Central theme of The Good Morrow: ‘The Good Morrow’ celebrates the rapture of mutual love.

The man and the woman are equal partners in an exchange of love. It is a poem about “We” and “us” rather that about “I” and “she”. The discovery of love makes all previous modes of pleasure trivial and unimportant. They became mare fantasies. The lovers are ‘awake’ now to feel the rhythm of the universe in their love making. They greet each other and bid good-morrow. The lovers are clasped in each other’s arms and close enough for the face of each to be reflected in the eye of the other. Each sees a hemisphere or half-world in the other’s eyes for only half a world is visible to sight. Their hemispheres are far different from the hemispheres of the natural world. All compounded things are liable to corruption and decay but their love being uncompounded cannot bring decay.

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