Postmodern Vision Brenda Starr

All my life I've wanted to be one of them. It may even have started earlier than age three. The way they look, move, speak . . . the way they are in the world, it's who I am! I know we have so many things in common. Except one thing. And that's something I've had to keep to myself all these years. I couldn't tell anyone about me. Heaven knows I couldn't tell anyone in my family. Although I wanted to tell my mother more than once; I just knew she couldn't handle it! I wanted to tell my best friend. But I couldn't bring myself to do it. I would be rejected, seen as strange. So I went on . . . for years . . . as I was born, but never, ever wanted to be. Then, on the Internet, I found others like me. And it's a blessing, I found Dr. Martino. He will make me the person I've always been inside. He said I will only need two simple procedures and I will finally be me, a whole person. Dr. Martino will make me blind! © 2009 Brenda Starr

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