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Citizen Cake -- Restaurant + Bar, Patisserie and Kiosk


talk2us (41 5) 861-2228 or reserve online
about menus te a m lo c a tio n /h o u r s r e s e r v a to n s p r iv a te d in in g c o n ta c t u s

d in n e r win e c o c k ta ils dessert lu n c h brunch

Our lunch menu is served Tuesday through Friday 11:30am - 2:30pm. Reserve online
h a ye s v a ll e y :
or call us at (415) 861-2228.
C itiz e n C a k e R e s ta u r a n t + B a r

C itiz e n C a k e P a tis s e r ie middle of the day

som a / so ut h b e ac h : a daily creation of a liquid variety from california's bounty, i.e., soup
seven dollars
C itiz e n C a k e K io s k
a beautiful salad of star route greens with radishes and sherry vinaigrette
seven dollars
Or s o n R e s ta u r a n t + B a r

little gems salad adorned with granny smith apples blue cheese hazelnuts
h e re : ten dollars

warm pistachi-studded goat cheese crotin with apples and little lettuces
ten dollars
C o n ta c t U s
a citizen standard spinach wilted slightly with potato a poached egg and bacon
twelve dollars

elizabeth's chinese chicken salad 2008 style
thirteen dollars

side of fries with harissa aioli
five dollars

more savory options for your halfway point

spring risotto with peas, favas, and nettles
thirteen dollars

three chese croque with spring asparagus
eleven dollars

the cult classic tuna salad sandwich with apple pecan onion cornichon
eleven dollars

a niman ranch burger sweet onions blue cheese and fries with harissa aioli
twelve dollars

good cheeses on bread grilled and smoked ham for more money
ten or add one dollar

niman ranch salami pressed with provolone mayo pepperoncini
ten dollars

friends of the yucatan crispy fish tacos habanero salsa cabbage and avacado
eleven dollars

finally pork not quite barbeque but close sandwich with sexy slaw
twelve dollars

executive chef: Elizabeth Falkner
chef de cuisine: William Pilz

Co p yr ig h t © 2 0 0 8 C on f ex Co n s tr u x, In c . A ll ri g h t s r es e rv e d.
Ph o to s b y F ra n k ie Fr a nk e ny, F ra n k en yIm ag e s. c o m , © 20 0 8 .

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