Growing Planting and growing of endemic and local species of trees, such as narra, molave, Philippine teak, acacia and kamagong,

Segregation. c. as the YES-O Regional and Division Coordinators respectively. f. An arrangement must be made with organizations or institutions for the entrepreneurial part of this program. and environment and health-related concerns such as dengue. are encouraged to organize a division-wide 'and region-wide environmental/ science camps respectively.and fruit-bearing trees are enjoined inside and outside of the school premises. may be established in every school if possible. deforestation. Environmental/Science Camps The YES-O shall organize school-based environmental/ science camps to consolidate environmental efforts and actions. Waste Management. are tasked to actively lead. 4. watershed protection. Topics may be based on the annual Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp. and protection thru awareness campaigns with nearby communities. coordinate and monitor the establishment of the YES-O in every school and the . Awareness Campaigns and Symposia on Environmental Issues and Actions The campaigns and symposia should focus on global warming. exits and strategic corners must be placed with waste storage bins specifically marked or labeled appropriately for CANS. ETC. e. reinvigoration of these areas thru planting and growing of endemic and local tree species. STYROFOAM. mangrove tree planting and many others. Outreach Programs The YES-O shall conduct outreach programs in nearby communities such as coastal and road clean ups. d. YES-O environmental activities should include and prioritize identification of watershed areas. through the Division and Regional Supervisors/Coordinators handling Science. where usable and recyclable wastes may be processed and stored. water conservation. PAPERS. Watershed Protection and Conservation Where applicable. The Regional and Division Supervisors handling Science. b. PLASTIC BOTTLES/CONTAINERS. Recycling and Entrepreneurship Program All school entrances.PLASTICWRAPPERS. malaria. These waste storage bins must be kept dry for the materials to be useful. A Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). The Division and Regional Offices. Other tree species may also be planted provided there is a significant portion inside and outside of the school premises allotted for endemic and local species. sanitation and pollution.

on or before July 16.comormaggie@denr. LA13RADOR Undersecretary Encl.com. 2007 !h~~ . National Youth Desk Officer. 5. please get in touch with the CSCA at telefax nos. the Youth Desk Officers of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 2003) Allotment: l-(D.implementation of its thrusts and activities. s. All Regional Directors.deped-csca. 2007. 72. who shall coordinate with the YES-O Regional and Division Coordinators. Maria Magnolia Q. MPPD-TS.They shall also assist in the implementation of YES-O thrusts and activities. 7.O. at telefax no. 6. 2003 on the Establishment of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization (YES-O)for immediate reference. Public Schools District Supervisors and School Principals/Heads are enjoined to fully support and assist in the establishment and/ or strengthening of the YES-O and the implementation of its thrusts and activities.dRGANIZATIONS Feformatted by Sheila. are authorized to monitor the establishment of the YES-O on their own in their respective areas.. shall oversee. s. )I1L~A L. a complete list of all Division and Regional Supervisors / Coordinators handling Science (complete name). 10. The Public Schools District Supervisors shall assist in the implementation and monitoring of the YES-O in the elementary level. They shall submit reports to the DENR-Special Concerns Office-Youth Desk and copy furnished the Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs (CSCA). (02) 631-8495 or (02) 636-3603 or thru email: joey_pelaeZ@deped-csca.com or website: www. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is highly desired. 50-97) To be indicated in the Perpetual Index under the following subjects: kROJECTS . Schools Division/City Superintendents.i!lliLActivili_~ __ June 20. Pelaez. 72. headed by Executive Director Joey G.. All Regional Offices are required to submit.gov. 8. 9.ph. mobile phone numbers. including their respective contact information (office telephone/fax numbers. For coordination with the DENR Special Concerns Office-Youth Desk. coordinate and monitor the establishment and/or strengthening of the YES-O and the implementation of its thrusts and activities. (02) 927-6336 or thru emails:maggie_denr@yahoo. office addresses and e-mail addresses).: As stated Reference: DepED Order: (No. DtvI YIS3_c9_Thnl§_ts. For queries. Enclosed is DepED Order No. As partners in ensuring a YES-O in every school. 11. kindly contact Ms. who shall submit reports as may be required. Danganan.rRAINING PROGRAMS . The DepED Center for Students and Co-Curricular Affairs.

