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Mobile: +91-7204270953 hariora2010@gmail.

com Professional Summary:

Hari babu

Having 3.2 years of IT experience in the field of oracle in plsql development .

Main responsibilities include understanding of client requirements & develop solutions. Experience on pl/sql programming in Oracle 9i. Experience on writing Packages, stored procedures, functions, cursors Written SQL queries for DML operations Create the objects like tables, synonyms, sequences and views Knowledge on Data warehousing Concepts. Experience on ETL tools like Informatica 8.6.0. Having Knowledge on UNIX. Ability to be an effective team player and work under time constraints. Good interpersonal communication skills & Technical Documentation skills.


Worked for MindTree ltd, Bangalore, May-2010 to till date. worked for Soft Id Solutions, Bangalore, Apr-2008 to Apr-2010till date

Bachelor of Science from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati with

aggregate of 68%. Technical Skills: Operating Systems Languages RDBMS ETL Tool : : : : Windows XP/2K, UNIX SQL, PL/SQL ORACLE 8i/9i Informatica 7.1.1

Project Profile:

#1 TERM SECURITIES Client: Lyndonville Savings Bank, USA Duration: May 2010 to till date Software Environment: Sql, pl/sql Team Size: 8. Operating System: Windows 2000. Database: Oracle 9i, Description: The term securities system is essentially a system for managing the customer holdings in bonds and securities such as purchase/redemption of securities, interest payments etc. This module deals with the term securities purchasing selling the bonds to the market this system is capable to track the transaction details, standing instructions as well as the customer profiles. To operate transaction for

subscription /redemption, we need to maintain the various bonds details, customer details etc. There is a need for executing the standing instructions given by the customer for the proceedings of the same package used for maintaining customer details in the database. It also contains the information about current customer attributes, address details, billing information, recent interactions etc. Responsibilities:

Analyze the user requirements. Prepare object like tables, synonyms, sequences and views. Written SQL queries for DML operations.

Development of Re-usable objects like General Procedures, Functions, Packages and Triggers. Technical & Project reviews with client, coding, testing and Implementation. To communicate with colleague to resolved the queries. To study the System Specifications. Implementation of assigned work.

#2 GMAC (GENERAL MOTOR ACCEPTANE CORPORATION) Location: Soft Id Solutions, Bangalore. Client: GENERAL MOTORS. Duration: Apr 2009 Apr 2010 Team Size: 8 Operating System: windows Xp. Database: Sql, pl/sql Description: GMAC Financial Services is a family of companies helping customers with crucial decisions that affect their lifestyles and financial well being. GMAC Financial Services offers diverse business products and services including commercial vehicle financing, commercial credit lines, accounts receivable servicing, e-commerce, or structured finance, construction financing, mortgage services, and insurance Responsibilities:

Coding of Pl/Sql blocks as per the Technical specification Developed maker verifier programs Written SQL queries for DML operations.
Execution for unit test. #3 Critical Data Mart Client: Bank of America Duration: Apr 2008 to Mar 2009. Team Size: 8 Operating System: Windows Xp. Database: Sql, pl/sql ETL TOOL: Informatica 7.1.1 Description:

The project aims to build a data warehouse solution for business people at their business, by integrating the business data from various source systems. The solution will use a Dimensional Model to providing a multidimensional view and allow analytical and ad-hoc reporting.

Data scattered around multiple systems The data makes Ad-hoc reporting increasing difficult and complex thus resulting in performance issues. Current system lack of true dimensional view No provision to measure the cost and profitability which is a key measurement for business Current do not map to all business scenarios as there is no data model to map business requirements. Increasing complexity of reporting needs cause multiplication of development cast . Inconsistency of data across multiple transactional systems. The data from various source systems is loaded into the critical data mart where the data is stored in the form of a dimensional model. The source of the source data would be daily feeds from the source systems.


Development of ETL using Informatica Used various transformations like Source Qualifier, Expression, Lookup, router, sequence generator and Update Strategy Designing and optimizing the Mapping Implement the SCD type1 and SCD type2 to keep the historical and current data Configuring Sessions in Workflow Manager . Used workflow manager to create task and used workflow monitor to monitor and analyze the loading statistics.

Execution for unit test.