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Student Hand-In Instructions for PG Vault Jan 2010 (2)

Student Hand-In Instructions for PG Vault Jan 2010 (2)

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How to submit work to the School of Management (for Postgraduate Students) For every assignment you need to submit

one hard copy to the School of Management Reception (Moore Building) and one electronic copy to JISC Turnitin. 1) You should not put your name or student reference number (e.g. 100123456) anywhere on your work: use your Candidate Number only (e.g. 0011234) This is School of Management Policy and allows for marking to be anonymous. You can find your Candidate Number by going to Campus Connect. • You will need to log in to your Student Portal and click on the ‘Study’ tab. • You will see the following message: 'Candidate Number’ Your candidate number for 2009/10 is available here (click on here) 2) Full instructions on how to set up your JISC Turnitin account and submit your electronic copy to JISC Turnitin can be found by logging into Moodle and typing in http://moodle.rhul.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1586 OR http://moodle.rhul.ac.uk/mod/resource/view.php?inpopup=true&id=4939 To submit electronically you will need the following information:• Class ID • Enrolment password These will be emailed to you approximately a week before the assignment deadline. Remember:

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The file name of for your coursework should be in the following format: your candidate number_course code_submission number. For example, 0019999_MN5999_2 OR 0019998_BI5671_1 Please take special note that you must only use your college email account for this process, e.g. your.name@rhul.ac.uk. Your hotmail or any other email address will not be recognised by the JISC system. You need to type the class ID and password into the system – you cannot cut and paste. JISC does not recognise cut and paste. The 6 digit class ID number and password are case sensitive and you will need to use capital letters for MN OR BI. Only submit the final version of your work – the system should not be used to check through draft versions for feedback before you decide on which final version to submit. We will not be able to delete or return ‘drafts’, and the uploaded version will be considered final. If you do absolutely require your work to be deleted, the process can take some time and may lead to your work being considered late. For group work only: ONE person should submit the electronic copy, ensuring that EVERYONE’S candidate number (001…..) is included so that marks can be recorded against the correct students.

Therefore. Anything submitted later can receive a mark of zero. We advise that you avoid submitting your work to JISC just before the 2pm deadline because in the larger classes delays may occur when the system has been overloaded. Work submitted up to 24 hours late may be subject to a 10% deduction penalty. The pink copy of this form is your receipt and you will need it when you come to collect your work. 3) The hard copy needs:• Student Assessment Report Form. remembering to include the unique paper ID reference number. when you are happy with the final version of your work and have saved this file. The white and yellow copies need to be securely attached to your work. 4) Submission Deadline Assignments must be submitted by 2. Delays on transport and computer problems are not admissible reasons for lateness. which you collect from the School of Management reception. Once you have completed the Student Assessment Report Form at reception. the reception staff will sign the front to confirm that the work has been received on time.00 pm on the due date. so you should allow sufficient time for such eventualities.Once you have submitted successfully to JISC Turnitin your piece of work will be given a unique paper ID reference number. You must include this number on the Student Assessment Report Form of the hard copy of your work. ensure that you submit it immediately. .

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