plr . Be aware and create awareness in others of the state of the Philippine environment and ecology. the Department of Education (DepED). Public and Private Elementary and Secondary Schools 1. Encourage community participation and initiative in environmental and ecological movements and actions. s. Philippines Tanggapan ng Kalihim . In view thereof. 2003. establishes the Youth for Environment In Schools Organization (Yes-O) as the only recognized co-curricular environmental club or organization in the schools and consolidates all other environmental and/or ecology clubs or oganizations in school with main and primary programs or projects for the environment or ecology in the said Organization. Network with other government and non-govemment organizations. projects and activities to address issues and concerns on the environment and ecology. Establish specific and doable programs. c. d.Enclosure to DepED Memoranc· 't No. 2003 SEP 012003 ESTABLISHMENT OF THE YOUTH FOR ENVIRONMENT IN SCHOOLS (yES) ORGANIZATION To: Undersecretaries Assistant Secretaries Bureau Directors Regional Directors Schools Division/City Superintendents Heads. with regard to support and assistance to proqrams. protecting and conserving the environment for future generations. Office of the Secretary Trunkline: 632-1361 to 70 E·Mail: o~w@4eped.2007 REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS REPUBLlC OF THE PHILIPPINES KAGAWARANNGEDUKASYON DEP ARTMENT OF EDUCATION Meralco Avenue. ---- 254 s. DepEd Complex.~~ . in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). in Schools (yES) Organization shall have the following b. 2. 3. and Develop among members and the community proper environmental values. Pasig City.gQv. The Youth for Environment objectives: a. including prevailing issues and concems relative thereto. Relative to the holding of the 2003 Youth for Environment Summer (YES) Camp last April 3D-May 4.No. skills and attitudes. 72.. Website: http://wwW dwedgoY.pb OepEO 0 ROE R . e. one of the concrete resolutions and actions adopted by the entire delegration from all over the country is the establishment of a school-based co-curricular organization which will serve as a significant venue for students' actions and movements toward safeguarding. including Youth for Environment in Schools (yES) Organizations in other schools within the division and region. 'projects and activities of the organization.

: PROJECTS " ! J TRAININ~. : CI~n-Up Drive Inside and surrounding the school premises. . Immediat~ and wide dissemination '. herein designated as School-Based Moderator Eind Assistant School-Based M~erator respectively. The DepEIIl Center for Students and Co.. ~ EDILBERTO C... Their su~port to the youth for Environment Summer (yES) Camp in all levels as a major activity ot the YES~O is hereby encouraged. \" /. Meralco Avenue. . .. under the fpllowing Subjects: . 10. Schools DiVision Superintendents and School PrincipalslHeads are encouraged to orQanize.. . as Regional and Division Coordinators resp~vely.. parti~larty the DENR Regional Youth Desk OffIcers and other· offices.Jf the regular undertaking of a. 7.Qrams. is encouraged.. of this Order is directed. shall lead.•. SymposialTrainings NUllSery Establishment and Tree-Planting Activities FUfl Run for the Environment YoLith for Environment Summer Camp ~ 5. s.: 4~·.. The Science Department Head/Coordinator.~jj ... coordinate and monitor the conduct of activities pertinent to the YES Organization in their respective areas of jurisdiction. rojects and activities .. Sanitation I an~Health . 2001 Allotment: 1 . . . .".~~ .. headed by Mr.:'. e. • . All Region. :11-.~. d. g. coordinate and supervise the establishment and all activities of the YES Organization.P.l~lot ". f.(D... ~'._I PROGRAMS ORGANI¥TIONS . ~'. common areas in the community . Pelaez. '. Wasig City or call telatax numbers 631-8495 or 636--3603. b. may fonn po....(. '0 1'9. shall lead and operationalize the YES activities In the school level with Ujleguidance of the School HeadIPrincipal. is tasked oversee. DE Secretary . GJF Mabini Bldg. For queries. OepEd Complex. JoeyG. coordination With the Department of Environment and Natural R$so~rces (OENR). : '. .. : Reference: OECS Ord$r: No. Enclosed lis the Constitution and By-Laws of the YES Organization.. . Wa$te Management.\ {". :. To be indicated In Ithe perpetual Index . · .'j':. •. support and cooperate in the establishment and streng1hening of the Youth for Environment In Schools (yES) Organization in their resp8ctive areas of jurisdiction and schools.~JeSus' r . the Youth for Envillonment in Schools (yES) Organiz4tjon: ~~ . and Teacher..1 Directors.'w . 44..Curricular Affairs (CSCA).. The Regional and Division Education· Supervisors in Science.. The foIlowi"g . Segregation and Recycling Program AW$reness Campaigns to Address Specific Issues such as Pollution. .. 8. .. p . In the opetationalization of the YES-O.. please write the CSCA. Including public and.I.r". 6. 150-97) As stated: . c.' Encl.

