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1) MIS Test Help 2

a) What is meant by Porters Value Chain Model?(3 Marks) y It is meant to assist in increasing competitive forces by understanding the focus points of the critical and specific influence where IT can be used effectively to reinforce the position in the competition. The model views the organisation as a network to fundamental activities, which can increase the value to the products and services of the firm. b) What are the main activities in a porter value chain model? (3 Marks)  efdfdf c) Define Human Resource Intelligence Sub-system? (20 Marks) d) Discuss how human resource information systems access the information from the environment through its human resource intelligence sub-system? e) Define the Decision Support System (DSS). List down TWO(2) important DSS Characteristics f) Briefly explain TWO (2) strategies used by the inference engine when making decisions or .? Marks) (4 g) State FOUR (4) analysis modeling activity needed by a Decision Support System? (4 Marks) h) State FOUR (4) intended functions of Capability Maturity Model to help organizations to improve their software process capabilities? (4 Marks) i) Briefly describe FOUR (4) characteristics of Expert System? (8 Marks) j) Briefly describe TWO (2) types of report in the Marketing information System (4 Marks) k) Executive information system (EIS) is a system that provides information to executives about the company s performance as a whole. Explain the outputs of EIS? (6 Marks) l) Briefly describe TWO (2) categories of activities in the Porter Value Chin Model (4 Marks) m) Professor Philip Kolter [McLeod, 1998] had identified three types of marketing information that are connected with the collection and processing of the marketing information, with suitable diagram discuss these THREE (3) types of marketing information (8 Marks) n) In Porter Value Chain Model, there are two main activities, which are primary and support activities. Explain about the primary and support activities (6 Marks) o)

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