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1 ³Men have already made a mess of the world.

Let them quit the field and make way for women.´ This is what a lady member of the Lok Sabha said one day during a discussion on the Women¶s Reservation Bill. There has been a strong demand from a section of the society to reserve at least 33 per cent scats for women in the legislative bodies like the Panchayats, Municipal Corporations, State Assemblies, the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Even though the demand has already been accepted and implemented in the case of the Local bodies, it has yet to be accepted in the case of the other state and national level legislative bodies. Apart from the women themselves, several political parties arc also strongly supporting this idea of reservation of scats for women. They argue that ever since the creation of this world, women have always been at the receiving end. They have been exploited and burdened with the household duties and prevented from having a free, independent life or status of their own. They were confined to the four walls of the house, kept behind the veil and used as nothing more than sex dolls. With the advance of civilisation, women have proved then-worth and left men far behind in several fields. Some of them have inspired their male partners to do wonders in their respective fields. It is because of this only that it is said that behind every successful man there is a woman that makes him achieve great heights. In spite of all this women continue to be discriminated against Many a female foetus is destroyed and not allowed to see the light of the day. A majority of the female children are still not being sent to schools and arc being deprived of their right to education. Male chauvinists continue to treat them as inferior beings fit only to look after their children or household affairs. All this has led to a strong feeling that women should be given their proper place and status in the country. This can be possible if they are given some powers to control their own destiny. That is why the demand for reservation of seats for women in the state assemblies and the parliament is gaining strength day by day. The government is seriously trying to bring-in a law for the purpose but some groups opposed to the idea arc trying to postpone it. They have so far been able to scuttle the move to introduce the Women¶s Reservation Bill in the Parliament. The day is not far when this legislation would be enacted and women will get their rightful place and power in the social set up of this country.. . It is not a healthy sign for any nation to be divided so sharply on the issue of the status of a particular sex. Men and women are both complementary to each other like the two wheels of a vehicle. None can work without the support of the other. They must enjoy

The main role of a woman is that of a mother. . No country that does not respect the rights of women. can ever hope to prosper. In short. although it seems that religion plays a stronger part in this aspect other than simple literacy. Literate women are more than another mouth to feed in poor families living in lessdeveloped countries. Every nation must make sure that women enjoy a proper status in society. which naturally decreases the number of children they can have. more children go to school.equal status and none of them should have any grudge against the other. empowerment gives women a chance to make their own choices.´ said Napoleon. and to actually look for opportunities away from their families and villages. all of society benefits. It is she who has to bear the greater burden and make more sacrifices. at a personal level. They are also better informed about family planning options. such as being part of the work force. they can become a valuable asset to their families. 2 Empowering women usually involves giving them opportunity for better education. all of society benefits. fertility rates decrease. Wherever we work. Instead of being seen as a liability. Of course. therefore. Literate women have other opportunities in life other than marriage and motherhood. I shall give you a great nation. A woman must. Studies show that when women are supported and empowered. communities become more resilient. 4 United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro today highlighted the importance of empowering women to build healthier. better educated. Migiro told the International Women Leaders Global Security Summit in New York. more peaceful and more prosperous societies. be given all opportunities to grow. .´ Ms. The Hunger Project firmly believes that empowering women to be key change agents is an essential element to achieving the end of hunger and poverty. and therefore being married off as soon as possible. challenge the worthiness of old traditions. as well as infant mortality rates. ³Give me good mothers. our programs aim to support women and build their capacity.Their families are healthier. agricultural productivity improves and incomes increase. With that. ³Study after study has shown us that when women are fully empowered and engaged. Delaying marriage usually also means that women have less fertile years.

Moreover. women continue to be underrepresented in decision-making positions. It means ensuring that women and girls enjoy their full rights. Women have gained worldwide fame for all sorts of different reasons. their work continues to be undervalued. international organizations. It would be impossible to define the single most famous woman in the entire world since there are so many different paths to fame. civil society and the private sector. we know what we want and we are not fragile enough. and lack of basic literacy restrict the capacity of women to participate actively in business activities. transport constraints. because we are terribly strong. It means men assuming their responsibility.´. lack of market knowledge. Some are famous because for their athletic prowess. Drishtee could attract more than 500 such entrepreneurs in rural villages. and micro-enterprise activities. in addition to domestic responibilities and childcare. Others are famous for their beauty. .It is noted that in almost all countries. The health vertical within Drishtee is led by the Women Health Entrepreneurs. But there are certainly some women who stand out above the rest for their success and achievements. Become the change you want to see I think men are afraid to be with a successful woman. These demands place heavy demands on women's time. The number of women living in poverty has increased disproportionately over the past decade compared with the number of men. limited access to productive resources. and violence against women and girls continues unabated worldwide. and take up their rightful place in Women Empowerment Rural women frequently have primary responsibility for agricultural production. ³Changing all this requires all of us ± women and men ± to work for enduring change in values and attitudes. Given the importance of women empowerment. Drishtee has been actively promoting the training and capacity building of women enterpreneurs. ³It means working in partnership ± Governments. Social attitudes concerning the value of traditional women's work activities and their potential abilities limit the participation rates and ultimate commercial success of women entrepreneurs. And many are famous within their niche area of interest. The feminisation of poverty is a direct consequence of women's unequal access to economic opportunities.