2003 CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS OF THE'YOUTH FOR ENVIRONMENT IN SCHOOLS (YES) ORGANIZATION PREAMBLE We. Article II Sec. s. and. 72. Be aware and create awareness in others of the state of the Philippine environment and ecology. the student-members of the Youth for Environment in Schools (YES) Organization of HIGH SCHOOL. For purposes of this Constitution and By-Laws. with regard to support and assistance to programs. 2 The organization shall be known as the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization. 1 This Constitution and By-Laws shall be known as the Constitution and ByLaws of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization of the ______ (name of school). Article Sec. d. projects and activities to address issues and concerns on the environment and ecology. recreational and science-related programs and activities. b.. Establish specific and doable programs.. 1 to Ed Order No. 2 . YES-O refers to the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization of the ~ __ (name of school). implement. . and maintain the goals and aspirations of the future generations. including prevailing issues and concerns relative thereto. Network with other government and non-government organizations. do hereby promulgate and adopt these constitution and by-laws that will promote. hereby form a consolidated environmental organization that shall embody the ideals and prlnciples of a healthy environment. intellectual. skills and attitudes. with the help of God. committing to perform specific and . a.. protection and conservation of the environment. The office of the YES-O shall be located inside the premises of the school. Article I General Provisions Sec. aware of the steady deterioration and degradation of our environment. 1 III Declaration of Principles and Objectives The YES-O shall promote environmental understanding and action through social. civic. Sec. . Encourage community participation and initiative in environmental and ecological movements and actions. 2 Name and Domicile Sec.Enclosure No. including other Youth for Environment in Schools (YES) Organizations in other schools within the Division and Region. democracy and the general welfare. The YES-O shall have the following objectives: . 1 Sec. skills and attitudes. environmental values. e. doable actions to contribute to the re-building and renewal of our environmental values. Develop among the members and the community proper . c.. projects and activities of the organization. believing in the need for a school-based co-curricular organization devoted to the safeguarding.

