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TOPIC :- BARRIERS ON THE PART OF SENDER Submitted By:Mridul Mini Neelam Neeraj Nisha Guided By :Mr.

Gaurav Shrivastava


Planning Vague Presumptions Filtering Emotional Factors Inconsistent Verbal And Non Verbal Communications Poorly Expressed Contents Semantics Emphasising the Wrong Part Of The Message


Planning : The message should be

properly planned and then delivered . The message should be clear in the mind of the sender and appropriate channel should be used to send the message.Ex of one speaker at jagdallay

Presumptions : Unshared and unclarified assumptions can become a major barrier .


: Deliberate manipulation of information to make it appear more favourable to the receiver . Ex of salesman Emotional Factors : Feelings like prejudice , threat , foul mood , aggression etc .


Verbal And Non Verbal Communication : When

our words and body language are giving conflicting signals , the message gets distorted . Ex of subordinated s behaviour Poorly Expressed Contents : The meaning of the words get lost due to lack of command over exact words .


: People assign different meanings to words .Ex of the word escort . Emphasising The Wrong Part OF the Message : Not stressing the key point of the message leads to confusion . Ex of AXE deo .