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I would like to take an opportunity to thank all the people in collecting the necessary information and making of the report. I am grateful to all of them for their time and wisdom. My project becomes a reality only because of cooperation of many people who had helped me in completing this project. I sincerely extend my gratitude to Mrs. MANJU GUPTA who has given me this golden opportunity to have an insight in the corporate world and who has been a source of guidance and support.


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Bharti Tele-Ventures
Bharti Tele-Ventures is one of India's leading private sector providers of telecommunications services based on an aggregate of 28,692627 customers as on September 30, 2006, consisting of 27,061,349 GSM mobile and 1,631,278 broadband & telephone customers The businesses at Bharti Tele-Ventures have been structured into three individual strategic units (SBU’s) – 1) mobile services 2) broadband and telephone services (B&T) 3) enterprise services The Mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles, while B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 94 cities. The Enterprise Services group has two sub-units – carriers (long distance services) and services top corporates. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Bharti Enterprises has been at the forefront of technology and has revolutionized telecommunications with its world class products and services. Established in 1976, Bharti has been a pioneering force in the telecom sector with many firsts and innovations to its credit. Bharti provides a range of telecom services, which include Cellular, Basic, Internet and recently introduced National Long Distance. Bharti also manufactures and exports telephone terminals and cordless phones. Apart from being the largest manufacturer of telephone instruments in India, it is also the first company to export its products to the USA. Bharti is the leading cellular service provider, with a footprint in 16 states covering all four metros. It has over 12 million satisfied customers Bharti Enterprises has successfully focused its strategy on telecom while straddling diverse fields of business. From the creation of 'Airtel', one of India's finest brands, to becoming the largest manufacturer and exporter of world class telecom terminals under its 'Beetel' brand, Bharti has created a significant position for itself in the global telecommunications sector. Bharti

to export fresh Agri products exclusively to markets in Europe and USA "What other operators have achieved in one to two years. Bharti has done in just over a month. In July 2002.Tele-Ventures is today acknowledged as one of India's finest companies.Sunil Bharti Mittal. We are truly proud to be spearheading the mobile revolution in the country. and its flagship brand 'Airtel'. has over 12 million customers across the length and breadth of India.. Bharti Enterprises’ dynamic diversification has continued with the company venturing into telecom software development. one out of every two people buying a mobile across India chose AirTel.. Bharti Tele-Ventures in 2002 . Bharti has successfully launched an international venture with EL Rothschild Group owned ELRO Holdings India Ltd. Chairman. Recently." . While a joint venture with TeleTech Inc. USA marked Bharti’s successful foray into the Customer Management Services business.


A consortium of giants in the telecommunication business. which were targeted only at the premium segment). Bharti (Airtel) and Essar (Essar) and both these companies offered only post-paid services. Bharti is the leading cellular service provider. lack of infrastructural facilities. Other factors such as lack of awareness among people. there were only two major private players. introduction of new generation value added services and the highest standard of customer care. the cellular services market registered limited growth. which were still perceived to be very costly as compared to landline communications. The main purpose of these services was to target customers from all sections of society (unlike post-paid services. It has over 12 million satisfied customers.a part of the biggest private integrated telecom conglomerate. Although the cellular services market in India grew during the late 1990s (as the number of players increased and tariffs and handset prices came down significantly) the growth was rather marginal. Moreover. This was because the cellular service providers offered only post-paid cellular services. low standard of living. launched pre-paid cellular services in the late 1990s.AIRTEL Airtel comes to you from Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited . At that time. and government regulations were also responsible for the slow growth of cellular phone services in India. the major cellular service providers in India. Cellular telephony was introduced in India during the early 1990s. In it's six years of pursuit of greater customer satisfaction. AirTel has redefined the business through marketing innovations. these services were mostly restricted to the metros. . continuous technological up gradation of the network. with an all India footprint covering all 23 telecom circles of the country. Bharti Enterprises. Following this realization. Initially.

.Bharti’s Mission To be globally admired for telecom services that delight customers.

We will meet global standards for telecom services that delight customers through: • Customer Service Focus • Empowered Employees • Cost Efficiency • Unified Messaging Solutions • Innovative products and services • Error.free service delivery .

