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Lesson Plan 2

Class Level: Primary 5 (Mixed Abilities)
Time: 30 minutes
Genre: Short story ( What you wish for )
Literary Focus: Prose
Plot Characterization 
Setting Point of View

Tone / Mood
Figurative language – simile / metaphor/
personification / onomatopoeia

Integrated Language Skills: Listening and speaking
Higher Order Thinking Skills: Inferencing
Multiple Intelligences: Verbal Linguistic and Intrapersonal.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Identify and describe the characters from the story.
2. Predict the outcomes
3. Pick out adjectives that describe Sara`s family
Prior Knowledge: Pupils have discuss the book cover

Teacher’s Task/ Students’ Teaching Rationale
Procedures Tasks Resources
Preparatory Activities
(5 minutes)
1. Tr shows the book`s Pupils Story book Pupils to recall
cover and elicits the pupils respond. LCD projector what they had
predictions. learnt.
2. Tr writes down the pupils

Main Activities
(20 minutes)
1. Tr elicits some information Pupils Story book To test pupils`
from the story read. respond. LCD projector understanding and
What do you think the story appreciation of the
is all about ? story.
How many characters in the
Who are the characters?

Where does the story take
place? Pupils join the
When does it take place? discussion.
2. Tr describe the characters
supported by evidence in
the story.

Closing Activities
(5 minutes)
1. Tr distributes worksheets Pupils get the Worksheets. Recall and write
to pupils. worksheets. about the
2. Tr explains on how to go characters in this
about the task given. Pupils listen. chapter
3. Tr instructs pupils to work
on the task.
4. Tr asks pupils to write out
their prediction of the next