. v . 3 Sec. .. composed of officers of the.·~. . Act as the Coordinating Council of all environmental concerns in' the school. symposia.: .-...J ..~mem::~s:: ::~ a:::d intoffice.:~· J. .~I"~> ~.~. Rights of Members :'~71. o 'i'._·.'.. the environmental laws of the Republic of the Philippines._ :f.~""'" Ev~ry member has the right to enjoy freedom of speech andexpressicn. I. 2 'Article N . LJj1. 2 Sec. . implement. 6' Ev~ry member must abide by the YES-O constitution and by-laws . environmental matters.org~nization. Serve as a representative of the school... national and international levels. Ev~ry member has the right to information on all the issues and matters. with"specific interest to contribute to I ':. 4 Sec. Int~rested students shall submit a duly filled up application form to the' Y~S-O Moderator. recommend. If approved.. : Turn-over papers.~~ .'.'" ~...: i I .. ~:.._." '. projects and activities for the environment. . Membership . f. Advise and make recommendations to school authorities regarding c. '. 2 " Sec. . shall be the governing body of the .~"!f'.. i Sec.'[. en~ironmental and ecological actions and movements.'. . .~\':I... Youth for En'-'1ironment in Schools Organization... gatherings.i.~'" It·..S.~ co~ceming them. . : "..):~~3.' Ev~ry member has the right to conduct and participate in all of the organization's activities. The YES-O shall have the following functions and responsibilities: Sec. . ~: . '... 4 _ .fl~ '. . .. Sec... . ·t.t . Article V ' I .' ~~.·.' Sec. 1 Sec.S .'~.~.ry member has the responsibility to observe. .. .."" . Formulate. Ev. the students shall be considered a bonafide member of the YES-C.' EvEtry member must participate actively in all school and organizational acti~ities..~~ Sec. in d. 2 a. environmental fora. Alii bonafide students of the school. .' :(. 3 Sec. i. and participate. '.'l-... -. circumstances. Create committees deemed necessary and expedient under the b... J.~ . EV$ry member must support and promote the thrusts and objectives of the .. and the rules and regulations of the school and the organization. the laws:of' na~re. at all times..~¥~r _' . . are eligible to be members of the YES-O. ' "i EV$ry member must pay all YES-O fees on time as authorized by DepEd lssuances and/or by the Parents-Teachers and Community Association. .I : ... Ev~ry member has the right to avail of the services offered by the YES-D. Ev.S' Sec. 1 Sec. regional. trainings and workshops in the diVision. affairs and activities. e....". Ev~ry member must exer~ise hislher rights and perform hislher duties as a YFS-O member responslbly. .·_. :n .·1 Sec. 1 The Executive Committee. r·.coordinate and monitor' programs. documents and properties to the succeeding YES-O Executive Committee Officers.:.J. Article VII Powers anct Duties of the Youth for Environment in Schools Organization Sec...

:. 8 of good moral character and have not been subject to any disciplinary sanctions. Duties and Responsibilities of Officers Sec. EI~ctions shall be conducted school-wide.~ ~.. consistent with stated principles. 3 Sec. ·':. Vice-President. d. h.. He shall have the following duties: . Secretary.. Preside over all meetings or may designate another officer to preside a specific meeting. vllent succeeding officers on current uncertaklnqs of the YES·O.' Exercise such other powers and "duties as the scnootautnorities and the Department of Education' may. 1 Article IX . a resident of the school for at least one (1) year prior to the filing of thecertiflcate of candidacy. i Sec. .' Sec 1 Sec. officially enrolled in any year level in the current academic year. c. ArticleVl1I ~. I" Enforce this Constitution and By-Laws and other rules and regulations that may be promulgated. Sec. b. Filing of the certificate of candidacy shall be within the first two (2) weeks after the notice of elections shall have been posted.ll_. . LL _. . 7 President. Auditor. grant or delegate. objectives and policies. of good moral character and have not been subjected to any disciplinary sanctions. b. . c. from time to time.not a President. Treasurer. Treasurer. The list of candidates for every position shall be certified by the TeacherModerator and posted two (2) weeks before the scheduled elections in three (3) conspicuous' places inside the . Oandldates for President must be: a.'f Sec.~: ThelPresident shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the YES-O. date and venue of the elections. Candidates for Vice President... Vice President.school campus. . Secretary or Treasurer in any other student clubs and organizations. Public Information Officer and Peace Officer must be: a. Secretary. and. 6 Sec. and.:I.. . e. and the time.~ March in a classroom designated for the purpose. annually every first week of . He/She shall be deemed resigned from such positions in other clubs and organizations upon filing of the certificate of candidacy. and. Election and Term of Office The YES·O shall be composed of the duly elected ~ . an incoming 4th year student of the next academic year. b.-. particularly outside the classroom designated as the polling place. of good academic standing with a general average of at least 83%: Composition. and Peace Officer.g. indicating therein the! submitted qualifications of the respective candidates. The officers of the Executive Committee of the YES~O shall hold office for one: academic year including summer from April of the current year after election to March of the succeeding year.academic standing with a general average of at least 83%. Auditor. i 4 5 . 2 Sec.·~·. of good . Notice of the conduct of elections of officers shall be posted in three (3) conspicuous places inside the school campus one month before the scheduled elections. Public Information Officer. a.

