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Toddler Plan

Toddler Plan

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Published by: heidibocook on Jul 22, 2011
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Christ Lutheran Child Center

Lesson Plan Theme: Ocean Life/Blue


Heidi Bocook

For the week of: July 25-29, 2011

Circle Time! Books, Songs, Finger Plays, Social, Emotional, & Language Concepts Sensory! Math, Science, Manipulative Play, Fine Motor Creative Expression! Art, Music, Dance, Drama Recess! Gross Motor, Outdoor Play, Gym Play Health & Nutrition! Food, Safety, & Social Experiences Spiritual!

Read: Under the Sea Discuss Book

Read: Tickly Octopus Sing Slippery Fish Count Legs on Octopus Glue Legs onto Octopus Run Around Playground Count Our Friends Legs Thank God for Octopus

Read: A House for Hermit Crab Discuss Different Houses

Read: Underwater Life Discuss Different Sea Life

Read: Shamu & His Friends Pick a Song to Sing

Shells in Sand Table

Color Sorting

Cut Playdough

Peel Stickers

Blue Painting

Water Color Paint Shell Cut-Outs

Crayon Melt Turtle

Ocean Life Stickers

Kick Balls

Crawl Like Crabs

Water Day

Pretend to be Fish Outside Visit Other Classes at Music

Sand Stays in Table

Discuss Our Homes

Playdough is for our Hands Thank God for Turtles

Read: Jonah

What Did the Whale Eat?


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