Raju Pulak Chandan Prasad Bashir Abdullah Currimjee Gavin Darby Syeda Imam Ajay Lal York Chye Chang Paul Donovan Arun Bharat Ram . is an Executive Director and the number of Independent Directors on the Board is 50% of the total Board strength. The Board members possess requisite skills. The independence of a Director is determined on the basis that such director does not have any material pecuniary relationship with the Company. Sunil Bharti Mittal. which consists of three Executive and fifteen Non-Executive Directors. which are in the best interest of the Company. its promoters or its management. The composition of the Board is as under:                   Sunil Bharti Mittal Rajan Bharti Mittal Akhil Gupta Rakesh Bharti Mittal Chua Sock Koong N. experience and expertise required to take decisions.S. which may affect the independence of the judgment of a Director. Mr.Board of Directors The Board of Directors of the Company has an optimum mix of Executive and Non-Executive Directors. Kumar Kurt Hellstorm Donald Cameron Paul O’Sullivan Professor V. The Chairman and Managing Director.

ACHIEVEMENTS • • • • • • • First to launch Cellular service on November 1995. 1997 and the first to introduce the Intelligent Network Platform First to provide Roaming to its subscribers by forming an association called World 1 Network. UK etc with 284 partner networks. First to provide roaming facility in USA. Enjoy the mobile roaming across 38 partner networks & above 700 cities Moreover roam across international destinations in 119 countries including USA. First to expand it's network with the installation for second mobile switching center in April. BHARTI announces aggrement with VODAFONE marking the entry of the World's Largest Telecom Operator into India Bharti Enterprises and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited announce Partnership for a life insurance joint venture in India . Canada. First to introduce push button phone in India. First operator to revolutionaries the concept of retailing with the inauguration of AirTel Connect (exclusive showrooms) in 1995.

Only India's leading mobile service offers you the truly 'freedom-packed' Prepaid! It is also the first company to export its products to the USA.Centres of Innovation to Incubate Pioneering Mobile Applications 16 states. .• • • Airtel Launches future factory . 600 million people.

6.) to acquire around 10% in Bharti Tele-Ventures Ltd.700 crores (approx. • Bharti Enterprises. • Bharti set to gain global leadership in the telecom sector • Bharti Enterprises continues to hold shareholding and management control in Bharti Tele-Ventures.BHARTI announces agreement with VODAFONE marking the entry of the World's Largest Telecom Operator into India • Vodafone to invest approximately Rs. USD 1. having attracted Asia’s best – SingTel. to unassailable leadership position in India • The largest single foreign investment ever in the history of India • The largest investment in the Indian telecom sector • Bharti establishes its supremacy in the Indian telecom market.5 bn. and now world’s best – Vodafone. . SingTel and Vodafone to take Bharti TeleVentures Ltd.


when you need to be heard. You need to go beyond all the rational identifiers . Brand image. as a result.' We believe 'Express yourself' allows us to connect at a deeper level and create a long-term platform for the brand.and post-paid communication. "Brand AirTel is a category leader straddling completely different market segments such as consumer.which are prerequisites in any case . AirTel enables you to make your point in the most expressive way. in the past. chief marketing officer. differentiating merely on network. with deeper penetration and wider usage of voice and data services. anywhere.• BHARTI TELE-VENTURES IS THE “BEST INDIAN CARRIER” AT THE TELECOM ASIA AWARDS 2006. accompanied by much higher competitive intensity.which is that there are moments when you need to make your point. AirTel: Appropriating the value of 'expression' Over the last couple of years. The campaign is towards owning this through 'Express yourself. anytime. data and payment platforms. the challenge also lay in presenting a unified 'face' to the consumer. which. coverage and SMS is just not enough.and connect at a deeper level. Expressing and communicating are perhaps two of the most basic emotions. "In this context. Bharti TeleVentures. expands on this." For AirTel." says . business and corporate. was being driven in two different dimensions." Atul Bindal. the market has grown considerably. This assumes significance when viewed in the light of the company's pre. as well as different voice. had been treated very differently. We needed a strong differentiator in an increasingly commoditized and crowded market. We found this differentiator in a core human truth that defines our category .