Act as diSCiplinary officer.). Tha Peace Officer shall have the following duties: a. :. Serve as the disbursing officer of all the YES-O funds. c. b. . Head the YES-O Secretariat e.. The Auditor shall have the following duties: a. b. e. if needed. Take charge in the promotion of YES-O projects and activities. Th~ Vice President shall have the following duties: a. c. e. and at the end of the term. d. Perform such other duties assigned by the President or the YES-O Executive Committee.' Keep accurate records of the minutes and proceedings of every meeting.\ . Keep a file of all pertinent documents.Keep all financial records of the YES-O. ThE!Public Information Officer shall have the following duties:":' a..! Assist the President in all matters where his assistance is necessary. b. ThEIl reasurer shall have the following duties: T a. Perform such other duties assigned by the YES-O.. d.1. 4 . and. c. Assist the Treasurer in formulating guidelines and reports. Be responsible for building and maintaining a credible image of the YES-O. i Perform such other functions inherent or incidental to his/her office. d. Prepare financial reports every month. '. e.. Perform such other duties assigned by the President or the YES-O Executive Committee. Keep and update inventory of all the property of the YES-O. 7 . Audit all expenditures of the YES-O funds. d. Certify the legitimacyand correctness of the disbursement of funds. b.. and. Represent the YES~O or designate hislher representative to a~y external or internal affairs or functions.. c. I c. b.'. 5 Sec. c. 3 . Perform such other duties assigned by the President of the YES~O Executive Committee. Help the presiding officer in maintaining peace and order during meetings.j f •• Sec. . Perform such other duties assigned by the President of the YES~O Executive Committee. Assume the Office of the President should the position become vacant. c. Supervise members in planning and: arranging meetings or programs of activities. d. . Perform such other duties assigned by the President or the YES-O Executive Committee. 6 Sec. after an activity.and papers of the YES~Oand make them accessible to the members.and other all official papers of the YES~O~. b. Prepare the annual budget of the YES-O. The Secretary shall have the following duties. Formulate pertinent financial guidelines for the organization. Call and prepare all notices of YES-O meetings. <Jspondences.. co. f. a. 2 Sec. Popularize the thrusts and objectives of the YES-O.' '-.:>lgn official minutes. Sec. d. I I ~I I I Sec. resolutions.

