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Published by: Mica Zabala on Jul 22, 2011
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For a couple of years,there are lots of projects for the development of Marikina,that have been passed

.Projects for the Senior Citizens,for the students,for the environment,and other social concerns of the city. Marikina is considered as one of the the most progressive cities in the Metro.During the past few year there have been lots of development that occurred.But despite all these developments,there are still some things that are taken for granted.One example,are the street children.Number of children are busy roaming the streets to sell sampaguitas,rags,candies,cigarettes,and begging for some food and money. City officials have been promoting clearing operations to lessen the number of children in the streets. But this actions are not enough to address the problem of the street children.Most of these children are out of school youths,they can t afford to study even in the public schools. The main reason behind this is poverty. Although the city government are doing some actions to lessen the poverty rate of the city, we can t still deny the fact that there are lots of poor families who can t supply the needs of their families, who can t afford to have proper education, proper shelter,proper health.And these problems can lead to a major effect on the child. Most children who belong to the marginalized forced to child labor, they believe that if they will let their child work, they will have a bigger income,which will be enough to supply the needs of their families. We can t deny the fact that Marikina has good Governance. But this good, can be better if all people have the chance to live a healthy life. All citizens must have equal rights to descent jobs, education and right to property. This street children issue,may not be that alarming at this moment. But sooner or later the number of street children will grow,until we find it uncontrollable. It would be better if the city government would help these families to have a better life, and have a permanent jobs, so that child labor will be stopped.

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