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Press Release

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Published by: Vineet Rajan on Jul 22, 2011
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Bisons – No difference between the said and the done!

Bisons founded by Gurinder Singh, a rider for more than 9 years who owns two Royal Enfield’s – Shree Vinayak Rath (2002) and Ankush (2004). Having travelled extensively across India, including conquering the Himalayas many years back; he plans to soon ride to other unchartered territories as a full time ‘General’ at Bisons; ably supported by Captains who would be leading and coordinating all rides. Bisons, is an invite only exclusive club for Royal Enfield riders in Mumbai and other nearby places. The club so far boasts of over 20 very serious and hard riders. The motto that the Bisons live by is – No difference between the said, and the done.

The way to live
The club is not for the weak or faint hearted. Like Bisons they don't stop at nothing. They ride & they RIDE HARD when it rains, when the roads are bad or when there are none! And especially when they have no destination to reach! The club is about the beast in everyone, and not just the bullet one rides. Because the soulful unity between the two is what makes a true rider – a Bison! Bisons ride to bless their flag – a ride christened Dhwaja Pran Prathishta. The ride starts from SiddiVinayak, Prabhadevi to proceed to Vardha Vinayak and then to Pali and finally Kumbarli.

First Official Ride
The first official ride open to all bullet riders is the with the blessings of Bappa's Pappa as they tour Bhimashankar, Grishneshwar and Trimbakeshwar starting on 13th August 2011 to 15th of August. Bikers with fairly resilient posteriors are invited. Assembly: 0530 HRS, Sai Snacks, Opp Dutta Vada Pav in Panvel near HP Petrol Pump on Saturday, 13th August 2011.

For Bisons Ride Hard, Vineet Rajan, Signals Press, Media and Communications Email: vineet@bisonsridehard.com Phone: 9987559693



Vardha Vinayak.facebook. Grishneshwar and Trimbakeshwar Bappa’s Pappa Ashtavinayak Yatra Aao Mere desh Dudh Sagar Virgin Beach 8 Ganapati Temples Gujarat Goa Ratnagiri . please contact Gurinder Singh General Phone: 9967030993 Mail: gurinder@bisonsridehard.com .com www. Pali and Kumbarli Bhimashankar.Bisons Ride Hard .com/bisonsridehard www.Hedvi The Way to Live Rides and registrations.bisonsridehard.Ride Calendar Month July August September October November December Dates 30th July to 31st July 13th Aug to 15th Aug 3rd Sept to 6th Sept 8th Oct to 9th Oct 5th Nov to 7th Nov 10th Dec to 11th Dec Ride Dhwaja Pran Prathishta Place(s) SiddiVinayak.

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