posters. Ad-hoc committees may be created by the Executive Committee as the need arises. Th~ Moderator and Assistant Moderator shall lead and ope rationalize the Y~S-O and its activities in the school level with the guidance of the School H~d/Principal. I Sec. Environmental Campaigns Committee (ECC)." I \ . . Segregation. Th~ YES-O Moderator and Assistant Moderator shall. and Recycling Program Committee (W~SRPC). ThelProjects and Activities Implementation Committee shall take charge of the implementation of the approved projects or activities." " . " 3 4 Sec. protection and rehabilitation of the environment thro~gh. Environm~ntal Issues and Research Committee (EIRC). The President may also choose from any of the members of the YES-O who are known for their efficiency. 6 7 8 Sec... but not limited to. ' The! Chair and Co-Chair of the regular committees shall be appointed by the President from among the officers of the Executive Committee. 1 Sec. 1 Article XII' ':\:: Regular and Ad-Hoc Committees Th~ YES-O Executive Committee shall organize. Coonflnatlon and synchronization among the various committees shall be . i Sec. contests. . the rule. sign$ and notices.' ~ ). Article XI '" YES-O Division and Regional Councils YE~-O Division and Regional Councils shall be organized in the respective division and region with the Science Education Supervisor or Coordinator as the YES-O coordinator who shall lead. 2 Sec. The Waste Management.ighting such issues and concerns in the school. ThelEnvironmentallssues and Research Committee shall lead the YES-O in c~nducting research of current environmental issues and concerns. 5 Sec. 2 Sec. Projects and Activities lrnplementation Committee (PAIC). respectively. in high. ues and concerns and in proposing appropriate and localized solutions for implementation in the school. and Wa~te Management.. in encouraging debate on such iSS. and Recycling Program Committee shalli undertake and facilitate waste management. at all times. Ev~ry YES-O is an automatic member of the Division and Regional Co~ncils in its respective division and region.. The IEnvironmental Campaigns Committee shall initiate various campaigns for ~he preservation. namely. "I' . Segregation. '. as soon as practicable.. coordinate and monitor the conduct of activities pertinent to the YES-O in their respective areas of jurisdiction.Article X YES-O Moderator and Assistant Moderator Th\e YES-O Moderator and Assistant Moderator shall be the Science D~partment Head/Coordinator and Teacher. fout (4) regular committees. monitor th€1conduct of activities and meetings of the YES-~. ' . . Sec. parade demonstrations. segregation and recy¢ling activities in the school on a regular basis..

honest. Th$ YES-O COMELEC shall be the chief agency that will manage the' electoral processes. ._ '-'. '.0 COMELEC has the power to disqualify candidates who have . The I ES..•. Sec . formulate and implement election rules and regulations.conduct regular meetings every first week of the month.: Ensure the delivery and completion of tasks assigned. The YES-O COMELEC shall be composed of ten (10). .~~ . including its internal guidelines.': . .: g. 2 Sec. and Who'among themselves. . shall select a chairperson. .~ -.. 8 A qommission on Elections. d. 3 Th~ YES-Q Volunteer Corps or VC shall'be the official service ann of the YE~-O. or in any way related to any of the ca~idates. b. :'. c.4: . and systematic conduct of the election. or the Committee Chair. and.. Of good moral character and have not been subject to 'any .\ . Th~ YES-O shall undertake a recruitment drive from June to August of ev~ry year. \.' '. .' on a pay agreed upon by the officers of the YES-O. b. With a residency of at least two years in the schoof.'.S of .~''\ .j . TheIYES-O COMELEC shall have the following duties and responsibilities: a. members of the YES-O shall comprise the VC.'." . The ~ES-O COMELEC shall prepare and distribute the necessary election parthernalia. Accept or revoke candidacy.: The ¥ES-O shall. ·f. Th~ COMELEC members must be: a.~~ '~. . Proclaim the new set of officers. members who do' not have vested interest in the election. be ~stablished within thirty (30) days before the election day.". . shall . ~ . ·Th members of the YES-O COMELEC shall be apPOinted by the Mo erator of the YES-O. i Decide protests relativeto the conduct and results of the eJections. e. i '. Adopt.. and after the election. . Th. d. c. ! Ii . herein referred to as YES-O COMELEC. C. f i I Sec. Keep all pertinent election papers/documents. Of good academic standing. Meetings and Quorum Article XV .Article XIII Sec. Fourth year students of the current academic year. and.~ . Speqal meetings of the YES-O may be called upon by the President or by a majority of the YES-O officers. Be responsible for the fair.~~ '. ·Ea~h member of the YES-O shall: a. disciplinary sanctions. viola~ed any of the guidelines which have been promulgated and dtssernlnated... certificate of candidacy forms and other election-related mat rials before. . during. 7 Sec.. Attend meetings called by the YES-O Executive Committee.. . ~i . i Be a'member of one regular committee in the YES-O. 1 Sec.c~ Article XIV Commission On Elections YES-O Volunteer Corps . .' :~. Validate the electoral proceedings and results.· . .. b. . .