. Female bodyguards are rare and that was enough to launch her to fame. 2. of course. At the current time. be the first female president in the United States which would definitely up the ante on her lasting fame. while releasing a video documentary. the real fame came after her recent death which occurred when her Porsche was carjacked and she was injured in the high speed chase that ensued. This late-twenties woman gained fame in Russia as the most famous bodyguard in the country. as part of a gender awareness initiative of the Kerala State Women¶s Development Corporation (KSWDC) here on Wednesday.Following are ten of the most famous women from different parts of the world: 1. If she ends up winning then she would. This woman was Australia's first female Supreme Court judge and then the first female governor in Australia. Anna Loginova. the world is filled with names that people recognize no matter where they travel.¶¶ said Sarabhai after releasing the documentary film series titled µAwakening of Woman¶. Prayer for International Women's Day Women are a reflection of the glory of God. . However. 4Roma Mitchell. She has gained a lot of attention since she started running for president and the rest of the world is paying attention to see what is going to happen with the presidential race. in today¶s environment. Empowerment means self-empowerment IRUVANANTHAPURAM: "A strong nation cannot be built up with a generation of oppressed and exploited modern women. She is one of those women who will go down in the annals of history for the change that she brought to the world simply by living her life in a way that she believed was right. 3Hillary Clinton. Today we honor the women of all times and all places: Women of courage.¶¶ said danseuse Dr Mallika Sarabhai. She was arguably the most famous woman in the entire world during her lifetime and she continues to be famous since her death. "Empowerment of women also means self-empowerment. one of the most famous in the world is Hillary Clinton. Mother Teresa. which will now be screened in 40 colleges in the State in the presence of a gender expert and an expert counsellor.

Women delighting in life. We plead for mercy. 2. Women suffering Women mourning. for our failure to grow in your Holy image. we have failed to realize and recognize this precious gift you have shared with us. 1. Women sharing Wisdom. in your own image and likeness. Amen. fill our hearts with your love and teach us to see you. diminishes. Women seeking Wisdom. and churches. We ask this in your holy name. May their loving hearts and nurturing spirits be blessed with strength and joy. We pray especially for all those mothers. Loving God. . We plead for your mercy. We make our prayer in the name of Jesus our Lord. you do not differentiate between girls and boys. Women: the image of God.Women of hope. Help us to be faithful to your call to love. we have resisted your invitation to know the power of unconditional love and gripped ourselves to our gender biased mind sets. and bless them equally with gifts in abundance. in every girl child. Women knowing the interconnectedness of the human family. bless women everywhere. ³Christ have Mercy´ O Holy Spirit of God. Women receiving Love. Women quietly tending the garden of human flourishing. Women living fully. But. Open our eyes to see. Women experiencing joy. schools. We plead for your mercy. grandmothers and sisters who work to care for family members in need while forging their own paths in life. ³ Lord have Mercy´ Lord Jesus. Amen. Amen. insulting. ³ Lord. during your ministry on earth. the affective. Girl child is precious to you. have Mercy´ Let us pray: God of life and love. On this day we commit ourselves to the promotion of the full humanity of all women everywhere. workplaces. God of love. as you healed and loved her. Please pray: Lord. rejecting and threatening mothers at the news of the birth of a baby girl. Women boldly leading the transformation of unjust global structures. gender discrimination in our midst. for blaming. Women giving Love. Women honoring the sacredness of the relational. Women: life-giving. you have created us. or distorts the full humanity of women is not of God. for discriminating between boys and girls in our homes. we celebrate your faithfulness and love. 3. We know that whatever denies.

~Author Unknown . We pray that every woman may stand up with dignity for her own self and not diminish her God given dignity We pray for all women who unconsciously succumb to the system of oppressing girl or women without realizing the harm that is caused to another human image of God. Bless every woman to join hands in this endeavour to save life. "It's a girl. to trust the Lord totally in our journey of life. nurses and other helpers who despite hearing their conscience pay no heed and go against discriminating the life in the womb or later. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece. wife. and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says. and mother. totally believing in his plan may spur us. she plays so that she may have the courage to overcome the irrational and baseless fears. sexual. May Mary who said µYes¶ to be the handmaid of the Lord. love life and nurture the girl child thus balancing our human race.Response ear God. social status of the families or due to pressure of any type. Response The emotional. traditions.Dear God. Sure God created man before woman. we pray for doctors. by Shirley Chisholm. Bless every woman for the different roles. shower your many graces on every daughter. May the spirit of the Lord come upon them powerfully today as we offer every tear and the silent sighs of every woman to the Lord for his divine healing touch We pray for the frightened and mute women who are unable to speak the truth or are hesitating to risk commitment in the name of rituals.

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