Ministry of Health King Saud Medical City Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Categories 0 Face Scoring 1


Frequent to constant frown, clenched jaw, quivering chin, deep furrows on forehead, eyes closed, mouth opened, deep lines around nose/lips Kicking or legs drawn up, Legs hypertonicity, exaggerated flexion/extension of limbs, tremors Lying quietly, normal Squirming, shifting back and Arched, rigid, or jerking, fixed Activity position, moves easily and forth, tense, hesitant to move, position, rocking, side to side freely guarding, pressure on body part head movement, rubbing of body part No cry/moan (awake or Moans or whimpers, occasional Crying steadily, screams, sobs, Cry asleep) cries, sighs, occasional complaint moans, grunts, frequent complaints Consolability Calm, content, relaxed, does Reassured by occasional touching, Difficult to console or comfort not require consoling hugging, or ‘talking to’. Distractible

No particular expression or Occasional grimace or frown, smile, eye contact and withdrawn, disinterested, worried interest in surroundings look to face, eyebrows lowered, eyes partially closed, cheeks raised, mouth pursed Normal position or relaxed Uneasy, restless, tense, increased tone, rigidity, intermittent flexion/extension of limbs

Each of the five categories (F) Face; (L) Legs; (A) Activity; (C) Cry; (C) Consolability is scored from 0-2, which results in a total score between zero and ten.
Reprinted from the City of Hope website:

The words above that are bolded/unbolded apply to all patients 3 years and above. Unbolded elements are applicable for infant and pediatric patient’s age 0-3 years. FLACC – Assess the patient in each area – total the score – evaluate the total using the 0-10 pain scale parameters. Scoring: 1-3 Mild Pain 4-7 Moderate Pain 8-10 Severe Pain

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Behavioral Pain Scale Tool Facial expression Description Relaxed Partially tightened (e.g.g. eyelid closing) Grimacing No movement Partially bent Fully bent with finger flexion Permanently retracted Tolerating movement Coughing with movement Fighting ventilator Unable to control ventilation 7-9 Moderate Pain Score 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 10-12 Severe Pain Upper limbs Compliance with ventilation Reproduced from Payen et al.Ministry of Health King Saud Medical City Riyadh. (2001) Scoring: 1-3 No Pain 4-6 Mild Pain . brow lowering) Fully tightened (e.

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