"The moment you have as broad a canvas as 'Express yourself'. However. it becomes easy for anyone working on the brand to come up with new ideas and executions. with 30% of the market share. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.Bindal." observes Rediff's Prashant Godbole. . given the increasing competitive pressure." One of the most obvious benefits of owning a property such as 'candid expression' (and 'Express yourself') is the expansive nature of the thought. Bharti claimed that its strategies were one of the most ambitious experiments ever in the Indian pre-paid cellular telephony market. conceived the campaign. "'Express yourself' enables the brand to unify and connect across the entire base of our existing and prospective customers. who. doubts were being expressed regarding the ability of Bharti's marketing initiatives to help Magic retain its 'Magic' in the future. That's what makes a good campaign idea." he informs. Magic led the market. Patel also credits his creative team for "fleshing out the idea". In October 2002. "We will be taking the idea forward in many different ways in the forthcoming work. along with creative partner Zarvan Patel. Patel adds.

Data is the next driver for growth. I have read first person accounts for the same. all the services have been offered under the Airtel brand. Airtel has so far focused only in those areas where it perceives that a huge market is present. . In the recent branding exercise. Hence Bharti ventured in the broadband market.AIRTEL BROADBAND Bharti Televentures is the fixed line operator business of Airtel. I still hold that their thrust should be in smaller towns and cities where BSNL would ultimately usurp their potential customer base. in the mentality of the profit making exercise. It is the classic case of having something better than nothing. Typically. This is clear to the operators who have belatedly realized the implications for having a pie in all the segments of telecommunications. However. However. The so-called Tech engineers have often been unable to help a customer who is facing issues with the connectivity. Add to the lousy customer care that Airtel is slowly perfecting. the main contention in the broadband market is the price offering which includes the bandwidth costs as well as the cost of laying down the copper wire. It seems that their fancily paid MBAs haven’t really understood the success of BSNL who focused on the B and C class cities where it has drawn unparalleled support despite the lousy customer experiences. it is staffed with people who usually land up in their jobs with little idea of their job profile. The current offerings by Airtel does not really enthuse a potential customer who is looking at sustained data transfer. This is because of the absence of any other operator.

broadband & telephone services (B&T) & enterprise services. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand.AIRTEL’s ENTERPRISE SERVICES The company is a part of Bharti Enterprises. The mobile services group provides GSM mobile services across India in 23 telecom circles. while the B&T business group provides broadband & telephone services in 90 cities. Our Services:      Voice Services Mobile Services Satellite Services Managed Data and Internet Services Managed e-Data Services .carriers (long distance services) and services to corporates. The businesses at Bharti Airtel have been structured into three individual strategic business units (SBU’s) . The Enterprise services group has two subunits .mobile services. and is India's leading provider of telecommunications services.

The Tellabs 3000 series of voice-quality enhancement echo technology also eliminates the complexity of acoustic echo generated by digital mobiles and hands free kits. VQE is a revolutionary new system that spectrally reduces background noise. adjusts speech levels in both directions and does away with low or distorted speech so that every word of your's can be heard clearly. BT Cell etc. Introducing VQE (Voice Quality Enhancer) for the first time in Kolkata.AirTel launches VQE (Voice Quality Enhancer) for the first time in Kolkata. It eliminates acoustic echo. Express yourself and feel the difference on Kolkata's only Non-Stop 2. world leaders in Voice Quality technology. Bell South. Telstra. wherever you may be speaking from. So go ahead. Some of the prominent GSM operators using Tellabs solution in the world are SingTel.5G Network . The VQE technology has been sourced from Tellabs of USA. The Tellabs noise reduction technology removes high background noise from the wireless side of the call thus delivering near wireline clear call quality on mobile phones.

