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Music for Trumpet Ensemble Claudio Monteverdi Toccata from L Orfeo (1607) (5 Trumpets) Maryland Early Brass Editions Claudio Monteverdi Toccata (5 Trumpets) from L Orfeo (1607) This edition was prepared from a photographic reproduction of the original published edition. No corrections are necessary, An argument can be made, based on the comprehensive list of instruments specified by Monteverdi, that tympani are not included Dave Baum (December, 20029) ‘The Maryland Early Brass Consort prepares its own performance material from original sources when good ‘modem editions are not available. Maryland Early Brass Editions was formed with the philosophy is that these works should be made accessible to the public as quickly as possible. Editing is minimal with only obvious errors corrected and simple but workable continuo realizations are provided. Each of the editions/transcriptions in this series is copyrighted by its proper editor, all rights reserved. Music for Trumpet Ensemble Toccata from "L'Orfeo" C. Monteverdi Tptl Tptll Tot tetivev PE Tot! Tptit Tot totivev FE Tet Tptll Tp totivey Po pet gare ze o GaSe ye Tet ee =—— ‘This edition (c) Dave Baum 2002