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Uninterrupted Sustained S ilent Reading (USSR) is a common reading strategy that provides students with a block of time during the school day, devoted to reading.

It is also known as Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) in some schools.

About USSR

Sustained silent reading for a short period of time. (The present practice of having USSR lasting some 20-30 minutes is fine so long as precious time is not wasted in getting real reading started).

No talking when everyone (including the teacher who m odels the reading process) reads at a designated time.

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Pupils read short articles, or any suitable material which interests them. Any material read is to be completed within the time given for the session. No formal assessment. Basic skills training.

Objective of USSR
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to improve pupils' concentration span to provide pupils with an adult model of reading to provide pupils with a positive book experience to expose pupils to a wide range of literary genres to help pupils form good reading habits for extensive reading to increase pupils' desire to read on their own during their free time to develop in pupils a life -long love of reading

Example: During SSR time, for example, everyone reads (including the teachers and staff); there are to be no interruptions . The time is chosen between 15 -20 minutes when there is no other attraction like recess and at the end of class period. Students are free to pick any books that they keen to weather in library or class so that they read the book silently, until they complete reading and understand what they read.