download ringtones etc Content offered by Automatic media companies like only for new Indiatimes.Rs 600 per .) POSTPAID CHARGES (Rs. 2 per minute WAP Per content download Per content download GPRS & Masala Access internet on the Automatic GPRS Charges GPRS Charges move and download only for new .40 per minute Rs. Rediff. movie gossips. 3 per AIRTEL SERVVICES . These call numbers are available in the phone book Automatic download exclusive only for new contents from Airtel's acquisitions WAP site Dial-a-service Rs.) Rs. Automatic Dial 604 for Infotel. acquisitions Yahoo fall into this category Rs. 2. 6 per minutes 646 Calling charges VAS SMS Charges Rs.SERVICE NAME Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) TYPE OF SERVICE DESCRIPTION PREPAID CHARGES (Rs.Rs 600 per exclusive contents from acquisitions month month Airtel's WAP site Users can call into this Automatic voice recognition only for new service and listen to acquisitions jokes. 6 per minutes Rs. 25 Automatic Displays the callers only for new number on your mobile acquisitions phone screen Users can call to get certain information and service. For instance. only for new Dial 131 for Railway acquisitions info.

PBT crosses Rs. Sunil Bharti Mittal receives ‘The Honorary Fellowship’ from IETE. Bharti Airtel inks USD 400 million network expansion contract with NOKIA • • • • Bharti Airtel limited: Q2 cash profit exceeds Rs.000 crores.AIRTEL NEWS • . Notice of postal ballot for seeking consent of the shareholders on scheme of amalgamation of Satcom Broadband Equipments Limited and Bharti Broadband Limited with Bharti Airtel Limited. Bharti Airtel is amongst India’s Most Admired Knowledge enterprises in 2006. . 1. 1.600 crores.

All the players except RIM offered services based on the Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology. (Refer Exhibit II). loyalty rewards. Idea Cellular limited (Idea) and Reliance India Mobile (RIM) (Refer Exhibit I). on the other hand.celebrity endorsements. The most important consumer segments in the cellular industry were the youth segment and the business class segment. relying primarily on its creative advertising for the promotion of its brand. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY After the liberalization of the Indian Telecom Sector in 1994. there were a total of 12 players in the market with the five major players being Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (Bharti). service providers took new initiatives to woo customers. attracted the consumer through its low cost schemes. By 2005. The youth segment was the largest and fastest growing segment and was therefore targeted most heavily by cellular service providers. business solutions and talk time schemes. BSNL could cover rural areas. BSNL. Being a state owned player. Prominent among these were . Hutch implemented the celebrity endorsement strategy partially. RIM provided services based on Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology as well as GSM. 2006. Reliance was another player that cashed on its innovative . the Indian cellular market witnessed a surge in cellular services. discount coupons. Bharti Tele-Ventures adopted celebrity endorsement as its chief promotional strategy.• Bharti Airtel to Observe Silent period from October 1. and this helped it increase its subscriber base. Hutchinson-Essar limited (Hutch). Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). By 2004 it emerged the unprecedented leader commanding the largest market share in the cellular service market. As competition in the telecom arena intensified.

.promotional strategies. relied heavily on its creative media advertising sans celebrities. which included celebrity endorsements and attractive talk time schemes. Idea.

2002 Cellular service provider AirTel seems to have hit the right note with its new commercial starring musician A R Rahman. The commercial which is currently on air has a beat which also doubles up as a ringtone which is ostensibly available only to AirTel users. .RAHMAN TUNE CROSSES AIRTEL’S EXCLUSIVITY BARRIER October 04. It is not very clear what this means for the other cellular operators. Overall. talking brand ambassador. “It gives the user a chance to go back to the AirTel product and acts as a strong reminder medium.” The ringtone which is also the jingle for AirTel’s TV commercial. Marketing professionals like Samsika Marketing Consultants’ managing director Jagdeep Kapoor point to the usage of an “audio celebrity” as something that is significant.” he explains. he explains. But the interesting part is that the ringtone is being flaunted not just by AirTel customers but by customers of rival service providers like BPL. has given AirTel a chance to enter the “mind of the user” irrespective of which service he opts for. Cellular users have been “forwarding” the tune to one another.” admits Bharti Cellular’s chief marketing officer (western region) Pratik Pota. it is a great advertising product for AirTel and works like a “walking. Orange and Dolphin as well! “We did expect the tune to catch up but this has really exceeded our expectations. which according to Mr Pota. is proving to be a potent advertising tool for the company.