negligence. and disloyalty to the cause of the YES-O and the school C.' .1 .. Sec. However.' Sec': 1. b. the amount of which shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee and the .'. a.all constitute a quorum. resignation. Sec.'~ii~ • ~ "?"i '. violence to person in authority. . 5 . Abuse or misuse of power and authority ... Th~ YES-O.Sec.proxy shall be allowed. Article XVII Impeachment.. 3 . 4 Sec. Sec. Fu~ds of the YES-O shall be audited at the end of every activity and after every term. or ~ctivities. The organization may accept cash donations from any member or any public or private person or institution. Sec.• 'school administration in consultation with the PTCA. 4 . 2 Sec.~o~ Sec. 3 Sec. shall' promulgate finahcial guidelines for proper financial management.Jflhe officers of the YES"() (50% + 1) ._' '_ . . ~. 4 Sec.\ t j!. .. Non-attendance in meetings or three (3) consecutive:unexcused absences or six (6) accumulated unexcused absences d. b. 5 Sec. ' Culpable violations of the Constitution and By-laws.' . Resignation and Vacancies The Executive Committee Officers of the YES-O shall only be removed thro~gh impeachment under the following grounds: ' a... Resfgnatiori shall be in writing and subject to the approval of the YES-O . •. Special funds are funds that come from donations. to be the next higher whole number. EXe~utive Committee. . All fund disbursements must be accompanied' witH a YES-O resolution duly noted by the YES-O Moderator.. . . Ea~h officer of the YES-O is entitled to 'only one vote.' I .. 6 . ~.'~ .I . . Any (Vacancy in any of the position of the YES-O Executive Committee sham be filled within thirty (30) days from the day the position is vacated . In the event that the 50% is not a whole number. . 50% shall be understood. . fund-raising projects or any amount derived from 'other legitimate sources.. Gross misconduct.' Th$ YES-O funds shall be classified into General funds and Special funds.i t "'. 2 . '. .'.-' .. Two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Executive Committee of the YES-O and the app~oval of the YES-O Moderator and Assistant Moderator shall be necessary to decide a case of impeachment. The !decision shall be final.' ". Nol. M~on.'S Sec. impeachment or transfer shall be filled subject to the' recomrnendatlon of the YES-O.:J:~ \~ .'.q:': . to afford himlher the opportunity to be hea'1d of his defense. through the Treasurer and the Auditor.S General funds shall consist of the membership fee. . sponsorship. the officer charged shall be informed fifte$n (15) days prior to hislher impeachment proceedings of the charge/charges against him/her..... Sec.. thro4gh the same electoral procedure. ' " The YES-O President and the Treasurer shall be the Signatories of all fund' . disijursement of the YES-O. Article XVI Finance . for as long as it will not affect the integrity of the YES-O. . Any!vacancy in any of the Executive Committee position by reason of death. 1 . The YES·O may undertake fund-raising activities to subsidize its projects .

syl!nposia or training. '.1 .I Sec. .. 1 Sec.. clean-up drives. 1· Sec. . j .. segregation and' recycling. Article XVIII ". namely.. Amencments to this Constitution and By-laws'shall. SU$ceeaing elections shall be held as provided in Article VIII. Section 2 of thi~ Constitution and By-Laws. 2 ElejCtionof officers of the YES-O Executive Committee for School Vear 20~3-2004 shall be held once the YES-O has been organized. The \ . . . nursery establishment.. tree-planting activities.. and Youth for Environment Summer Camp. . run.." Sec. awareness campaigns.. conduct or attend the following prq>grams. Article XVIII . 1 . rticle XIX A Transitory Provisions Amendments .. tf COMELEC shall manage the elect. Sec. fun .. . Th~ YES-O shall be required to implement. .'. • Th~ term of office of elected officers of the YES-O Executive Committee for iSchool Year 2003-2004 shall be from the day of election until March 20Q4. Mandated Projects and Activities '. . I. for the vacated position. projects and activities. . 2 Th~ Constitution and By·laws of the YES-O may be amended or modified in Whole or in part once every five (5) years from its approval during 'the Yo~th for Environment Summer (YES) Camp by a vote of two-thirds of the de~gation.take effect immediately upen its approval by the camp delegates and the Secretary of Education. waste management.

