Money Pentacles 4 tbsp. ground Cloves 4 tbsp. ground Cinnamon 4 tbsp. ground Nutmeg 4 tbsp.

ground Ginger a few drops Cinnamon oil a few drops Clove oil a few drops Nutmeg oil 2 tbsp. ground Gum Tragacanth (or Gum Arabic) 4 tbsp. Water Combine the spices. Add the oils to them and mix well. Empower. Add the gum tragacanth to the water and mix thoroughly. Let it sit until it has absorbed the water. Add the ground, empowered spices to the gum/water mix and blend well with your fingers. This should produce a stiff, dough like mix. If the mix is too mushy, add a bit more of the ground spices. With your hands, form into flat, one inch circular shapes. Using a sharp knife, trace a pentagram (five pointed star) onto each flat circle. Let sit in a warm place out of the Sun to dry. When dried to a rock hard consistency, carry in the pocket or purse to attract money. Or, place on the altar between two green, flaming candles that have been anointed with patchouli or cinnamon oil. If you wish, make a larger pentacle of the spices and ring with green candles to speed money your way. After four weeks bury the pentacle in the Earth with thanks and use a new one.

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