While Mr Pota highlights the fact that the usage of the tune by other operators means “free advertising” for AirTel and the users having a positive disposition towards the product. While none of them commented on AirTel’s strategy and its impact on their own subscriber base.” Explaining that the usage of an audio celebrity was more “strategic than tactical”. Being the latest entrant in the Mumbai circle. AirTel has had to find ways of cutting through the clutter. seem to be doing their own homework on this brand of advertising. He anticipates a situation where the new entrant (AirTel) will continue to be more aggressive. “Competition will not do well to adopt a knee jerk reaction and will have to come out with advertising that is well thought out” explains Mr Kapoor. Says Mr Kapoor.“The normal practice is to opt for film stars and sportsmen rather than an audio personality” he says.” AirTel will have try to find ways to attract new customers and convert the existing ones. . one advertising professional working with a rival service provider opines that the tune is “transient” and not likely to have any long term impact as a brand building tool. the nature of reaction from competition remains unclear. Rivals. he adds that non-AirTel users will have the AirTel “brand experience” inspite of not using the service. though seemingly unfazed by the phenomenon.

Airtel. The leading brands endorsed by Khan include Hyundai. among others. ESPN-STAR Sports. with the former edging out the latter in the celeb endorsement race. those in the advertising fraternity peg the signing rate for the three-year deal anywhere between Rs 8 crore and Rs 10 crore.” says a senior company executive. Boost. cricket and music. Bharti plans to launch a multimedia campaign targetting its service at the mass market. . Palio. The Master Blaster’s portfolio includes brands like Colgate Pamolive. Pepsi. Tag Huer. Bagpiper and Videocon. Shah Rukh and Sachin are the best bet as brand endorsers. TVS. MRF. Though company executives were mum on the value of the Tendulkar deal. “For mass connect. Adiddas and Britannia. According to company executives. Visa. Both Tendulkar and King Khan already share the frame for soft drinks major PepsiCo India. Indian captain Saurav Ganguly had done so when Airtel launched its service in the eastern metropolis of Kolkata in 2001. the idea of roping in Tendulkar is in line with the group’s strategy to connect to the mass market through celeb endorsers from movies. Pepsi. Clinic All Clear. Tendulkar is not the first cricketer to endorse Bharti’s Airtel brand. Both Sachin and Shah Rukh are two of the most sought after celeb endorsers in the country.TENDULKAR & SHAHRUKH.


. my aim is to study the Advertising Effectiveness of AIRTEL Cellular service.OBJECTIVE The objective of my project report is to study the advertising strategy of AIRTEL Cellular service and its effect on mobile users existing and who are going to use mobile service in future. In other words.

e.DATA SOURCES Data is collected from both the Primary sources i. . The questionnaires are distributed among 35 peoples and their view is recorded and used in analyzing the data Secondary sources : The secondary sources includes online sites. Primary sources: The primary source of data collection is through questionnaire. newspapers and templates from AIRTEL distributions centers and AIRTEL Customer Care. questionnaire and also from Secondary sources.


People know about AIRTEL cellular service through 30 % Friends 70% Advertisements 5% Other Sources friends advertisements other sources .

Feature of AIRTEL forced people to use AIRTEL is 35% Advertisements 35%Goodwill 20% Connectivity 10%Schemes advertisement connectivity schemes goodwill .

People’s first choice of cellular service when they want to use mobile phone AIRTEL 45% HUTCH 30% IDEA 8% RELIANCE 10% TATA INDICOM 5% OTHERS 2% AIRTEL HUTCH TATA INDICOM RELIANCE IDEA OTHERS .

Feature of AIRTEL is better than the people’s previous cellular service. Advertisements 25% Connectivity 60% Schemes 15% ADVERTISEMENTS CONNECTIVITY SCHEMES .

70% More than 70% : : : 15% 25% 60% 0-30 30-70 70-100 .AIRTEL users in people’s phone book Less than 30% 30% .

Type of advertisement mostly like by people in AIRTEL is Audio Visual Print Audio : : : 85% 2% 13% Audio Visual Print Audio .