Manila Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau DENRNCR Congressional Plaza Bldg. s.. McArthur H-way.. Project 8 Quezon City DENRCAR #80 Diego Silang St.. DENR Main Bldg. DENR Region II Tuguegarao City. Dillman. Gen. Visayas Ave. Diliman. Catalino Nacar Rezalyn Medrano (072) 8883833 Mae delos Santos Marina Malamug Leonora Santos Veronica Sese (078) 8469129 (045) 9634646 .. San Fernando City La Union ~ ..... 72. Danganan (02) 9268346 (02) 9276336 - Gerarda Merillo Josephet Banghulot (02) 9202251 Elvira Agpoon Ma. 51 Congressional Rd. 2 to DepEd Order No. Luna St.Amalgamated Bldg. Luz Lansigan Edwinton Santos Christopher Rafols Mario Santiago (02) 9266526 (02) 9200374 (02) 9201635 (02) 9271920 (02) 9246031 (02) 9258951 Alice Robles (02) 2420577 Aurora Jose Cristina Apolinar Evangeline Marcelino Bernadette Atienza (049) 5363628 (049) 5362850 (02) 4358880 Eufronia Muyano Theresa Tilcag (074) 4424531 (074) 4439322 . Cagayan DENR Region III . Baguio City DENR Region I 2nd Fir. Visayas Ave. Magnolia Q... Binondo.. 2003 YOUTH FOR ENVIRONMENT IN SCHOOLS ORGANIZA liON DENR YOUTH DESK OFFICERS OENR Central Office Soecial Concerns Office 2nd Fir.. Quezon City Forest Management Bureau Visayas Ave. . Diliman. Parnpanqa Ma. Enclosure No. Quezon City Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau North Avenue. New Florentino Bldg. San Fernando City. Diliman. Dillman Quezon City Lands Management Bureau Plaza Cervantes.. Quezon City Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau North Ave. Quezon City ERvironmental Management Bureau DENR Compound.

Iki Ontawar Nasser Debarosan OENRCARAGA . Green Plains Subd.. DENR Region XII I ..:. ~oronadalCity South Cotabate . lo Gen.. 81 (02) 4050046 Willard Roxas Blvd. Manil~ DENR Region V i Regional Center Sit~ .. Roxas J3lvd. Tacloban City I (053) 3213386 .L.. Region· IV Ii. Legazpi Cityl Region VI : Pepita Aquino St. 1515 L&S Bldg._ j •• . Fort San Pedro. . Banilad. (062) 9911424 (08822) 726280 (082) 2340811 (082) 2344401 (083) 2286225 (083) 2282418 DENR Region IX DENR I Pasonanca Park.. Mandal. Santos Drive. Davap City . ern~~to orso..:"·.Ambago.. Cagayal!1 de Ore City DENR'Region XI ". lIoilp City DENR I ' Mary Ann Baldove Jonathan Bulos (033) 3350435 DENR Region VII ... Zajmboanga City Hiya Jaafar Florante Hamoy Vicky Susan Pacana Edgardo Caliete Lucille Arquero German Urbiztondo Region X Macabalan...Chioeo Rafael Raiieses.. Niflo Ext... Jr• Yasmin Roselle Caparas Ma.Je Oity i Mia Embafzado Phillip Gallardo Elmer Labaelado RoselJer Cay (032) 3453966 DENR Region VIII : Sto. .Jr. Butuan Ci~ DENRARMM Rene Piencenaves Barbara Aquino Sarifa Taub Jessie Ondoy (085) 3417280 (085)"2264500 (064) 4214392 I'" L. Theresa David Estillore Luzviminda . (052) 2143886 R~wis. K¢.. 7 lanang. . (02) 4050012 DENR Region IV 1515 L&S Bldg. Manil~ DENR .

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