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Endocrine Glands 1. Pituitary Gland (master gland) 1.

2 Anterior (front) lobe

Hormonal Secretion

Functions/Effects Controls the activities of other endocrine glands.

Some Effects of Hormonal Imbalances/Malfunctioning

Growth Hormones Prolaction

Controls growth

Oversecrection: giantism ; acromegaly Underscrection: Dwarfism

1.3 Posterior (back) lobe

Stimulates breasts to produce milk Vasopressin Control water excretion by kidneys Oxytocin Stimulates uterine contraction during labor

Diabetis insipidus (large urine volume excretion)

Endocrine Glands 2. Thyroid Gland

Hormonal Secretion Thyroxine

Functions/Effects Regulates basal metabolism

Some Effects of Hormonal Imbalances/Malfunctioning Oversecretion: hyperthryroidism (increased metabolism) Underscrection: hypothyroidism (slowed metabolism) Underactitivity: Diabetes mellitus

3. Islets of Langerhans 4. Pineal Gland 5. Adrenal Glands

Insulin Melatonin

Regulates sugar level in the blood Promoting Sleep Regulates development of adult sexual characteristics Gives extra energy during emergencies and prolonged stress.

5.1 Adrenal Cortex Cortin (outer) 5.2 Adrenal Medulla (inner) 6. Gonads/Sex Glands 6.1 Testes (Male) 6.2 Ovaries (Female) Testosterone Progesterone Adrenaline or epinephrine

Promotes adult male secondary sexual characteristics For thickening of the uterine wall in preparation for pregnancy and childbirth. Appearance adult female secondary sexual characteristics