R. Rehman : 5% SACHIN SHAHRUKH KAREENA A.R. REHMAAN .Celebrity liked by people very much in AIRTEL Sachin : 55% Shahrukh : 38% Kareena : 2% A.

People take benefits of schemes offered by AIRTEL YES NO CAN’T SAY : : : 85% 13% 2% YES NO CAN’T SAY .

People like most in AIRTEL is NOKIA + AIRTEL AIRTEL MAGIC Postpaid services AIRTEL Broadband : : : : 86% 5% 8% 1% NOKIA + AIRTEL AIRTEL MAGIC Postpaid services AIRTEL Broadband .

Service liked by people most in AIRTEL is AIRTEL missed you service Ring tones Hello tunes : : : 63% 15% 22% AIRTEL mis sed you service RINGTONES HELLOTUNES .

People participate contest offered by AIRTEL like BID TO WIN. LI’L CHAMPS YES NO : : 72% 28% YES NO .

Type of recharge cards liked by people More talk time More validity Both : : : 23% 15% 62% More talktime More validity Both .

AIRTEL is #1 in India Yes No : : 95% 5% Yes No .


R. Other celebrities like Shahrukh Khan (bollywood) and Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket) has also contributed very much in AIRTEL. A.CONCLUSION The conclusion of my study is that AIRTEL’s Advertising has a major impact its users. . Rehmaan’s tune for AIRTEL worked as free advertising for AIRTEL as another service user uses it too.AIRTEL had created a very good image on the mind of the new users of cellular service. People like its schemes very much . many new users buy Nokia sets and they get a free connection of AIRTEL. AIRTEL is successful in capturing the highest market share by adopting Celebrity Endorsement Strategy. AIRTEL has adopted a very good strategy by providing a new connection with NOKIA who is market leader in mobile set.

. AIRTEL should introduce cheaper recharge cards than the other because its competitor HUTCH had introduced it.RECOMMENDATIONS By virtue of its connectivity and advertising strategy AIRTEL is successful in grabbing the highest market share in India. AIRTEL should sign more celebrities from cricket and bollywood. but there are still some recommendations from my study point of view is that AIRTEL needs to make its network service more stronger than other service providers to dominate the market in future too.

2 Nov 2006) BOOKS: o Marketing Management. .CO.L.IN o WWW. R. Dr. Sultan Chand and Sons. o WWW.L. S.GOOGLE. Gupta.COM NEWSPAPERS: o Times of India (15 Oct 2006.AIRTEL.BIBLIOGRAPHY ON-LINE WEBSITE : . Third Revised Edition. Varshney and Dr.


Which feature of AIRTEL forced you to used AIRTEL ? Advertisements Goodwill 3. Which was your first choice of cellular service when you want to use mobile phone? AIRTEL HUTCH IDEA Connectivity Schemes .QUESTIONNAIRE NAME: …………………………………………… ADDRESS: …………………………………………… OCCUPATION: ……………………………………………. How did you know about AIRTEL cellular service? Friends Advertisements Other Sources 2. CELLULAR SERVICE USED:……………………………………………. If AIRTEL than proceed further 1.

Which celebrity you like very much in AIRTEL? Sachin Shahrukh Kareena A. Which feature of AIRTEL is better than your previous cellular service? Advertisements Connectivity Schemes 5.RELIANCE TATA INDICOM OTHERS 4. Which type of advertisement you most like in AIRTEL? Audio Visual Print Audio 7.Which service you like most in AIRTEL? AIRTEL missed you service Free Hello tunes 11.e.Do you participate contest offered by AIRTEL like KBC-2 & Indion Idol-2? YES NO 12.Which type of recharge cards you like most? More talktime More validity Both (i. R. Which you like most in AIRTEL? NOKIA + AIRTEL Postpaid services AIRTEL MAGIC AIRTEL Broadband Free Ringtones 10. How many AIRTEL users in your phone book? Less than 30% 30% . Rehman 8.70% More than 70% 6. Have you take benefits of any scheme offered by AIRTEL? YES NO 9. Post paid) .

13.According to you is AIRTEL is #1 in India? Yes No .