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Dinner Starters
Housemade scone with jam 2.25
Dessert Seasonal fruit salad 4.95
Seasonal fruit with housemade granola (Almond & coconut)
And yogurt 8.25
(Special Egg dishes, omelettes & scrambles
All egg dishes except (*) are served with roasted red potatoes
Events) Sourdough or nine-grain whole wheat toast.
With applewood smoked bacon 8.95
Brunch With housemade sausage patty
With chicken apple sausage 8.95
With kobe style burger patty 9.95

(*) Housemade buttermilk biscuits, country sausage gravy 6.95
with two eggs 8.45
(*) Eggs benedict with roasted red potatoes 11.95
(*) Eggs Florentine with roasted red potatoes 11.95
Applewood smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes & cheddar 8.95
Mushrooms, red bell pepper, green onions & Havarti cheese 8.95
Spinach, feta, roasted red bell pepper, oregano & Kalamata 8.95
Guacamole and sour cream with salsa fresca 8.95
House cured gravlax and scrambled eggs with green onions 8.95

Cardamom scented Belgian waffle with
fresh seasonal fruit compote & whipped cream & maple syrup 7.50
Challah French toast with fresh berries & maple syrup 6.50
Chocolate croissant pudding with whipped cream 6.00
Fresh fruit with almond crisp topping & vanilla ice cream 6.00

Salads & Sandwiches
Mezze Caesar with sundried tomato
toasted pita, shaved parmesan & fried capers 7.50
Smoked trout salad fingerling potatoes, baby arugula
& Banyuls vinaigrette 9.50
House cured gravlax plate with toasted bagel & cream cheese
capers, red onion sliced tomato & fresh fruit salad 11.00
Spicy Moroccan chicken sandwich in a pita
with assorted peppers kalamata olives, cilantro and tomatoes
served with mixed greens and tzatziki dip 10.75

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